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ALT premium cannabis liquid
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Compared to many other cannabis “beverage” brands that are pre-mixed and pre-flavored, ALT’s liquid cannabis allows the user to have complete freedom in how they want to use this product. Given that it can be implemented in hot or cold drinks and also is zero-calorie, sugar-free, and vegan, the skies are the limit for how ALT can be utilized in daily life and for overall emotional wellness.

For $25 for a pack of 5mg THC vials, this is a relatively affordable way to incorporate a calm euphoria with very minimal effort. They currently offer dosages in 5mg, 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg, with a new addition of hemp CBD products coming soon.

ALT cannabis infused liquid. Video: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle
Whether you are interested in the 5mg or 10mg vials, ALT’s 5 pack of liquid cannabis kicks in immediately, so there is no wasting time with this innovative product. Since it is flavorless, you could toss a vial or two into a protein smoothie or even your morning coffee. The packaging is stellar, especially with the vial having measurements available for those that want to be strategic about their cannabis usage. Due to nanotechnology, the cannabis is broken down into tiny particles, which makes absorption that much easier and impactful for the consumer.
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What's Good
Fun to experiment with in daily routine
Multiple dosages available
Healthier for those that cannot smoke
What's Bad
Vials bought individually are more expensive

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Eaze
CBD:THC Ratios:0:1
Extraction Method:THC Distillate
Product Types:Liquid Cannabis
Cannabis Origin:California
Featured In:THC Drinks
Similar Brands:S*Shots, Wunder, Cann, Mad Lilly

ALT Premium Liquid Cannabis

The opportunities are endless when it comes to ALT’s liquid cannabis 5 pack. I don’t think there is a designated time of day that is essential for these elegant glass vials to kick in properly. By following the dose control caps, one could start with 2mg at breakfast and pour the other 3mg into an afternoon coffee.

Having a resealable product makes ALT’s liquid cannabis user friendly and emphasizes the importance of going at your own pace. The onset lasts 2-3 hours given their developed properties of nanotechnology and for $25 for a five pack, this is a fun alternative to edibles or flower if you want to give your lungs a break.

Instead of having to completely finish a cannabis infused beverage, ALT makes it so easy to press pause if the routine needs to get switched up mid pour.


Having a line of multiple different dosage levels reaches across the board to consumers of all preferences and that would opt for a subtle head high with the lower dose or a more powerful body high with the 25mg and 50mg liquid cannabis packs.

For an experienced cannabis user, I would recommend two vials of the 5mg to start or you could graduate completely from the 5mg pack and start with 10mg. Since there is no flavoring, I infused ALT with some Gatorade to replenish after a long day of activity.

The overall feeling was the equivalent of a spa day and since it kicks in within a few minutes, I am motivated to continue utilizing ALT when timeliness is essential! The packaging and branding looks high end and is uniquely and creatively adding innovation to the cannabis industry.

Price: $25 for 5-pack
Good for:Every day activities
Effects:Full body relaxation, euphoric mood, calmness