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S-Shots marijuana shot with 100mg THC
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S*Shots recently did a bold rebrand and went from offering smaller dose products to two THC tonics that pack a punch.

Under the K-Zen beverage brand company, the alternative Mad Lilly offers individual serving sizes with a combined THC/CBD factor, whereas S*Shots elevates the consumer with infused THC for $19 a bottle.

Each bottle contains 10 servings, which makes this cannabis infused beverage not for the faint of heart.

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Whether you are sampling Watermelon Punch or Lemon Crush, S*Shots wants you to feel euphoric and if you are so daring, you can consume more than 10mg to increase an enjoyable body high. By utilizing nanotechnology with billions of THC particles, S*Shots has created a beverage that is absorbed by the body faster, giving each consumer greater control over their high. The bottle is striking and leaves no room for the imagination, boldly stating that its contents contain 100mg and on the side, markers to keep measurements on proper consumption. Lemon Crush is a refreshing and predictably strong flavor, but I’d love to see S*Shots expand to grapefruit or orange. Kudos to the brand for offering drink recipes online if you want to spice up the product even further with soda, mint, or fruit additions.
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What's Good
Clear transparency on potency of each bottle
Very affordable given the dosage levels
What's Bad
Only two flavors available
No smaller dosages being offered
No expiration date available

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Eaze
Extraction Method:Nano Emulsion
Product Types:Cannabis Infused Shots
Cannabis Origin:California
Featured In:Cannabis Drinks
Similar Brands:Wunder, Mad Lilly, Cann

S*Shots Lemon Crush

I really enjoyed trying out the S*Shots 100mg THC Lemon Crush. I sipped on one serving (10mg) and felt its effects within 10-15 minutes. This is a unique product due to its serving size and its potency, where many other cannabis beverage brands are infusing CBD or CBN, a natural sedative, in their product line to tone down the effects of THC.

I would recommend sipping on S*Shots before bed or after dinner if you are going to drink more than one or two servings. For $19 a bottle, this is quite a steal if you want to ration out your servings for the entire week and still feel the intended effects without overwhelming your senses!


S*Shots Lemon Crush has a tangy zest to it that would pair well with some sparkling lemonade and fresh basil if you are looking to make the most of your 10mg serving instead of downing the entire 100mg bottle. One serving is enough to produce a smooth body high with a zen, euphoric mindset that would be ideal for going to a concert or sharing the bottle with friends at a park. The branding looks similar to kombucha packaging and is consumer friendly with the front of the label stating its 10 serving disclaimer and a marker on the side to keep track of every sip.

THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Price: $19
Good for:Pain relief, Mind and body relaxation
Effects:Euphoria, Body high