The 29 Coolest Cannabis Gifts to Yourself or Someone Else This Holiday Season

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While the holidays can be full of joy and excitement, they can be a bit stressful, too. When it comes to gift giving, trying to come up with the right ideas for your loved ones isn’t always easy — especially when you’re trying to be creative. Thankfully, if the people in your life are 420-friendly, we’ve got just the help you need. 

Below, we’ve come up with 29 of the coolest cannabis gifts ideas for the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a small stocking stuffer or something to really impress your friends and family, we’ve got you covered. 

Gifts for Cannabis Consumers:

1. Pax

Pax cannabis vaporizer
Photo Courtesy of Pax

Get it for $35-$250

If you’re looking for a high-quality gift for your cannabis consuming friend, a Pax is a great option. A Pax is a portable flower, wax, and concentrate pen that you can enjoy with you practically anywhere you go. These incredible vapes are the definition of multi-use. No matter what your preferences are, Pax can provide it all. 

The makers behind Pax pride themselves on curating cannabis products that are both simple and safe. The Pax’s advanced technology works to filter out harmful toxins and resin, giving you the best hits possible. And, trust us, your lungs will thank you.

If you have a stoner friend who loves their vape but not necessarily the harsh hits they get, a Pax would be an incredible option for a cool cannabis gift.

2. HOJ Grinder or Pipe

Cannabis pipe and grinder in gift box
Photo Courtesy of HOJ

Get it for $80-$120

A great place to turn for some high-end cannabis accessories is HOJ. HOJ makes classy, refined products like grinders and pipes, but they sure look a lot fancier than your traditional smoking accessory. HOJ is the perfect brand for cannabis consumers with expensive taste, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny on these grinders and pipes. 

What makes their grinders so special is the fact that they don’t actually grind herb. Instead, the grinders come with dual-blades to cut up your bud flawlessly, keeping the integrity of your weed and your kief. Altogether, the HOJ grinder may be quite pricey, but it does more for your bud than any other grinder out there. 

3. Otto Grinder + Roller

Weed grinder and roller by Otto
Photo Courtesy of OTTO

Get it for $149.99

Do you have a friend or loved one that loves to roll up? Then the OTTO grinder and roller is the perfect gift for them. This all-in-one cannabis accessory seamlessly grinds, fills, and rolls your product for you, saving you an insane amount of time — and a whole lot of mess, too. These incredible grinders and rollers have your product ready in seconds. 

Despite doing it all, the OTTO grinder and roller is quite easy to use. So, if you’re not a master at rolling joints, don’t worry! You don’t have to be. 

Once again, the OTTO grinder is a bit higher up on the price range than typical cannabis products. But, if you’ve got the money to spend, a cannabis connoisseur in your life will surely appreciate this advanced tool.

4. Artet

Cannabis-infused beverage in snow
Photo Courtesy of Artet

Get it for $39

Artet is one of those gifts that will have everybody talking. This high-quality infused beverage brand has combined cannabis with aperitifs, creating deliciously infused cocktails and mocktails. Artet offers an incredible line of cannabis-infused aperitifs in various natural, refreshing flavors. 

You’ll find alcoholic and non-alcoholic options on their site, both of which are still infused with cannabis to provide you a nice, full-body buzz. As a drink that’s originally meant to be enjoyed before a meal, Artet has crafted the ultimate appetite-stimulating, euphoria-inducing THC drinks. If you have someone in your life who loves cannabis and a good cocktail, why not combine the two and look into Artet’s mouth-watering line of infused drinks.    

5. Nugg Club

Cannabis subscription box gift
Photo Courtesy of Nugg Club

Get it for $99

You can never go wrong with giving someone a subscription box as a gift — especially if it’s a cannabis-related one. Nugg Club is the best cannabis subscription box on the market, and, boy, do they give you the goods. When you’re signing up, you can choose what types of products and what kinds of strains you want in your box. Then, each month, you’ll get a customized box with brand-new cannabis products for you to try based on your selections. No, seriously: they ship it right to your door. 

Don’t worry: these boxes come in discreet packaging so you don’t have to worry about safety or privacy. However, it’s important to note that, right now, Nugg Club subscription boxes are only available to those in California. So, if you’re not a CA resident, you’re out of luck.  

6. Inverted Lighter

Inverted lighter for smoking marijuana
Photo Courtesy of Dissim

Get it for $48

If your stoner friends and loved ones enjoy smoking out of bongs and pipes, a simple inverted lighter is a wonderful stoner gift idea. 

Inverted lighters are just as they sound: they’re lighters that have been inverted to help enhance usage and avoid accidental burns. We all know how easy it is to accidentally burn yourself while trying to light your bowl. Well, inverted lighters are designed to avoid that entirely, keeping you comfortable and burn-free. They’re also great to use outdoors and when you’re on the go. Stick one of these in the stockings of your 420-friendly loved ones and they’ll be stoked to try it out.  

7. Marley Natural Smoking Accessories

Premium cannabis bong and pipe
Photo Courtesy of Marley Natural

Get it for $40-$240

Who wouldn’t want products from Bob Marley’s official cannabis brand? Marley Natural is a premium cannabis company that offers top-shelf flower to those in California. The brand prides themselves on their respect for the cannabis plant and its benefits, ensuring every product accurately reflects Bob Marley’s vision and beliefs. 

Along with whole flower and pre-rolls, you can also find vape cartridges, pipes, grinders, ashtrays and so much more. Not to mention, Marley Natural’s accessories are absolutely stunning, reflecting a high-end yet traditional look that any cannabis consumer will fall in love with. 

8. Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Gold rolling papers for cannabis users
Photo Courtesy of Shine

Get it for $11

If you’ve got a friend or family member who loves lighting up, the Shine Gold Rolling Papers make the ideal stoner gift this holiday season. Made out of 24K edible (or should we say smokable) gold, these rolling papers can make any person feel like royalty. These make the perfect stocking stuffers, as they’re affordable yet classy. 

Shine offers their gold rolling papers in a few different sizes, as well as cones and blunt wraps depending on personal preferences. Pair it with their Shine ashbowl and you’ve got an ideal gift for any high-end cannabis consumer in your life. Plus, you won’t have to break the budget to buy these pure gold products. 

9. Levo Infuser

Infuser machine for cannabis cooking

Get it for $399

The only thing better than an infused treat is one you made yourself. And, with the Levo Infuser, you can infuse practically any food or beverage with high-quality cannabis. This small machine may be a little pricey, but it’s more than worth it to get to craft your own products — without ever leaving your house. 

To help your loved ones get started, you can also purchase beginner recipe mixes like infused pancake mix, gummy formulas, and chocolate chip cookie mixes. Putting all of this together and wrapping it up with a bow will, undoubtedly, create the best Christmas gift your canna-buddy has ever gotten.  

10. Sackville & Co. Grinder

Premium weed grinder
Photo Courtesy of Sackville & Co.

Get it for $40

You’ve never seen a weed grinder like these. The Sackville & Co. grinders are all stunning accessories, each one looking like a centerpiece for a nicely decorated table. The Gilded Grinder is a gorgeous gold-plated three-tier grinder that offers a deep-set bowl and diamond-sharp teeth. These elements help you grind up your bud with ease and style. If you have a 420-friendly loved one with high-end taste, one of Sackville & Co.’s grinders is sure to be the missing piece in their smoking collection.  

11. Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Stündenglass gravity bong
Photo Courtesy of Stündenglass

Get it for $599.95

If you have the money to drop big bucks on your friends and family this year, the ultimate cannabis gift idea has to be the Stündenglass gravity bong. This gravity bong is unlike any other on the market — in fact, you wouldn’t even know it was a bong by looking at it. 

This highly advanced piece of glass utilizes a 360° rotating glass hookah that utilizes water displacement to gravity to give you hefty, potent hits. You can hook up hose attachments, as well, for group sessions, or you can hit from the bong directly. The Stündenglass gravity bong definitely isn’t for beginners, though. This would be the ideal gift for any experienced consumer who is looking to try something new, find something more potent and exciting. 

Once again, this piece of equipment is pricey, coming in at nearly $600. However, this will be the only piece of glass you’d ever use again, we can promise you that. 

12. Summerland

Ceramic bongs for cannabis users
Photo Courtesy of Summerland

Get it for $65-$210

Summerland is a great brand to go to for classy, stylish cannabis pieces like bongs and pipes. They offer a great line of ceramic, hand-made pieces with a bit of a 70s flair. Summerland’s ceramic bongs and pipes embrace the minimalistic look, so they’re perfect for your friend with that kind of personal taste. 

The brand offers pipes in various styles as well, depending on your friend or family member’s personal preference. In general, these pieces are a bit more affordable than the others on this list, so it’s a great option for those not looking to break the bank.  

13. Veil

Cannabis odor eliminator spray
Photo Courtesy of Veil

Get it for $19.99

For all your favorite people who worry about the smell of weed, Veil makes the coolest weed gift idea ever. Veil offers smoke odor eliminator spray. And, don’t worry: it doesn’t just mask it. By working with expert chemists, Veil created a spray that breaks down the cannabis particles in the air, reducing the smell overall. With this, using just a few sprays will have your house or your apartment smelling cannabis-free once again. 

The Veil odor eliminator spray is affordable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about spraying it around you or your pets; just make sure it doesn’t go directly into your mouth, of course. At just $19.99, Veil has crafted the perfect cannabis gift for all you at-home smokers.  

14. Valise Keychain

Keychain with holder to store cannabis joints
Photo Courtesy of Tetra

Get it for $28

The Valise keychain is the ideal canna-gift for any friend that always has a joint on hand. The brand specifically designs these keychains to fit pre-rolls of various sizes in a discreet yet stylish way. You simply place your pre-roll into the chamber of the keychain and then put the lid on and attach it to your keys. Now, your pre-roll is protected and ready to come with you wherever your smoke sesh takes you. These small gifts make for a great stocking stuffer, too!

15. Potli

Potli cannabis infused cooking products
Photo Courtesy of Potli

Get it for $25-$55

If you’ve got a cannabis-loving cook in your life, you can’t go wrong with purchasing some Potli products. Potli is a brand that offers a mouth-watering line of hemp-infused products like honey, chili oil, olive oil, and more. 

Potli uses all natural ingredients and beautiful blends of CBD and other minor cannabinoids to create a fuller, more beneficial experience. You can easily cook with all of Potli’s products, helping you make delicious infused meals practically effortlessly. Despite the fact that there’s hemp inside these foods, you and your loved ones will not believe the incredible flavors. Check out Potli’s extensive line of infused foods and find the ones that you think your loved ones will enjoy the most. 

16. Monogram Cannabis

Premium cannabis flower
Photo Courtesy of Monogram

Get it for $40-$70

If you’ve heard of Monogram cannabis before, that’s because it’s Jay-Z’s very own luxury cannabis line. That’s right: luxury. Monogram offers top-shelf cannabis flower at top-shelf prices, with one joint going for $50. If you have a cannabis connoisseur in your life who is always looking for the next best thing — or to try something new and exciting — then indulging in some Monogram cannabis might be the best way to go.

Again, you’ll have to expect to drop a pretty penny on this weed, and you have to be in California to purchase it. However, with how many strains you have to choose from — and the fact that it’s Jay-Z’s brand — may make the whole experience worth it. Pick up an eighth of this stuff as a present and you’ll be the favorite gift-giver of the evening.   

17. 1906 New Highs

Cannabis infused pills for arousal
Photo Courtesy of 1906 New Highs

Get it for $35

1906 New Highs offers a whole new way to consume cannabis. They sell hand-crafted cannabis pills, each one with low doses of THC and CBD. They have unique products that produce targeted effects — such as happiness, arousal, and chill — depending on what kind of experience you’d like. 

1906 uses natural ingredients alongside the cannabinoids to create fuller, better effects than your typical substance. If you’re hoping to give these as a gift, they’re only available in Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma at the moment. 

Gifts for CBD Consumers:

We know not everybody enjoys cannabis, and not everybody lives in a legal state! That’s why we’ve also crafted this list of the coolest CBD products to give this holiday season. 

18. Fleur Patches

CBD gift set for sleep
Photo Courtesy of Fleur Patches

Get it for $28

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD that delivers at quick rates, the Fleur Patches are a wonderful CBD gift to give. They offer transdermal wellness patches that deliver concentrated, targeted relief in the places you need it. You can purchase Sleep, Energy, Sex, or Relief patches depending on what kind of result you’re looking for. 

The Fleur Patches are affordable, non-intoxicating, and super easy to use, making them ideal for any member of your family. If you have someone who is struggling a bit with pain or having trouble sleeping, try purchasing some of these patches and give them the gift of relief this holiday season. 

19. Common Ground Sencha Green Tea + CBD Flower

Green tea with CBD flower
Photo Courtesy of Common Ground

Get it for $35

A great gift for all the tea drinkers in your life is the Common Ground Sencha green tea. This green tea has an impressive 50mg per CBD in each pack, and you get 10 packs total. They organically farm and harvest every one of the ingredients within their teas, and they make sure to never include any artificial or synthetic additives. Instead, you’re consuming a healthy, beneficial blend of Mother Nature’s best. 

20. Dirt Rose Gummies

Premium CBD gummies for gifting
Photo Courtesy of Rose

Get it for $45

The Dirt Rose gummies from Standard Dose are unlike any other CBD gummies you’ve seen or tasted. If you have someone in your life who enjoys dosing with CBD, these gummies are the ideal gift option for them. Dirt Rose makes these gummies using CBD, rosin, candy cap mushrooms, cacao, and activated charcoal alongside fruity flavors of orange, pear, passion fruit, and grapefruit. 

These gummies come with 10mg each, making them a great dose for both beginners and experienced consumers. Whether you put these gummies in a stocking or wrap them up with a bow, whoever gets them as a gift will be thankful you place so much importance on their health and wellness.   

21. Barbari

CBD herbal smoking blend
Photo Courtesy of Barbari

Get it for $30-$65

Barbari is a top-quality hemp company that produces products of all types. If you have a friend or family member that enjoys CBD, especially hemp flower, buying some products from Barbari would be a great choice. Barbari prides themselves on their food-grade herbs and incredible quality control standards and techniques. With this brand, you never have to worry about taking harsh hits or smoking flower without flavor. You can find dried flower, pre-roll packs, edibles, infused tea and more in Barbari’s online store.   

22. TheraOne + TheraGun

TheraOne CBD lotion for fitness people
Photo Courtesy of TheraOne

Get it for $25-$80 + TheraGun for $199

We’re starting off this list strong. If you haven’t heard of a TheraGun, they are state-of-the-art personal deep-tissue massage devices. By using something called Smart Percussive Therapy, these hand-held devices work into your muscles to provide concentrated relief. Even on its own, this is a wonderful gift idea for those in your life who struggle with chronic pain and discomfort.

We know what you’re thinking: But wait, that doesn’t have to do with cannabis… Well, now it does. Recently, the TheraBody line has come out with their own brand of CBD, too. They offer full-spectrum CBD tinctures and topicals, perfect for giving you an extra dose of relief. 

Apply some TheraOne CBD cream to your sore muscles, pair it with a TheraGun massage, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for total comfort. Whoever opens up this gift is going to be beyond thankful.

23. Papa & Barkley CBD Oils and Topicals

CBD gift box with topicals and tincture
Photo Courtesy of Papa & Barkley

Get it for $29-$99

For those in your life who struggle with pain and discomfort, the Papa & Barkley CBD products make an incredible gift. These capsules contain 30mg of full-spectrum CBD to provide a full-bodied experience. However, these capsules are best for enjoying at night to help decompress and get some restful sleep. 

Papa & Barkley is a widely known CBD brand that’s growing every single day. If there’s any CBD brand you can rely on, it’s Papa & Barkley. They use clean extraction processes, and you can always access their third-party lab-test results when you need them. All in all, Papa & Barkley products make great gifts for anyone who wants to better their health and wellness.  

24. Bloom Farms Sleep Vape

CBD vape products
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Farms

Get it for $22

You can never go wrong with giving someone a CBD vape for the holidays. Vapes from Bloom Farms Wellness are high-quality and easy to use; not to mention, they’re incredibly tasty, too. With their line of Sleep products, you’ll puff on this vape before bed to help promote better, healthier sleep. Wrap this vape up with a bow, put it in a stocking, and watch your friend or family’s face light up with joy and relief. Soon, they’ll be sleeping soundly with ease.  

25. Social CBD Patch

CBD gift box with topicals and edibles
Photo Courtesy of Social CBD

Get it for $19.99

Another great CBD gift for the loved ones in your life are the Social CBD Patches. These are transdermal CBD patches that you apply to the body to experience long-lasting, subtle relief all day long. These patches contain a perfect 100mg of CBD, and they slowly release the cannabinoids over the course of 24 hours. If you have someone in your life who struggles with chronic, daily pain, the Social CBD Patch might be the perfect gift option.     

26. Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath bomb product
Photo Courtesy of Kush Queen

Get it for $12.99

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in the bath. Give someone in your life the ultimate spa day and purchase a few Kush Queen Bath Bombs. These bath bombs are infused with varying amounts of CBD, releasing the cannabinoids into the water and then onto your skin. Thus, you’re able to sit and relax, embracing the CBD’s benefits without even trying. You can find the CBD-infused bath bombs in different scents depending on what you enjoy most. 

Instead of throwing some regular bath bombs into your friend’s stocking, try adding these CBD-infused ones, instead! They’ll enhance any at-home spa experience.   

27. Martha Stewart Edibles

CBD edible gummies
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart CBD

Get it for $12.99-$64.99

Martha Stewart is so much more than just a lifestyle guru these days. Now, she’s even got her own CBD line. Martha Stewart’s CBD edibles are a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys Martha Stewart’s genius as well as her recipes and style. These edibles are some of the tastiest edibles on the market, and they’re made beautifully. You don’t have to worry about any weird, residual hemp flavor, either.  

28. Foria Intimacy Lube

CBD infused intimacy lube
Photo Courtesy of Foria

Get it for $44

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your partner, look no further than Foria’s Intimacy Sex Oil. This infused sex oil helps promote comfort and arousal by including 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD and other natural arousing ingredients. This Intimacy Oil uses only natural ingredients and absolutely no fragrances. Instead, it’s totally organic and completely stimulating. 

Of course, you probably want to save this gift for your partner or spouse. But, the choice is yours! Foria is a CBD brand you can always trust to enhance your love life. 

29. Greater Goods Premium CBD Chocolates

Premium CBD chocolate gift
Photo Courtesy of Greater Goods

Get it for $16-$50

The final CBD gift idea — and cannabis gift idea as a whole — are Greater Goods Chocolate. These are CBD-infused chocolate goodies that give you a delicious dose of CBD. Greater Goods has absolutely mastered the art of crafting edibles, making these infused treats better tasting than most on the market. When you take a bite, you won’t even realize you’re consuming CBD. The Greater Goods Chocolates make great gifts for those in your life with a bit of a sweet tooth. They’re affordable, easy to ship, and more than exciting to open. 

That’s it!

These are some of the coolest cannabis gift ideas to give this holiday season, and we promise that no matter which ones you choose, your 420-friendly loved ones will be grateful to have you in their lives.