Best Delta-8 THC Tinctures

After testing nearly a dozen Delta-8 tinctures we have compiled a list of some of our favorites detailing what they’re best for and reviewing each one.

Best delta-8 tinctures tested
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While CBD Oracle may receive a commission for sales made through some of the products listed below, the recommendations are entirely unbiased and based on comprehensive research and testing by our editorial team.

As Delta-8 THC continues to be a controversial rising star in the cannabis world, we continue to test, review and rank the top brands currently operating in the Delta-8 medium.

For this ranking, we’ll be taking a look at the best Delta-8 tinctures and oils while detailing their strengths and weaknesses. 

There are few things more fun than opening a tincture, taking out the dropper, and squeezing some stoned goodness under your tongue. For a brief second, you feel like a doctor with a tincture, there’s something medicinal about glass vials. I feel like I should be wearing a lab coat each time I pinch the dropper. And though I’m no doctor, let’s consider this my case study on Delta-8 tinctures.

Reviewing delta-8 tincture products
We spent over two weeks testing the most popular delta-8 tinctures to find the most effective options. Photo: CBD Oracle

How we independently tested these delta-8 tinctures: We considered more than 25 popular D8 brands currently available and reviewed the top seven Delta-8 oil tinctures. Our reviews are completely unbiased.

Each top pick has been tested by the CBD Oracle editorial team, including myself. This is the fourth Delta-8 ranking I’ve compiled. The first three included delta-8 flower, delta-8 gummies, and delta-8 vape cartridges.

The last year of my life has been filled with Delta-8 product testing, both good and bad, to help compile these lists and reviews. I say that to hopefully give you some confidence in trusting my judgment.

So without further ado, here are the best Delta-8 tinctures being offered right now.

The Best Delta-8 Tinctures We Recommend:

Best Delta-8 THC Tincture Overall

Hometown Hero Delta-8 Tincture 

Best all-around delta-8 tincture

Hometown Hero delta-8 THC tincture berry flavor

Get it for $50 at Hometown Hero

When Hometown Hero is on a list chances are it’s at the top. All of their products are quality through and through. From looks to consumption, there’s a noticeable difference with this company.

Their Delta-8 gummies and flower were our highest ranked in their respective categories and now their Delta-8 berry tincture can boast the same accomplishment. 

This Delta-8 oil tincture has a light fruity taste, like a piece of gum that’s not too strong. It’s sweet enough to mask any bitter flavors from the oil and strong enough to relax both the mind and body.

At $50 for 600mg, it sits near the higher side in pricing, not the most expensive, but with its transparent lab results and potent effects, $50 is more than fair.

What’s Good

  • Donates to veterans with every purchase 
  • Easy to find, reputable, clean lab results 
  • One of the better tasting tinctures 
  • Strong effects 
  • Good packaging presentation, their colors always stand out 
  • High Times Hemp Cup Winner 2021
  • Delta-8 extract derived naturally from the plant, not converted from CBD

What’s Bad

  • Pricing is on the higher side but worth it in my opinion
  • Doesn’t clearly list ingredients on their site

Koi Delta-8 Tincture

Best tasting delta-8 oil

Koi delta-8 THC tincture bottle

Get it for $49.99 at Koi

Koi makes what I’d say is easily the best-tasting Delta-8 tincture.

Not all of these were easy going down but the second Koi’s lime tincture hit my lips I knew it was different. It was like the first time I tasted mashed potatoes, you never forget that moment. This lime flavor tastes identical to yellow Gatorade, I felt like I was going to be sweating colors.

And with the oil’s manageable effects and moderate buzz, it makes this Delta-8 tincture one of the best all-day use options as well. 

The biggest flaw with Koi comes in terms of pricing, at $49.99 for 1000mg this is one of the more expensive Delta-8 tinctures on the list. Offsetting that bad news comes the fact that Koi, on top of having the best flavor, also has the product with the best lab results.

If you’re willing to pay for better quality and flavor, Koi is a solid option.

What’s Good

  • Best tasting tincture with the sweetest flavors 
  • Best lab results 
  • Cleanest quality product 
  • Sleek packaging 
  • Multiple flavor options (many tinctures come unflavored)

What’s Bad

  • Little expensive, could be cheaper 
  • Lowest potency option
  • Effects passed quickly

3Chi Delta-8 Oil Tincture 

Best value delta-8 tincture

3Chi delta-8 tincture oil

Get it for $19.99 at 3Chi

For the best value on this list look no further than 3Chi’s Delta-8 oil tincture.

This 300mg bottle comes in at just $19.99, if you want to up the potency to the 1,200mg option it’ll only cost you $34.99. Paying less doesn’t jeopardize quality either; 3Chi has great lab results and effects that mirror that of a decently strong edible.

It took less than an hour for me to feel 3Chi’s potency making it one of the strongest Delta-8 tinctures we tested. 

The downside to this brand comes in terms of flavor. It has some sweetness but ultimately comes through as a bitter-tasting oil. It tasted like how a cheap weed cartridge smells if that makes sense.

But the potency, price, and prolonged high of this product make it one of the leading candidates on the list.

What’s Good

  • Fast-acting effects, high set in within the hour 
  • Potent tincture, strong like a homemade brownie edible 
  • Anxiety felt subdued 
  • Best value option, can be had for under $20 
  • Reputable lab results

What’s Bad

  • Unattractive packaging, looks a bit bland 
  • Bitter flavor, almost tastes chalky 
  • Had an overall cheap smell and taste to it

Premium Jane CBG + Delta-8 Oil Tincture

Strongest delta-8 tincture

Premium Jane delta-8 tincture with CBG oil

Get it for $55 at Premium Jane

Premium Jane joins the list with the strongest Delta-8 tincture tested thanks to their Candy Watermelon Delta-8 + CBG oil.

This Arizona-based company also has one of the tastiest oils; its flavor is like a watermelon sucking candy that isn’t too sweet or bitter, just right.

But the potency is the clear strong suit of Premium Jane. It sneaks up on you slowly, some of these tinctures had effects that came within the hour, Premium Jane takes quite a few. But when it hits you, it hits you hard. Expect a high rivaling that of a decent edible, this is a great ‘zone-out’ type option. 

Premium Jane does, unfortunately, fall short in a few categories. At $55 they live up to their premium name and fall into the higher end of Delta-8 THC tinctures.

Their lab results are also spotty. One batch is clean, one contains lead, and the other wasn’t fully tested. More consistency will be needed to make them the top option.

What’s Good

  • Strongest tincture tested, this had me “dude where’s my car?” type stoned 
  • Effects are long lasting. I took it at 12:50 in the afternoon and felt most stoned in the 3pm-4pm range. 
  • Tastes like a watermelon sucking candy 
  • Also has CBG in it as an added compound

What’s Bad

  • High price point 
  • Inconsistent lab results. Some are untested, others show unwanted chemicals, one is clean
  • Limited availability in certain states

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta-8 Hemp Oil

Best delta-8 tincture for sleep

Industrial Hemp Farms delta-8 hemp oil

Get it for $35.99 at Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms Delta-8 tincture gave me one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in quite some time. I recently moved to the city and adjusting to the noise has been difficult, with this oil it was like the outside world was silenced.

As of writing this review however, Industrial Hemp Farms is sold out of the tincture and no longer lists it on their site. This makes it difficult to track down an exact lab report and price. However, Industrial Hemp Farms and Plain Jane are the same company. Plain Jane doesn’t list lab results for their tincture so it’s safe to assume this oil may not have one either. Plain Jane sells their tincture for $35.99, Industrial Hemp Farms would sell around the same.

What’s Good

  • Best for sleep enhancement, got in an uninterrupted 8 hours on a noisy night 
  • Affordable option
  • Potent effects that last for hours. I took this at 9:08, didn’t get to bed until midnight, and still felt the effects completely benefited my sleep

What’s Bad

  • Bitter, lengthy aftertaste that lasted well over 5 minutes 
  • Lemon flavor tastes like a cleaning fluid…not that I drink many cleaning fluids 
  • Complete lack of lab results

Plain Jane Delta-8 Oil Tincture 

Best all-day delta-8 tincture

Plain Jane delta-8 oil

Get it for $35.99 at Plain Jane

Plain Jane is a company that often breaks my heart. They make good-tasting products with positive effects at an affordable price, yet time and time again Plain Jane fails to supply proper lab results and testing for their products.

Their Delta-8 oil tincture crosses off all these boxes. Its sweet taste was like a pack of big league chew, those first juicy bites when your mouth is full of fruit flavor.

Its effects were perfect for getting through the entire day. This tincture left me feeling focused, energized and laid back.

Affordability is a big plus for this one too, for $35.99 it comes in much lower than most of its competitors.

The downfall of course comes with missing lab results, some testing exists for potency but none of the full workups have been done on this product.

What’s Good

  • Affordable option in the mid-range at $35.99 
  • A subtle, sweet fruity taste 
  • Best texture of any of the oils, went down smooth and easy 
  • Productive all day effects that didn’t leave me feeling groggy or lethargic

What’s Bad

  • Lacking full lab results, not just on this product but many 
  • Plain packaging, bottle looks untrustworthy

Chill Plus Delta-8 + CBD Oil 

Best nighttime delta-8 tincture

Chill Plus CBD oil with delta-8 THC

Get it for $35 at Chill Plus

Chill Plus is the name Diamond CBD sells their Delta-8 under. A pseudonym in Delta-8 always seems like companies use it so when things go south they can pack everything up and head off under their other names.

Nonetheless, Chill Plus offers an oil with relatively tasty flavors and strong enough qualities to aid sleep for the sleepless. Its effects hit quickly, I took these before bed and by the time I laid down my eyelids felt heavier. 

Positive effects and decent taste combined with an affordable price tag of $35 are a viable option for those not concerned with quality.

For those concerned with quality, Chill Plus doesn’t offer full testing for their oil tinctures. Whatever’s inside is a mystery.

What’s Good

  • Solid nighttime option that left me feeling sleepy and yawn-crazed
  • Good, affordable mid-range option at $35 
  • Flavorful enough to mask any bad aftertaste
  • Goes down easy, enjoyable texture

What’s Bad

  • No lab results at all 
  • Website and lack of testing give off a cheap vibe

Best Delta-8 Tinctures Ranking

Delta-8 OilBest ForCost
Hometown HeroBest Overall$50 / 600mg
KoiBest Flavor$49.99 / 1000mg
3ChiBest Value$19.99 / 300mg
Premium JaneStrongest$55 / 1000mg
Industrial Hemp FarmsBest For Sleep$35.99 / 1000mg
Plain JaneBest All-Day$35.99 / 1000mg
Chill PlusBest For Nighttime$35 / 1000mg

Delta-8 THC Oils We Considered But Not Included

When compiling these lists we contact numerous companies, research even more, and then request samples and buy some of our own.

Due to shipping, time constraints, and the varying inventories, we’re not always able to test every brand we’d like.

But before we send this list out to the world we like to make note of those brands below. We hope to test these Delta-8 oil tinctures in the future.

Harbor City Hemp

Harbor City Hemp is a CBD company founded in Florida by two engineers. These guys offer a wide range of Delta-8 products and offer multiple options of tinctures that have varying strengths. They offer full panel testing for all of their products and sit in the mid-range of affordability. Harbor City Hemp offers quality products at affordable prices. 


Skyhio (3Chi’s sister brand) is an Indiana-based company offering a wide selection of Delta-8 products at a ridiculously inexpensive cost. Their 1,500mg Delta-8 Oil Tincture costs $19.99 and comes with a full five-page lab report. All of their products are affordable, this website is worth checking out. 


CannaClear is another cost-effective no-frills Delta-8 brand. An eclectic mix of products is available at a fraction of the cost you see from most companies. CannaClear is also good with its lab results and sells products the consumer can trust. They have multiple flavors of Delta-8 oil tincture for sale for under $20. 


Though their website can be a little confusing to navigate, Concentr8 offers a solid choice of Delta-8 products with a few affordable oil tincture options. All of their products have proper testing and this Florida-based company seems to be considering a brick and mortar store for the new year. 

Exhale Wellness 

Exhale Wellness is an option I often see being discussed and reviewed. Though they lack proper lab results, I’ve read enough positive reports to include them on this list. It won’t cost you too much and seems like a solid entrance into Delta-8.

How We Picked and Tested the Best Delta-8 Tinctures

As noted above, we sit down with a list of companies we’ve compiled through our own research and prior testing.

From that list, we find the group of brands we want to contact and find the products we want to test. Those products get sent to me and then testing begins. 

To keep testing fair I always take the same amount of each tincture on a full stomach. Time of day would vary, if one made me tired at night I’d try it again during the day to see its full effects.

A few tinctures were tested multiple times to make sure I could best understand each.

For every test, I took four full drops (4ml) of the tincture under my tongue and let it dissolve. I found 4ml to be a good amount for my tolerance.

Results are then put onto a note sheet and eventually typed out into this review. Learn more about our review process here.

Final Thoughts

To close out, I’d like to offer some final thoughts on choosing the best Delta-8 oil tinctures. At this point, I have tested and reviewed Delta-8 in the form of flower, edibles, vapes, and oils.

Tinctures may have been the easiest way to consume Delta-8. It wasn’t harsh on the lungs, avoided most of the aftertastes prominent in edibles, and felt cleaner on the body than cartridges.

Taking in Delta-8 through tincture form may be the ultimate way for someone new to this cannabinoid.

As with any product, please do your own research on quality. Look for multiple-page lab results that test for toxins, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and more.

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