The Best Delta-8 THC Flower for Supreme Tokes

After considering 38 companies, we’ve come up with a list of the best delta-8 THC flower brands to try this year.

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Dan LaMorte

Dan LaMorte is an experienced cannabis user and a New York City-based stand-up comedian, writer, and ultrarunner. His relationship with cannabis is an interesting one. From the ages of 19...

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Mell Green

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CBD Oracle's Editorial Process
Quality testing various delta-8 THC flower products
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They say sometimes it’s best to stop and smell the flowers, I say it’s best to stop and smoke them. We spent weeks testing and ranking some of the best delta-8 flower products from the most popular brands currently available. Get out your papers and grinders, we’re going old school.

With flower being a staple of the stoner classics and delta-8 THC now fully pumping throughout the cannabis zeitgeist, it was a no-brainer that for this list we smoke, review and rank some of the best nugs of delta-8 infused hemp flower from a few of the leading companies trying to make a name for themselves as pioneers in this new cannabis trend.

We conducted first-hand testing for 14 delta-8 flower products, ranging from $4 to $12 per gram, to find the cleanest and strongest options for helping with sleep, anxiety, and pain relief. (See how we test.)

9 Best Delta-8 Flower Brands

After extensive testing, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for the best delta-8 flower buds you can get right now.

Strongest Effects:Hometown Hero$35
Best Looking Flower:Botany Farms$35
Best Full-Body Effects:Bloomz$24.99
Best Value:Plain Jane$17.99
Best CBG + D8 Blend:Secret Nature$25
Tastiest Strain Selection:Kalibloom$30
Biggest Selection of Strains:Fern Valley Farms$15.30
Best Calming Effects:Urb$25
Best Variety:Mood$40

Strongest & Best Overall: Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero offers the most potent delta-8 flower and pre-rolls we’ve tested.

Premium quality delta-8 flower product
Photo: Hometown Hero

Available for $35 from Hometown Hero

If you’re a true canna-connoisseur and are looking for some high-potency delta-8 THC flower, then Hometown Hero is the perfect brand for you. Hometown Hero has super potent joints as well as top-shelf flower that smokes smoothly, burns slowly, and produces super potent hits that will have you feeling euphoric and oh-so-comfortable. The brand packages their flower in high-quality, airtight containers that keep the bud smelling fresh and tasting pungent.

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Pros & Cons

  • Infused with 250mg of delta-8 THC per gram (875mg per container)
  • Infused with naturally extracted (not chemically converted) delta-8 THC
  • Strongest delta-8 flower we’ve tested
  • Immediate high is energetic then it shifts to a relaxing euphoria that’s perfect before bed
  • Long-lasting effects, good for being indoors/outdoors, pre-workout support, calming nerves, anxiety relief, and deep sleep
  • Gives off an incredible skunky aroma and delivers a smooth taste
  • Also offers delta-8 pre-rolls and moon rocks
  • Offers bulk options: ¼, ½, and 1 pound quantities
  • Generous money-back guarantee
  • Portion of sales donated to veterans 
  • Clean lab results; fully tested for potency, heavy metals, and pesticides (view COA)
  • Expensive at $35 for an eighth, expect to pay a premium for these products
  • Uses plastic packaging
  • Some bud was slightly dry
  • Only offers two strains: Raygun and Zero G
  • Limited size options; only sells eighths and bulk, nothing in between

Best Looking Flower: Botany Farms

Botany Farms delta-8 THC flower looks like the top-shelf cannabis buds you’d find at your local dispensary — they’re really that pretty.

Best looking delta-8 flower buds
Photo: Botany Farms

Available for $35 from Botany Farms

Botany Farms is well-known for its top-shelf flower and highly potent products — and its delta-8 buds are no exception. This brand’s D8 flower looks incredibly high quality, as it’s covered in frosty crystals and bright colors depending on the strain. Botany Farms offers numerous strains for you to choose from depending on what effects most appeal to your wellness. 

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Pros & Cons

  • Infused with 3-9% delta-8 THC plus 14-25% CBD depending on the strain
  • Offers a huge selection of 12 strains including Bubba Kush, White CBG, Pineapple Haze, Elektra, and Sour Space Candy
  • Freshest delta-8 flower
  • Powerful potency
  • Felt stoned, pain relief, and heightened focus and drive
  • Good for productivity, stomach aches, body aches
  • Organically grown, beautifully trimmed buds
  • Nicest packaging; uses a glass container to keep buds fresh and secure
  • Uses a cold-press process to infuse their flower (instead of spraying directly) with delta-8 distillate which creates hits that are more smooth and flavorful
  • Tested for potency but not for heavy metals and pesticides (view COA)
  • No COAs available for most delta-8-specific strains
  • Some lab reports are over a year old
  • Expensive at $35 for an eighth

Best Full-Body Effects: Bloomz

Known as the sister company of cannabis heavyweight Binoid, Bloomz is sure to be a crowd favorite like its brother in no time.

Delta-8 infused hemp flower product

Available for $24.99 from Bloomz

Feeling anxious? Body aching again? Can’t get any rest? Whatever ails you, Bloomz delta-8 flower is a rescue kind of cannabis that will quell all of your mental and physical troubles. Sometimes, you don’t want to be burdened with the task of sifting through a ton of products and thankfully Bloomz has made it easy, offering four different premium strains: Grape Zkittlez, Monster Cookies, Green Goblin and Apple Fritter.

While this flower can do the body a whole lot of good, we should note that it’s made with 99% delta-THC distillate, so THC newbies might want to steer clear or otherwise, get baked.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for promoting relaxation and reducing stress and pain
  • Perfect for end-of-day consumption 
  • High-quality buds covered in kief 
  • Mild delta-8 experience; only 16% delta-8 THC tested in the flower
  • Tested for potency but not for heavy metals and pesticides (view COA)
  • Only four strain options
  • Insufficient product information
  • Customer reviews on their website appear inflated

Best on a Budget: Plain Jane

Looking to save some money? Plain Jane offers the best value delta-8 flower on this list.

Cheap delta-8 flower product for people on a budget
Photo: Plain Jane

Available for $17.99 from Plain Jane

Delta-8 THC combined with CBG? Yes, please! Together, Plain Jane’s CBG + Delta 8 THC flower is not only potent, but it’s incredibly affordable. You can purchase a gram of this tasty flower, or one of the other four strains available, starting at just $7, which is practically unheard of for most buds. The flavors of the flower are distinct and enjoyable, and it promotes uplifting, sativa-like effects that are great for all-day consumption. 

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Pros & Cons

  • Infused with around 8% delta-8 THC and over 12% CBD depending on the strain
  • One of the most affordable options at $17.99 for an eighth
  • Offers bulk flower for less than $2 per gram
  • Strong effects
  • Good for all-day use, outdoor activities, and mood enhancement
  • Vibrant, uplifting Sativa high that lasted a while and never seemed to lead to a crash; perfect feel-good companion
  • Increased energy and clarity, induced happiness and smiles
  • Distinct, enjoyable flavors
  • Smells are reminiscent of both coffee and a zesty citrus fruit
  • Also offers D8 joints, blunts, and cigarettes
  • Tested for potency and solvents but not tested for pesticides and heavy metals (view COA)
  • Most lab reports are over a year old
  • Bud was very dry
  • Some of the buds were slightly crushed during shipment (though for an extra $3 you can upgrade to a glass jar container to protect the flower)

Best CBG + Delta 8 Blend: Secret Nature

Secret Nature offers deliciously potent CBG flower infused with delta-8 THC that’s great for ultimate relaxation.

Organic CBG flower infused with delta-8 THC
Photo: Secret Nature

Available for $25 from Secret Nature

If you want to sit back and relax — for hours — then Secret Nature’s Elysian CBG + Delta-8 flower is the best choice to puff on. This heavy-hitting flower is ideal for providing a strong dose of relaxation, calm, and comfort. Don’t be surprised if you’re left stuck to the couch for a while after enjoying this potent blend. Thus, we recommend enjoying this strain before bed for the best night of sleep you’ll have in a while.

Read our full Secret Nature review

Pros & Cons

  • Infused with 315mg of delta-8 THC
  • Potent CBG + delta 8 THC blend
  • Ideal for before bed
  • Sweet vanilla flavor
  • Sungrown flower organically grown in Sonoma County, California
  • Also offers D8 prerolls and blunts
  • Reasonably priced at $25 for an eighth
  • Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)
  • Unattractive, dry buds 
  • Caused severe lethargy
  • Only offers two strains for delta-8 infused flower
  • Uses plastic packaging

Tastiest Strain Selection: Kalibloom

Kalibloom offers multiple delta-8 strains that are both incredibly pungent and will get you super stoned.

Woman smoking premium quality delta-8 THC bud
Photo: Kalibloom

Available for $30 from Kalibloom

Sometimes, delta-8 THC flower just doesn’t taste as good as delta-9 flower. But, with Kalibloom, that’s simply not the case. Kalibloom offers a huge selection of high-quality D8 flower that tastes just like your favorite cannabis strain. These buds offer pungent, distinct aromas and tastes that enhance your D8 experience overall. Plus, the strains offer unique effects, so you can expect a different experience each time you make a purchase.

Pros & Cons

  • Big selection of nine high-quality, famous strains like Runtz and Wedding Cake
  • Delicious, distinct flavor profiles for each strain
  • Each strain produces strain-specific effects
  • Easy to smoke
  • Potent effects
  • Also offers D8/HHC flower
  • Affordable price at $30 for four grams
  • Comprehensive and recent lab reports for every strain
  • Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)
  • Some buds were quite dry; fell apart in the packaging
  • Plastic packaging that doesn’t protect the flower
  • Only 4 or 8-gram options
  • Doesn’t ship to AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MS, MT, NV, UT, RI, and KY

Biggest Selection of Strains: Fern Valley Farms

If you want a bunch of strain options to choose from when shopping for your delta-8 THC flower, then Fern Valley Farms has you covered.

CBD flower infused with Delta-8 THC distillate
Photo: Fern Valley Farms

Available for $15.30 from Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms has one of the biggest selections of D8 strains that you’ll come by. They offer indica, sativa, and hybrid strains of all types, giving you so much to choose from. This helps you customize your delta 8 flower experience in a whole new way. Plus, this flower is incredibly affordable, coming in at just $15 for an eighth. 

Pros & Cons

  • Infused with 14-26% delta-8 THC plus 6-10% CBD depending on the strain
  • Huge selection of 12 strains to choose from including Sour Lifter, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze, Super Sour Space Candy, CBG White, Sour Special Sauce, and more
  • Very affordable flower at only $15 per 1/8 oz
  • Uses a cold-infusion treatment for a better terpene profile
  • Organically-grown buds in family-owned farms
  • Provides a potency test for each strain
  • Clean lab results, tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)
  • Most strains don’t have a test for contaminants
  • Flower hits super harshly 
  • Super dry buds; crumble in the hands
  • Produces little to no kief
  • Packaging looks basic

Best Calming Effects: Urb

Urb’s high-potency delta-8 + CBG flower is the ideal choice for the most experienced cannabis consumers.

Strong delta-8 THC flower with high potency
Photo: Urb

Available for $25 from Lifted Made

Packaged beautifully and trimmed perfectly, Urb’s delta-8 flower may as well be labeled as top-shelf. This high-potency CBG flower contains 95% delta-8 THC distillate and terpenes to create an ultra-powerful, full-bodied experience that your mind and body will love. Urb’s D8 flower is best for reducing anxiety and pain while putting the mind in a blissful, content spot. 

Pros & Cons

  • CBG flower infused with premium delta-8 distillate and natural terpenes
  • Contains 5% delta-8 THC and 14% CBGA
  • Strains produce bright citrus flavors 
  • Great for reducing stress and pain; very calming
  • High potency is great for those with chronic pain 
  • Affordable at $25 for five grams
  • Beautiful glass packaging
  • Clean lab results, tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)
  • Only one strain option is currently available 
  • No hybrid strains
  • May be too relaxing for some consumers; causes extreme couch-lock
  • Lacks product information on the website

Best Variety: Mood

As you can guess from its name, this delta-8 cannabis flower crafted by Mood will be able to put you in whatever mood you’re looking for.

Delta-8 THC bud indica strain

Available for $40 from Mood

The Mood brand is all about delta-8 THC. Their delta-8 flower infused with THCP has a clean burn and has only produced the silkiest of hits – all made without bad stuff like pesticides, harsh chemicals and other contaminants.

Whether you need relief from the stresses of the day or can’t seem to put racing thoughts to rest at bedtime, Mood’s delta-8 flower has a number of different effects: chill, euphoric, sleepy, creative, energizing, focused, social and even arousing. With over 45 different strains, there’s something for any cannabis lover.

Pros & Cons

  • Good strain variety
  • Wide selection of gram sizes
  • Customers can earn “mood points” for deals 
  • Loads of authentic customer reviews
  • Flower offers range of effects from relaxation to stimulation
  • Free shipping
  • Clean lab results, tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)
  • Not for those with low tolerance
  • Some strains taste and perform the same
  • Not enough product-specific information offered

How We Tested the Delta-8 Flower Products

Quality testing delta-8 flower products
We analyzed over 38 popular brands and tested 14 D8 flower products to find the best delta-8 flower for a smooth and potent smoke. Photo: Dan LaMorte/CBD Oracle

We considered over 38 companies in the early stage compilation of which flower to test. Ultimately, we narrowed that list down to the top nine companies and purchased samples for testing.

We spent over two weeks analyzing and testing each company and the respective products we purchased. To make sure each test was done fairly and in equal settings, all joints were smoked in 1 ¼ Raw Cones. Full joints were smoked each time as I have a higher tolerance. My physical setting was also the same for each test, all were done on a full stomach to ensure an even playing field. 

When deciding which buds were best and what scores to give, we factored in the following criteria:

  • Finish: How does the flower look? Is it trimmed well? Is it fresh or dry? Does the packaging protect the buds and preserve freshness? Does the overall presentation add to the experience?
  • Flavor: How does the flower taste? Does it burn smooth and evenly? Is it harsh on the lungs?
  • Feeling: How potent are the effects of the flower? Are the effects consistent with the strain? Does it lead to a crash? Is it enjoyable overall?
  • Quality: Does this product have a proper certificate of analysis (COA) and testing? Are the lab reports recently updated? Are the flower and distillate tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents? Is the flower sprayed with delta-8 distillate or is it infused through a cold-press process?

The rankings for this particular list focused on finish, flavor, feeling, quality and value. The finish most simply means how the product packaging looks. The flavor is how the bud tasted and smoked. The feeling relates directly to the effects felt. Quality deals with COAs and testing. Value focuses on the cost of the product.

During testing each delta-8 flower product, we looked for things like flavor, aroma, effects, potency, quality of buds, and overall presentation. Photo: Dan LaMorte/CBD Oracle

When all was said and done, aka rolled and smoked, the crown fell upon the head of Hometown Hero. A few other brands put up a good fight but in the end, weren’t able to line up all the criteria required to take the top spot. Improved COAs and accountability for what’s actually being consumed could greatly shift the wary feelings towards a handful of these companies. Learn more about our product review process.

Delta-8 Flower Brands We Considered But Not Tested

Here is a list of companies we considered but ultimately didn’t have the opportunity to test. Being on this list isn’t a slight to any of their products, mostly it means we weren’t able to obtain delta-8 THC flower from them in time for a review. Sometimes we settle on the group we have and start there so as not to overwhelm the reader. Don’t be surprised to see products from these companies tested in the near future.

Lady Jays

Lady Jays is a female-owned and operated CBD company with a beautiful website and premium-looking products. Their Delta-8 THC pre-roll packs look like pieces of art, this is a company that understands presentation. 

Delta Vera

Delta Vera is a company with multiple High Times Hemp Cup awards. Though their gummy bears are their prized item, the flower is also available. 


Based in Georgia, ATLRx is a company that says they pride themselves on transparency yet don’t list all the test results for their flower. Positive reviews and an interesting selection that includes Delta-8 caramels are enough to consider this company for the future. 

Mr. Hemp Flower

Worth considering for their varying option alone, Mr. Hemp Flower is the first brand I’ve seen to sell Delta-8 peanut brittle and honey sticks. Not to mention they have vegan gummies and a Stormy Daniels pre-roll. 

Franny’s Farmacy

A female-owned North Carolina hemp company, Franny’s Farmacy is worth looking up for their origin story alone. Their small batch production helps guarantee superior results. 

Pinnacle Hemp

Founded by a father trying to help his daughter with epilepsy, Pinnacle Hemp was created with good intentions and functions as a company with the same goal. Flower, concentrates, edibles, and pet products are available on their website. 

Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow is a company started by a team of Ph.D.’s, we know that because it’s listed pretty early on their website. Ph.D.’s have a way of quickly telling you that they have a Ph.D. I feel like the years of blindly trusting doctors have passed but nonetheless their products look tasty, affordable, and reputable.

Other delta-8 flower brands we considered:

  • Organic CBD Nugs
  • CannaBuddy
  • Bloomble
  • Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Apotheca
  • Bearly Legal
  • Chill Plus
  • Pure Hemp Farms
  • Kanna
  • Elyxr
  • Boston Hempire
  • Alien Carts
  • Tillmans Tranquils
  • Soulflower
  • Exhale
  • 8 Delta 8
  • BudPop
  • Blue Moon Hemp
  • Vida Optima
  • Ounce of Hope

Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 Flower

Man feeling relaxed after smoking a delta-8 joint
Photo: Botany Farms

Here we’ve answered some of your questions about delta-8 infused hemp flower products.

What is Delta-8 THC Flower?

Delta-8 THC flower, in most basic terms, is hemp. Delta-8 THC is found naturally in hemp flower but in such small quantities that companies need to infuse hemp CBD flower with delta-8 distillates.

This infusion process is how you get delta-8 THC flower. Some spray it on, some use delta-8 kief and roll it on, etc. CBD and marijuana flowers can be grown completely naturally whereas the delta-8 flower is a man-made process.

How is Delta-8 Flower Made?

Potent hemp flower infused with delta-8 THC distillate
Photo: Hometown Hero

Delta 8 flower is made uniquely depending on the manufacturer. Some brands choose to infuse their hemp flower with delta-8 THC oil, while others will spray it with an aerosol spray containing the delta-8 THC cannabinoid. 

Does Delta-8 Flower Get You High?

Jar filled with delta-8 and HHC flower buds
Photo: Kalibloom

Much like its delta-9 THC counterparts, Delta-8 THC is also a psychoactive cannabinoid. So yes, delta-8 flower can get you high. However, it’s usually considered to be about half as potent as a regular THC flower.

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This subdued potency tends to sever ties with the usual anxiety, paranoia, and confusion some feel while smoking THC. You seem to get all the positives of cannabis use without any of the negatives.

What is the Strongest Delta-8 Flower?

Large amount of delta-8 flower buds laid out
Photo: Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero offers the strongest delta-8 flower on this list, alongside Urb. Both of these brands utilize high amounts of delta-8 THC distillate within their flower to create potent, long-lasting, full-body effects.

What to Look for When Buying Delta-8 Flower?

Man consuming a delta-8 THC flower product
Photo: Kalibloom

When buying delta-8 THC flower, look for a company that has reputable lab tests and results for all their strains. Since the delta-8 flower is a hemp flower that’s infused with D8 distillate, you want to make sure the distillate doesn’t contain any heavy metals or residual solvents. Companies that offer insight into their infusion process should stand out as a solid choice.

For example, Botany Farms details on their website how they freeze the distillate to create a fine powder for infusing. This type of method will yield a better, cleaner flower than those who unevenly spray it on.

What Are Popular Delta-8 THC Strains?

The most popular delta-8 strains are going to be whatever the most popular hemp strains are seeing as hemp flower is the base of all delta-8 flower. This means you’ll see your fair share of Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze, Pineapple Haze, Elektra, Runtz, Wedding Cake, etc.

How Much Does Delta-8 Flower Cost?

Most companies sell varying amounts of delta-8 flower but an eighth seems to be everyone’s most basic option. An eighth of delta-8 infused hemp flower costs $26 on average which comes out to around $7 per gram.

Who Can Benefit from Delta-8 Flower?

Woman smoking a delta-8 preroll at home to relax
Photo: Botany Farms

Delta-8 THC flower is for anybody looking to see if they can be getting a more enjoyable experience out of their cannabis use. Some people smoke weed, get paranoid and kiss the plant goodbye forever. Delta-8 THC users seem to report far less paranoia, this could help bring back some of the consumers who gave up on cannabis prior to a lighter version being available.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing the best delta-8 THC flower made our team realize that, though edibles may produce a more potent high, smoking a delta-8 joint is the fastest way to feel this minor cannabinoid’s effects.

When choosing carefully, one can end up with a product that perfectly rivals, and in some cases exceeds, regular cannabis. This meticulous selection is required though, many companies continue to drop the ball on transparent testing. Consumers in the delta-8 landscape must always be mindful of this. But, that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and curated this list of the best delta-8 flower brands to try today.

So, the next time you’re interested in puffing on some delta-8 pre-rolls or smoking a bowl of delta-8 flower, try out one of the brands on our list and see just how relaxing this cannabinoid truly is.

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Editor’s note: We updated this list on October 3, 2023, to remove one of our initial recommendations from Hi On Nature which has been discontinued. We also added two new flower recommendations from Mood and Bloomz.