The Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Toss aside your beer and lime because these THC drink brands are bottled up paradise.

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Popular THC drinks and beverages
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Whether you are into CBD, Delta-8, or THC, this is a prime list of cannabis infused beverages (and even liquid cannabis!) to get you amped for picnics, backyard BBQ’s, or just hanging around the house after a long day of hustle. cFor those that are looking to go beyond flower and edibles and get creative with their cannabis consumption, this guide is the perfect round-up.

Enjoy an uplifting buzz with these THC drinks. Video: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle

This is an exciting time for cannabis infused beverages, as beer companies and the mainstream beverage market tries to tap into a fast evolving niche.

Each product in this category has some cannabinoid quality to it, whether it is THC, CBD, or Delta-8. Most products have a mix of THC and CBD, which creates more of a relaxed setting rather than a high that you would achieve through vapes or gummies. Each product varies in size and dosage, but almost all cannabis drinks are comfortable and ideal for social settings.

To really analyze each THC drink rigorously, we tested for effectiveness, feeling, onset and duration of effects, flavor, extract quality, packaging and labeling, and the overall look.

It is important to take note of the dosage of each product if you are new to the cannabis sphere. Luckily, every product is vegan friendly, made from natural flavors, and low-calorie, so there are really no losers here!

6 Best Cannabis Drinks


THC infused drinks under the sun
Low-dose cannabis-infused sparkling beverages from Wunder. Photo: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Wunder

Available in: FL, TN, WI, RI, WV, VT, TX, SD, PA, OK, OH, NY, NV, NM, NJ, NH, NE, ND, MO, MN, MI, MS, ME, LA, IN, IL, IA, DE, CT, CO, CA, AZ, AL, AK

Whether you are new to cannabis beverages or sipping on them as a nightly ritual, Wunder is the perfect segway into this alternative high experience with their 25-calorie drinks that have a combination of Delta 8, THC, and CBD.

The Lemon Ginger and Blood Orange Bitters are on the lower dosage end with 2mg of THC, 2mg of Delta-8, and 4mg of CBD. There is also Watermelon Basil and Grapefruit Hibiscus that has 10mg THC instead of 5mg.

Grabbing a pack of these and hitting up the beach, the park, or chilling at home with friends is a relaxing summer activity that will leave you feeling refreshed and “Wundering” why you haven’t had these on your bar cart all along.

A four-pack of Wunder is $16 and the single cans cost $8 (depending on where you buy), which is a reasonable purchase given the unique flavors and positive effects it offers.

See our full Wunder review.

The Good

  • Low level effects
  • Unique for their Delta-8 THC addition
  • Delicious flavors

The Bad

  • Only 8 ounces
  • Not a huge range of flavors to choose from
  • Not a super user friendly way to open the can

Effects felt during testing: Happy, relaxed

Good for: Social activities, day or night use, alternatives to an alcoholic cocktail

Mad Lilly Spritzer

Cannabis-infused beverages by Mad Lilly
Women-owned Mad Lilly offers cannabis-infused spritzers and tonics. Photo: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Eaze, Sava

Available in: California

Women-owned Mad Lilly is bringing individual beverages to the market with a line of THC-infused spritzers that include Passion Fruit Mango, Ginger Pear, and Raspberry Hibiscus.

What I love about this lineup is that they are all-natural, low-calorie, and have a proportional amount of THC and CBD in them. I felt zen within 10 minutes of my Mad Lilly experience and was already anticipating the next time I could try a new flavor and sit by the lake with the adorable glass bottle in my hand.

They retail for $8 each and are an ideal non-alcoholic alternative if you want something sparkly and fruity to drink.

See our full Mad Lilly review.

The Good

  • Refreshing flavor
  • Great relaxing effect with CBD/THC combo
  • Low sugar, low calorie

The Bad

  • Not available in packs

Effects felt: Relaxed, uplifting, focused

Good for: Doing chores, dinner party with friends

Not good for: Full body high, pain relief


ALT premium liquid cannabis
ALT liquid cannabis vials contain 5mg THC each. A five-pack of the 25mg THC dose costs $25. Photo: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Eaze, Vana

Available in: California (Los Angeles area)

ALT is changing the landscape of cannabis with their liquid cannabis vials that come in 5mg, 10mg, and much higher dosage packs. Given that the calming, yet focused effects last 2-3 hours, it is best to mix the vials slowly into your morning coffee or afternoon tea and see how you feel with such a unique product.

Being that it is flavorless, you can get really creative with how you utilize ALT and its efficient method to track cannabis consumption with each vial having a measurement cap on the side of the container. ALT is incorporating nanotechnology so that your body absorbs the cannabis particles faster, so there is really no wasting time with the ALT experience.

For the 5mg vials, it is $25 for a five-pack and will surely be a breath of fresh air as the vape is put to the side and any ordinary smoothie can get an upgrade.

See our full ALT review.

The Good

  • Discreet
  • Fun to experiment with in daily routine
  • Multiple dosages available
  • Healthier for those that cannot smoke

The Bad

  • Vials bought individually are more expensive
  • Currently only available in the LA area

Effects felt: Full body relaxation, euphoric mood, calmness

Good for: Everyday activities


CANN THC infused social tonics
Cann cannabis-infused social tonics with varying ratios of CBD and THC. The six-pack costs $19. Photo: Analiese Trimber/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Cann, Emjay, Eaze, Sava

Available in: California

Cann’s limited edition flavor Cranberry Sage, amongst other savory ones like lemongrass, grapefruit rosemary, and blood orange cardamom, is bound to be a hit this summer.

With 5 all-natural ingredients, a low dose of THC/CBD proportionality, and being only 35 calories, I can see why the 100-party-pack is offered on their site. Cann’s infused drinks kick in fast and just like the other beverages on the list, the zen vibes are an automatic guarantee. Cann is queer-owned, so cheers to not only supporting in the month of June, but all year round!

See our full Cann review.

The Good

  • Attractive packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Tastes great
  • Balanced CBD to THC ratio
  • Quick absorption
  • Price

The Bad

  • Limited availability
  • Slight aftertaste

Effects felt: Energized, uplifted

Good for: Day time, socializing, activities

Rebel Coast

Rebel Coast Cannabis infused seltzers
Rebel Coast offers infused seltzers and sparkling beverages with low-calorie or zero-calorie options. Photo: Analiese Trimber/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Rebel Coast

Available in: California

Rebel Coast started as a traditional winery and transitioned into cannabis just a little over four years ago. With their sparkling Sauvage having 10mg of THC, it is fast-acting and bubbly, eliminating the need to celebrate with champagne for all future occasions.

Enjoying this THC drink chilled and in any social environment will give you all the brownie points for looking sleek and dodging a hangover simultaneously. Clocking in at just under 50 calories, I could see this cannabis drink being a big hit for concerts in the park or packing a cooler for a lazy beach afternoon.

See our full Rebel Coast review.


S-Shots THC infused shot with 100mg THC
S*Shots cannabis-infused shots contain 100mg THC per bottle. Photo: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle

Where to buy: Eaze

Available in: California

Whereas Mad Lilly, Wunder, and ALT all have more of a single serving concept implemented, S*Shots packs a punch with a 100mg tonic bottle that comes in two flavors: Watermelon Punch or Lemon Crush.

Since each bottle is ten servings and is bound to be euphoric even with a couple of safe sips, the website efficiently has a recipe list where you can mix S*Shots with different non-alcoholic drinks to make it last. S*Shots is $19 a bottle and could easily be more of a communal product, sharing with friends or even spacing out the dosages throughout the week.

See our full S*Shots review.

The Good

  • Clear transparency on potency of each bottle
  • Very affordable given the dosage levels

The Bad

  • Only two flavors available
  • No smaller dosages being offered
  • No expiration date available

Effects felt: Euphoric, body high

Good for: Pain relief, mind and body relaxation

THC Drinks Worth Considering

Here are some other stellar brands that are bringing innovation and flavor to the forefront of cannabis beverages. Our picks for the best cannabis drinks will be updated as we continue to test these popular brands.

Pabst Labs

The iconic beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon is jumping into cannabis land with their 10mg THC seltzer that is light, low calorie, and fast acting due to advanced emulsions technology! Available in California retailers (see all locations).

High seltzer cannabis infused drink lemon flavor
Photo: Pabst Blue Ribbon


Keef Cola is a fun, nostalgic alternative to your classic soft drink with multiple different flavor options, including root beer, blood orange, fruit punch, and many more alternatives with a splash of THC. Keef Brands products are currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, Missouri and Puerto Rico. Read our full review of Keef drinks.

Keef cannabis infused drinks with 100mg THC
Photo: Keef Brands

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Another legendary beer company is making their mark in the non-alcoholic cannabis market with a line of three different IPA inspired beverages. See our Hi-Fi Hops review.

Cannabis infused sparkling water
Photo: Lagunitas Hi-Fi


Artet is sophisticated and unique, offering a botanical/cannabis aperitif bottle and two non-alcoholic mixed drinks called Rosemary Jane and Tet & Tonic.

Women drinking cannabis infused beverage in the summer
Photo: Artet

Legal Beverages by Mirth Provisions has seven different cannabis tonic drinks in the lineup, some offering purely CBD extract and others with higher doses of sativa. 

Woman holding a Hybrid cannabis infused drink with 50mg THC
Photo: @fullspectrumphoto for Mirth Provisions


Tinley’s is one of the more unique brands on the market as they offer a diverse line of cannabis infused mixers and tonics, leaving it up to the consumer to be creative with consumption. 

Cannabis infused tonic that looks like beer
Photo: Tinley’s

House of Saka

House of Saka is channeling a Napa wine weekend in a bottle with their three products of THC-infused beverages that replicate a rose, a mimosa, and a white wine. 

Premium cannabis infused drink pink bottle for women
Photo: House of Saka


Nectr is a cannabis infused sparkling water that comes in four flavors with zero sugar for $4-$5 per bottle, which is on the lower end for this line of cannabis product. 

Watermelon flavored weed drink with THC for the summer
Photo: Nectr

Oh Hi

Oh Hi diversifies their marijuana drink lineup with the opportunity to choose between CBD and THC sparkling seltzers, with flavors such as pomegranate, lemon lime, grapefruit, and ginger basil limeade. 

Cannabis infused drink with 100mg THC and Caffeine
Photo: Oh Hi

Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs has a flavorful range of THC drinks, including a half and half “Arnold Palmer” 100mg bottle, root beer with a heavy dosage, and more sweet options like fruit punch and berry lemonade. Available in California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

Man holding a high-THC marijuana drink
Photo: Dixie


HYTN makes calorie-free and sugar-free cannabis beverages with rapid onset THC. These all-natural sparkling drinks have 10mg THC per can and come in four delicious flavors: Lemongrass Ginger, Blood Orange, Watermelon Mint, and Rosewater Lemonade. With their rapid onset THC the effects kick in quickly and peak at about 30 minutes after consumption. HYTN is only available in Canada.

Calorie free and sugar free cannabis beverage
Photo: HYTN


LEVIA makes cannabis-infused seltzers with zero calories and sugar. They’re made and sold in Massachusetts and you can pick them up in three delicious flavors: Raspberry Lime (Sativa), Lemon Lime (Hybrid), and Jam Berry (Indica).

THC drink without calorie or sugar
Photo: LEVIA


Massachusetts-based Cantrip makes a line of five cannabis-infused seltzers with 3mg or 5mg THC per can. Each can has only 8 calories and is gluten-free and vegan. You can pick these up across MA.

Man holding a can of marijuana drink instead of alcohol
Photo: Cantrip


These delicious THC-infused cocktails are made by famed mixologist Warren Bobrow using the finest ingredients. Each can is infused with a fast-acting formula of 10mg THC and <1mg CBD. Klaus is currently only available in Northern California.

Delicious tasting weed drinks with THC
Photo: Klaus

Kikoko Tea

Kikoko offers an organic tea line for sleep, relaxation, and even uplifting energy levels with infused beverages that place a focus on higher CBD levels rather than loading up on THC. Available in California. See our Kikoko review.

Cannabis infused herbal tea with THC
Photo: Kikoko

Why trust us

I spent close to 15 hours testing, rating, researching, and writing about the THC drinks featured in this round-up.

I have tried dozens of new cannabis products in the last few years, including vapes, pre-rolls, beverages, and a wide assortment of edibles. I usually look for sativa dominant or hybrid strains for relaxation and a reliable euphoria after a long day of work.

Where I am primarily a photographer that has been published with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and several other national publications, my journalism background has given me the toolkit needed to do proper, consistent research on every product I try out.

Who this is for

This beverage guide is ideal for those looking for a healthy, non-alcoholic alternative that will produce ultimate relaxation above all effects.

Every cannabis drink I tested truly satisfies taste buds and leaves you most likely wanting a second or third round. It is great to consider cannabis beverages over vapes and flower if you want to give your lungs a break and if you have tried your fair share of gummies and chocolates.

Almost all cannabis drinks are made from natural ingredients, are low calorie, and have a low dosage of THC/CBD, so it is not an overwhelming or distracting high that you might get from your usual routine pre-roll. I like that the drinks are refreshing, whereas cannabis products can often leave you with a dry mouth and severe munchies.

Whereas most of the marijuana drinks are single use, it might be more cost effective to purchase flower or vapes if you are on a tight cannabis budget.

How we picked and tested the best THC drinks

We hand selected each cannabis drink through Eaze and I tested them out from early afternoon to late night, trying most beverages on a full stomach.

I enjoyed sharing some of the drinks with friends to gauge their reactions and I was most diligent during testing to see how my mind and body adjusted to the cannabis infusions and how it altered from the feeling of vaping or smoking a joint.

When going through the criteria of quality, finish, feeling, function, and flavor, I asked myself if I would recommend the product to someone new to the cannabis beverage environment and would the flavor be enjoyable enough to consume on a routine basis.

I have enjoyed cannabis for years, normally frequenting a hybrid strain for a more balanced high, but this was my first time experimenting with cannabis-infused drinks! I absolutely loved my experience trying products at different times of day and recognizing that each product created a mellow happiness for my overall wellbeing, which can often be more unpredictable with alcoholic cocktails. 

As I tested a number of different THC drinks from a range of up-and-coming as well as more popular cannabis brands, this is what I considered crucial to each review:


Every flavor was unique and refreshing, and reaches across the board for taste palettes that want to sip on something more savory or more sweet.


All beverages were fast acting due to advances in nanotechnology, meaning the body can absorb the THC particles faster.


The price of cannabis infused beverages is a little bit of a higher price point than other cannabis products that could last you a few weeks. To put things in perspective, it would most likely be more affordable to drink a cannabis beverage than to go to a local bar and get a cocktail.

Dosing consistency

It’s amazing that almost every product tested has such a low level of CBD/THC to make it accessible to everyone.

How much do cannabis drinks cost on average?

It depends on if you are getting an individual product or a pack. On average, THC drinks cost $5-$10 (before tax) per drink if bought individually, or $12-$25 if bought as a pack.

How much THC or CBD is in each beverage?

Usually, THC drinks come in doses of 2mg to 10mg per drink, and some beverages only have CBD so that there is no high associated with consuming the drink. The most popular proportion is having an even amount of THC and CBD or a couple more mg’s of CBD to tone down the THC levels.

What’s the difference between hemp drinks and cannabis drinks?

Hemp drinks (or CBD drinks) are derived from the hemp oil of a hemp plant, which is useful for relaxation, lowering inflammation, and more of a calming mood stabilizer that is similar to the effects of CBD.

CBD drinks lack the psychoactive compound found in THC, so the zen, “yoga breath” sigh of relief one might feel from CBD is sought after by many that do not want to feel high when sipping on a beverage.

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THC drinks often have CBD infused with it to balance out the cannabinoids and if not, there are THC infused drinks with much higher dosages to achieve a more intense, body reactive experience.

Hemp CBD drinks don’t get you high and are legal to buy online in most states since they contain less than 0.3% THC. Cannabis drinks have higher levels of THC and are legal to buy in dispensaries where cannabis has been legalized. Prices vary for hemp and cannabis drinks, but overall, it seems more cost effective to buy the drinks by the pack rather than individual sale.

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What are the different types of cannabis drinks on the market?

There is such an array of cannabis-infused drinks on the market right now that you don’t want to miss out on! Almost all of them are low calorie, low sugar, vegan, and made from natural ingredients!

These include infused seltzers, which are great for mixing with fruit or mint. Infused sparkling water and tonics are incredibly popular, especially as a mocktail when in social settings. The infused teas are ideal for sleep or pain relief and infused soda is a nostalgic twist on old classics that are an American staple.

My personal favorite includes infused cannabis wines for a classy, communal touch as well as infused cannabis beer that replicates the flavors of your favorite IPA or blondie. If you really want to stick with your normal routine, liquid cannabis can be thrown into practically any drink so you can have the effects of THC or CBD regardless of consumption.

Finding the best cannabis drinks; Final thoughts

This is a groundbreaking moment in cannabis history, where we are seeing beer brands, wineries, and newly minted entrepreneurs come together to offer a healthy and natural alternative to alcohol.

For those that are tired of smoking and want to give their lungs a break, cannabis-infused beverages are an easy outlet that is enjoyable, easy, and rapidly effective. I hope to see this line of products become the norm at a California liquor store in the coming years or will be offered on tap at your favorite neighborhood bar!

Disclaimer: Oracle’s testing and recommendations of the best cannabis-infused THC drinks were done independently by Morgan Lieberman. In order to test the products for this list, Morgan purchased all cannabis drinks through Eaze weed delivery service. Morgan is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on this list and her views remain completely unbiased. Oracle is affiliated with Eaze and we may receive a small commission for purchases made through