The Best Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls for Smooth Smoking

After rigorous testing (and lots of smoking) we’ve found the best delta-8 pre-rolls for smooth, easy smoking.

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Mell Green

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Comparing the best delta-8 THC pre-rolled joints
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Sometimes, finding a high-quality pre-roll can be tough. While so many brands these days are diving into the world of delta-8 THC pre-rolls, not all of them produce the smooth, effective puffs that we’re looking for. That’s exactly why we went through 15 different hemp delta-8 pre-roll brands to discover which ones were worth smoking on, and which ones weren’t.

A delta-8 THC pre-roll is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a quick, potent dose of their favorite cannabinoid — and who has the right space to smoke it in. When it came to flavor, quality, potency, and even packaging, there was one brand we tested that exceeded our expectations in every way: Hometown Hero.

We spent 9 hours testing over 15 hemp delta-8 pre-rolled joints, ranging from $6 to $14 per gram, to find the best ones for smooth, easy smoking. (See how we test.)

10 Best Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

Here are our picks for the ten best delta-8 THC pre-rolls you can get online for the strongest effects:

Best Overall:Hometown Hero$14
Most Luxurious:Secret Nature$12
Best Before Bed:Hi On Nature$12
Strongest:Fern Valley Farms$35
Best Flavor:Delta Extrax$9.99
Best CBD/D8 Blend:Plain Jane$22.99
Best Full-Spectrum Blend:Botany Farms$12
Most Eye-Catching:Delta Munchies$14.99
Best Deal:Exhale$49.95
Most Unique Strains:Bay Smokes$8.49

Best Overall: Hometown Hero Delta 8 Joints

Hometown Hero not only offers high-quality delta-8 pre-rolls, but they also offer a great deal along with them: buy four, get one free.

Hemp Delta-8 THC pre-roll product from Hometown Hero

Available for $14 from Hometown Hero

Don’t be fooled by the strange packaging: these products are not vape juice. Instead, inside the unique bottle are two one-gram pre-rolls (one for you, and one for a friend, as Hometown Hero likes to say). These two-pack pre-rolls come in at an affordable $14, and they even offer a buy-four-get-one-free deal. So, you can get ten joints for the price of eight — and it’ll only cost you $56. It’s hard to find a better deal than that.

While I loved Hometown Hero’s deals and the high-quality hemp paper they used, I wasn’t a huge fan of the way that these joints felt. Because they only offer one strain option, all of the pre-rolls produced the same calming effects. This was good for before bed and after a long day, but sometimes, I also love the energizing properties of a sativa D8 joint. But, at the end of the day, I couldn’t complain too much after the deal I got.

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Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly well-priced products at $7 per gram
  • 188mg of delta-8 per joint
  • Interesting buy-four-get-one-free deal
  • Uses high-quality, slow-burning hemp paper
  • Flower produces tasty, pungent flavors
  • Fully tested for contaminants (see COA)


  • Only one strain option – their in-house Raygun flower
  • Strange packaging; reminds me of vape juice
  • No effect variation – all joints felt the same

Most Luxurious: Secret Nature Delta 8 Blunt

From packaging to aromas and the way they burn, Secret Nature’s delta-8 blunt offers an air of luxury that can’t be ignored.

Delta-8 THC blunt product from Secret Nature

Available for $12 from Secret Nature

Secret Nature is an artisan CBD brand that knows how to do things right. They take extra time and care to craft their products and packaging, creating results that feel luxurious and high-end. And, yet, their prices don’t reflect that! Secret Nature’s delta-8 pre-roll packs come in around $40, containing seven 0.6-gram pre-rolls. Or, you can buy a two-pack for $15 (which may be a bit pushing it, in my opinion.) However, here, we’re focused on their incredible delta-8 THC/CBG blunt: 1.5 g at only $12.

Even though these blunts only come in one strain option, I will say that this strain works wonders. I was pleasantly surprised by the potency of this wrap, but I think the minor cannabinoid additions throughout helped significantly. Unfortunately, this blunt is quite sedative with its indica-dominant effects, so you shouldn’t try smoking it in the morning.

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Pros & Cons


  • 180mg delta-8 and 125mg CBG per blunt
  • High-quality packaging and labels
  • Uses premium organic hemp flower for better tastes and aromas
  • Includes super-potent blend of minor cannabinoids
  • Still affordable despite the quality 
  • Uses an organic tea-leaf blunt wrap
  • Fully tested for contaminants (see COA)


  • Only one strain option
  • Very sedative

Best for Before Bed: Hi On Nature

When it comes time to relax and unwind, the delta-8 pre-rolls from Hi On Nature are the perfect helping hand.

Delta-8 preroll for sleep and relaxing

Available for $12 from Hi On Nature

After smoking half of one of Hi On Nature’s delta-8 pre-rolls, I was ready for bed. These joints are potent when it comes to pain relief and relaxation, as I could feel my stress melting away each minute after I smoked. Eventually, the high traveled throughout my body and left me feeling super relaxed and heavy — including my eyelids. That’s how I knew I was ready for bed.

While it was great that Hi On Nature’s D8 joints are so relaxing, they’re pretty expensive at $17 (now on sale for $12) a piece. They also only have one strain option, and they use a nondescript house strain that doesn’t taste very good. If you’re not picky about how your pre-rolls taste and you’re just looking to experience some TLC, these pre-rolls are a great option.

Pros & Cons


  • Produces strong sedative results
  • Reduces pain and stress
  • 1.5+ gram joint
  • California-grown flower


  • Expensive at $17 a joint normally
  • Only one option
  • Utilizes a vague house strain
  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)

Strongest Effects: Fern Valley Farms Delta 8 Moon Rockets

Fern Valley Farms’ D8 Moon Rockets are far more than just some high-quality delta-8 pre-rolls — they’re also coated with CBD distillate and kief. 

Delta-8 THC pre roll with kief for potent effects

Available for $35 from Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms did something completely unique when it comes to their delta-8 products. Not only do they have some of the most affordable delta-8 pre-rolls I’ve found, but they also offer incredibly potent delta-8 THC Moon Rockets. That’s right: you’ll find D8-infused flower that’s been coated in various layers of super-potent kief. Not only do these Moon Rockets taste and smell incredible, but they’re oh-so-potent. I couldn’t believe the intense mind and body high I got from these kief clods. My only complaint is that some of the joints were rolled tightly so they needed to be loosened before I could get a decent pull. But for $6 a joint, I’m happy with the overall experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable at $6 per moon rocket
  • Offers six strains
  • Comes coated in CBD distillate and CBD kief 
  • HHC/delta-8 blend makes for a potent, supportive high
  • Ideal for pain relief and head-to-toe-relaxation
  • Organically-grown flower in Oregon
  • Fully tested for contaminants (see COA)


  • Harsh when smoking
  • Burns unevenly
  • Some of the joints are packed too tightly and need to be loosened

Best Scent & Flavor Profile: Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax has a great selection of delta-8 pre-rolls that you’ll fall in love with because of their distinct, delicious tastes and aromas.

Hybrid strain delta-8 pre-roll for pain and sleep

Available for $9.99 from Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax uses high-quality, terpene-filled flower to create some of the tastiest pre-rolls on this list. Their D8 joints smell and taste just like top-shelf cannabis joints; each strain had unique profiles, as well. From start to finish, I couldn’t believe how tasty these delta-8 pre-rolls were.

Unfortunately, they weren’t as potent as I was hoping. While I was very pleased with the aromas and even the packaging and strains they used, the effects themselves were somewhat moderate for an experienced consumer like myself. I was expecting slightly stronger effects based on how high-quality the buds seemed, but these joints may be ideal for those who don’t have super-high tolerances. Regardless, for $9.99, I’m not unhappy.

Pros & Cons


  • Delicious flavor profile and unique aromas
  • Pre-rolls come in classic cannabis strains
  • Affordable
  • Can buy in a single, 5, or 10-pack


  • Only three strain options
  • Effects were mild to moderate
  • Tested for heavy metals but not pesticides (see COA)

Best CBD/Delta-8 Blend: Plain Jane

Plain Jane has absolutely mastered their potent blend of delta-8 and CBD within their tasty pre-rolls.

Cheap Delta-8 pre roll joint for smoking

Available for $22.99 from Plain Jane

Plain Jane’s delta-8 THC pre-rolls are the perfect choice for anyone who just wants a simple D8 joint. These pre-rolls taste delicious and will remind you of your first pre-roll ever. The packaging isn’t all that exciting, but the potency of these pre-rolls simply cannot be beaten. Right away, I could feel the potent blend of CBD and D8 working throughout the body: I was happier, felt lighter, and my stress was gone. Not to mention, these pre-rolls were perfect for reducing deep-seated pain.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the low price; however, it’s clear that Plain Jane sacrificed packaging quality for higher-quality flower. Because of this, I couldn’t complain. I loved the way these joints smoked, smelt, and felt, making them one of the strongest delta-8 prerolls on this list.

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Pros & Cons


  • 100mg delta-8 and 100mg CBD per joint
  • Super potent blend of delta-8 THC and CBD
  • Tasty flower with distinct flavor profiles and aromas
  • Incredible value at $22.99 for an 8-pack of 0.5 gram joints
  • Powerful full-body effects: reduced stress, lowered pain, and boosted the mood


  • Plain, cheap packaging 
  • No strain options
  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)

Best Full-Spectrum Blend: Botany Farms

Botany Farms uses a potent blend of delta-8 THC, CBD, and delta-9 THC to create some of the most all-encompassing, hard-hitting pre-rolls around.

Sativa strain delta-8 THC preroll

Available for $12 from Botany Farms

Botany Farms is one of those brands that will impress you right off the bat just by their labeling and packaging design. Their products ooze luxury, making even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur drawn to them — and their D8 pre-rolls are no exception. Botany Farms offers two different high-quality delta-8 pre-rolls: one in Pineapple Haze and the other in White CBG. 

While I love a lot about Botany Farm’s joints, my favorite component is the actual CBD/THC strain blend they use. Instead of relying on pure D8 distillate, Botany Farms embraces a full-spectrum approach. This made their pre-rolls some of the strongest of the bunch, and I found them ideal for more experienced consumers because of the punch they packed. Though they are quite pricey, they’re worth the pretty penny if you want to experience the beauty of a full-spectrum blend like theirs. Hopefully, in the future, they’ll come out with more strain options, too.

Read our full Botany Farms review

Pros & Cons


  • 40mg delta-8 and 120mg CBD per joint
  • Beautiful, high-quality packaging
  • Comes in classic cannabis strains like Pineapple Haze and White CBG
  • Incredibly flavorful puffs from start to finish
  • Each pre-roll strain offers unique, potent effects
  • Powerful CBD/THC blend


  • Only a handful of pre-roll options
  • More expensive than most at $12 per joint
  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)
  • Lab result is outdated

Most Eye-Catching: Delta Munchies

From the moment you spot Delta Munchies delta-8 pre-rolls, you’ll be dying to try them.

Hybrid strain hemp pre-roll infused with delta-8 THC

Available for $14.99 from Delta Munchies

Delta Munchies is one of those cannabis brands that anyone will be drawn to right off the bat. With their eye-catching labels and high-quality packaging, it’s hard not to be interested in what these joints have to offer.

I was excited to see that these delta-8 pre-rolls were 1.5 grams each instead of 1.0 gram. I was also quite impressed by the top-notch Raw rolling papers they used, as they burned wonderfully and slowly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t incredibly happy with the flavor profile of the joints themselves, especially compared to some of the other pre-rolls I’d tried on this list. But, at the end of the day, these joints got me incredibly high and offered unique results that I loved. As long as you’re okay with pretty vague herbaceous notes, Delta Munchies pre-rolls are winners.

Pros & Cons


  • Great, eye-catching packaging
  • High-quality rolling papers and filters
  • 1.5 gram joints instead of 1.0 gram
  • Great selection of strains
  • Fully tested for contaminants (see COA)


  • Slightly expensive 
  • Generic flavor profiles
  • Lab result is outdated

Best Deal: Exhale

Exhale Wellness offers an incredible selection of high-quality, tasty, and potent delta-8 pre-rolls that any consumer will fall in love with.

Northern Lights strain delta-8 preroll joint with five grams of flower

Available for $49.95 from Exhale

When it comes to a delta-8 THC pre-roll, they simply don’t get better than this. Exhale offers one of the biggest selections of D8 pre-rolls that I’ve seen, and each one was just as quality as the next. The pre-rolls all produced unique effects depending on the strain, with some making me super uplifted and stimulated, while others relaxed me and prepped me for bed.

At $49.95, this pre-roll pack is a great value, considering there are five one-gram joints inside. This price is cheaper than what I find at my local dispensary, so I was extremely excited to try them out. My only complaint was that the papers themselves weren’t the highest quality, and I did struggle with canoeing with most of my joints. But, I could easily overlook this: I was beyond happy with the strong effects I felt and the lack of harsh hits. Exhale’s delta-8 pre-rolls really are the best available for smooth, potent hits.

Pros & Cons


  • Products come in a pack of five & each joint is 1 gram
  • Well-priced at $49.95
  • Incredible selection of strains
  • Produces smooth, milky hits
  • Flower offers delicious, pungent flavor profiles


  • Joints began to canoe, possibly due to cheaper papers 
  • Plain packaging
  • Doesn’t offer single joints, only packs
  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)

Most Unique Strain Selection: Bay Smokes

Whether you’re looking for Kush Mintz, Cherry Pie, or Zkittles in your delta-8 pre-roll, Bay Smokes has you covered.

Delta-8 flower preroll made with CBD flower

Available for $8.49 from Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is a great place to turn to when you want to try a delta-8 pre-roll in a fun, tasty strain. This brand offers their D8 joints in strains like Kush Mintz, Zkittles, Legendary Berry, Sour Tsunami, Cherry Pie, Guava, and Goliath. Each one of the joints has unique tastes and flavor profiles, and they also offer unique results depending on the type of strain. If you’re looking to relax, you can rely on the indica strains to do so; if you want to feel energized, the sativa strains are much better for stimulating motivation. 

However, these pre-rolls do have some downsides. I didn’t enjoy the rolling paper quality that they used, as it burned quickly and unevenly. While the hits were smooth and pleasant, the joint was gone before I knew it. If they upgraded their packaging and product quality, Bay Smokes and their diverse strains would be at the top of my list.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique, diverse strain selection
  • Affordable pre-rolls at $8.49 a piece
  • Each strain produces individualistic effects and results
  • Pre-rolls produce pure, full-bodied flavors


  • Low-quality packaging and rolling papers
  • Little product information 
  • Quick burning
  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)
  • Lab result is outdated

How We Tested the Delta-8 Pre Rolls

Variety of delta-8 THC pre-rolls we tested and reviewed
We smoked the most popular delta-8 pre-rolls to find the best options in terms of flavor, potency, and bud quality. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

Testing over a dozen different delta-8 pre-roll brands was not a quick and simple task. In order for us to compare pre-roll after pre-roll, we had to set strict criteria that we felt a brand should stand up to. If they didn’t meet those criteria, then we simply passed the brand and moved on. The criteria we first looked at for delta-8 companies was this:

  • Is the brand open and honest about themselves? Can you easily tell where their products come from and how they’re made?
  • Does the company offer third-party lab test results to prove quality and purity? Are the pre-rolls tested by a credible and ISO-certified lab? Are they tested for contaminants to ensure the end product is free of pesticides and heavy metals?
  • Do they offer information about the cannabinoids they use? 
  • Does the brand have good credibility? What are their reviews like?
  • Did they use quality bud in the pre-rolls or was it shake/trim? Is the flower organically grown?
  • How did the pre-rolls burn — Slowly? Smoothly? Any pleasant tastes or smells?
Testing and reviewing delta-8 pre-roll products
We compared and tested delta-8 infused pre-rolls from 15 popular brands to find the most effective products for a pleasant and therapeutic experience. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

If a brand passed this first test, then we took the time to actually try the pre-rolls themselves. From there, we looked further into the pre-roll quality and evaluated it based on characteristics like packaging, value, quality, and overall effectiveness on a scale of 1-10. If they score below an average of 7, they weren’t included in the list — it’s as simple as that.

To make sure I gave all the products an equal chance, I enjoyed my delta-8 pre-rolls at the same time every day. After work, I waited about an hour and then smoked a half of each pre-roll. (Sometimes I enjoyed the whole thing though, depending on the potency.) This gave me an equal opportunity for the unique effects of the pre-rolls to display themselves. Read more about how we test and recommend products.

Do Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls Get You High? 

Yes, delta-8 pre-rolls do get you high. The Δ8-THC cannabinoid has mild psychoactive properties that can create intoxicating results, especially in high amounts. Compared to traditional delta-9 THC, delta-8 is much more gentle and more focused on therapeutic effects; however, it is still psychoactive and will create the classic THC-like effects you’re used to. 

Man smoking a delta-8 pre-roll to get high
Delta-8 pre-rolls are psychoactive and will get you high. Photo: Delta Munchies

What Are the Benefits of Delta-8 THC? 

Delta-8 THC has various benefits — it just depends on the consumer. Many people find the cannabinoid to be highly beneficial for anxiety, as the compound produces a more gentle, supportive high than most are used to. Others find the cannabinoid perfect for pain relief or even stress reduction. 

Are Delta-8 THC Pre-Rolls Legal to Buy Online?

Yes, you can legally buy delta-8 pre-rolls online! Delta-8 THC is federally legal as long as it comes from hemp and contains 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. As long as it follows those guidelines, you can purchase D8 pre-rolls online and ship them to your door. However, this does depend on the state you live in.

See a map of states where delta-8 THC is currently restricted, regulated, and even banned.

Final Thoughts

Hemp pre-rolls infused with delta-8 THC
Smoking premium delta-8 joints. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

There’s nothing better than a tasty, herbaceous hit from a good ol’ pre-roll. But, finding a high-quality delta-8 THC pre-roll online isn’t always easy when you have to wade through a sea of products. Thankfully, each one of the delta-8 pre-rolls we listed above met or exceeded our expectations, providing a pleasant, effective cannabis experience. And, for the ultimate smooth smoke, we have to suggest turning to Hometown Hero and their D8 joints.

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