Best Delta-8 Cigarettes

We’ve conducted tests, scoured the internet for reviews and found the best delta-8 cigarettes currently available for the most potent effects.

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to smoke delta-8 THC, or possibly a fun alternative to quitting cigarettes, hemp-derived delta-8 cigarettes are a great option for you.

To find the cigarette that best fits your needs we’ve researched dozens of brands, taken in countless reviews across the internet, and have put together a list of the best delta-8 cigarettes currently being sold.

These cigarettes can produce a wide range of effects such as easing the mind, relaxing the body, strengthening focus, and sometimes even aiding in sleep. They often come in packs and resemble the classic-cigarette look everyone has grown to know. The following brands are the ones we feel have the best delta-8 THC cigarettes (with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC) available now.

4 Best Delta-8 Cigarettes

After researching and testing over 15 popular options, here are our picks for the best hemp-derived delta-8 THC cigarettes with the strongest effects for a beneficial high.

Best Overall: Cookies Delta-8 Hemp Smokes

Hemp cigarettes with 600mg delta-8 THC

Available for $24.99 from Cookies CBD

Cookies, the iconic cannabis brand, recently ventured into delta-8 by releasing three strains of delta-8 hemp cigarettes. All three were instantly met with stellar reviews; consumers noted superior flavors, aromas, potency, and quality of flower.

Presentation-wise, Cookies also looks the part of a high quality product. The packaging and cigarettes are easily the best designed of any on this list. A pack of 10 will run you $24.99, not a bad price considering you’re getting a premier product from a premier company. And at 600 mg of delta-8 THC per pack, go ahead and consider this the strongest option as well.


  • 600mg delta-8 plus 120mg CBD per pack
  • Best tasting strains 
  • Potent, clear-headed high 
  • Classy packaging 
  • Slow burning, smooth smoking


  • Incomplete lab results, only tests for potency 
  • Potent cannabis smell (AKA not good for discretion)
  • Doesn’t ship to 21 states
  • Customer service was slow in responding to us

Best Lab Results: Vance Global Delta-8 Cigarettes

Delta-8 cigarette with CBD

Available for $24.99 from Vance Global

This Wisconsin-based company has been churning out some of the best reviewed delta-8 cigarettes on the market. Coming in packs of 10 and including biodegradable filters, these smokes produce effects known to calm nausea, increase appetite, ease pain relief, and boost mental health. What they lack in fancy and expensive packaging, they make up for in quality flower. No low budget bud in these cigs, it’s all fresh and organic.


  • 500mg delta-8 and 1,000mg CBD per pack
  • Most complete lab results for delta-8 cigarettes 
  • High air flow biodegradable filters that break down in 17 days 
  • Smooth smoking quality 
  • Great for relaxation
  • Uses organic hemp paper


  • Inexpensive packaging can lead to a messy delivery (i.e. bud spilling out of cones) 
  • Burns a little quickly leaving hot ash falling haphazardly 
  • Under legal limit but did test positive for arsenic, lead, yeast, and mold

Best Value: Plain Jane Delta-8 THC Hemp Cigarettes

Tobacco-free delta-8 cigarettes with THC

Available for $19.99 from Plain Jane

Plain Jane is no stranger to producing quality delta-8 products at an affordable price; their gummies, tinctures, flower, and cartridges have all been featured in our lists in the past. These delta-8 THC hemp cigarettes now join their brethren as one of the best delta-8 products in their respective categories. A pack of 20 costs just $19.99 and just one or two of these bad boys is enough to feel some solid effects. You’ll notice a general calming, enhanced euphoria, and a creative buzz with each one. This is the best value option for delta-8 cigarettes.


  • Most affordable option at $19.99 for a 20-pack
  • Pleasant aroma 
  • Potent effects (expect a mild-strong high after 1-2 cigs)
  • Calming and mildly euphoric effects


  • Lacks full lab reports (potency only) 
  • Some users report the paper having an unpleasant taste 
  • The filter can sometimes malfunction 
  • Box comes wrapped in plastic

Most Potent: Exhale Delta-8 Cigarettes

Potent delta-8 CBD cigarettes with 1000mg

Available for $29.95 from Exhale

Los Angeles-based hemp company Exhale Wellness is using their premium Colorado-grown hemp to craft incredibly potent delta-8 cigarettes. Each smoke (8 per pack) contains nearly 80 mg of delta-8 THC, meaning just one carton contains over 640 mg (though their lab results show closer to 1,000 mg). This is the highest amount of delta-8 per carton we could find online. Expect this strong buzz to couple in well with the sativa-heavy Jack Herer strain – it’ll leave you feeling lifted and energetic throughout the entire day. Unfortunately, this is the most costly option. Eight cigarettes will run you $29.95.


  • 640mg delta-8 per pack (80mg per cigarette)
  • Potent effects that lasted for 2-3 hours after smoking just one cig
  • The flavor notes of the Jack Herer strain come through nicely
  • The case is elegant and protects the cigs while carrying them around
  • Filters enhance an already smooth smoke 
  • Naturally grown organic hemp
  • Offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Shipping is free
  • Over 3,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot


  • Most expensive option (
  • Lab tested only for potency 
  • No lower potency options available – some consumers say one smoke was too much for them
  • Doesn’t ship to 11 states
  • Only one strain option available

How We Picked the Best Delta-8 Cigarettes

Testing a pack of delta-8 cigarettes with THC
Many brands didn’t make the cut due to a lack of clean, credible, and transparent lab results. Photo: Timbr Organics

Though delta-8 THC skyrocketed to popularity and continues to shine in the cannabis marketplace, cigarettes are one of the least popular means of consumption. I find edibles, tinctures, cartridges and pre-rolls to dominate most selections. Thus, finding the best delta-8 THC cigarettes first required locating which brands were even selling cigarettes.

After curating this list and researching for reviews across a multitude of platforms, we chose the best options based on the information found through our research – such as reviewing lab reports, and looking through third-party reviews on communities like Reddit – in addition to our own first-hand testing and comparison. While there are a few more brands we would have liked to include, unfortunately, they don’t provide clean, credible, and transparent lab reports and therefore didn’t make the cut.

The selection of products recommended here is completely unbiased, and with no financial incentive for picking any brand over the other. Read more about how we test products.

What to Consider Before Buying Delta-8 Cigarettes

Woman holding delta-8 THC cigarettes
Delta-8 cigarettes do a good job of replicating traditional tobacco cigarettes and offer a relaxing high. Photo: Cookies

Before buying delta-8 THC cigarettes you’re going to want to do a little research. First things first, check the reviews of the company. Use their website, Reddit, outside reviews from independent websites, and even video reviews on YouTube to gauge if this product is worth buying.

You should also check for lab results on each product and if you can’t find them, email the company and ask. Most reputable brands will be happy to send it over.

Delta-8 Cigarettes vs. Delta-8 Pre-Rolls: What’s the Difference?

The difference between delta-8 cigarettes and delta-8 pre-rolls comes in the makeup of the product.

Delta-8 cigarettes do a good job of replicating actual cigarettes; the paper, feeling, and filters tend to mimic that of a pack of Marlboros. Whereas delta-8 pre-rolls will smoke more like a marijuana joint.

Those buying delta-8 cigarettes could be looking for a creative way to quit real cigarettes or might be searching for a slightly less potent means of smoking delta-8. Cigarettes tend to be shorter, and contain less delta-8 THC than a pre-roll.

Do Delta-8 Cigarettes Contain Nicotine?

No, delta-8 cigarettes do not contain nicotine. In fact, they can be a great replacement for tobacco cigarettes.

Do Delta-8 Cigarettes Get You High?

Woman smoking a delta-8 cigarette with THC to get high
Delta-8 cigarettes will get you high, though the effects are milder than a marijuana high. Photo: Shle Berry

Yes, delta-8 cigarettes can get you high, but don’t expect to be nearly as stoned as when consuming delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 THC effects tend to be on the cerebral side creating energetic buzzes and enhanced euphoria. Couch-lock or feeling dazed and confused won’t be common here. You’ll be fine to move throughout your day and interact with others.

How Much Do Delta-8 Cigarettes Cost?

On average, hemp-derived delta-8 THC cigarettes cost $23.50 for a pack of 10 or $2.35 per cigarette. This is based on the average cost of over 20 brands that are currently selling delta-8 cigarettes online. This is just an average, each company tends to differ in price and amount of cigarettes per pack.


Delta-8 cigarettes are an efficient, effective and stylish way to consume delta-8 THC. You can look like a tough greaser in the Outsiders, puffing away on a smoke, without getting any of the harmful effects of tobacco.

If you’re trying to kick smoking tobacco, we found this means of consumption to be a fantastic way to curb the cravings. And, even if you’re not, delta-8 cigarettes are still a nice way to simply gel into public while getting high.

It is important to note that of all the different delta-8 product categories we’ve researched, cigarettes tend to lack lab results the most. This means a large majority of companies have failed to test their products for heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and toxins. Do your research before purchasing any product, it’s good to learn what you’re putting in your body.

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