Best Delta-8 THC Gummies

The best delta-8 gummies we recommend after considering 45 options.

Best delta-8 THC gummies reviewed

After doing a detailed ranking of some of the most popular Delta-8 vape cartridges, I’d yet to feel won over by this newly popular minor cannabinoid.

Now, after testing an assortment of ten in-demand Delta-8 THC gummies, I’ve warmed up to, and even enjoyed, this fascinating stand-out rookie from the cannabis class of the year.

We considered over 45 companies and tested the most popular options. These are the best Delta-8 THC gummies we recommend, ranked in order:

  1. Best Overall: Hometown Hero
  2. Best Value: MoonWlkr
  3. Strongest Potency: Delta Extrax
  4. Best for Mild Effects: Koi
  5. Best for Sleep: Botany Farms
  6. Best for All-Day: Just Delta
  7. Runner-up: Kush Queen
  8. Runner-up: Plain Jane

If you’re not quite sold on Delta-8, here are the most potent CBD alternatives that can rival the high of Delta-8 without the health concerns:

  1. Medterra CBD + THC gummies
  2. Five CBD + THC gummies

Delta-8 THC, or as I like to call it, “I can’t believe it’s not weed,” is a hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoid. Its hemp origin makes it legal in most states though 17 currently have it banned or restricted.

Producing similar effects to marijuana but on a more mild scale, Delta-8 has become a popular alternative for those looking to cut down on their weed consumption and those in states where cannabis is still illegal. Much like marijuana, it is available through a variety of products; edibles, flower, vapes, topicals, etc. For this comprehensive list of rankings and reviews we will be focusing solely on delta-8 THC edible gummies. 

There’s something innocent about Delta-8 gummies at the core; gummy edibles are always reminiscent of childhood candies and the newness of Delta-8 and lack of experience with it gives one a blissful ignorance when messing around with these potent bad boys. However, when the flavor fades and the edible starts hitting, innocence gives way and instead introduces some of its sinister mind-melting friends. 

How we tested and ranked the best delta-8 THC gummies:

Best Delta-8 THC gummies tested and reviewed

Over 45 companies were considered when comprising this list. Of those 45, we knocked it down to 12 for sampling.

Personal research, brand reputation, and the procurement of products all go into deciding which companies ultimately get tested. The ranking system for the gummies includes a focus on flavor (taste and texture), effectiveness, value, packaging and quality.

For quality, a company’s ability to produce a credible Certificate of Analysis (COA) with accurate and detailed testing was the main focus. 

For over two weeks I dedicated time each day to testing one or two of these products. When the effects were manageable, I was able to test multiple gummies a day. When the edible completely sent my ass into a new dimension, singular tests were more prominent.

To make their way to the front of this list a Delta-8 THC gummy had to marry orally pleasing flavors with mentally stimulating effects. That marriage was most successful with Hometown Hero’s Delta-8 Blueberry gummies.

The Best Delta-8 Gummies

#1. Hometown Hero Delta-8 Gummies

The best tasting delta-8 gummies

Available for $30 from Hometown Hero

Move over Batman, move over Superman, there’s a new hero in town… a Hometown Hero. Combining a flavor and texture unlike most other Delta-8 gummies, donating money to veterans with each purchase and supplying a product that sits in the upper echelon of hard-hitting hemp derivatives, Hometown Hero was an easy choice as the lead Delta-8 edible for this list.

The Good

  • Candy-like flavor and texture 
  • Unique standout packaging 
  • Donations made with each purchase 
  • A strong, long-lasting product

The Bad

  • One of the most expensive tested 
  • Though packaging is unique, it is plastic


  • Effects felt: Calm, productive, relaxed
  • Good for: Sleep enhancement, anxiety, focus
  • Bad for: Early morning use

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


Sitting atop a best of list isn’t new territory for Hometown Hero, these mouthwatering blueberry gummies also took home second place at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup. The packaging, though plastic, finds a way to stand out by utilizing a beautiful baby blue color palate. The graphics contain one of the most unique Delta-8 logos; a skeleton hand holding a blue eight-sided die. It’s a fun way to tie together Delta-8, the blueberry flavor, and the deadly potency contained in each chew. 

All it takes is one bite of these vegan, gluten-free chews and you quickly realize you’re dealing with a company of the highest quality. The gummy itself qualifies as a candy, a rare feat for a Delta-8 edible. Many Delta-8 brands struggle with flavor. Taste, texture and aftertaste issues seem to plague these products. Hometown Hero must be plague resistant. A quick burst of sour flavor opens the door and the sweetest of blueberry flavors welcomes you upon entering. The initial flavor and clean quality team up to fight off any aftertaste that may have been lurking. This is a chew that is tasty from start to finish. 

This review, like all the others to follow, was done under similar testing conditions. I eat four gummies per review, to match my higher tolerance, and consume them on a full stomach. These blueberry chews were taken at 6:54 in the evening, by 7:18 the effects slowly started to creep in. By 7:38 my anxiety started to noticeably fade into oblivion, I felt motivated and driven while spending the next hour getting work done that I’d procrastinated numerous days prior. By 9 PM the indica effects started to take over and I felt myself drifting off to an early sleep, my bed was calling me home like a lighthouse directing a lost boat. 

Hometown Hero is perfect for those looking to wind down the last few hours of the day with some energy and focus that eventually fades into a sustained and sleep-aiding relaxation. At $30 for 10, 25mg chews, these are certainly one of the higher priced edibles on the list. With that being said, you’re getting what you’re paying for. Not only in the flavors and effects listed above, but Hometown Hero also features the most detailed and trustworthy COA. Five pages of important testing show why this product tastes as clean as it does. Delta-8 is a risky business, spending a few extra bucks for a reliable product is a far better option than rolling the eight-sided die of your health.

Also great:

#2. MoonWLKR Delta-8 Gummies

The best delta-8 gummies for value

Available for $39.99 from MoonWlkr

Second place, and probably offering the most bang for your buck, is MoonWLKR’s Delta-8 Watermelon Zkittlez gummies. Their bottles are the biggest of any reviewed and come with 25, 25mg edibles equaling 625mg of Delta-8 THC. The majority of brands reviewed offered only 10 gummies per pack.

The Good

  • One of the best textures
  • Very potent, rivals a marijuana edible 
  • Initial watermelon flavor is delicious 
  • 25 gummies per bottle

The Bad

  • Strong aftertaste 
  • Plastic packaging


  • Effects felt: Dazed, stoned, tired
  • Good for: End of the night, deep relaxation, mimicking marijuana 
  • Bad for: All day consumption 

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


These days it seems like every billionaire is trying to fly to the moon. I’m happy to tell you that you don’t need a billion dollars to propel yourself through the cosmos, you can simply take a handful of MoonWLKR’s Delta-8 gummies and blast off. These mini pink cubes pack a heavyweight’s punch. 

The initial taste is delicious. The watermelon flavor triggers nostalgia for those who lived through the 90’s, it tastes exactly like the watermelon Fruit Gusher that’s been discontinued for so many years. The first bite sent me straight back to childhood. A rather immediate nasty aftertaste reminded me this was still adulthood. Like a bad one stand, the aftertaste comes quickly and stays a while. But besides that, I don’t have many complaints about MoonWLKR. 

I ingested four of these watermelon gummies on a full stomach at 5:08 PM. Slowly, strong effects started to seep into my subconscious. By 5:50 PM I noticed that I was not only feeling these gummies, but I was feeling them hard. I was on the phone with my girlfriend and could hardly track the conversation, following along started to seem like a task. I told her I felt like I was falling into my couch and had to go. By 6:30 I’d written down in my review notes that the effects were starting to subside and a more relaxed feeling was taking over. At 6:45 I made a note that said, “Nope, starting to feel stoned again.” It was like the gummies hit me a second time. As 8:00 PM rolled around, hours before my usual bedtime, the edibles decided to steer my body towards bed and tuck me in for the night, sending me to the moon of my dreams. 

To share the experience of someone with the complete opposite tolerance of mine, my mother was struggling with sleep and needed something to help. She’s taken marijuana edibles before so I figured 2 of these Delta-8 gummies wouldn’t be a crazy dosage for her. That night, not only was she not able to sleep, she was barely able to communicate. Her high was so high that she was crawling on the floor, debating calling 9-1-1 on herself. 

These are potent gummies and should be treated as such. They’re perfect for the end of the day when you have nothing else to do because if you do have something else to do, it will not be getting done. At $39.99, this bottle of 25 gummies is competitively priced. Very few companies are giving out that many gummies in a bottle. MoonWLKR’s website also provides an easy-to-find and in-depth five-page COA for these edibles. Strong and clean like an all natural bodybuilder, these are some of the strongest delta-8 gummies you’ll find.

#3. Delta Extrax Premium Delta-8 Gummies

The strongest delta-8 gummies

Available for $14.99 from Delta Extrax

Though falling short compared to the flavor and texture of the prior two, Delta Extrax reigned supreme in providing the strongest delta-8 gummies of any tested. These edibles were strong enough to make me question if leaving my house was even a smart idea. Getting someone with such a high tolerance to that level of stoned isn’t easy, so thank you Delta Extrax for the panic.

Note: Delta Extrax delta-8 gummies are currently out of stock, however, they offer a variety of hemp delta-9 gummies that you can pick up instead.

The Good

  • COA’s for all five flavors in the pack 
  • The strongest edible reviewed 
  • Provider of deep relaxation

The Bad

  • Contains gelatin, not vegan or vegetarian friendly 
  • Flavor and texture are both subpar 
  • Aftertaste caused slight mouth numbness


  • Effects felt: More limber with stretches, deeper relaxation, incredibly stoned
  • Good for: Before bed, getting stoned and watching a movie 
  • Bad for: Energy, those seeking a good flavor

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, and pesticides. Not tested for residual solvents, see the COA.


Delta Extrax doesn’t swing for the fences with their packaging, a basic resealable bag you’d see lying on the shelf of a gas station welcomes you to this product. They sent the rainbow pack which contains five flavors; strawberry, mango, green apple, blueberry razz and mystery. The blueberry and mango tasted half-decent, the other three were pretty bad. The gummies themselves have a different texture than all the others, they’re flatter and softer. They tasted a bit like medicine and numbed my mouth briefly like I was sucking on a menthol cough drop or getting a cavity drilled at the dentist’s office. They tasted like they were going to be strong, I was not wrong. 

What they lack in flavor they make up for in potency. I took four of these devilishly flat gummies on a full stomach at 3:17 PM in the afternoon. What a mistake. These gummies, in the long run, had me questioning if leaving my house was even a suitable option. To give a more detailed breakdown, after taking the edibles I got on the floor to stretch. I’m a runner dealing with some injuries and have become obsessed with getting stoned and stretching. By 3:35 PM, less than 20-minutes after taking them, I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into each stretch. I always try to stretch facing the window, and as each minute passed, the sky got bluer and the trees got greener. The swaying became a dance and as I typed that into my notepad I knew I was becoming quite stoned. Dancing trees are always a good way to gauge a high setting in. 

As the high got stronger I kept thinking it would be impossible for anyone to tell this wasn’t an actual weed edible. This was the most stoned I’d been in months. I’m a comedian and had to go do shows, I needed to leave around 5:30 PM, I genuinely contemplated cancelling. Not only was I feeling wrecked by the edible but it was starting to make me sleepy, luckily I got out and started moving before the gummy could glue me to the couch. I felt some variation of stoned the remainder of the night, if my edible dealer gave me something this potent I’d give him a pat on the back. These were no joke.

Delta Extrax sells packs of 10 gummies for $27.98, each gummy has 20mg of Delta-8 for a 200mg total. I’d recommend trying these for the sheer potency, make sure to schedule it appropriately into your day. Much like eating a Taco Bell breakfast, don’t plan on doing anything else after. Delta Extrax also provides COA’s on their website for all five flavors in the pack. Each COA contains full testing for all things such as heavy metals and pesticides, but unfortunately, they don’t test for residual solvents. It was easy to find, easy to read and seems credible. If you can stomach a bitter flavor and get to the other side, these edibles will be waiting for you with open chaotic arms, ready to send your ass into a stoned stupor.

#4. Koi Delta-8 Gummies

The best delta-8 gummies for mild effects

Available for $13.99 from Koi


  • Effects felt: Anxiety relief, improved relaxation, dazed
  • Good for: Late afternoon/end of the day, mild effects 
  • Bad for: High tolerance users

Lab Result

Tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


A close replica to Sour Patch Watermelons, Koi’s Delta-8 THC gummies were some of the tastiest treats sampled. This small pack of six 25mg gummies comes in a basic resealable bag. The artwork and Koi fish design are enough to save it from looking too cheap. On their website you can see the larger pack of 20 comes in a more professional looking tube, but for this delta-8 gummies review I was sent the smaller plastic pouch. 

The initial watermelon taste, perfect for the summer, is delicious and long lasting. A bitter aftertaste is present so the long lasting watermelon flavor is greatly appreciated. Koi provides a product a little more suitable for all day use compared to its predecessors. Though it wasn’t completely ineffective, it failed to standout in a sea of viciously strong delta-8 gummies. These chews are ideal for those looking to avoid completely getting knocked off their ass. I noticed a few hours of anxiety relief, improved relaxation and eventually it all cultivated in feeling perfectly sleepy. 

Koi offers five flavors. The packs of six 25mg gummies cost $13.99 while the 20 count is $39.99. The COA’s of all the gummies check out and offer testing that seems credible, detailed and accurate. It would be hard to recommend Koi when Hometown Hero exists but for a change in flavor and another reputable company, they’re a reliable option.

#5. Botany Farms Delta-8 THC Gummies

The best delta-8 gummies for sleep

Available for $35 from Botany Farms


  • Effects felt: Tiredness, joint and muscle pain relief
  • Good for: Bedtime ritual, avoiding aftertastes, injury relief 
  • Bad for: Operating motor vehicles, these are some sleepy ones

Lab Result

Only tested for potency. Not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


I’ve reviewed these before for an entire brand breakdown of Botany Farms and requested they send another jar of their Delta-8 THC gummies, that’s how much I love them. The tropical rush of each flavor makes me feel like I’m drinking a pina colada on a beach far far away from the loud noises of Astoria, Queens. If it wasn’t for a very cloudy and uncertain path to a COA, Botany Farms would have a contender for the top spot. But alas, Botany wasn’t able to provide a full COA with complete testing by the time of publishing. 

A glass jar with some gothic-esque stickers are enough to give Botany farms a lead in the Delta-8 gummy packaging race. I will say, of all the gummies sampled, these are the ones that appear to be the most wet. They literally look like they’re sweating at all times, like a fat kid in gym class. Aka like a young me in gym class. These sugar coated peach, pineapple and mango cubes are literally crying Delta-8. In my opinion these are the only other gummies that can rival Hometown Hero’s flavor and texture, not to mention they possess the meekest aftertaste of the group. That’s impressive work in a field of samples that often make my mouth feel like it’s swallowed chemicals. 

The effects of these delta-8 THC gummies match the high standards set by the flavors and packaging. Within a half hour my body noticeably started to loosen up thanks to a subtraction in anxiety and aches. I felt so comfortable sitting on my couch that at one point I typed out, “My couch is holding me in the air like a gigantic baseball mitt.” This edible had me feeling ready for bed, however it didn’t wreck me, it slowly relaxed me into a nice daze. After a few hours of enjoying a mellow evening I stumbled into my bedroom and enjoyed one of the best sleeps I’ve had in weeks. 

15 soaking wet gummies come in each glass jar, the gummies contain 30mg of Delta-8 THC each. They cost $35 which is a steal considering Botany’s Delta-8 vape cartridge is $20 more and a hell of a lot less effective. For those struggling with sleep, these Delta-8 gummies are the best option for you. Each time I sampled them, Sleep appeared in my mind like I said its name three times in a mirror. After being contacted, Botany responded with test results for the edibles but they still do not show if they’ve been tested for heavy metals, pesticides or solvents. If Botany can produce a full COA, they’ll have a serious contender for the best Delta-8 gummies on the market.

#6. Just Delta Interstellar Delta-8 Gummies

The best all-day delta-8 gummies

Available for $20 from Just Delta


  • Effects felt: Focused, calm, peaceful 
  • Good for: All day use, physical activities
  • Bad for: Knowing what’s inside your product

Lab Result

Only tested for potency. Not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


This is the part of the list where each product moving forward completely falls apart in the COA department. With that being said, some still offer incredible effects and are worth sharing with consumers. Just Delta’s Interstellar Gummies are prime examples of this, their COA is completely useless but their product stood out in flavor and provided me with one of the most relaxed, enjoyable and peaceful days I’ve had in a long time. 

10 star-shaped delta-8 THC gummies sit in a plastic jar, their physique shaped by their interstellar namesake. Four flavors form this tasty galaxy; tutti frutti, green apple, blue raspberry and strawberry. Each star has a flavor identical to Sour Power Straws, you know those beloved sour straw candies sold at every single Bodega in the country. Now just imagine you could eat those sour straws but first they were dunked in Xanax, because that’s how even-tempered Just Delta made me feel. 

Of all the tests conducted during the day, which was most, this was one of the few that didn’t make me feel like I needed to go to bed earlier than my grandparents. Just Delta provided a smooth high that never dipped too far into an extreme. I took these at 2 PM in the afternoon. Within an hour something happened in my work life that usually would’ve set off a chain reaction of anxiety after a conflict with an employer. Feeling as relaxed as I did, I instead let peaceful heads prevail and avoided any further conflict. Just Delta put me in a better position to handle and kick anxiety’s ass. 

The jar containing 10, 25mg Delta-8 THC gummies costs only $20. For the flavor and effects felt, this is quite a value. When you discover Just Delta has a COA that doesn’t test for any single pesticide, heavy metal or solvent, the value becomes a lot less prominent. Just Delta was contacted to provide further paperwork on their products but as of publishing had yet to return any messages. If you’re looking for a Delta-8 edible that’s suitable for all day use but you’re willing to overlook a missing COA, these could be the gummies for you.

#7. Kush Queen CBD + Delta-8 THC Gummies

Available for $20 from Kush Queen


  • Effects felt: Minor buzz, energetic
  • Good for: With your morning coffee, focus enhancer, work boost
  • Bad for: Sleep enhancement

Lab Result

Only tested for potency. Not tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents, see the COA.


Kush Queen stands out from the rest of the list as they’re the only gummy tested with a 1:1 ratio of CBD to Delta-8 THC. Not focused completely on wrecking your day, Kush Queen aims to provide a chew that is both elevating and chill-inducing. Even the packaging gives off vibes of a lifted effect, the playful light green and pink colors make one feel upbeat and energetic. Though the packaging is a simple resealable plastic sack, the playful watermelon cartoon and easy color scheme help set the branding apart. 

Upon taste, Kush Queen continues to stand out. In this case however, not for the better. The texture of their gummy doesn’t match any of the others. It’s light, fluffy and almost feels like you’re chewing on air. The sour taste comes through first and though I love sour candy, this wasn’t the flavor for me. The secondary flavor burst of watermelon wasn’t enough to win me over and the brief bitter aftertaste convinced me I was correct in judgement. In terms of flavor and texture, these gummies fall short. They are both vegan and gluten-free but I’ve eaten plants that taste better, so it’s no excuse. 

I will say these were the rare Delta-8 gummies that provided me with energy and not lethargy, these qualify as a Sativa and are perfect for those who need a little boost in their day-to-day activities. A pack of 10 gummies will cost you $20, pretty much around the average price. Each gummy contains 10mg of Delta-8 THC and 10mg of CBD. If you’re expecting that classic, generic, stoned-edible feeling, adjust what you’re looking for. This won’t knock your ass out, but it will help keep it moving. The CBD effects overpower the Delta-8, it was the weakest edible of the bunch but it seems to be that way by design. Unfortunately, COA issues prevent Kush Queen from climbing the rankings. Paperwork listed on the site falls short in testing for any of the primary defects one would usually see, even the gummies pictured on the certificate do not match the texture or color of those being sold. When contacted, Kush Queen replied but didn’t have anything available to clear up the issue. We are still waiting on their promise to provide the tests.

See our full Kush Queen review.

#8. Plain Jane Delta-8 THC Gummies

Available for $19.99 from Plain Jane


  • Effects felt: Slight buzz, chill 
  • Good for: Functional effects, all day use
  • Bad for: Higher tolerance users

Lab Result

Tested for potency and pesticides. Not tested for heavy metals and residual solvents, see the COA. Note: the batch date is 01/25/2021 which likely means the lab results are outdated. Also, only one of the flavors is tested.


Plain Jane, when I reviewed the best Delta-8 THC vape cartridges last month, sat atop the list tied for first place. And, though not the worst product tested of all the D8 gummies, here they find themselves simply fading into the average majority, an actual plain jane.

Grape was the flavor of gummy sent to me, Plain Jane also sells a berry and lemon variation. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired, their vape cartridges come in an intricate sliding orange display case whereas the Delta-8 THC gummies come in a plain black resealable bag with a white sticker placed on the backside saying, “Grape.” The texture and flavor are decent but do little to stand out in a very competitive field. I believe the grape could come through stronger and the edible could be a bit firmer. 

This was the only gummy I tested twice, I was so shocked with the lack of potency the first time around that I found myself giving them another chance the following day. When taken at night they did very little to enhance my sleep, if anything I may have had a worse night of sleep. The next morning I took four gummies on an empty stomach to truly test the strength. When doing that I’d say they compare to a very low-dosage marijuana edible, but honestly these gummies fail to stand out in effectiveness as well.

The pack of 10 delta-8 gummies costs $19.99, a pretty average price for a pretty average product. The COA on their website is clearly for the berry flavored gummies, even if the same distillate is used for each flavor, a matching COA should accompany each strain you sell. As far as I’m concerned these grape gummies do not have any COA available. Plain Jane was contacted but did not return any emails. Plain Jane missed the mark completely on this but with enough solid products available on their website, I’m not completely ready to write them off just yet.

See our full Plain Jane review.

Two potent delta-8 alternatives

As Delta-8 soars in popularity, so do consumers’ concerns about what’s actually in their product. For those who aren’t quite sold on Delta-8, we wanted to test some serious CBD alternatives that can match the potency without the health concerns.

Full-spectrum CBD products using 5:1 ratios of CBD to other beneficial hemp compounds can produce something called the entourage effect; that’s when each compound works together with the CBD to provide a more enriched experience.

These products can rival the high of Delta-8 while also providing the body with CBD benefits that Delta-8 doesn’t offer.

Medterra CBD + THC Gummies

Available for $59.99 from Medterra

One of the most popular CBD companies, Medterra provides full-spectrum gummies that give any Delta-8 product a run for its money. These edibles have a 5:1 ratio that includes CBD + THC, CBG, CBC, CBN and CBDV. They’re available in two flavors; citrus and deep sleep berry. Both options come with 30 gummies, each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 2mg of THC. The Deep Sleep flavor adds 3mg of melatonin into the blend as well. 

For this review we tested both citrus and deep sleep berry. Though regular plastic jars house the product, the labeling and logos read like a company that has its shit together. It’s clear, easy to read and provides QR codes for transparent testing and product analysis. Upon first bite you’re transported to chewing on Dots, the childhood gumdrop candy. The flavor is fruity enough to hide the incredibly compounded recipe while being strong enough to outlast any bad aftertaste. Both pass the taste test. 

In terms of effects after consumption, Medterra’s citrus blend is a good all-day CBD + THC supplement. You can expect diminished anxiety, clear focus and very little grogginess. I enjoyed working these gummies into my daily runs, stretching sessions and at any point of the day where I needed a little boost. I felt like these were able to keep me moving with a smile on my face. 

Deep sleep berry was next and, if I may say so, very appropriately named. I tested these gummies on two separate nights, each night taking four gummies an hour prior to going to bed. Not only did these gummies help me fall asleep, but they seemed to help me stay asleep. I often toss and turn but these gummies were like an invisible straight jacket through the night. I woke up each morning in the same position I fell asleep in. Many times after testing products sent to me, they’ll find their way to my closest to never be used again. Medterra Deep Sleep is something I’ll continue to use, then purchase on my own. If sleep is evading your nights, let Medterra help you catch it. The $59.99 price tag is alarming but for a trusted name with real results and clean products it makes sense. You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep. 

See the full Medterra review.

Lab Result

Fully tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents, see the COA.

Five ‘Daily Buzz’ CBD + THC Gummies

CBD + THC gummies

Available for $59.99 from Five CBD

At $59.99 per bottle some may be wary of experimenting with Five but understand that you’re getting a more advanced product for that price. The 5:1 ratio shines in effect and rewards your body for the mind’s decision to buy these gummies. Five’s website features often updated COA’s with in-depth testing and analysis. If you just want the high, stick with Delta-8. If you want the high plus genuine benefits for your body, this is the product for you. And if Five doesn’t start working in some “High Five” slogans or logos, they’re missing out. 

Lab Result

Fully tested for potency, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides, see the COA.


Five is a full-spectrum CBD company literally named after the 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor hemp compounds. Offering tinctures, chocolates, capsules and gummies, Five provided an edible experience that matched or exceeded each Delta-8 THC gummy on the list. Their full-spectrum CBD + THC gummies come with a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC, CBN and CBC. Three variations exist in Five’s gummy repertoire: Original, 25mg of CBD + 1mg THC, Daily Buzz, 50mg of CBD + 5mg THC, and Sleep, 25mg of CBD + 3mg of melatonin. 

To rival the effects of Delta-8 THC we tested the Daily Buzz gummy, Five’s strongest option. Professionalism shows from the start with this company, even with just the box they ship. The outer cardboard box opens to reveal a fully custom interior with Five’s labeling, brand colors and a pill-like bottle nestled comfortably in the center. The bottle gives off a “doctor prescribed” vibe, a remedy for those needing to chill out. The gummies themselves come 30 per bottle and in varying flavors. Each flavor provides a unique taste, though not my favorite tasting gummies, they were far from the worst. This being a heavily compounded CBD + THC edible means there is some aftertaste, but it fades in an acceptable amount of time. 

I took four of these gummies on a full stomach at 2:48pm in the afternoon, by 3:40pm I was feeling fully stoned. The high felt cleaner and more advanced than the Delta-8 products, the added hemp compounds and CBD provide the body with pain relief and dwindling aches while the THC soothed the mind. At no point did I feel a groggy edible crash so the following day I again took four gummies but did so a half hour before an 8-mile run. Not only did my body feel less-tense and more-relaxed during the run, but my recovery seemed to speed up and less inflammation occurred post-run. I have full faith in the benefits of this product, I suffered an ankle injury over two months ago and this is the healthiest it’s felt since. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

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Eighty Six Delta-8 THC Gummies

$19.99 from Eighty Six

Highly recommended and hugely disappointing, Eighty Six wears the crown of the worst tasting, hardest chewing Delta-8 THC edible currently available.

This company sent each of their flavors which seemed nice but by the time I finished sampling each one, was surely more a form of torture than anything. The Citrus Blast flavor reminded me of chewing on a hard boiled egg, the Orange Bang somehow tasted exactly like butterscotch without a single hint of orange and Midnight Melon, their best flavor, tasted like a hotel pool’s water. That’s right, their best tasting flavor still tasted like chlorine. Not to mention the texture is comically bad, it feels like you’re being punished for cursing in school and this is what you have to chew as a consequence. I would stay far away from Eighty Six. Each flavor of gummy has a full lab report but heavy metals are detected in low amounts (<LOQ).

Elyxr Delta-8 THC Gummies

$34.99 from Elyxr

I won’t lie, I pretty much destroyed Elyxr in my review of them when ranking the best Delta-8 cartridges.

They had a product that looked bad and worked worse. Not a good mix. When it came time to start testing all these gummies I was asked if I even want to give Elyxr a chance, I am a man of redemption so I gave the thumbs up. Redemption was had for Elyxr almost immediately, the packaging of their Delta-8 gummies is far more professional than that of their cartridges. The party pack contained five flavors, all of which were tasty. Flavor and texture wise, these gummies are a win. Much like their cartridge, no effects ever came. These were the only Delta-8 THC gummies where not even an inkling of altered state appeared. Elyxr now has COA’s listed on their website with testing for each gummy. Only one flavor of gummy comes with a full COA, the rest are only tested for potency.

Delta-8 gummies considered, but not included:

This is a list of companies that were also considered for the best delta-8 gummies roundup but ultimately were not included. Their lack of inclusion doesn’t necessarily warrant a negative opinion, some of these will be tested down the road while others had prices that were a bit too high. As noted, value is a large contributing factor in these rankings. Delta-8 is flooded with brands claiming they have the best products, getting around to testing each one will take time.


The reigning winner of the Delta-8 cartridge list, D8 was the favorite heading into this testing. Unfortunately the products never arrived and we must wait to test and add them in the future. 

Area 52

Area 52 has one of the coolest websites of any cannabis company currently operating. Their pack of 30 Delta-8 THC gummies costs $59 and is vegan and gluten free. They do not have a flavor listed and for that, I was out. 

CBD Living

CBD Living offers one of the most unique selections of Delta-8 products. On top of your average gummies and cartridges, CBD Living sells Delta-8 shots and lemonades. I look forward to the day I get to wrap my lips around their pink lemonade bottle. 


Another company boasting wide varieties, 3Chi is one of the few places you’ll see with Delta-8 THC cookies and rice crispy treats. They also sell Delta-8 dabs, sauces, gummies, cartridges, vapes and oils. 

Lifted Made

A rapidly growing cannabis company with roots in Wisconsin, Lifted Made has Delta-8 THC products including premium flower, dabs, chocolates, inhalables and gummies. Modern and sleek packaging seems to be a staple of Lifted, we look forward to reviewing them in the near future.


A Scottsdale, Arizona based company, Purekana’s mission statement is all about providing clean and safe hemp. Their CBD selection is incredibly vast and reliable, recently they’ve also entered into the Delta-8 market. As of now they sell four flavors of delta-8 gummies and two tinctures.


A newer company with only four products, Everest’s unusually high prices kept us from reviewing these guys. Their jar of Delta-8 CBD gummies, even with the 30 edibles inside, is an eye-opening $75. 

Finest Labs

Another company with only a handful of products, Finest Labs has a Delta-8 THC tincture, cartridge and gummy pack. Their high prices and lack of variety kept us away for now, we’ll keep an eye on them in the future. 


A North Carolina based hemp company, CannaAid has delicious looking Delta-8 edibles and pre-rolls. Falling on the more expensive side, CannaAid still comes off as a company worth trying one day. 

Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow appears to be making Delta-8 THC edibles out of some of today’s most popular candies. As of now they have sour patch kids, chewy nerd clusters, a nerds rope, sour worms and sour watermelons. 

CBD Farmhouse

A Texas based hemp company, CBD Farmhouse is putting a fun and unique spin on Delta-8 THC. They have edible chocolate Delta-8 moonrocks that I can’t stop staring at. Premium Delta-8 flower, gummies, tinctures, sauces, vapes and pre-rolls are also available.

Hi On Nature

Offering over 11 different Delta-8 THC candy types, Hi On Nature is offering variations of edibles that few other companies have. If the 11 candy options don’t do it for you, they’re also the only company I’ve ever seen sell Delta-8 dried fruit. Hi On Nature seems innovative enough to make a big name for themselves.

Why trust us

For the last two weeks, each day, I took time to test and research each product featured on this list. Every test was conducted the same way; on a full stomach with four gummies being taken. As for my relationship with Delta-8, I’ve smoked it, eaten it and vaped it. I’ve written one “best of” list for Delta-8 cartridges and regularly review CBD and Hemp products for CBD Oracle. I’ve spent time researching safety, COA issues and legality surrounding Delta-8 THC. A lot more goes into each Delta-8 gummies review and ranking besides getting completely stoned, that’s just one fun benefit.

Who is this for?

Delta-8 THC is for the curious cannabis user, someone looking to break away from the monotony of their daily smoking routine. That’s just one person who it can be for. Delta-8, due to its legality, is also perfect for those craving deep edible highs in illegal states. At smaller doses, it can give effects similar to marijuana but more mild. In that case it would be perfect for someone looking for just a little bit of high during the day.

How we picked and tested the best delta-8 THC gummies

Over 45 Delta-8 THC companies were considered and researched in the initial stages of putting this list together. After compiling a spreadsheet and sorting out which companies would be best, we started having each edible shipped to me so the testing could begin. 

As detailed above the testing was done over a two-week period. Four gummies were consumed per test since I do have a higher tolerance. I made sure to have food in my stomach for each review so each gummy started from an equal place.

Ranking each company was determined by a scoring system that factored in flavor, effectiveness, value, packaging and quality. These five pillars are essential to crafting the ideal Delta-8 edible product. Texture was also considered and falls under the flavor category. 


Almost every Delta-8 edible had an aftertaste, the companies with the best flavors were able to mask it more successfully because the original taste was still present and fresh in the mind. Those lacking in flavor seemed to crumble immediately to the encroaching aftertaste.


Effectiveness speaks for itself, if the results aren’t there it doesn’t matter how good an edible tastes or looks. 


Value in a rapidly growing market is essential. An influx of new companies seemingly pop up daily in Delta-8 land. Some of these companies try to cash out on the new trend and charge premiums for products that are no better. We try to find companies that are fairly priced. 


Packaging is always prominent on my ranking sheet. If a product doesn’t look or feel professional, I find myself trusting it less. When a business shows you that time and effort are even put into their packaging, you know that the product you’re about to taste has been crafted with the same responsibility.


Last up is quality, an essential when reviewing Delta-8 gummies. Quality most simply means each company’s success or failure in providing consumers with complete and credible COA’s. A COA is a certificate of analysis, these are test results from a third party lab that look at an edible’s potency and determine if there are heavy metals, solvents or pesticides present.

How do delta-8 THC gummies make you feel? Do they get you high?

Effects of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC gummies differ based on brand and how many you take. Some effects can mimic that of a strong delta-9 THC edible, think back to the first time you ever accidentally ate too much of a weed brownie, that’s what Delta-8 can do.

When taken in smaller doses Delta-8 can provide a manageable high that’s suitable for all-day use. Some of the stronger Delta-8 gummies like Delta Extrax can replicate a prescribed sleeping pill. A pure CBD gummy will give you a buzz at most, Delta-8 will have you questioning how there wasn’t any weed in the gummy. Proceed with caution.

How much delta-9 THC is in delta-8 gummies?

Hemp-derived Delta-8 gummies legally must contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, a recent report by the US Cannabis Council found that some Delta-8 THC products carry more than the legal 0.3% THC limit.

Where can you buy delta-8 THC gummies?

Delta-8 THC gummies are available online in all states where Delta-8 is legal. They can also be found in storefronts such as CBD stores and gas stations. Check out our updated map to find out if Delta-8 is available and legal to buy in your state.

How much do delta-8 gummies cost on average?

The delta-8 gummies tested on average equaled $0.077 per mg of Delta-8 THC (or $38.50 for 500mg). This average is based on prices from the 23 delta-8 gummies listed below. The most expensive option is from Delta Extrax at $0.14 per mg, and the least expensive option is from Industrial Hemp Farms at $0.04 per mg (or lower if you buy in bulk).

Cost breakdown (most expensive to least expensive):

  • Delta Extrax: $0.14/mg – $27.98 for 200mg
  • Everest: $0.125/mg – $75 for 600mg
  • Hometown Hero: $0.12/mg – $30 for 250mg
  • Neurogan: $0.11/mg – $79.95 for 750mg
  • Hi On Nature: $0.10/mg – $24 for 250mg
  • Kush Queen: $0.10/mg – $20 for 200mg
  • Area 52: $0.09/mg – $69 for 750mg
  • D8: $0.08/mg – $39.99 for 500mg
  • Koi: $0.08/mg – $39.99 for 500mg
  • PureKana: $0.08/mg – $40 for 500mg
  • Botany Farms: $0.078/mg – $35 for 450mg
  • 3Chi: $0.075/mg – $29.99 for 400mg
  • Finest Labs: $0.073/mg – $55 for 750mg
  • Elyxr LA: $0.07/mg – $34.99 for 500mg
  • Eighty Six: $0.067/mg – $19.99 for 300mg
  • CBD Living: $0.067/mg – $50 for 750mg
  • Bearly Legal: $0.067/mg – $39.99 for 600mg
  • MoonWlkr: $0.064/mg – $39.99 for 625mg
  • Plain Jane: $0.053/mg – $65.99 for 1250mg
  • Just Delta: $0.045/mg – $45 for 1000mg
  • Chill Plus: $0.043/mg – $54 for 1250mg
  • Mystic Labs: $0.04/mg – $49.99 for 1250mg
  • Industrial Hemp Farms: $0.04/mg – $99.99 for 2500mg

What’s a good dose to start with?

Most of these Delta-8 THC edibles come in around 20-25mg per gummy, that is a good place to start. It’s best to take one gummy and work your way up as you feel out the high.

Will delta-8 THC show up in a drug test?

Yes, Delta-8 can show up in a drug test. The average drug test doesn’t test for differing cannabinoids and due to his closeness in makeup to Delta-9, it can appear on a test.

Final thoughts

Delta-8 THC gummies as a whole felt cleaner and easier on my body than Delta-8 vape cartridges. With that being said it’s still important to check COA information for any product you are about to consume. A lot of people are calling Delta-8 the Wild West and I’m not sure I disagree. Articles seem to be coming out daily about fraudulent tests and lawsuits. If you want to experiment with Delta-8 do your best to stay up to date with where the industry stands on it and seek out reputable companies like Hometown Hero.

For more product recommendations, check out our comparison of the best delta-8 products.

Disclaimer: Oracle’s testing and recommendations of the best delta-8 gummies and edibles were done independently by Dan LaMorte. Products were sent to Dan after CBD Oracle reached out to each company for product samples. Some of the products were purchased directly by Oracle. The reviewer had no personal contact outside of emailed requests for COA’s and lab results. The reviews and rankings are all truthful, honest and not paid for by any delta-8 company. While Oracle receives an affiliate commission for sales made through some, not all, of the delta-8 edibles listed, the recommendations remain entirely unbiased.