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Plain Jane CBD gummies, pre-rolls, flower
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Plain Jane is a Medford, Oregon based hemp company specializing in flower, pre rolls, and concentrates. Their mom-and-pop-boutique vibes are a great representation of the implied Oregon Standard, an ethos that prioritizes user experience and quality of product over quick returns. Their products include sticky, sugary flower, a variety of pre rolls and blunts, gummies, oil extracts and a handful of strain specific CBD vape cartridges. 

Plain Jane’s flower is lush and mouthwatering, and across the board, their flower-products all have a high efficacy despite lower cannabinoid percentages. For the price, these prerolls, blunts, hemp cigarettes and buds are, inarguably, a bargain, and the rest of their line is similarly efficient, especially considering the lower price points.

Plain Jane works with a select few Southern Oregon hemp growers to produce various CBD-rich cannabis products. Each of their many cultivars feature dense, fragrant colas, complex terpene profiles, and calculated cannabinoid compositions. Their pre-roll packs are full of even burning, smooth-tasting flower, and their extracts run the gamut from effect-specific gummies, tinctures, even CBD vape juice. Each of Plain Jane's products has the look and feel of a top-shelf dispensary item, despite bearing bargain price tags. And products like CBD moonrocks, CBD terpsolate, and full spectrum hemp cigarettes further set Plain Jane apart from their competitors. Whether users prefer a slick pre-roll pack, a kief dusted sampling of blunts, a flavorless isolate or a simple salve, Plain Jane has a diverse enough selection to meet a broad range of user needs, therapeutically and economically.
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What's Good
High quality flower
Mild sleep support
Mild pain relief
Mood lifting
Strain specific flower
Products for loud and discreet users alike
What's Bad
Abundance of options can be overwhelming
Questionably priced Blac Chyna Collab
Plain Jane

Technical Details

CBD Strength:250-5000mg
THC Content:<0.3%, 0%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum, Broad, Isolate, Whole Flower
Extract Source:Hemp
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Edibles, Flower, Tinctures, Topicals, Concentrates, Vapes
Cannabinoids Offered:CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC
Hemp Origin:Oregon
Certified Organic:Yes
Accepts Crypto Payments:Yes
Promo (15% Off):ORACLE15
Featured In:Delta-8 Carts, CBG Flower
Similar Brands:Extract Labs, Five CBD

Editor’s Pick

  • I’ve had great experiences with all the Plain Jane products, but remain a loyal user of their pre-rolls. These joints are smooth smoking, super fragrant, and offer a mild, responsive efficacy that makes them great for daytime stress management or nighttime sleep support. Their CBG pre-rolls are a particular favorite, taking the line’s trademark responsive mood support and refining it into something decidedly more multifaceted.

Plain Jane Delta-8 THC Gummies

Plain Jane Delta 8 THC gummies

These quickly became a part of my husband’s pre-work routine. His labor job can be incredibly physically taxing, and he found these to be hugely efficient in curbing post shift soreness.

The delta-8 THC gummies are a little soft for me, I prefer a firmer candy, but despite that they scored high marks with my family across the board. They both prevent and relieve physical pain, they gently ease stress, and they offer a sheer suggestion of psychotropia that can make arduous work feel marginally easier, or cushion your mood.

These gummies do, however, bear a striking resemblance to red spice drops, so exercise caution if you keep both these gummies and spice drops in the same room (as we did), spice drops hit pretty hard if your mouth is anticipating soft berry CBD sweetness.

Plain Jane Delta 8 gummies


Plain Jane’s Delta 8 THC Gummies have the look and feel of classic, uncomplicated, rose colored gumdrop discs, and though these confections are dusted with fine sugar, they are balanced by a delicate tartness that lingers on the back of the palette. There is no trace of cannabis flavor. The gummies each contain 25mg of Delta 8 THC, which we found to be hugely efficient in relieving superficial physical pain, supporting restful sleep, and buffering the rougher edges of a bad mood. These gummies deliver both therapeutic relief and a whisper of clear-headed euphoria, and, considering the price (65.99 per 50pc/1250mg bottle), are also a bargain good enough to share with your friends and family.

Delta 8 THC:1250mg (25mg/dose)
Extract Type:Isolated Delta 8 From Hemp
Price: $65.99 ($0.05/mg)
Lab Report:COA

Plain Jane CBG Pre-Rolled Joint

CBG pre-rolls by Plain Jane

I shared these prerolls with my squad, and the opinions were all around positive. For one specific homie who happened to be enduring the painful process of quitting ciggies, these pre rolls ended up being the perfect crutch. The CBG variety in particular, she found, were an awesome way to start the day in lieu of her erstwhile coffee-and-a-smoke sunrise ritual. 

Similarly, I love starting my day with one of Plain Jane’s CBG prerolls. They offer just enough mood lifting, effervescent clarity to make working a breeze and just enough physical euphoria to act as a preventative for the everyday aches and pains I accumulate when bent over my desk for long periods of time.

Plain Jane CBG pre-rolls


Plain Jane CBG prerolls are slim, .5 gram joints that burn smoothly and evenly. These arrive in the mail via 7 pack, and once removed from their packaging have a gassy, slightly botanical perfume; a discreet cultivation of a familiar fragrance. The joints are great for personal use, offering an extra-mild euphoria and a gently fizzy body buzz perfect to either start, or buffer your day. The zippy buzz, however, is best avoided at bedtime. And $18 per pack is a great investment for daily THC smokers looking to diversify the cannabinoid profiles of their stash boxes.

Extract Type:Whole Flower
Net Wt.3.5 grams (0.5g/joint)
Price: $17.99 ($5.10/gram)
Lab Report:COA

Plain Jane CBD Pre-Rolled Joint

Testing Plain Jane CBD pre-rolls

These CBD prerolls are another favorite of my squad, as well as members of my family who I’ve sent packs to. My evangelism for these little joints has inspired me to share them with as many interested cannabis users as I can. Even for dedicated THC smokers, there is considerable value in keeping a pack of these in the stash.

Plain Jane’s hemp CBD joints offer a smooth, easy respite from straight cannabis that can either temper a manic high or soothe a sober mind. And for teetotalers not yet fully convinced contemporary herb is the right choice for them, like your uppity cousins or conservative grandma for example, these prerolls are a great introduction to alternative cannabinoids and their potential for not just therapy, but also an all around better mood.

Plain Jane CBD pre-rolls


Plain Jane’s CBD preroll joints are available in strain specific packs of 7. These joints, for the most part, lack the discreet perfume of the CBG joints, and can potentially be pretty loud, depending on the strain (for the record, Sour Space Candy falls somewhere in between, with just enough stank to feel illicit, but not enough to call straight-edge attention). Expect a smooth even burn, a mild mouthfeel, and grassy exhales reminiscent of top shelf cannabis. The exceptionally low price of these preroll packs, along with the variety of available strains, makes it easy to keep a few on hand, be it for a bit of therapy or a mild mood lift.

Strain:Sour Space Candy
Extract Type:Whole Flower
Net Wt.3.5 grams (0.5g/joint)
Price: $16.99 ($4.80/gram)
Lab Report:COA

Plain Jane Delta-8 CBG Hemp Flower

Plain Jane Delta 8 THC and CBG flower

Plain Jane produces some of the highest quality hemp flower I’ve ever auditioned, so it stands to reason their Delta 8/CBG strain would also deliver complex terps, glistening buds, and ultra-smooth smoke. These buds feel low-key precious to me; in fact, I keep them in the back of the stash box and reserve them for special occasions.

As a daily THC smoker, a strain such as this feels almost too precious for everyday use. The effects are wholly specific to the strain (gently therapeutic, cerebrally stimulating, mood enhancing), but there is also a comforting undertone of psychoactivity that reminds me of my favorite astro-traveling cultivars, without actually launching me into the stratosphere. The parent in me finds these mild-but-notable effects exceedingly attractive.

Delta-8 THC flower with CBG


Plain Jane’s Delta 8/CBG flower packs come in a variety of reasonably priced quantities, from a $7 gram to an $800 pound. The bags are packed with dense, verdant nugs that bear complex, layered terpene profiles reading piney, grassy, peppery and botanical, all in equal measure and with similarly complex exhales. The Delta 8/ CBG strain is uniquely satisfying in comparison to Plain Jane’s many CBD strains. Rather than straightforward therapeutic effects such as sleep support or pain relief, users should expect a mild, ephemeral body buzz built on clarifying cognitive effects, which is to say, this feels like a daytime strain.

Delta 8 THC:8%
Extract Type:Whole Flower
Price: $7 per gram
Lab Report:COA