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Botany Farms CBD and THC products
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A black, female-owned business based in Minnesota, Botany Farms is a boutique cannabis company specializing in CBD, CBG, Delta-8 and Delta-10 products. Selling flower, pre-rolls, gummies and vape cartridges, Botany Farms offers the consumer a wide selection of consumption methods.

The company works with independent farmers, giving them a rotating selection of strains to assure their customers never grow bored with the options. As of now, Botany Farms offers over 15 different strains.

Produced in small batches, attention to detail seems to be a cornerstone of Botany Farms. Their flower is hang-dried and hand-trimmed to give you a product more personal than mass-production could ever replicate. “Sweating the daintiest details is how we bring you a better smoke,” the website of Botany Farms proudly claims. And, after getting my hands, mostly lungs, on the diverse lineup of products these CBD experts craft, I can say Botany Farms has every right to be proud.

Botany Farms product review
Botany Farms CBD and Delta-8 THC edibles and flower. Photo: Dan LaMorte/Oracle

Being a small batch, boutique-type company, expect the prices of Botany Farms to be on the higher end. However, don’t let that be a roadblock in your decision to experiment with this brand. Their dedication to detail delivered time and time again, each product tested provided noticeable benefits to my day.

I felt myself being lifted from the stress of everyday life and placed into the clouds of comfort, moving about my day with a little more clarity and a lot less agitation. Not to mention, the flavors this company boasts are some of the tastiest I’ve ever had while gnawing on gummies of the cannabis variation.

Botany Farms hand crafted CBD products

For this review we’ll be taking a look at two of Botany Farm’s edibles; their 25mg CBD Jamberry chews and the 30mg Delta-8 gummies. We’ll also be reviewing two of their pre-rolls, The White and Pineapple Haze, as well as their Delta-8 Sour Special Sauce vape cartridge and an eighth of their Sour Space Candy CBD small-batch flower.

Some companies master packaging before product, others have a solid product before attractive packaging, Botany Farms excels at both. Glass jars are used to house the gummies and flower, plastic tubes hold the joints while a cardboard cylinder encases the Delta-8 vape cartridge. Inviting colors and artwork accompany all, the design itself gives off the feeling that a premium product is about to be consumed. Upon consumption the flavors of Botany Farms stand out in similar fashion to their design. The Jamberry CBD gummy is, by a longshot, the best tasting edible I’ve ever had, CBD or THC. The small batch flower and pre-rolls join the gummies in delivering a flavor that’s not only easy to stomach, but actually quite enjoyable. Though I’m new to smoking CBD flower, the Pineapple Haze pre-roll is the best I’ve had so far. As a longtime cannabis smoker it’s easy to worry when consuming CBD products, you often think your tolerance will prevent any real feelings of euphoria and relaxation. My tolerance must’ve decided to sit this review out because each product tested seemed to deliver tangible effects. This was my first experience with Delta-8 products, it sounds like a special forces military operation and functions like one, with the target being your anxiety. Like Seal Team 6 it works quickly, quietly and effectively. My anxiety, like Bin Laden, gone with the wind. Each product is easy to use, all you need to do is chew, vape or smoke. If you’re looking to get into CBD or experiment with Delta-8, look no further than Botany Farms.
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What's Good
Delectable flavors
Smorgasbord of options, not only in strains but ways to consume
Noticeable, potent, fast-acting effects
Vegan, gluten-free gummies
What's Bad
High end price, especially for cartridges
Joint container still uses a plastic
Not all products have lab reports
Lab reports don't test for pesticides and heavy metals
Botany Farms

Technical Details

Availability:Nationwide (except SD, ID, IA)
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG, Delta-8
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Gummies, Cartridges
Hemp Origin:Oregon and Illinois
Featured In:Delta-8 Carts, Delta-8 Gummies, CBG Flower
Similar Brands:Cheef Botanicals, Toast, Green Unicorn Farms

Editor’s Pick

  • Delta-8 is sweeping the cannabis scene as the new hot topic and Botany Farms Delta-8 gummies do not disappoint, these are perfect for closing a stressful day and aiding a good night’s sleep.
  • If you need a Botany Farms strain to get you through the day I’d recommend their Pineapple Haze preroll, I smoked this while on a walk around the city and felt myself smiling within minutes of finishing the joint.

Botany Farms Delta-8 Gummies

Botany Farms delta-8 THC gummies

Peach, pineapple and mango flavors disguise a potent deep-seated relaxation buried in each one of these gummies. Currently banned or restricted in 16 states, Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid found in small concentrations in the cannabis plant that produces a high similar to the traditional THC experience.

Perfect for turning off the light switch of your mind at the end of a long day, these tiny, chewy, cubes of tropical flavor are the perfect partner for a good night’s sleep. Within 20 minutes it seemed as if the gummies had supplied tiny hands to pull down my eyelids. I let Botany Farms into my bedroom the first night I ever saw it, I don’t regret the decision at all. There’s no walk of shame after a night of the blissful sleep it supplies.

These glass jars of deep-sleep elixir come with 15 gummies, each gummy has 30mg of Delta-8 and 2mg of Delta-9. At $35 it’s priced competitively against their competitors and even offers a more potent product, most Delta-8 gummies are only 25mg. You should feel comfortable with the pricing of this product, from the fancy glass jar to the calming waves of effective pleasure, you will be given your money’s worth each night.

Gummies with 30mg delta-8 per gummy


There’s something about a glass jar that just looks cool, factor in the subtle gothic-esque artwork of the Botany Farms labels and you have a product that looks like it could be pulled from the shelves of a Hogwarts potions room. A spell is cast over these gummies making them vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. The bright colors of the gummies shine through the clear glass jar, their tropical hues an invitation to twist off the cap and devour.

Upon testing, my mouth was met with fruity flavors and minimal aftertaste. The edible-like high noticeably took effect within 20 minutes, I felt my eyes telling my body it was time to relax. That slight haze that accompanies edibles, almost like a calming-fog, rolled over my body and had me ready to melt into the sheets of my bed. The next thing I remember was the sound of my alarm clock, a sound that proves this product did its job.

Delta-8 THC:150mg (30mg/dose)
Delta-9 THC:30mg (2mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $35 ($0.19/mg)
Lab Report:N/A
Good for:Going to bed, winding down at the end of a long day
Not good for:During the day, made me feel a little less productive
Effects:Relaxation, anxiety relief, tired, body high

Botany Farms CBD Gummies

Botany Farms CBD gummies

Botany Farms offers eight flavors of CBD gummies on their website. Jamberry is the flavor we’ll look at here, a flavor so god damn delicious it had me googling, “What kind of fruit is a jamberry?” Research seems to show jamberry isn’t a real fruit, most likely a made up flavor of some combination of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.

Nonetheless, these fluffy squares that seem to be an improvement upon the starburst are shockingly tasty. I say shockingly because my glass jar, 12 gummies with 25mg of CBD each, within 10-minutes was down to a depleted two.

Expect the effects to be on the moderate buzz side, the flavor is definitely the headliner of what this product offers, but those with anxiety may notice a slight relief. At $25 for the jar of 12 gummies, these chews also fall under the category of competitively priced. The flavor, texture and chewiness of these gummies make them worth trying, even if just as a snack. Botany Farms should seriously consider selling these as candy too, I’d line up like a tech-geek waiting for a new i-Phone at a BestBuy for these chews.

Jamberry flavor CBD gummies


The tiny squares look like colorful pillows as they sit in their glass jar. Like a potato chip, I couldn’t have just one. This product is conflicting for me, of everything Botany Farms sent it was the least effective, yet the absolute best tasting. I don’t have a child on the way but if I did I’d seriously consider naming it Jamberry.

In the gladiator ring of snacks these gummies could defeat any other chewy opponent based on taste alone. Make them fight based on effects felt and it may not win that battle. I can’t say I felt much of an alteration in my mental or physical being after taking these, minimal relaxation and a brief reprieve of anxiety is the most I can say it offered. For effect, go with their Delta-8 gummies. For a taste unlike any gummy you’ve ever had, go with Botany Farm’s Jamberry chews.

CBD:300mg (25mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $25 ($0.08/mg)
Lab Report:N/A
Good for:Outdoor activities, throughout the day stress relief, taste
Not good for:Those with higher tolerance
Effects:Light buzz, sustained focus

Botany Farms Delta-8 Pre-Roll

Botany Farms Delta-8 Pre-Roll

Delta-8 THC and CBD join forces to form this vibrant Pineapple Haze pre-roll. A fruity flavor, reminiscent of a pina colada on a warm day, adds the feeling of island happiness to your regular routine. This sativa strain is perfect for energizing your day. The improved focus and calming relaxation will place a smile upon your face shortly after the last ash floats to the ground.

Botany Farms uses a frozen Delta-8 THC distillate that is crushed into a fine powder and infused into their premium flower. Most companies spray the Delta-8 onto their flower, this meticulous detail ensures a high that stands out amongst its competitors. One of seven pre-rolls available on Botany Farm’s website, Pineapple Haze is their most expensive at $13 for a 1.2g cone. Though expensive, the flavors, effects and sustained positive mood make this joint worth purchasing.

Pineapple Haze Sativa pre-roll with delta-8


Of all the CBD joints I’ve smoked thus far in my 26 years of living and chilling, Pineapple Haze takes the cake as both the tastiest and most effective. A slow burning, sweet smelling, fruity flavored, smile-inducing cone of greatness, Botany Farms’ small-batch mentality continues to supply advanced results.

I smoked this joint while on a walk around my neighborhood in Queens, by the time it had finished I found myself smiling from ear-to-ear. My head felt completely clear while my body felt quite stoned. I felt like the wind was gently greeting my face, much like an Italian uncle saying, “Hello.” My world felt more peaceful with the presence of this pineapple haze in my lungs. I noticed feeling similar to a cannabis high, but with improved alertness. If you’re going to pick any flower-based Botany Farms product, start here and experience what the Delta-8 hype is all about.

Strain:Pineapple Haze
Delta-8 THC:3.8%
Delta-9 THC:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $13 ($11/gram)
Lab Report:N/A
Good for:All day use, truly loved the way this made me feel
Not good for:Experiment at all points of the day, I feel during the day is better than nighttime for this strain
Effects:Improved and sustained focus, elevated mood, body high

Botany Farms CBG Pre-Roll

Botany Farms CBG pre-roll

CBG, another minor cannabinoid, is known for its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits, to name a few. White CBG is a hybrid CBG strain coated with frosty white crystals and contains aromas of fresh Spring flowers and vanilla. Known to produce calming feelings while keeping the mind active and alert, White CBG is a great daytime strain.

For those who don’t love the taste of Hemp, this strain will have you forgetting any past woes. The creamy vanilla flavor excites your taste buds with each pull. It smells more like a candle than a cannabis product. Within 30 minutes I felt my relaxation kick up another level, the swaying of the trees played more like a Cirque du Soleil performance after this joint. For $10 you too can try this CBG pre-roll and watch the trees dance, it’ll be much cheaper than a flight to Vegas.

The White Hybrid strain CBG pre-roll


Something about smoking this joint had me write down it, “Feels like a crisp morning near the water.” I live in New York City so that’s how you know Botany Farms is making products that actually work, it had my piss-smelling neighborhood feeling like a mountain-morning. That’s no small feat. Though the packaging is simple, a cardboard tube with a plastic top, the outer artwork is quite inviting. Clearly labeled, despite online COA’s lacking, the packaging makes you feel like this is a brand you can trust.

The moment you light this joint, the trust the packaging makes you feel is immediately vindicated. The taste is sweet and welcoming, it tastes like a candy your grandmother would give you as a child. Sweet hints of vanilla and cream shine through. I smoked this joint outside, the slow-burning cone gives you time to find peace in the world. By joints’ end I found myself noticing the chirps of the birds a bit more, a choir of wishful creatures begging me to share. The sweet vanilla aroma merely drifted up past their beaks, they wanted more.

Within 30 minutes, complete relaxation was starting to take over my day. The feelings were not overwhelming, they merely relaxed me as I continued to do the things I had to do. Like a silent partner telling me, “Good Job,” as I knocked off task after task. Good design, great taste, undeniable results, Botany Farms has done it again.

Strain:The White
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $10 ($8/gram)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Outdoor activities, leisure and work day, feeling a little more joy
Not good for:Another product I’d recommend for any day/event
Effects:Deep relaxation, energy to do work, anxiety relief

Botany Farms Live Resin Delta-8 Cartridge

Botany Farms Delta-8 Cartridge

Botany Farms’ Live Resin extract is created using a small batch of their Sour Special Sauce flowers picked 10 days earlier to retain a higher terpene and cannabinoid content. Instead of air drying their flowers for smokable consumption, Botany Farms freezes the plants to keep all of their flavors and aromas intact. This means no flavor terpenes need to be added to the final product. By blending the live resin extract with pure Delta-8 distillate, a well-balanced blend is created that provides all of the CBD benefits accompanied with the psychoactive effects of Delta-8 THC.

This is the perfect vape to work into your nighttime routine, the calming head high gives way to a soothing relaxation that engulfs the body after just a few hits of the cartridge. Expect quick acting results with this potent indica distillate, even the most experienced of smokers will find joy in the euphoria it provides. At $50 this sits in the upper levels of high priced cartridges.

And, though its effects were felt and the experience was enjoyed, Botany Farms’ lack of COA , or online information, for this cartridge worries me. They tell you it has 70.2% cannabinoids, 37.8% Delta-8 THC and 29.5% of CBD. That’s about it. Knowing pesticides lurk in the glass vials of distillates on shelves all across this country, Botany Farms should provide a little more paperwork for the peace of mind of the consumer.

Live resin delta-8 THC vape cartridge


A sustainable, cardboard tube is home to the Botany Farms Live Resin Delta-8 THC vape cartridge. The packaging is reminiscent of a fancy soap company, something you’d see proudly displayed on the shelves of Bath and Body Works. The colors are warm and unique, they stand out in a sea of packaging that sometimes blends together.

The vape itself is your run of the mill cartridge, it fits nicely into most pens and devices. Though the strain had hints of sweetness, a diesel taste took charge as the prime flavor. It was mostly smooth but after 4 or 5 pulls I noticed a slight tickle in my throat. The effects hit quickly, a head high slowly turned to a full body high, my bed, which I was writing in, instead called me home to sleep.

This cartridge worked and that made me happy, upon further review of their website however, Botany Farms doesn’t list a ton of information on the makeup of this product. A lab tested COA would ease my mind as pesticides continue to plague the vape community. Though I enjoyed using this product, further testing is required until I can safely recommend it.

Strain:Sour Special Sauce
Delta-8 THC:37.8%
Delta-9 THC:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Ingredients:No PG, VG, or MCT
Price: $50
Lab Report:N/A
Good for:Falling asleep, staying asleep, managing daily anxiety
Not good for:Those looking to know exactly what’s in the products they’re smoking
Effects:Sleepiness, stress melting away, prolonged relaxation

Botany Farms CBD Flower

Botany Farms CBD flower

A popular hybrid CBD strain, Sour Space Candy is one of the many choices of small-batch flower Botany Farms currently offers. Flower seems to be the pride of this company, 16 strains are currently available on their website, all are organic, hang dried and hand trimmed. Small production allows Botany Farms to focus on the quality of each strain.

The quality of the Sour Space Candy is immediate. The purple, orange and green colors, weaving through the flower, pop through the fashion-forward glass jar. The sticky buds grind up to produce a smooth smoke with even smoother aromas. Though relaxation was felt with this strain, it also provided a clear-headedness and determined focus that made it suitable for all day use.

Organically frown CBD flower buds

Botany Farms sells this flower at $11 a gram, $30 for 3.5 grams and $50 for 7 grams. These prices, again, are on the high side but with the small-batch production you get a flower that stands out in quality and ultimately that’s what you’re paying for.

Sour Space Candy Hybrid hemp flower


To test this flower I simply ground up a nug of the sticky hemp goodness and tossed it in a Raw cone. Sometimes the effects of CBD are hard to notice but within minutes this strain successfully performed an exorcism on the headache plaguing my day. At no point of my day did the headache return.

Like most joints, I smoked this outside. The immediate sensation seemed to settle the world around me; no drowsiness was felt, this uplifting strain gifts increased focus. The fruity smells produce a sweet aroma, that sweetness has subtle hints in the taste but mostly a natural diesel flavor comes through. This is still one of my early experiences with smoking CBD flower but something tells me Botany Farms has spoiled me.

This is the type of flower that can turn a CBD non-believer into a believer. And, unlike some of the other products sold by Botany Farms, their flower all comes with COAs and tons of information on their website. Clean flower is guaranteed when smoking with Botany Farms.

Strain:Sour Space Candy
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $11 per gram
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Morning, afternoon, night, ridding your brain of fogginess, adding a little focus to the day
Not good for:Smoke this whenever, it’ll only improve your day
Effects:Relaxation, headache relief, uplifting energy