Who We Are

CBD Oracle acts as your second sight, and guides you through the vast CBD landscape. We’ll introduce you to the best products, life hacks, real stories, qualified minds and cultural features. 

We’re here to help. And we’ll always give you the truth.

Our Mission

You have cannabinoid receptors in nerves across your brain and body. Your body naturally absorbs cannabis compounds, particularly CBD (Cannabidiol).

What CBD is, where it comes from, how it’s made or which CBD works best for you will depend on a multitude of factors. CBD Oracle takes the complex and makes it simple. Providing an easy answer to difficult questions.

At Oracle, we have decades of cannabis experience, as well as strong scientific knowledge and deep understanding of market trends.

As we advance in our civilization, there’s more of a desire for people just wanting a less toxic, more benign way to relax. Life can be tough and sometimes there’s no avoiding an aid to ease the burden.

We believe, mother nature provides the solution. That’s why it grows from the ground – and why you have the bodily systems ready to receive it. There is arguably a crisis in this country and in this world with substance-reliance. Cannabis-derived oils (in all their forms) are a truly holistic approach to health.

Cannabis has been used medicinally since 6-8th century B.C. with Hemp specifically boasting use as far back as 8000 B.C. While marijuana has been historically controversial, there’s a wide spectrum of 21st century scientific & medical research advocating for the efficacy of CBD.

Learn what CBD is, why it works, how it could help you, and which product is worth your dollars. Come on a journey with us, and we’ll take you from start to finish.