The Best Delta-8 THC Concentrates for Total Potency and Flavor

After some seriously thorough analyses, we’ve found the top 10 best delta-8 dabs for potency and flavor.

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Finding the right wax, sauce, or live resin can be difficult, especially when trying to buy it online. Buying products like delta-8 dabs online leaves room for a bit of error, as some brands may not be crafting their extracts as well — or as purely — as they should. However, this definitely isn’t the case for all brands, and there are multiple companies out there that are doing delta-8 THC dabs proud. And, through analyses, we wanted to find out who those brands were — and who stood out from the rest.

After trying about 20 different delta-8 brands and paying close attention to elements like purity, transparency, and potency, the company that performed most highly was Binoid. We’ve written about Binoid in the past, and have always found that their products perfectly reflect the quality that the best delta-8 dabs should represent.

Along with Binoid, we also discovered eleven other top-shelf brands that we think you should try out when looking for tasty and potent delta-8 wax dabs.

10 Best Delta-8 Dabs

After extensive research, we’ve narrowed down our top ten picks for the best delta-8 concentrates including wax, distillate, shatter, sauce, and crumble:

Best Overall:Binoid$27.99
Best Consistency:Hi On Nature$30
Best Live Resin:Secret Nature$45
Best Badder:Highly Concentr8ed$29.99
Best Crumble:Delta 8 Pro$15.99
Best Distillate:Zero Point Extraction$11
Best Distillate Syringe:3Chi$29.99
Best Bulk Distillate:Vivimu$6.99
Best Affordable Distillate:Harbor City Hemp$19.99
Best for Cooking:Fern Valley Farms$18

Best Overall: Binoid

Binoid’s delta-8 concentrates were the best we tried: from their flavor to potency and everything in between, these dabs were exactly what every cannabis consumer deserves.

Binoid delta-8 thc wax product for dabbing

Available for $27.99 from Binoid

Binoid is the perfect place to turn when it comes to the best delta-8 dabs. They offer a great selection of high-quality delta-8 dabs, infused with 92% D8-THC, in classic cannabis strains that you’ll absolutely love. The texture of their concentrates makes for easy dabbing without too much of a mess. Plus, as soon as you start inhaling, you’ll be able to pick up on the wax’s strong terpene profile.

At one gram for only $27.99, it’s hard not to love these delta-8 dabs. My only wish was that they’d craft a bigger selection in terms of types of dabs — it would be great to see crumble, budder, or even live resin.

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Dabbable Consistency: Hi On Nature

Hi On Nature’s delta-8 concentrates offer the perfect consistency for easy, successful dabbing without any hassle or fuss.

Delta-8 THC live resin dab

Available for $30 from Hi On Nature

Hi On Nature only offers three different concentrate options, but each strain comes with the perfect consistency for easy dabbing. You don’t have to worry about making a sticky mess or accidentally shattering your wax into a million pieces. Instead, the consistency is nice and viscous, easy to handle, and stays perfectly on practically any type of dab tool.

This dab is made with 75% delta-8 THC and enhanced with 1% THCP and 2% CBN for extra potency and calming effects. 

View COA (full panel) — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Delta-8 Live Resin: Secret Nature

Secret Nature’s delta-8 live resin is pure and potent, offering unique aromas that are best when dabbed before bed.

Delta 8 THC live resin extract with CBD

Available for $45 from Secret Nature

If you’re looking for a good delta-8 live resin to dab, Secret Nature has you covered. Their organically-extracted Delta-8 + CBD live resin is infused with real cannabis terpenes, tastes absolutely delicious, and works wonderfully within dab pens, vaporizers, or your typical dab rig.

The live resin they offer promotes some serious relaxation, making it an ideal product for right before bed. Unfortunately, Secret Nature doesn’t have a huge selection of these live resins and their prices are incredibly high; however, what they do offer shows that they know what top-shelf delta-8 dabs look and act like.

View COA — Tested for potency, not contaminants.

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Best Delta-8 Badder: Highly Concentr8ed

Highly Concentr8ed’s top-shelf delta-8 dabs are not only made perfectly, but they’re also seriously potent.

Delta 8 THC badder for dabbing

Available for $29.99 from Highly Concentr8ed

At $29.99 for 3.5 grams, I was a bit skeptical at first about the quality of Highly Concentr8ed’s full spectrum delta-8 badder. However, immediately, they proved me wrong. This brand uses top-shelf packaging and ingredients, creating a super viscous, incredibly aromatic blend of 51% D8-THC, 12% CBN, and 22% CBD.

The badder itself dabs smoothly and offers great flavors, while the potency was even strong enough for my experienced self. With a price like that, it’s easy to overlook the slightly small product selection and lower D8 percentages. 

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Delta-8 Crumble: Delta 8 Pro

If you’re looking for high-quality, tasty delta-8 crumble, then Delta 8 Pro has some surprises in store for you.

Delta 8 THC crumble product for vaping

Available for $15.99 from Delta 8 Pro

Finding delta-8 crumble is always exciting because not many brands attempt to create it. However, crumble is incredible because of its high terpene content and, subsequently, unique flavor and aroma profiles.

Delta 8 Pro’s delta-8 crumble comes in various strains, each one just as flavorful as the next. Their crumble contains around 30% Delta-8 and 70% CBD and each gram is reasonably priced at $15.99 which is more than worth it. Not to mention, this crumble is some of the easiest to handle on this list: all you need is a regular dab tool.

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Delta-8 Distillate: Zero Point Extraction

Glassy and potent, Zero Point Extraction is made up of a team of expert extractors in the business of providing refined delta-8 distillates from plant to extract.

Delta 8 THC distillate

Starting at $11 from Zero Point Extraction

Zero Point Extraction sources their hemp from local farms to bring consumers a quality distillate without the gimmicks. While they only offer one selection of delta-8 THC distillate, it’s a pure cannabinoid-rich product that gets the job done.

You can expect relief from mental or physical stresses with a touch of psychoactivity that won’t overtake you. Instead of a social event or large gathering, you may find it best to consume while out in nature or on a lazy day at home. Zero Point Extraction has a starting price of only $11 per 5 grams, which is an amazing deal for a kind of cannabis product like this one. 

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Delta-8 Distillate Syringe: 3Chi

3Chi offers premium-grade delta-8 distillate that’s perfect for vaping, dabbing, and even adding to your flower.

3Chi Hemp Delta 8 distillate syringe

Available for $29.99 from 3Chi

Normally, delta-8 distillate isn’t my favorite; however, 3Chi’s changed my mind. This super-potent, ultra-pure delta-8 concentrate is infused with around 95% D8-THC and is perfect for filling vape pens and even dabbing.

The viscous texture is nice and malleable, though the smell of the distillate definitely isn’t ideal: 3Chi themselves describe it as “hay” or “plastic-y,” so take that as you will. However, the amount of distillate you get in this syringe could last quite a long time, making it a great option for those wanting to invest in some top-shelf delta-8 THC dabs.

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

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Best Bulk Distillate: Vivimu

These folks understand your quest for highly concentrated extracts in bulk!

Delta-8 THC distillate jar

Starting at $6.99 from Vivimu

Vivimu provides their customers with a bulk collection of distillates that offer a unique blend of terpenes and cannabinoids, to enhance the high experience for everyone who uses them.

If you’re looking for a wave of relaxation to hit you at the end of the day, these 88% delta-8 THC distillates are for you! Not only can they help with bad sleeping habits, but they will also provide some serious relief to parts of the body you never knew were possible.

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best Affordable Distillate: Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp’s delta-8 distillate is not only high-quality, but it’s quite affordable, as well. 

Delta-8 THC distillate oil for dabbing

Available for $19.99 from Harbor City Hemp

Starting at just $19.99, this 95% pure delta-8 THC distillate is a great option for those just starting out in the world of D8. This product can give consumers a good look into what delta-8 is like on its own, and the distillate itself is incredibly affordable, so the price tag won’t be intimidating.

This distillate does have a bit of a thinner consistency than other concentrates, making it trickier to handle; however, with some time and practice, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

Best to Cook With: Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms offers a top-shelf delta-8 distillate that makes enhancing your meals so much easier.

Organic delta-8 THC distillate syringe

Available for $18 from Fern Valley Farms

While there’s nothing wrong with vaping or dabbing Fern Valley Farm’s 96% distillate, its best use has got to be for cooking and baking. The consistency of this distillate makes for the perfect addition to other oils, especially when baking goodies. The distillate doesn’t have any distinct smell or flavor, so you won’t even notice it’s in your food until about an hour later when the strong effects start to kick in. 

View COA — Clean lab results, fully tested for potency and contaminants.

How We Picked the Best Delta-8 Dabs

Woman testing a delta-8 THC wax product
We extensively researched and analyzed over twenty brands to find the best delta-8 concentrates for the strongest effects. Photo: Delta Extrax

In order to come up with our top ten list of best delta-8 THC dabs, the team had to closely analyze various factors to see which brands met (and hopefully exceeded) our expectations. First, we came up with a list of criteria that would help us decide which brands performed higher than others:

  • Quality – Does the brand have the products’ COAs easily available? Do they test for impurities? What kind of ingredients/extraction processes do they use?
  • Effectiveness – How effective are the concentrates at providing results? Were the therapeutic effects strong? Did it easily get consumers high? Was it better for beginners or experienced consumers? 
  • Flavor – How did the dabs taste? Did they have distinct flavors and aromas, or were they more generic and vague? Was it enjoyable to consume?   
  • Packaging – Are the products packaged well? Does the packaging display all the necessary information? Does it include a QR code to the COA? Is the packaging child-proof? What about eco-friendly?
  • Value – Based on the price, was the product worth it? 
  • Effects – How did the product make consumers feel? Were the effects mild, strong, or too intense? How long did they last? 
  • COAs – Are the brand’s COAs detailed? Do they show that they test for impurities like heavy metals and pesticides, or do they simply state cannabinoid levels?

After we went through all the criteria for these products, it became clear that some simply did not stand up to the rest. We calculated each category on a scale of 1-10, and if the brand didn’t average at least a seven, we didn’t think they were adequate enough to be included in our list. That’s why our top ten products are simply the best of the best delta-8 dabs.

Learn more about the CBD Oracle review methodology.

Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 Wax Dabs

You have questions about delta-8 dabs — we’ve got answers.

What Are Delta-8 Dabs? 

Process of making delta-8 THC extract sauce for dabbing
Photo: Stiiizy

Hemp-derived delta-8 dabs are similar to traditional THC dabs, only they contain high levels of delta-8 THC, and not delta-9 THC. You will still consume them in the same way you would a regular dab: by vaping, dabbing, or even adding some to your flower. However, keep in mind that delta-8 wax dabs aren’t going to be as potent as delta-9 dabs.

You can find delta-8 dabs in various concentrate forms, such as shatter, crumble, and live resin. 

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How to Use Delta-8 Concentrates

Variety of delta-8 products on sale at a local vape store
Photo: John Partipilo/Tennessee Lookout

There are a few different ways you can enjoy delta-8 wax concentrates. Primarily, most consumers prefer to dab their D8 concentrates. Vaporizing concentrates allows for the full flavor profile and potency to be released because of the high temperatures. 

If you have delta-8 distillate, you can choose to add this concentrate into a refillable vape or even directly onto your food or drink for an enhanced experience. You can also drip some of the distillate, or wrap some of the wax, around a pre-roll or enjoy on top of some flower. However, keep in mind that this isn’t the most effective way of enjoying delta-8 dabs.   

How to Dab Delta-8 Distillate

Dabbing delta-8 THC with an electronic dab rig
Photo: Dr. Dabber

To dab delta-8 distillate, you’ll need a dab rig, dab tool, carb cap, and torch (unless you have an e-rig). 

Using your dab tool, you’ll pick up a crumb-sized amount of wax with your dab tool. Then, you’ll heat the nail (or banger) of your dab rig until it is red hot. Let the nail cool down for about 30 seconds or so and then, using the dab tool, place the delta-8 wax directly into the burning hot dab rig as you inhale from the mouthpiece. Swirl the tool around a bit to ensure all the concentrate comes off. 

When you can no longer inhale any more, cover the nail with your carb cap and exhale. You’ve just dabbed your delta-8 wax!

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What Are the Effects of Delta-8 Dabs?

Delta-8 dabs get you high; although, they won’t get you as high as delta-9 dabs. The effects are going to feel very supportive, and most people report experiencing feelings of euphoria and weightlessness. Other consumers find that delta-8 dabs are wonderful for reducing pain and anxiety, as well. 

However, the actual effects of delta-8 dabs will vary from person to person. 

How Much Are Delta-8 Wax Dabs?

Man holding a variety of delta-8 distillate products on the beach
Photo: Delta Alternatives

The price of delta-8 dabs will range depending on where you buy them from. Typically, you can find a gram of delta-8 wax ranging anywhere from $20 to $60; their potency, concentrate type, and purity will influence this. 

What Are the Strongest Delta-8 Dabs?

You can find delta-8 dabs in various potencies depending on what you need. However, the strongest delta-8 dabs tend to be delta-8 distillate dabs from companies such as Binoid, Vivimu, and Hi On Nature. This is because they’re nearly 99% pure delta-8 THC and fully embrace the effects of the cannabinoid.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that some consumers find that other types of dabs are stronger because they include other components like minor cannabinoid and terpenes. For example, live resin has an impressive amount of terpenes that can influence the potency of the product. So, if you prefer full-spectrum blends, sticking to options like live resin may be the most potent for you. 

Where to Buy Delta-8 Concentrates in Bulk?

Bulk delta-8 distillate in a large jar for wholesale
Photo: Fresh Bros

If you’re looking to buy bulk or wholesale delta-8 distillate, check out these companies for the best quality and cleanest dabs on the market: Binoid, Vivimu, and Harbor City Hemp.

Types of Delta-8 Dabs

Pouring delta-8 distillate oil in a large glass jar at a lab
Photo: @bposten

When you go to buy delta-8 dabs, you’ll quickly realize that you don’t just have one type of concentrate to choose from. In fact, you have numerous.

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Down below, we’re breaking down the different types of delta-8 dabs that you may come across. This way, you’ll know exactly what makes each one differ from the next — and which ones are best for you. 


Delta-8 wax product sativa strain
Photo: Hi On Nature

Delta-8 wax is just as it sounds. You can think of cannabis wax as the same texture as beeswax or even honey. The texture is extremely viscous and stretchy, making it slightly difficult to handle without the right tools.

You’ll find delta-8 THC wax in various shades of yellow and brown, and you may even find more translucent waxes. The color of wax doesn’t dictate quality at all: it just illustrates the way the brand curated their wax.

Delta-8 wax will likely have a distinct flavor profile, as it often contains high numbers of terpenes. Though, it is not as pungent as other concentrates. However, it is easily the most popular form, and you won’t have any issue finding delta-8 wax. 


Delta-8 shatter is going to be the most fragile type of concentrate out there. Just as the name suggests, this concentrate shatters upon touching, as it has a glass-like composition. You’ll get your delta-8 THC shatter in a slab form, and it doesn’t look at all like wax or distillate.

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Just like other concentrates, you’ll find shatter in various shades of color. Once again, this doesn’t dictate quality at all. It’s important to note that shatter is going to be incredibly pure and have some of the highest percentages of delta-8 out of all types of concentrates. 

However, because of the strict purification of this concentrate to get its shape, shatter often doesn’t have a high number of terpenes. Thus, shatter will not be as tasty or flavorful as other types of concentrates; but, it will be incredibly potent. 


Delta-8 crumble has a similar texture to brown sugar or even a dirt clod. While the structure is solid, it only takes a bit of pressure for it to break down and crumble in your fingers. This texture can be a bit difficult to work with if you have the wrong tool, but spoon-like dab tools make the job easy.

People love crumble because of its high terpene profile. This makes the concentrate incredibly tasty and aromatic, enhancing the overall delta-8 dab experience. 


Compared to other types of dabs, delta-8 sauce is going to be much more liquid-like. Or, sauce-like, if you may. The texture will remind you of a honey-like sauce, with both the liquid and sticky-like consistency. The oil in these concentrates are a terpene oil, and it provides an incredibly tasty profile for consumers. 

For those who enjoy full-spectrum concentrates and full-bodied effects, delta-8 sauce can be a great option. However, sauce is a bit harder to come by, and it will likely cost a bit more than other options like wax or crumble. 


When cannabinoids become so purified, they start to form a crystalline structure. Thus, delta-8 diamonds are a result of this. This type of cannabis concentrate is one of the most pure forms out there — and it’s also one of the most expensive. Crafting these diamonds is no easy task.

Finding delta-8 diamonds may be a bit tricky, simply because of their highly concentrated form. You’ll find them in both clear and yellow shades depending on the curator. 

Live Resin

Live resin is one of the most unique forms of delta-8 concentrates because of how they’re made. Instead of drying and curing the hemp flower they use, manufacturers actually flash-freeze the flower. Keeping it at freezing temperatures helps to preserve the compounds, allowing for a more potent, more pungent cannabis concentrate.

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Once it’s made, live resin has a sort of juicy gem-like consistency. You’ll be able to scoop up actual chunks — or crystals — of delta-8 and place them right into your dab rig. With live resin, always pay attention to the incredible terpene profiles, as this is what makes them stronger and more popular than many other concentrate options. 

Live Rosin 

Not to get it confused with live resin, live rosin is a type of concentrate that professionals create using a solvent-free process. This means that there is no CO2, butane, or alcohol involved in the creation process; instead, it’s typically curated through full-melt bubble hash.

Similar to live resin, the live rosin is “live” because the cannabis flower was never dried or cured; instead, it was flash-frozen to preserve all the best components. 


Also known as butter, badder, or cake badder, delta-8 budder is the softest, most malleable type of dab out there. The constituency of this concentrate is similar to butter or even frosting, making it easy to work with and leaves little to no mess behind. Budder offers a great flavor and scent profile, and the full-spectrum aspect makes the effects more potent for many consumers.

Again, budder comes in many shades, and some may even be softer than others. While it used to be difficult to find high-THC budder, this isn’t the case anymore. Today, you can get your hands on some ultra-potent delta-8 THC budder. 


Finally, we’ve reached the purest form of delta-8 dabs: distillate. Distillate has been highly purified and only contains the isolated cannabinoid; in this case, it would be delta-8 THC. These products will contain anywhere from 80-99% pure delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 distillate may come in yellow shades, or it may be completely clear. You can add the substance into your dab rig, into a refillable vape, or even onto your foods and drinks. The choice is yours; however, always keep in mind the potency of this highly purified concentrate form.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best delta-8 wax dabs can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for — or how to tell high-quality from low. Thankfully, all the brands we’ve listed have demonstrated their quality, purity, and reputation in various ways, giving us the ultimate peace of mind that we can dab their concentrates with ease.

Whenever you’re looking for top-shelf delta-8 dabs, make sure to always consider a company’s values and transparency first. They should be open and honest about how they craft their products and where. They shouldn’t have any issue letting you know all the nitty-gritty details of their quality-control standards. If the product doesn’t align with the high standards we set here, we’d suggest sticking to one of the options on this list to enjoy your delta-8 dabs.

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Editor’s note: We updated this list on September 19, 2023, to remove some of our initial recommendations from Delta Extrax, Bay Smokes, and Fresh Bros, and to include one new product recommendation from Zero Point Extraction.