The Strongest Delta-8 THC Gummies

Sometimes you need an edible that’s just a bit stronger than the rest, this list will show you the most potent delta-8 gummies currently available.

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The strongest delta-8 gummies
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If you’re looking for the strongest delta-8 gummies, look no further. Though legal delta-9 gummies seem to be the new craze sweeping the cannabis marketplace, there are still some seriously potent delta-8 gummies available that are worth exploring.

Brand after brand, gummy after gummy, we have sampled the masses. Though every high is unique and each edible hits every individual differently, I believe we can faithfully guide you to a night you’ll soon forget. These edibles can lead you to the highest of legal highs, leaving you floating on the stoned wings of delta-8 goodness. At this point, you just need to choose which one looks best to you!

10 Strongest Delta-8 Gummies

We’ve spent over four weeks testing and reviewing the most popular delta-8 THC gummies on the market — ranging from 25mg to 300mg delta-8 per serving — to recommend the most potent options you can legally get online. Here are our top picks:

1. Delta Munchies Sour Belts

Strongest delta-8 gummies with 300mg THC per serving
Delta Munchies has the strongest delta-8 edibles on the market with 300mg delta-8 THC per sour belt. Photo: Delta Munchies

Available for $69.99 from Delta Munchies

Max Potency Offered: 300mg delta-8 per belt

Price: $69.99 (10 sour belts)

If you’re looking for high-potency gummies that don’t taste like they’re packed with delta-8 THC extract, Delta Munchies is the brand for you. Delta Munchies offers some of the most delicious infused gummies on the market, as the brand’s edibles are flavorful and don’t have any strange aftertastes or textures. These highly potent Sour Belts are just as mouth-watering as their traditional gummies, only these belts are much, much more potent.

Each Sour Belt contains a whopping 300mg of delta-8 THC. While these gummies may take a minute to kick in (and you do have to spend a pretty penny), you’ll be shocked by the hard-hitting, long-lasting effects that these puckering candies bring. From head to toe, I found myself feeling calm, blissed out, and extremely comfortable. 

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What’s Good

  • Highly potent option at 300mg per belt
  • Great for those with chronic complications or high tolerances
  • Delicious infused edibles; no medicinal or hemp aftertaste
  • Hard-hitting effects that are great for reducing pain and discomfort
  • Promotes euphoria and calmness
  • Effects are long-lasting, up to 8 hours
  • Clean lab results with full safety testing (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Pricey at $79.99 regularly
  • Way too potent for beginners or those with lower tolerances
  • Takes a while for effects to kick in, around 90 minutes 
  • Very few customer reviews online
  • Limited availability
  • Uses artificial flavoring
  • Unable to ship to 11 states

2. Hi On Nature Space Rings Delta-8 Gummies

Strongest delta-8 THC gummies with 250mg per serving
These gummies contain 250mg D8 per gummy which makes them the second strongest option on the market. Photo: Hi On Nature

Available for $58 from Hi On Nature

Max Potency Offered: 250mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $58 (10 gummies)

Hi On Nature is a relative newcomer to the delta-8 marketplace but they’re making their presence known. These Space Rings gummies claim a whopping 250mg delta-8 THC per chew, and their lab results validate that. This is the strongest delta-8 gummy available, and after testing them, I can confirm that.

This gummy has an insanely tasty flavor, similar to a Haribo type-candy, and then completely takes over your body and mind. Just one of these will produce potent effects that rival any strong cannabis edible, I’d highly recommend starting with a quarter of a ring and working your way up. After taking two full rings, I had to put myself to bed within a couple of hours – my head became the pillow and my body the bed. It was the best sleep I’ve had in months. If you’re looking for a wild ride, this is the strongest delta-8 edible you can find.

What’s Good

  • Second strongest delta-8 gummy available at 250mg per gummy
  • Candy-like flavor that’s not bitter 
  • Long lasting, day-long effects 
  • Massive sleep enhancer, best sleep I’ve had in months
  • Child-proof container
  • Clean lab results; fully tested for contaminants (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Dry-mouth is prevalent with this product 
  • Made with Gelatin so not safe for vegans or vegetarians
  • One of the more expensive options on this list
  • Seriously potent, not for beginners

3. Hometown Hero Delta-8 Max Gummies

Most potent delta-8 THC gummies with 100mg per serving
These are some of the best-tasting and most potent D8 edibles we’ve tested. Photo: Hometown Hero

Available for $60 from Hometown Hero

Max Potency Offered: 100mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $60 (10 gummies)

Hometown Hero is the king of all things delta-8. If you want the strongest possible delta-8 gummies, there is not a single option better than Hometown Hero’s Max delta-8 gummies. These grape flavored cubes, looking like fluffy little dice, pack a mean 100mg of delta-8 per gummy. Much like dice, some gambling is involved here. Get ready for a deep body high that slowly creeps up to your head.

This is ideal for couch-locked movie sessions and deeply enhanced sleep. Hometown Hero also features the cleanest lab results, so not only is it the strongest delta-8 gummy on the market, but it’s also the cleanest.

Read our full Hometown Hero review

What’s Good

  • Third-highest potency per gummy
  • Unrivaled flavor, tastiest gummy on the market 
  • Donates portion of each sale to charity 
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Reputable lab results with full-panel tests (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Expensive, $60, but not the most outrageously priced
  • List of ingredients not clearly listed on the website

4. Delta Extrax Empire Collection

Very potent delta-8 gummies for experienced users
The Empire Extrax edibles are highly potent at 100mg delta-8 THC per serving (2,000mg per container). Photo: Delta Extrax

Available for $24.99 from Delta Extrax

Max Potency Offered: 100mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $24.99 (20 gummies)

Delta Extrax offers extremely potent delta-8 THC gummies that are great for those with high tolerances — or for those simply looking to go to a new planet. These D8 gummies come in three delicious flavors: Lemon Lime, Sour Pineapple, and Sour Hibiscus, each one just as delicious as the next.

With 100mg of delta-8 THC in each gummy, you have to keep in mind that these edibles are strong, making them ideal for those with high tolerances and plenty of D8 experience. That being said, just one of these gummies is good for keeping you high throughout the day, while also promoting blissful, euphoric results that the mind will love. At just $24.99 for twenty 100mg gummies, you simply cannot go wrong with Delta Extrax’s potent, juicy edibles.

What’s Good

  • High-potency gummies at 100mg each
  • Three unique, juicy flavors to choose from
  • Produces powerful, long-lasting effects that can keep you high all day long
  • Great for reducing stress and enhancing mood
  • Effective even for the most experienced consumers
  • Very affordable at just $24.99 for 2,000mg

What’s Bad

  • Way too strong for beginner consumers
  • Produces extreme couch-lock effects; not good for productivity
  • Too powerful for morning consumption 
  • COAs don’t test for purity (view COA)

5. TRĒ House Delta-8 Gummies with HHC and THC-O

Delta-8 gummies with HHC and THC-O Acetate for potent effects
These gummies are infused with 20mg delta-8 THC, 10mg HHC, 3mg CBD, and 2mg THC-O per serving to give you potent, full-spectrum effects. Photo: TRĒ House

Available for $34.99 from TRĒ House

Max Potency Offered: 20mg delta-8 per gummy (plus 10mg HHC, 2mg THC-O, 3mg CBD)

Price: $34.99 (20 gummies)

While TRĒ House’s gummies don’t have the highest potency level on this list, the blend of cannabinoids they use makes their gummies some of the strongest delta-8 THC options on the market. TRĒ House’s delta 8 THC gummies contain both HHC and THC-O on top of the D8 blend, giving you added potency like none other. This combination creates extremely potent effects, great for those looking for a unique high and only subtle supportive effects.

The texture of these gummies takes a little bit of getting used to, but the natural Mango flavor is quite palatable. And, thankfully, you won’t have to wait too long for these highly potent gummies to kick in: I experienced effects after about 45 minutes and they left me giggling for hours.

What’s Good

  • Extremely potent (and unique) blend of delta-8 THC, HHC, CBD, and THC-O
  • Great for promoting energizing, euphoric effects
  • Won’t make you feel too sleepy or fatigued 
  • Helpful for those with high tolerances looking to feel super stoned
  • Good for boosting mood and reducing stress levels 
  • Tasty mango flavor

What’s Bad

  • Only one flavor option
  • Strange texture and consistency of gummy
  • Lower amount of delta-8 THC overall (20mg per gummy)
  • May cause psychotropic effects in some consumers
  • Not tested for purity (view COA)

6. Moonwlkr Delta-8 Gummies

Delta-8 THC gummies product with 25mg per serving
Photo: MoonWlkr

Available for $34.99 from Moonwlkr

Max Potency Offered: 25mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $34.99 (40 gummies)

Moonwlkr deserves to sit atop any delta-8 edible list. This Nevada-based hemp company has been churning out potent delta-8 THC gummies with highly transparent and clean lab tests for some time now. This was one of the first brands we ever tested and still remains one of the most potent to this day. Many of their flavors are offered in both 12.5mg and 25mg of delta-8 per gummy and you can pick up a bottle in 25 or 50 counts.

These are the type of gummies that had an experienced smoker like myself drifting away into la-la-land while my poor mother, a novice user, was crawling on the floor after thinking her legs stopped working. This is a wide spectrum of results and one that you’ll have quite a bit of fun exploring.

What’s Good

  • Wide range of 12 tasty flavors
  • “Knock you on your ass” potency 
  • Affordable, large quantity bottles 
  • Clean, fully tested lab results (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Tend to have a bitter aftertaste
  • May not be potent enough for advanced users who need more than 25mg per serving

7. Koi High Hopes Delta-8 THC Gummies

Koi delta-8 THC gummies product
Photo: Koi

Available for $29.99 from Koi

Max Potency Offered: 50mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $29.99 (10 gummies)

High Hopes is a subsidiary brand of the California-based CBD company Koi. Koi uses High Hopes to sell both their delta-8 flower and gummies. The gummies come in a mouthwatering range of five flavors. Each package has 10 gummies at 50mg of delta-8 per gummy, though you can also pick up a 30-count jar with 1,500mg in total for $69.99.

High Hopes sits near the top for their clean lab results as well as their high potency. This is another company you can trust, an important quality in the delta-8 world. I found these gummies to be the most conducive to a Sativa-type high. They were perfect for keeping me going and enjoying the outdoors. Lastly, this is one of the most affordable options.

What’s Good

  • High potency at 50mg delta-8 per gummy
  • Best value option
  • High-energy effects, perfect all-day option 
  • Candy-like flavors
  • Offers 10-count and 30-count jars
  • Trustworthy COA and clean results (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • If you’re looking to be “dude where’s my car” stoned, this may not be the option for you
  • Unable to ship products to AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MS, MT, RI, UT

8. Exhale Delta-8 THC Gummies

High potency delta-8 THC gummies
Photo: Exhale

Available for $99.95 from Exhale

Max Potency Offered: 50mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $99.95 (30 gummies)

Exhale is a California-based company serving up some of the most frequently recommended delta-8 gummies. These chews are vegan, cruelty-free, and utilize full-spectrum delta-8. Their 750mg bottle, the small option, features gummies of 25mg strength. The larger option, a 1,500mg bottle, has gummies coming in at 50mg delta-8 per edible.

When considering strong options, it would be hard not to mention these. They’ve been known to produce deeply euphoric highs and have a plethora of positive reviews. However, Exhale is priced at a premium and given the strong competitors already on this list, it would not be the product we recommend first.

What’s Good

  • Potency near the higher end at 50mg per serving
  • Vegan, organic ingredients 
  • Doesn’t use artificial colors or flavors
  • Comprehensive lab reports with tests for everything you’d like to see (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Overpriced at $99 for 1,500mg — makes its rivals look more appetizing 
  • No single flavor, mixed bottle only
  • Some products don’t have a lab report
  • Unable to ship products to AK, AZ, AR, CO, DE, ID, IA, MS, MT, RI, UT

9. Botany Farms Delta-8 THC Gummies

Botany Farms high potency delta-8 gummies
These premium gummies taste delicious and contain 30mg delta-8 THC plus 2mg delta-9 THC per serving. Photo: Botany Farms

Available for $35 from Botany Farms

Max Potency Offered: 30mg delta-8 per gummy (plus 2mg delta-9)

Price: $35 (15 gummies)

Botany Farms is a company I’d still consider on the boutique side. There’s a certain quality to each of their products that makes you feel like you’re getting in on the ground level of something special. Like knowing a band before they got big. Botany Farms always has unique packaging, distinct flavors, and potent effects. Their delta-8 gummies are no different. A delicious blend of tropical flavors culminates in a fierce high that gives any weed-edible a run for its money.

For the taste, effects, and flavor, these gummies are a steal at $35 a jar. The one negative to note is Botany Farms isn’t always up-to-date on their COAs and lab results. The paperwork for the gummies is hard to find, but the company is good with returning emails and usually relay any missing details in due time. I’ve eaten quite a few jars and have yet to report any adverse effects.

Read our full Botany Farms review

What’s Good

  • A full-body high that mimics a weed edible 
  • A diverse blend of flavors 
  • Professional packaging 
  • Cost-effective option at $35
  • Vegan, gluten-free
  • Contains no high fructose corn syrup
  • Uses natural flavors

What’s Bad

  • Lab results are for potency only, further test results require emailing the company (view COA)
  • Texture can get a little melty, be sure to store these in a cooler environment
  • Not potent enough for advanced users

10. 3Chi Delta-8 THC Gummies

Testing strong delta-8 gummies by 3Chi
Photo: 3Chi

Available for $19.99 from 3Chi

Max Potency Offered: 25mg delta-8 per gummy

Price: $19.99 (16 gummies)

3Chi is founded by a biochemist so you know you’re going to get some finely manufactured goodies. They’re based in Carmel, Indiana and make products as sweet as the name of the town they’re located in. Though their delta-8 gummies are only 25mg per dose, they produce noticeable effects that keep you uplifted throughout the entire day. You won’t be yawning heavily with this gummy, its strength lies in its ability to zap your body with a little extra energy.

The 16 gummies, at 400mg total, will cost you only $19.99 making this an easy candidate for one of the most affordable options. And you can shop easily with these guys, all their products have full testing and detailed lab results.

Read our full 3Chi review

What’s Good

  • Energy-boosting effects to uplift your mood 
  • One of the cheaper gummies on the list 
  • No drastic crash
  • Completely vegan and gluten-free
  • Made from organically-grown hemp
  • Five pages of fully tested lab results (view COA)

What’s Bad

  • Only offers three flavors
  • Packaging feels cheap
  • Not the best customer service

Are ‘Max Potency’ Delta-8 Gummies Strong Enough for Experienced Users?

On this list, we presented a wide range of delta-8 gummies with the highest potencies you can find on the market. At the top you have 300mg and 250mg per dose, this is the type of gummy best suited for frequent smokers in need of deep sleep and strong pain relief. If you use cannabis somewhat frequently you can handle 250mg of delta-8.

Moving down the list we drop into some 25mg gummies that also have deeply euphoric effects; these are options nicely suited for new cannabis users. More experienced users can just take a handful of those gummies and blast off. Delta-8 is a solid product for almost anyone looking to dabble in edibles.

What’s the Maximum Strength Offered for Delta-8 Gummies?

The highest strength we were able to find is Delta Munchie’s Sour Belts at 300mg delta-8 per serving (3000mg per container) and Hi On Nature’s Space Rings at 250mg delta-8 per gummy (2500mg per container).

Finding a gummy of this potency was pretty rare. The majority of delta-8 gummies come in either 50mg or 25mg options, you’ll occasionally see a 20mg, or 10mg added with some other form of THC or CBD, CBN, etc. For a wider range of potency in delta-8 edibles, one would have to look to the likes of cookies, brownies, and drinkable shots…so many goodies to dig into.

Final Thoughts

The strongest delta-8 gummies belong to Delta Munchies, Hi On Nature, and Hometown Hero, but plenty of other options exist if you’re looking to mix-and-match a smorgasbord of brands, flavors, and effects. You’ll find some deeply euphoric 50mg gummies, some shockingly strong 25mg edibles that’ll knock you down and seemingly take your legs out from under you, but then you can also find a nice 25mg delta-8 chew that’ll motivate a workout and make your boss seem bearable for another day.

Delta-8 offers cannabis consumers a wide spectrum of effects, potencies, and flavors. I hope this list points you in a few directions worth exploring, I know my body and mind had fun going there.

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