About CBD Oracle

CBD Oracle is a consumer research company working to improve the safety and transparency of cannabis products, producing in-depth research pieces on cannabis and cannabinoids, along with analysis of social and legal issues.

CBD Oracle acts as your second sight, and guides you through the vast cannabis landscape. We’ll introduce you to the best products, life hacks, real stories, qualified minds and cultural features. We’re here to help. And we’ll always give you the truth.

The War on Drugs has Failed – and Destroyed Lives

It’s time for a new approach, and we’re trying to lead the way with truth on paper. Since the early 1970’s, the United States Government (and many round the world) have wreaked havoc among poor and especially ethnic minority communities. Arresting people for just carrying or smoking an ancient plant is not just reprehensible to us, but completely counter-productive to support a safer (and richer) society. It’s changing, and all of us must play a part in securing that change.

We’re Passionate About Healing & Helping

You’re a human being, and our job is to help you navigate the CBD industry. If you’re a consumer, we’re a walkthrough for CBD purchasing, offering personalized guidance and practical advice. Our reviews are written for you.

If you’re a professional in the marijuana industry or media, we’re a guide into the deep dives on historical and cutting-edge cannabis research.

If you’re someone who is searching for a holistic healing solution, we’re offering bitesize insight into some of the most in-depth chemistry, biology and medical studies to help inform a solid decision.

Ultimately, we are a passionate group dedicated to the collective healing, growth, and self-improvement fostered by cannabis, and we believe bringing science together with culture and product support is the best way to introduce people to a miracle plant. 

We’re Experts – Plus Half a Century of Cannabis Experience

The CBD Oracle crew’s a small group of impassioned experts that live and breathe all things cannabis. Because algorithms can’t eat CBD gummies and describe the taste + feeling combo (yet).

Half a century of cannabis industry experience, as well as academic backgrounds in science, behavior and technology, we find the scientifically-sound papers, people, and interviews – and deliver them to you. Written by experts who love the beauty of cannabis and its capability of healing.

Why CBD? Why Oracle?

You have cannabinoid receptors in nerves across your brain and body. Your body naturally absorbs cannabis compounds, particularly CBD (Cannabidiol).

What CBD is, where it comes from, how it’s made or which CBD works best for you will depend on a multitude of factors. CBD Oracle takes the complex and makes it simple. Providing an easy answer to difficult questions.

As we advance in our civilization, there’s more of a desire for people just wanting a less toxic, more benign way to relax. Life can be tough and sometimes there’s no avoiding an aid to ease the burden.

We believe, mother nature provides the solution. That’s why it grows from the ground – and why you have the bodily systems ready to receive it. There is arguably a crisis in this country and in this world with substance-reliance. Cannabis-derived oils (in all their forms) are a truly holistic approach to health.

Cannabis has been used medicinally since 6-8th century B.C. with Hemp specifically boasting use as far back as 8000 B.C. While marijuana has been historically controversial, there’s a wide spectrum of 21st century scientific & medical research advocating for the efficacy of CBD.

Learn what CBD is, why it works, how it could help you, and which product is worth your dollars. Come on a journey with us, and we’ll take you from start to finish. 

Owning Your Own Health & Wellbeing

Whether it was a child finally settling down after an epileptic fit, or a young adult with chronic social anxiety being able to relax outside their comfort zone – we’ve seen Cannabis and more specifically CBD, do wonderful things. Perhaps the most accessible and affordable solution available from organic sources, away from pharmaceuticals at the squeeze of a dropper.

Elements of the pharmaceutical industry are as much to blame as the government over the past 50 years in excluding cannabis from the public conversation. Unfortunately (and the opioid crisis has made this more apparent) many corporations care about making customers more than cures.

CBD Oracle is interested in one’s physical and mental health. Often the motivation for cannabis-derived products comes from a need for mental relief as much as physical. We have also seen mental health explosions year on year (expedited by pandemic lockdowns) so creating a platform for safe, open and honest discussion on potential solutions (objectively) is our gig. We’re here for the whole you, the whole person — and for your whole life’s journey.

– The CBD Oracle Crew

Our Team

Marc Malone

Editor-in-Chief / Chief Research Officer

Lee Johnson

Senior Editor

Mell Green

Product Expert

Analiese Trimber

Product Expert / Recipe Developer

Brianna Wheeler

Product Expert

Yolanda Machado

Journalist / Product Expert

Dan LaMorte

Product Expert

Elsa Olofsson

Product Research / Photography

Zola Costa

Product Expert

Organizations We Support

CBD Oracle is a member of and actively supports organizations that advocate for cannabis legalization and sensible drug policy reform.

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