Best Delta-8 THC Flower

Here are the best delta-8 THC flowers we tested after considering over 38 companies.

Best delta-8 THC flower brands

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They say sometimes it’s best to stop and smell the flowers, I say it’s best to stop and smoke them. Welcome to the third Delta-8 “best of” list; featuring elaborate reviews and rankings of some of the most popular brands currently available. We started with cartridges, made our way to edibles, and now focus the spotlight on the best Delta-8 flower. Get out your papers and grinders, we’re going old school.

Consuming cannabis products through means of flower is an experience unlike any of the others. Grinding up your weed, rolling a joint, breaking out the bong or bowl, there’s something special about being involved in every step of the process. It’s like the farm-to-table of consumption methods. 

With flower being a staple of the stoner classics and Delta-8 THC now fully pumping throughout the cannabis zeitgeist, it was a no-brainer that for this list we smoke, review and rank some of the best nugs of Delta-8 infused hemp flower from a few of the leading companies trying to make a name for themselves as pioneers in this new cannabis trend. 

How we tested and ranked the best delta-8 flower:

Delta-8 flower products tested

Over 38 companies were considered in the early stage compilation of which flower to test. Ultimately, we narrowed that list down to 7 companies and ordered samples for testing.

Over the last two weeks I took time to test each company and respective product(s) sent. When deciding which buds were best and what scores to give, we factored in the following criteria:

  • Finish: how does the flower and packaging look?
  • Flavor: how does the flower taste?
  • Feeling: how potent are the effects of the flower?
  • Quality: does this product have a proper certificate of analysis (COA) and testing? 

When all was said and done, aka rolled and smoked, the crown once again fell upon the head of Hometown Hero, our reigning champion for the best delta-8 gummies.

A few other brands put up a good fight but in the end weren’t able to line up all the criteria required to take the top spot. Improved COA’s and accountability for what’s actually being consumed could greatly shift the wary feelings towards a handful of these companies.

Best Delta-8 Flower

#1. Hometown Hero Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

Hometown Hero offers the strongest delta-8 flower and pre-rolls we’ve tested.

Available for $14 from Hometown Hero

After claiming victory as the best Delta-8 gummy we tested, Hometown Hero is back again to top the podium, this time as the leading choice for the best Delta-8 THC flower. It’s hard to compete with a company that has stand-out packaging, top-notch potent products, clean test results, and donates a portion of every sale to Veterans. For all the things that are wrong with the recent Delta-8 craze, Hometown Hero continually steps up to the plate to prove all that can be right.

The Good

  • Strongest delta-8 flower tested 
  • Offers flower as well as pre-rolls and moon rocks
  • Portion of sales donated to veterans 
  • Unique packaging design 
  • Professional COA’s
  • Naturally extracted delta-8 (not synthetic)

The Bad

  • Cost; expect to pay a premium for Hometown Hero products
  • Uses plastic in packaging


  • Effects felt: Immediate relaxation, prolonged anxiety relief, multiple hour burst of energy
  • Good for: Being outside, pre-workout support, calming nerves
  • Bad for: Those on a budget


Winning High Times Hemp Cup awards for both their Delta-8 gummies and tinctures, Hometown Hero delivers yet another banger in the form of their Delta-8 Raygun flower and pre-rolls. Packaged in a tube that looks like an elongated Baby Bottle Pop, the baby blue colors and raygun cartoon entice the eyes equally as much as its pointed-cylinder shape. Two joints sit peacefully inside the tube and upon smoking, transfer that calming peace unto you. 

This slow-burning Delta-8 THC pre-roll, lasting a lucky 13 minutes, gives off an incredible skunky aroma and delivers a smooth taste that the lungs seem to welcome. Before the joint ended its effects were already noticeable. I was smoking this outside and found myself sitting, facing an ever so slightly rustling tree that had maroon flowers sitting atop, just smiling. With each passing puff I was evaporating deeper and deeper into nature. 

The immediate high was energetic; I ran inside and used the calming energy to get into an hour-long stretch session followed by 30 minutes of meditating. The high lasted long enough that, after smoking this at 7pm, I didn’t need to smoke again for the rest of the night. The initial energy eventually shifted to a relaxing euphoria that told my feet it was time to head to the bedroom. Falling asleep was easy, Hometown Hero broke into my brain and numbed my anxiety thus deleting those racing thoughts that usually accompany my pre-sleep ritual. 

If there’s a single downside to be mentioned it would be Hometown Hero’s pricing. The two pre-rolls cost $14 (the pricing was updated after we published this review) while an eighth of the Raygun flower costs $50. Though this is an absolute premium, there’s a noticeable difference in the quality of products Hometown Hero produces. You’re getting the best of the best and the strongest of the strong. Each pre-roll is packed with 188mg of Delta-8 THC, if you’re going to try any of the flowers on this list, I suggest you start here.

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, and pesticides – not tested for solvents, see the COA.

Also great:

#2. Plain Jane CBG + Delta-8 Flower

Best value delta-8 flower

Available for $17.99 from Plain Jane

Coming in second place, and making their triumphant return to the upper rankings of our delta-8 lists, is Oregon based company Plain Jane. After tying for the top spot on our best delta-8 cartridge list, a solid COA, genuine affordability, and an uplifting high are enough to secure them another victory…well second place.

The Good

  • Most affordable option 
  • Distinct, enjoyable flavors  
  • All day uplifting Sativa high 
  • Strong effects

The Bad

  • Bud was very dry


  • Effects felt: Increased energy and clarity, induced happiness and smiles
  • Good for: All-day use, outdoor activities, mood enhancement
  • Bad for: Nothing negative to report after testing


A handful of companies on this list are missing COA’s, some completely and some partially, so the fact that Plain Jane has third-party lab tests for solvents pretty much gets them near the top in terms of quality. That isn’t all Plain Jane brings to the table. Though their packaging is the basic plastic zip bag most companies and dealers use, the colors and artwork help bring it to life and break free from its average base. A zombie looking hand holds a cartoon mason jar, the jar is clear and a strong nug of Delta-8 THC flower sits perfectly behind it. 

When you open the bag, smells that are simultaneously reminiscent of both coffee and a zesty citrus fruit spring towards your nose. The flower itself is where I can see the name Plain Jane coming in. The buds were dry and lacked the aesthetic viewing pleasure many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy. All of that is forgotten once the joint starts burning. 

For all the samples containing Delta-8 flower, 1 ¼ Raw Cones were used to smoke. The flavor of these buds led me to write down in my notes that it simply tasted like breakfast, so much so that Ron Swanson would probably enjoy it. Almost immediately after finishing the joint I felt a surge of energy that guided me out into the streets of New York to take a stroll and enjoy the buzz. The elation of the high cemented a smile on my face that stayed on for the entirety of the walk, a rarity for New York. The spritely energy this flower produced never seemed to lead to a crash, it was a perfect feel-good companion. 

Plain Jane’s cost is their ultimate selling point. An eighth costs just $17.99, easily the most affordable delta-8 THC flower on this list. For those looking for the same potency of Hometown Hero but at a more reasonable price, this would be the best place to start. See our full Plain Jane review.

Lab Result

Tested for potency and solvents – not tested for pesticides and heavy metals, see the COA.

Also great:

#3. Botany Farms Delta-8 Flower

Best looking delta-8 flower

Available for $35 from Botany Farms

When it comes to flower, few companies produce nugs as aesthetically pleasing, potent, and fresh as Botany Farms. Their attention to detail and hands-on approach to crafting their flower at each step of the way is visually apparent. Their unique Delta-8 distillation process helps nurture a potency few other companies were able to recreate but their lack of COA’s and lab results keep Botany out of the top two spots.

The Good

  • Freshest delta-8 flower  
  • Nicest packaging 
  • Beautifully trimmed buds 
  • Powerful potency

The Bad

  • No COA’s available for Delta-8 specific strains


  • Effects felt: Stoned, pain relief, heightened focus and drive
  • Good for: Productivity, stomach aches, body aches
  • Bad for: Consumers on a budget


A complete lack of lab results holds Botany Farms out of the top two spots. With proper testing it’s hard to imagine Hometown Hero and Plain Jane besting Botany. Their packaging, fancy-ass glass jars with complex artwork, immediately sets them apart from the competition. Earthy aromas that remind the mind of a walk through a forest immediately entrance the senses after unscrewing the lid. The sticky meticulously trimmed buds continue the stand-out experience and, though lacking a COA, make you feel comfortable with the quality of this product. 

Whereas many companies are directly spraying Delta-8 THC distillate onto flower, Botany Farms has developed their own method of freezing the distillate and then crushing it into a fine powder to evenly infuse into the flower. Seeing as this was the least harsh flower of the entire bunch, I’d say the process Botany is using is not only innovative, but highly effective. 

And if we’re talking about things that are high, let’s talk about the potent effects one can expect after smoking these premium Delta-8 buds. Before the joint was complete I found myself jotting down that this was the type of high that could trick even the most experienced smoker into thinking they’d just ingested marijuana. A powerfully subduing relaxation pulsated through my body, yet I didn’t feel locked into the couch. I got on the ground, stretched for an hour, and by the end of the session felt like my battery was fully recharged. No crash came, the energy sustained and the rest of my day was filled with depleted anxiety and heightened pleasure. 

Due to the pristine buds, intricate distillation process and glass packaging, it shouldn’t surprise you that Botany Farms comes in on the higher end of $35 for an eighth. But to experience the beauty of their buds and feel the quality of their work, it’s worth making the investment. There isn’t another company on this list with better Delta-8 flower than Botany Farms. See our full Botany Farms review.

Lab Result

Tested for potency – not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents – see the COA.


#4. Koi “High Hopes” Cookies Delta-8 Infused Hemp Flower

Best COA for delta-8 flower

Available for $24.99 from Koi

Oregon based CBD company Koi is selling their line of Delta-8 THC flower under the “High Hopes” moniker. Offering four strains and the most detailed lab results on this list, only its lack of flavor and effects – slightly less potent than its predecessors – leave Koi falling short of the top three.

The Good

  • Best lab results
  • Pleasant aroma 
  • Clear-Cut effects

The Bad

  • Dry Bud 
  • Lacking flavor


  • Effects felt: Calming, pain relief, drowsiness
  • Good for: End of night use, winding down stress
  • Bad for: Those looking for an early day smoke


It was tough not putting Koi in the top three, I really respect the COA they provide especially considering so many are lacking it in the Delta-8 flower world. But between the dry buds and inferior flavor, it felt wrong putting Koi above Botany Farms. Despite its lack of flavor, Koi does a great job producing a cinnamon-esque aroma with equally charming effects. 

Like all the Delta-8 flower on this list, if it wasn’t sent in the form of pre-rolls it was put into a 1 ¼ Raw Cone and smoked. The dry buds led to a joint that burned quicker than its counterparts. I find hemp tends to burn slowly but that wasn’t the case with Koi. Even though the joint went quick, it still supplied lasting effects that helped me get deeper and deeper into each stretch, a common activity of mine after smoking. The high started energetic but within an hour I was yawning and craving sleep, Koi helped put me out and keep me there. It was a great sleep aid. 

High Hopes is a mid-range priced product at $29.99 an eighth. For those looking to know exactly what they’re smoking, this is the company with the best lab results for Delta-8 THC flower. If that isn’t a concern of yours, there’s equally impressive flower out there for cheaper. Plain Jane would be my recommendation over Koi.

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, and pesticides – not tested for solvents, see the COA.

#5. Delta Extrax Sour Diesel Sativa Delta-8 Flower

Available for $26.99 from Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax (formerly called Delta Effex) is a no frills Delta-8 company with a flower that falls short in multiple categories. Saving grace is found in the perky effects but ultimately this experience is shrouded in mediocrity. The nasty looking buds and complete lack of test results mix together to form hesitation in recommending this product.

The Good

  • Smoothe smoking delta-8 flower
  • Vibrant effects 
  • Won’t cause a energy crash

The Bad

  • Nasty looking buds 
  • Useless COA


  • Effects felt: Boosted energy, brought me from tired to wired
  • Good for: Getting through the day, fighting off stress
  • Bad for: Those wanting quality delta-8 buds


Delta Extrax Sour Diesel Delta-8 flower is one of those rare products that pulls off positive effects but almost nothing else. The packaging, like all Delta Extrax products, shows a clear disregard for trying to establish professionalism upfront. I’ve tested their Delta-8 cartridges, edibles, and now flower, all appear to be packaged in the cheapest way possible. If you don’t want to judge a book by its cover, that’s fine. Open the bag and you’ll be equally disturbed. 

The nugs of Delta-8 THC flower are hard to describe in any way other than nasty. It’s very clear that the distillate is sprayed on. Whoever sprayed these particular flowers seemed to do so heavily, unevenly and carelessly. The entire nug has taken on a color of its own. It looks like something Santa would put in the stocking of a naughty child. Maybe Delta Extrax doesn’t list any of the lab results because it’s just a piece of coal, who knows? 

It’s listed as a sativa and the effects match that description. It offers a quick boost in energy and doesn’t come with any crash. But seeing as there’s no real paperwork on this flower and that the physical appearance looks like a cigarette smoker’s lungs in an anti-smoking commercial, I do not recommend it. The $26.99 price tag warrants a higher quality bud with accompanying COAs.

Lab Result

Tested for potency – not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents, see the COA.

#6. Elon by E1011 Labs with Ari53 Delta-8 Stems

Available for $14.99 from E1011 Labs

Multiple names and fancy technology aren’t enough to save this company from a product that quite frankly was the weakest Delta-8 flower tested. For those looking for a Delta-8 flower vaporizer option, here you go. I’m sorry it’s not better.

The Good

  • Interesting technology 
  • Delicious taste

The Bad

  • Weakest effects 
  • Stems require purchase of matching vaporizer ($79.99)


  • Effects felt: Minimal Buzz, nothing more
  • Good for: Newer smokers, fans of vaporizers
  • Bad for: High tolerance smokers, noticeable effects


E1011 Labs has created a device called Elon which you can smoke their Ari53 Delta-8 flower stems with. That’s all pretty confusing, especially since Ari53 and E1011 look like names Elon Musk would give his children. But basically what you have is a non-combustion dry herb vaporizer and its matching flower stems filled with their Delta-8 hemp. The vaporizer is a shiny metallic stick that you twist the flower stems down into, once inserted it starts the device and then burns for three and a half minutes. The flavor is incredible, it’s like a warm seasonal beverage, the hot toddy of Delta-8. Once the flavor passes, that’s where the positive experience fades. 

Saying there were minimal effects may be too kind a stretch, this was the only product where I found it hard to tell if anything was experienced. The device itself costs $79.99 and the 5g pack of Delta-8 THC flower stems is $24.99. Unless you’re purposely looking to vape, there’s no reason to experiment with this particular brand for that steep an investment. Maybe in the future their flower will improve but for now they still have some kinks to work out. Factor in a COA that’s missing any real testing and you have a company worth avoiding for the time being.

Lab Result

Tested for potency – not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents, see the COA.

#7. Secret Nature “Elysian” CBG + Delta-8 Flower

Available for $25 from Secret Nature

Secret Nature secures last place with a Delta-8 THC flower that’s visually unappealing, grinds up dry, and is listed as a sativa but causes legit lethargic reactions. The company also sent two of their Indica pre-rolls and after sampling those I still felt comfortable placing Secret Nature in the bottom spot.

The Good

  • Sweet vanilla flavor
  • Organically-grown flower

The Bad

  • Unattractive, dry buds 
  • Caused severe lethargy


  • Effects felt: Lethargic, needed to take a nap
  • Good for: Bedtime, sleeping issues
  • Bad for: Outdoor activities, all-day smoking


Elysian is the name Secret Nature uses for their Delta-8 THC flower line. The word elysian means a blissful state but smoking this strain doesn’t seem to bestow much bliss. Basic packaging gives way to dry hemp buds that grind up even drier. The one bright spot of this product is the flavor; powerful vanilla hints help make this one of the sweetest joints smoked. 

Outside of the flavor I don’t have many more positive things to say. There’s clearly better choices. This flower is listed as a sativa but almost immediately forced a nap upon me. I can’t stress enough the rarity of naps in my life. These weren’t positive effects, I felt as if the energy had been sucked out of me. And, like so many others, Secret Nature fails to provide real testing for their Delta-8 THC flower. At $25 for an eighth they’re competitively priced but unless this is given to you as a gift, try to buy from one of the higher ranking companies.

Lab Result

Tested for potency – not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents, see the COA.

Delta-8 flower brands we considered, but not tested:

Here is a list of companies we considered but ultimately didn’t have the opportunity to test.

Being on this list isn’t a slight to any of their products, mostly it means we weren’t able to procure Delta-8 THC flower from them in time for a review. Sometimes we settle on the group we have and start there as not to overwhelm the reader. Don’t be surprised to see products from the below companies tested in the near future.

Kali Bloom

Competitively priced and offering a wide variety of strains, Kali Bloom is an alluring Delta-8 company. We requested samples but unfortunately didn’t receive any, if that changes we can always add them to the reviews. 

Lady Jays

Lady Jays is a female owned and operated CBD company with a beautiful website and premium looking products. Their Delta-8 THC pre-roll packs look like pieces of art, this is a company that understands presentation. 

Fern Valley Farms

A family owned business with a transparent backstory, Fern Valley Farms seems like a trustworthy companion in a sea of snake oil salesmen. They offer a wide selection of Delta-8 THC and CBD products. 

Delta Vera

Delta Vera is a company with multiple High Times Hemp Cup awards. Though their gummy bears are their prized item, flower is also available. 


Based in Georgia, ATLRx is a company that says they pride themselves on transparency yet don’t list all the test results for their flower. Positive reviews and an interesting selection that includes Delta-8 caramels are enough to consider this company for the future. 

Mr. Hemp Flower

Worth considering for their varying option alone, Mr. Hemp Flower is the first brand I’ve seen to sell Delta-8 peanut brittle and honey sticks. Not to mention they have vegan gummies and a Stormy Daniels pre-roll. 

Franny’s Farmacy

A female owned North Carolina hemp company, Franny’s Farmacy is worth looking up for their origin story alone. Their small batch production helps guarantee superior results. 

Pinnacle Hemp

Founded by a father trying to help his daughter with epilepsy, Pinnacle Hemp was created from good intentions and functions as a company with the same goal. Flower, concentrates, edibles and pet products are available on their website. 

Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow is a company started by a team of PHD’s, we know that because it’s listed pretty early on their website. PHD’s have a way of quickly telling you that they have a PHD. I feel like the years of blindly trusting doctors have passed but nonetheless their products look tasty, affordable and reputable.

Other delta-8 flower brands that we considered:

  • Organic CBD Nugs
  • CannaBuddy
  • Bloomble
  • Industrial Hemp Farms
  • Apotheca
  • Bearly Legal
  • Chill Plus
  • Pure Hemp Farms
  • Kanna
  • Elyxr
  • Lifted Made
  • Boston Hempire
  • Alien Carts
  • Tillmans Tranquils
  • Soulflower
  • Exhale
  • Hi On Nature
  • 8 Delta 8
  • BudPop
  • Blue Moon Hemp
  • Vida Optima
  • Ounce of Hope

Why trust us

I am an active cannabis user who has utilized the plant to run off 180 pounds. For the better part of three months I have been testing a wide variety of popular Delta-8 THC products. This includes edibles, cartridges, flower, pre-rolls and soon-to-be tinctures. I have written many best of lists for Delta-8 products on CBD Oracle as well as doing product reviews.

Who can benefit from delta-8 THC flower?

Delta-8 THC flower is for anybody looking to see if they can be getting a more enjoyable experience out of their cannabis use. Some people smoke weed, get paranoid and kiss the plant goodbye forever. Delta-8 THC users seem to report far less paranoia, this could help bring back some of the consumers who gave up on cannabis prior to a lighter version being available.

How we picked and tested the best delta-8 THC flower?

Over 38 companies were considered in the early stages of piecing together this list. After narrowing the list down to 10, each company was contacted for products. Seven companies sent items to be reviewed. 

For two weeks I tested, took notes and did research for each Delta-8 THC flower. To make sure each test was done fairly and in equal settings, all joints smoked were in 1 ¼ Raw Cones. Full joints were smoked each time as I have a higher tolerance. The only exception would be the Elon dry herb vaporizer which obviously could not be put into a cone. My physical setting was also the same for each test, all were done on a full stomach to assure an even playing field. 

The rankings for this particular list focused on finish, flavor, feeling, quality and value. The finish most simply means how the product packaging looks. The flavor is how the bud tasted and smoked. The feeling relates directly to the effects felt. Quality deals with COA’s and testing. Value focuses on the cost of the product.

What is delta-8 THC flower?

Delta-8 THC flower, in most basic terms, is hemp. Delta-8 THC is found naturally in hemp flower but at such small quantities that companies need to infuse hemp CBD flower with Delta-8 distillates.

This infusion process is how you get Delta-8 THC flower. Some spray it on, some use Delta-8 kief and roll it on, etc. CBD and Marijuana flowers can be grown completely naturally whereas the Delta-8 flower is a man-made process.

Does delta-8 flower get you high?

Much like its Delta-9 THC counterparts, Delta-8 THC is also a psychoactive cannabinoid. So yes, Delta-8 flower can get you high. However, it’s usually considered to be about half as potent as a regular THC flower.

This subdued potency tends to sever ties with the usual anxiety, paranoia, and confusion some feel while smoking THC. You seem to get all the positives of cannabis use without any of the negatives.

What to look for (or avoid) when buying delta-8 flower?

When buying Delta-8 THC flower you’re going to want to look for a company that has reputable lab tests and results for all their strains.

Since the Delta-8 flower is a flower that needs infusing, you want to make sure the distillate doesn’t contain any heavy metals or toxins. Companies that offer insight into their infusing process should stand out as solid choices.

For example, Botany Farms details on their website how they freeze the distillate to create a fine powder for infusing. This type of method will yield a better, more cleaner flower than those who unevenly spray it on.

What are popular delta-8 THC strains?

The popular Delta-8 strains are going to be whatever the most popular hemp strains are seeing as hemp flower is the base of all Delta-8 THC flower. This means you’ll see your fair share of Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce, Bubba Kush, Hawaiian Haze, etc.

How much does delta-8 THC flower cost on average?

Most companies sell varying amounts of Delta-8 flower but an eighth seems to be everyone’s most basic option. Delta-8 THC flower, per eighth, costs an average of around $29.

Reviewing the best delta-8 flower; Final thoughts

Reviewing the best Delta-8 THC flower led me to realize that, though edibles may produce a more potent high, smoking a Delta-8 joint is the fastest way to feel this minor cannabinoid’s effects.

When choosing carefully, one can end up with a product that perfectly rivals, and in some cases exceeds, regular cannabis. This meticulous selection is required though, many companies continue to drop the ball on transparent testing. Consumers in the Delta-8 landscape must always be mindful of this.

Disclaimer: I, the reviewer, am simply sent these products and then told to compile lists. I do not select, contact or work for any of these companies. Reviews are done truthfully and with the consumer in mind completely. There is no financial compensation on my end for any positive review, I get paid to tell the truth. Oracle’s testing and recommendations of the best delta-8 flower and pre-rolls were done independently by Dan LaMorte. While Oracle receives an affiliate commission for sales made through some, not all, of the companies reviewed and listed, the recommendations remain entirely unbiased.