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Wunder cannabis beverages
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If I could stock up my entire fridge with Wunder, I would. Considered the first cannabis beverage company to blend in Delta 8 THC, a lower potency cannabinoid, Wunder is creating an attractive and healthy alternative to alcoholic drinks.

An 8 ounce four pack for $18 is reasonable, considering just one S*Shots tonic drink available on Eaze is $19. The low dose combination of THC, Delta 8, and CBD is a total hit and will change the landscape of cannabis infused beverages moving forward.

Wunder drinks infused with CBD and Delta-8 THC
Photo: Morgan Lieberman/CBD Oracle
Sitting on my roof at sunset enjoying Wunder with my friends was a quintessential California postcard. I tested out the Blood Orange Bitters as well as the Lemon Ginger and felt a relaxed, tranquil mindset as the evening continued. I loved each flavor and would be curious to try the Grapefruit Hibiscus or the Watermelon Basil in the “higher” tier with 10mg of THC instead of 5mg. Having a low level combination of Delta 8, THC, and CBD, this 25 calorie drink could easily be a household staple in place of standard edibles. The cans have a beautiful abstract graphic that is sure to be a conversation starter as people start to take note of alternatives to beer, wine, and hard liquor.
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What's Good
Low level effects
Unique for their Delta 8 addition
Delicious flavors
What's Bad
Only 8 ounces
Not a huge range of flavors to choose from
Not a super user friendly way to open the can

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Grassdoor, Eaze, Sava
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Product Types:Infused Beverages
Cannabis Origin:California
Featured In:Cannabis Drinks
Similar Brands:Cann, Mad Lilly, S*Shots

Wunder Lemon Ginger

Wunder’s cannabis infused beverages function to create ultimate relaxation and euphoria without a distracting body high. Including Delta-8 THC in the blend helps one to release tension and tightness in the first few sips, along with CBD and THC to balance it out.

The Lemon Ginger and Blood Orange Bitters are delicious flavors that could even be mixed with some lime or basil and sparkling water to create a drink that will last just a little bit longer. The can is well designed, with a vibrant abstract graphic on the front and company info on the side for consumer outreach.

Wunder Delta-8 THC beverage with CBD
Delta-9 THC:2mg
Delta-8 THC:2mg
Price: $18 for 4-pack
Good for:Social activities, day or night use, alternatives to an alcoholic cocktail
Effects:Happy, Relaxed

Wunder Blood Orange

Since Lemon Ginger has been a popular flavor for many cannabis infused beverages, Blood Orange could be the zesty alternative that satisfies your sweet tooth and makes you nostalgic for the days you would chug orange soda after watching “Kenan and Kel” on Nickelodeon.

It is pure bliss, guilt free, and bound to be one of the more popular beverages on the market for its seasonal, floral essence. It has the same properties as Lemon Ginger and it might be close to impossible to have just one can of Wunder due to its low calorie, fizzy delightfulness.

Delta-8 infused drink with CBD
Delta-9 THC:2mg
Delta-8 THC:2mg
Price: $18 for 4-pack
Good for:Social activities, day time, nighttime, replacing booze
Effects:Happy, Relaxed