Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks

After carefully sifting through ten popular options, here are our recommendations for the best delta-8 moon rocks.

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Named for extraterrestrial features and mind-propelling highs, delta-8 THC moon rocks are the strongest form of smokeable legal hemp. These potent nuggets form when CBD flower is dunked into delta-8 distillate and then rolled in CBD kief. The trifecta packs a mean punch; moon rocks are for consumers looking for legal products with stronger highs. Many cannabis users also enjoy delta-8 moonrocks on top of their regular flower to get the combined entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids. 

When buying delta-8 moon rocks, keep in mind that delta-8 THC doesn’t exist in large enough quantities in the cannabis plant to be a flower of its own. Thus, hemp is dunked in a delta-8 distillate. Knowing where this distillate comes from and how it’s extracted or converted is key in determining good products.

To know that the distillate used in your moon rocks is safe and high quality, look at the lab results to make sure the product you want to buy is tested for contaminants such as pesticides, residual solvents, and toxins. Since you’ll be smoking moon rocks, it’s even more important to make sure the flower is clean and free of any harmful impurities.

Our research: We looked at ten popular brands offering delta-8 moon rocks and narrowed down the best options based on first-hand testing, transparency and integrity of third-party lab results, customer reviews, and comments on cannabis forums. This helped us find what we feel are the best quality delta-8 THC moon rocks you can get online. (See how we test.)

4 Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Here are our picks for the best hemp-derived delta-8 THC moon rocks on the market now:

Best Overall: Hometown Hero Delta-8 THC Moon Rocks

Delta-8 THC moon rocks made with CBD flower
Photo: Hometown Hero

Available for $20 from Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero is a rarity; they supply the best product while also being the most cost-efficient. Known for their deeply potent effects, devotion to veterans through financial donations, and always supplying full lab results for each product, these guys continue to impress product after product.

Their delta-8 moon rocks help supply euphoric feelings that lead to relaxation and diminished anxiety, all while costing only $20 for 4 grams. Ideally, we’d like to see Hometown Hero steer clear of using plastic containers in the future, but outside of that, they’re truly the brightest company delta-8 has to offer.


  • The most competitively priced delta-8 THC moon rock per mg
  • Impressive strength with 800mg of delta-8 per jar 
  • Clean lab results from a DEA-certified lab 
  • Produces sleep enhancing effects but with no next-day hangover
  • Provides a natural, savory aroma with equally mouth-pleasing flavors that border on sweet 
  • Any product can be sent back to Hometown Hero and returned for a gift card, their customer service is frequently touted


  • For a popular company, they still use plastic for most of their packaging 
  • Some customers note the flower is harsh 
  • The gooeyness of the distillate can clog up your grinder 
  • They don’t specify what strain of hemp flower is being used as the moon rock base
  • The jar is sometimes difficult to open

Best Quality Flower: Fern Valley Farms Delta-8 Meteorites

Potent delta-8 moon rocks made from organically grown hemp
Photo: Fern Valley Farms

Available for $23 from Fern Valley Farms

Fern Valley Farms is a family-owned and operated CBD company, producing high quality homegrown flower on their own Oregon-based farm run by a third-generation grower. The familial story, wide selection of strains, and largely popular reviews on Reddit make this brand’s delta-8 moon rocks an easy addition to the list.

Six different strains are available, but the most popular option is their delta-8 meteorites which currently cost $23 for an eighth and contain 53.3% of delta-8 THC. The delta-8 meteorites use Hawaiian Haze CBD flower (Sativa-dominant) as the foundation which is then dipped into a distillate to add 533mg delta-8 to the flower, and rolled in 98mg of CBG kief.

Unfortunately, they only list their lab results for potency and solvents which is more than the majority of moon rocks available test for, but we’d still like to see more in-depth results for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins. Potency-wise, consumers note euphoric effects that aren’t too cerebral, helping heal the body more than it cripples the mind.


  • A little goes a long way, very pronounced effects that have lasting power
  • Strong all-day Sativa-type strain, doesn’t produce grogginess or zonk you out 
  • Six strains of different moon rocks are available
  • All flower used is grown by Fern Valley themselves so you know where your flower is coming from 
  • One of the most affordable options 
  • Over 150 customer reviews and a highly favorable brand on Reddit which is a notoriously judgemental platform


  • They lack full lab testing and only show the reports for solvents which leaves you questioning other possible toxins 
  • Reviews show that the moon rocks can smoke harsh at times 
  • Numerous complaints about the product being delivered “melted” looking, but good customer service is also noted in fixing the issues 
  • Because of the difficulty of shipping their moon rocks, during warmer weather months price rises and they need to ship quicker

Best Strain Selection: Hemp Haus Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Delta-8 THC moon rocks made from indica strain
Photo: Hemp Haus

Available for $29.95 from Hemp Haus

Based in Missouri, Hemp Haus is one of the few brands on this list that also has a brick-and-mortar delta-8 storefront. Boasting six different unique crossbred strains, Hemp Haus is known for having some of the best tasting delta-8 THC moon rocks. Their Northern Lights x Berry Gelato strain features a raspberry flavor that makes you wonder if one is currently sitting in your mouth.

Their range of tastes also comes on a wide spectrum of potency; they have strains with couch-locking effects that greatly enhance sleep, while some of their sativa options will leave you feeling motivated and focused. Their delta-8 moonrocks are made with organic flower, then dipped in a delta-8 distillate, and finished with a roll in powdery kief of CBD and CBG. They are pretty expensive though, 3 grams of delta-8 moon rocks go for $44.95 (currently on sale for $29.95), and also they lack thorough lab reports for safety.


  • Strong effects with over 35% of delta-8
  • Strain selection is diverse in choice, flavor, and potency 
  • Quality flavor that stays true to the strain, fruity flavors feature identical sweetness to their natural counterparts 
  • Prominent effects across a wide range that help you sleep, keep you focused, and drive motivation towards finishing work and projects 
  • No chemical flavor, very smooth smoking moon rock in comparison to others  
  • Majority of customers mention quick shipping for this product 
  • Fast-acting effects after only a few puffs help you conserve the product


  • Their lab reports are incomplete and the way they list them is a bit sloppy 
  • Pricing, when not on sale, is quite expensive compared to the industry standard
  • Using these in a grinder can ruin it, they recommend you cut the moon rock which can be a pain for some picky users 
  • Plastic zipper bags could be swapped out for glass jars

Popular Newcomer: Bay Smokes Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Premium delta-8 THC moon rocks flower
Photo: Bay Smokes

Available for $29.75 from Bay Smokes

Bay Smokes is one of the more socially popular brands in the delta-8 world. You can frequently see celebrities posting their products, and they recently featured a 4/20 line with rapper Tory Lanez and Tommy Chong. This popularity has led to high prices, a two-gram delta-8 moon rock is $35 while their four-gram nug costs $60.

High prices aside, you can expect strong effects from this moon rock but don’t always expect it to look like the picture. There are numerous reviews about a lack of kief on the nug itself. With any new product you can expect flaws, but their immediate success and popularity make them an interesting brand to look out for.


  • Effects set in quickly and last long, expect a mellow buzz that doesn’t completely turn your day upside down 
  • It burns smoothly and evenly, and doesn’t kill your lungs with harsh hits 
  • Combines CBD and CBG kief for an enhanced experience 
  • Pleasant, natural flavors and aroma, no bitter chemical aftertaste 
  • Good all-day option, doesn’t have an overpowering amount of delta-8


  • Kief comes unattached in shipping and doesn’t resemble images 
  • Lab tests for potency only 
  • Most expensive delta-8 THC moon rock available 
  • Not the best quality flower, nugs can be quite hard

How We Picked the Best Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Smoking and testing delta-8 moon rocks product
After analyzing the most popular options currently on the market, we narrowed down the best delta-8 moon rocks you can get right now for the most potent effects. Photo: Hometown Hero

To put together this list of the best delta-8 THC moonrocks, we started by identifying all the companies currently selling delta-8 moon rocks online. We then eliminated any companies that lack trustworthy third-party testing for their moonrocks. The best companies have complete lab results, the worst have no lab results, and most just have potency testing. Through customer reviews across multiple platforms and our own product testing, we then narrowed down the top options that seem trustworthy enough to safely recommend. 

When we’re not able to test a product, we analyze customer reviews on the company’s website as well as cannabis forums and communities. Reddit is often used to find unbiased comments on products, as well as YouTube reviews and other independent websites. These reports help us piece together how a product looks, functions, and feels. Considering this information, plus the safety concerns with lab results, helped us get to the best D8 moon rock options recommended in this list. Learn more about CBD Oracle’s review process.

Guide to Buying Delta-8 Moon Rocks

Close up of what delta-8 moon rocks look like
Delta-8 moon rocks are made from dipping CBD buds in a concentrated delta-8 distillate and rolling them in a powdery kief. Photo: Hometown Hero

What are delta-8 moon rocks?

Delta-8 THC moonrocks are a potent smokeable form of legal hemp made from dipping a nug of CBD flower into a delta-8 distillate, then coating it in a mix of CBD or CBG kief. 

Do delta-8 moon rocks get you high?

Delta-8 hemp moon rocks can certainly get you high. Though each product has its own unique set of effects, it’s common to feel a full-body buzz, enhanced euphoria, heightened focus and clarity, and even stoned cerebral couch-locking vibes with the right strains.

Compared to regular delta-8 THC flower, moon rocks have a bit of extra distillate and the added kief provides a deeper potency. The high will last a bit longer than your regular flower but stands to be harsher and more likely to clog up your grinder. 

How much THC is in delta-8 moon rocks?

Delta-8 hemp moon rock flower close up shot
Delta-8 moon rocks can reach potencies of 90% or higher. Photo: Bay Smokes

The potency of delta-8 moon rocks can range from 30-90% delta-8 THC (300-900mg). The overall potency depends on the concentration of distillate as well as the type of kief used to coat the flower.

Legally, delta-8 must have less than 0.3% THC on a dry-weight basis. This doesn’t mean you’ll pass a drug test though, delta-8 is known to interfere with drug testing. 

How to smoke delta-8 moon rocks? 

Due to their sticky nature, the best and cleanest way to smoke delta-8 moon rocks is to use the sandwich method with a nice-sized bowl. Essentially you’re going to want to put down a base layer of flower, break apart some of your moon rock and sprinkle it in, then top it off with a final layer of flower. This will not only give combined effects, but it helps the heavy amount of gooey wax burn evenly. Even if you prefer to smoke the moon rock alone, a pipe is still your best option. This will most likely clog a joint. 

Where to buy delta-8 moon rocks in bulk? 

Fern Valley Farms is one of your best bulk options on this list offering up to a pound of delta-8 moon rocks. However, there are plenty of other companies that offer 20-pound options. The internet is the ideal place to find delta-8 in bulk.

Final Thoughts

Delta-8 THC moon rocks are one of the strongest ways one can possibly smoke delta-8 THC, but they don’t come without controversy. Their makeup is often debated; hemp flowers being dunked in distillate has led many companies to turn a quick profit with subpar ingredients. Lab reports that often leave more questions than answers plague this specific line of product but through credible research and consumer experience, we can piece together a few noble options.

With the best delta-8 moonrocks options recommended in this list, you’ll have a handful of choices to explore this uniquely potent form of flower. Moon rocks are to weed what seasoning is to food, if you add the right amount, you can transform a common dish into something magnificent.

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