The Strongest Delta-8 Vape Cartridges of 2023

This one is for the heavyweights and the high-chasers, sit back and enjoy an overview of the strongest delta-8 cartridges currently being sold.

Vaping a strong delta-8 cartridge
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Delta-8 THC continues to be a popular trend in the cannabis community, and now that it’s been around for a while, people are starting to wonder: what are the strongest delta-8 cartridges? Well, maybe people aren’t wondering that specifically, maybe it’s more along the lines of, “Which delta-8 will actually make me feel stoned?” Either way, this list will undoubtedly supply an answer for your curious mind and hungry lungs. 

These selections are intended for those who don’t mind a potent high. They were chosen with their strength in mind. These are 510-thread cartridges that introduce themselves loudly and after only a few puffs. So, if you’re looking to welcome a new friend, one that’s strong and has your back, throw a dart at this list and you’re bound to hit a good one.

We spent 25 hours testing over 30 popular delta-8 cartridges, ranging from $14.99 to $48, to find the strongest and cleanest options you can legally buy online. (Learn more about our unbiased review process here.)

6 Strongest Delta-8 Cartridges

Here are our picks for the cleanest and strongest delta-8 THC cartridges from the most reputable brands on the market now. Although you can find more potent cartridges at lower price tags in retail stores and gas stations, the quality is often questionable. That’s why we’ve vetted over 100 delta-8 brands to recommend only the most credible and cleanest options. So here are our picks:

Our PickPriceD8 Potency
Harbor City Hemp$35930mg
Delta Extrax$29.99900mg$29.99840mg

1. Binoid Delta-8 THC Cartridge

Strongest delta-8 THC cartridge
Photo: Binoid

Available for $29.99 from Binoid

Binoid, a brand with a name that makes them sound more like a robot and less like a hemp company, is currently making the strongest delta-8 cartridge that you can get online.

Their Guava strain sits at an impressive 99% delta-8 THC mark. Guava is a fruit used often in the making of jellies, which fits because a cartridge this strong will have your brain and body feeling like a spreadable condiment. It’s also shocking that a brand like this, that pulls off a potency like that, charges only $29.99 a cartridge. Sometimes you don’t need to be a billionaire to go to the moon, you just need some Binoid.

Pros & Cons


  • The strongest delta-8 cartridge we’ve tested
  • Competitively priced 
  • Offers 8 strains
  • In-depth lab results for all strains
  • Over 600 positive customer reviews for their D8 carts
  • Extracted from Oregon-grown hemp
  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Customer service was quick to resolve an issue we had with our order


  • Delta-8 content not clearly listed on the site
  • Their hemp is not certified organic
  • Like most companies, plastic is still used in packaging
  • Not available in 9 states
  • One customer reported leaking issues, though in our testing the carts worked fine


  • Strains: Blue Dream, Mango Kush, Grand Daddy Purp, Lemon Haze, Gelato, Strawberry Lemonade, Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookie
  • Delta-8 THC: 99% (some strains are 92%)
  • Delta-9 THC: 0%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Dosage Per Cart: 100
  • Total Content: 1 gram
  • Lab Results: COA
  • Reviews From Other People: +13,000 Customer Reviews, Trustpilot, Knoji, BBB, Youtube

2. 3Chi Delta-8 Cartridge

Potent delta-8 THC cartridge
Photo: CBD Oracle

Available for $29.99 from 3Chi

Often considered one of the most popular delta-8 brands, 3Chi is here to challenge the throne as one the strongest delta-8 cartridges currently available. Though they offer nearly 50 different strains of cartridges, a robust selection to say the least, we’ll focus here on their Cali-O strain.

Lab results show this cartridge tests at a whopping 96% delta-8 THC while also coming back clean from toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. To get that potency and that quality in a cartridge is truly rare. This is one of those one-puff-at-a-time type deals; take it slow, let it hit you, then have some fun. And at $29.99 even your wallet will be smiling as much as your goofy stoned face.

Pros & Cons


  • One of the strongest cartridges with 95% delta-8 concentration plus 5% terpenes
  • Reputable brand with clean lab results for every strain
  • Insanely large selection (48) of strains to choose from
  • Affordable, high quality product
  • No cutting agents used (PG, VG, PEG, Vitamin E, or MCT)
  • Offers both botanical-derived and cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT)
  • Over 1,300 positive customer reviews


  • Very concentrated – can be harsh on the throat for beginners
  • Packaging looks cheap
  • Does not ship to 13 states
  • Some of the flavors (Electra and Lifter in particular) didn’t taste great for us


  • Delta-8 THC: 95%
  • Terpenes: 5%
  • Delta-9 THC: 0%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Total Content: 1 ml
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Tank: Polycarbonate
  • Lab Results: COA

3. Harbor City Hemp Delta-8 Cartridge

Strong delta-8 cartridge for anxiety
Photo: Harbor City Hemp

Available for $35 from Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp, a Florida based brand with a catchy name and a punchy product, finds themselves as an intriguing contender in the fight for the strongest delta-8 cartridge.

Offering both CO₂ extracted and steam distilled cartridges, 16 different strains, and comprehensive lab reports to accompany their products, this is one of those companies that you can feel safe purchasing from. But strength is why you’re here, not strains or paperwork. And strength is something these guys have. Their most potent distillate came back with a 93% delta-8 THC concentration; which means you’re going to be 100% stoned after giving them a try.

Pros & Cons


  • 93% delta-8 concentration with 7% cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Lab-proven potency 
  • 12 Different strains 
  • Clean of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals 
  • Offers options on extraction method


  • Expensive
  • Does not ship to 14 states
  • Not as credible as other brands on this list


  • Delta-8 THC: 95%
  • Delta-9 THC: <0.3%
  • CBD: 0%
  • Mouthpiece: Ceramic
  • Lab Results: COA

4. Delta Extrax Delta-8 Cartridge

Delta-8 THC cartridge with high concentration
Photo: Delta Extrax

Available for $29.99 from Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax is offering a small line of delta-8 THC vape cartridges sitting in the 90-91% range. This is a company with mixed reviews, some people love what they make and some people say to yield caution. As previously stated; this is a potency list, so the fact that they test at 90% is why they’re on here.

Outside of that, their testing doesn’t include reports on pesticides, toxins, or heavy metals. Hence the yielding caution. There are six strains to choose from, they’re relatively inexpensive, and enough people have said they’ve enjoyed the effects. They could be worth testing, but for my money I’m choosing one of the above brands instead.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordability is the top quality
  • Fairly strong effects
  • Smooth vape


  • Incomplete lab results 
  • Small selection of only 6 strains
  • Does not ship to 12 states 
  • Reports of a “NyQuil” type taste

5. Delta-8 Cartridge

Very potent delta-8 THC vape cartridge

Available for $29.99 from is one of the hardest brands to write about because they named themselves after the damn product. Every article about them quickly turns into an Abbott and Costello sketch. Quirky name choice aside, this is one of the most surprising and effective delta-8 cartridges being offered.

Though lab results show testing at 84% Delta-8 THC, I’ve sampled this cartridge on numerous occasions and each time it holds its own, if not exceeds, the higher potency options. Don’t let the numbers fool you, this is a smooth and sweetly strong option. Few cartridges have relaxed me as much as their carts. These carts cost only $29.99, are chock full of cleanly tested ingredients, and will supply you with a deeply euphoric experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Sneaky strong potency
  • 84% delta-8 concentration plus 5% cannabis terpenes
  • Reputable COA’s 
  • Major anxiety relief effects 
  • Smooth tasting
  • Free of any cutting agents (MCT, Vitamin E, PEG, PG, or VG)


  • Cheap looking packaging 
  • Small product selection, only offering 6 strains
  • Does not ship to 11 states

6. MoonWlkr Delta-8 THC Cartridge

Strong delta-8 cartridge with clean ingredients
Photo: MoonWlkr

Available for $39.99 from MoonWlkr

MoonWlkr has easily become one of the most recognizable names in delta-8 – continually pump out superb products with noticeable effects and that starts to happen. Their delta-8 cartridges are no different. The selection is small but the quality is noteworthy. Seven pages of clean lab results accompany each cartridge.

There’s no guessing with MoonWlkr, you know exactly what you’re getting. This is the type of vape where the effects will be quick, they start at the head and disperse evenly throughout the body. The one downside? At $39.99, for an 800mg cartridge, this is a very pricey product considering the same quality of product is available for cheaper.

Pros & Cons


  • 800mg delta-8 potency plus plant-derived terpenes and natural flavors
  • Reputable, big name brand with quality lab results 
  • Fast acting effects within puffs 
  • Vibrant packaging that stands out amongst competitors
  • Mind and body high
  • Clean ingredients, doesn’t use any cutting agents
  • Cartridge made with stainless steel and food-grade silicone


  • Priced way too high
  • Need to add more strains, currently offering only 4
  • Lacks customer reviews on their site, but many positive reviews on sites like Reddit

Who are these max potency delta-8 cartridges for?

Woman carrying delta-8 cartridge and vape pen in pocket
Photo: MoonWlkr

Max Potency doesn’t necessarily mean this is reserved for those with the strongest tolerances.

I’ve found that some of the cleanest products on the market, free of toxins and pesticides, have the highest delta-8 concentrations. It makes sense because with more delta-8 put into a product, the less cutting agents are needed. So when that high percentage of delta-8 THC pops on a lab result you know there’s a smaller chance of tainted ingredients. And with cartridges, you can take one puff and put them down.

So these are products anyone, even beginners, can experiment with. You choose how much you want, when you want it.

What’s the maximum strength offered for delta-8 cartridges?

Woman vaping sativa delta-8 cartridge
Photo: Delta Extrax

The most potent delta-8 cartridge we could find online came in at 99% (990mg) delta-8 THC oil from Binoid. There’s a handful of others that sit in the 90% range, and it’s not rare to see credible brands coming in with 80% (800mg) concentration.

Numbers can sometimes just be numbers though. Cannabis is such a unique experience for so many. There are some 80% cartridges that have hit me harder than 95% cartridges.

What you want to ultimately look for is a clean product that’s been tested, then start sampling these and find which suits you best. Anything above 80% should, if legit, be able to produce notable effects.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the strongest delta-8 THC vape cartridge, Binoid is leading the class with the highest grade of a 99% delta-8 THC oil vape. But with countless companies currently churning out clean, safe, and effective cartridges, this list will provide you with a wide range of choices to explore.

Vaping delta-8 is one of the best ways to not go overboard and take it puff by puff as the day goes on. With all these brands you have the choice to take a few puffs and move about freely, or hunker down, rip a plethora of pulls and melt into your favorite couch. That’s the beauty of a cartridge. You’re the conductor of your own high. And as the conductor, we’ve given you quite a few options to steer, so hopefully this list helps you find your best high.