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Keef Brands cannabis infused beverages
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Born in Boulder Colorado in 2010, Keef Brands has proven itself to be one of the most successful medicated beverage brands out there. Co-Founder and CEO Erik Knutson wanted to keep the celebratory action of drinking with friends and family but include the magic of cannabis. It’s safe to say he succeeded with Keef Cola, and is still running things today, over a decade later.

It all started with the classic Keef Cola but it also includes delicious fountain soda flavors you adore, orange, rootbeer, you name it. These 10mg THC drinks are affordable and great for most types of cannabis consumers. Their 100mg THC sparkling waters and mocktails are great for experienced users and they’ve recently ventured out to make vape carts for 510 thread and Pax Era, which are available in Colorado.

When you’re craving that sweet bubbly fix, a can of Keef Cola, in whichever flavor, will satisfy that urge, minus the caffeine. I wouldn’t drink one solely for cannabis because it was a pretty light 10mg feeling for me, but I would feel comfortable recommending it to friends with lower tolerances to feel pleasantly lifted.

I wouldn’t say the same for the Life sparkling water by Keef at 100mg THC. That was a strong, indica feeling and my dose was close to 20mg worth of the strawberry kiwi flavor. It was bubbly, not sweet, pretty refreshing, with a slight hint of cannabis and the high sensation was long lasting.

Just remember to use the measuring cap because it’s easy to take gulps, it’s very light going down and once you’ve downed 50mgs there’s no going back.

With a great taste from one product and a great high from the other, plus 70’s design vibes all around it’s safe to say I would purchase Keef products in the future.
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What's Good
Taste, flavor
Long lasting effects
Functional, thoughtfully designed packaging
Vegan, gluten free, and Kosher
What's Bad
Could be more affordable
Slow onset
Keef Brands

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Availability:CA, NV
Where to Buy:Keef, Vana, Bud
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Cannabis Drinks, Oil, Vape Carts
Cannabis Origin:Colorado
Similar Brands:S*Shots, CANN, Wunder

Editor’s Pick

  • The Keef Cola is such a tasty treat, I personally would have to drink a few to feel elevated from them and that’s a lot of sugar, so I would go with the Keef Life H2O. For these 100mg drinks I don’t want to pour too much unless I’m ready for bed. The Strawberry Kiwi took effect in about 15 minutes, more convenient than most other edibles, I only wish they were as affordable as some other cannabis beverages on the market at the same mg amount.

Keef Original Cola

This is the classic Coca-Cola taste you’re thinking of, wrapped up in a 70’s style color scheme and design. The sugar is up there at 34 grams but the taste is on point, with NO hint of cannabis. It’s filling and sweet, making it easy to share with a friend and keep it at 5mg each, a great starting dose for newcomers. Although more and more cannabis beverage products and companies are getting out there, there are not many classic soda pop options and for that Keef definitely stands out.

Keef Cola cannabis drink with 10mg THC


I put this Original Keef Cola can on ice and enjoyed it with my dinner. It really met my expectations in the flavor profile department. The on-set did take longer than other medicated drinks I’ve had in the past, and it was on the lighter side. After 40 minutes I felt pretty uplifted and euphoric but still had a very clear mind. If I compare it to eating a 10mg THC gummy it didn’t feel as strong, but I had it with a meal which may have slowed it down.


  • Effects felt: Elevated, energetic mind
  • Good for: Sweet craving, midday pick me up
  • Not good for: High tolerance users, low sugar diets


  • THC: 10mg
  • CBD: 0mg
  • Price: $6

Keef Life H2O

This 100mg enhanced fruit water is for the health-conscious Keef customer, being low sugar and low calorie. Keef beverages are also vegan, gluten-free, and kosher so it checks all the boxes in the diet department. The price point is around $5 more than edible competitors, but the execution and consistency is there. This is a great product for lounging with friends or relaxing after a long day.

Keef Life H2O THC drink


The strawberry kiwi Keef Life H2O took effect in 15 minutes after drinking it, as promised. The taste is not as spectacular as their mouth watering Keef Cola’s, but the feeling is a lot stronger and fast acting. There was a very slight taste of cannabis in this bubbly water, but it came with quick stress relief. It did increase my appetite and make my body feel calm and relaxed. I was also impressed with the 3 plus hours it lasted.


  • Effects felt: Relieves body tension, de-stresses mind
  • Good for: Hanging with friends, relaxing in the evening, appetite
  • Not good for: Aftertaste, energetic high


  • THC: 100mg (10mg/dose)
  • CBD: <2mg per dose
  • Price: $25