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When a friend of Amanda Jones and Jenifer Chapin was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, the entrepreneurial duo formed the brand Kikoko when they noticed that within their circle of professional women, more were relying on pharmaceuticals to help with sleep, libido, and anxiety, with detrimental side effects. Instead of relying on medication, the two believed in the healing properties of cannabis and thus, they created their cannabis edibles line with the needs of women in mind.

Best known for their CBD and THC tea blends, Kikoko uses CBD sourced from a whole-plant extract that is grown in Mendocino, California, which they state is medically more effective than CBD derived from hemp.

The brand has grown to include trendy items such as their tasty “Honey Shots.” Day and Night cannabis tinctures (which have higher CBD/CBN content than THC), and their brand new X-Tabs, which is branded “for experts only” for their high dose THC tablets (available in 30mg and 50mg dose). 

For this Kikoko review, we sampled three of their newest products from honey shots to tinctures, including the brand new “For Experts only” 30mg Indica X-Tab. Each product is labeled clearly, and specifies exactly how much THC/CBD and other components might be within.

Kikoko's packaging is some of the best and most appealing I have ever seen. You know what this brand is about within moments of setting your eyes on it, and that is clean authenticity. The products are all tasty, using natural ingredients and flavors. However, if you are a high tolerance or daily cannabis consumer, the effects are inconsistent with some making a better impact than others. For the most part, each product does as it says, but I consume a lot of THC in a day, so the impact on me was only minimally felt. Best used as an intro to cannabis or in a breezy weekend getaway with friends.
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What's Good
Women owned
Delicious and Organic
Excellent for those trying cannabis for the first time
What's Bad
Not for the daily or high tolerance consumer
Effects are inconsistent

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Kikoko, Amuse
CBD:THC Ratios:25:1, 5:1, 3:1, 1:1, 0:1, 0:30, 0:50
Extraction Method:Whole Plant
Product Types:Teas, Tinctures, Tablets, HoneyShots
Cannabis Origin:Mendocino, CA
Comparable Products:Atlas, LEVEL

Editor’s Pick

  • Despite the fact that it knocked me out each time I tried it, XTabs by Kikoko “For Experts only” 30MG tablet was potent, fast acting, and did exactly what I needed it to do – calm my insomnia. I haven’t had such an undisturbed and relaxing sleep since 2019!

Kikoko XTabs Indica 30

The Kikoko X-tabs come in a portable, psychedelically designed, yet easy to use metal container and are scentless, with no distinguishable marks that scream cannabis. This isn’t necessarily recommended for day time use, but if you have had a hard day or can’t stop your mind from swirling, one tablet will help you remove the stress of the day.


Created with the needs of medical patients and higher tolerance consumers in mind, X by Kikoko dubbed “For Experts Only” is Kikoko’s foray into high-dose cannabis products. Not just a THC tablet, the pill is also infused with good-for-you ingredients like Vitamin D3, B-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and more. Taste is non-existent as it is recommended to be swallowed with water. Take one and wait about 30 mins to start to feel the effects. While my husband was able to use these during the day and definitely felt the benefits of pain relief and a calming high effect, I was asleep within an hour of taking one tablet and felt no other benefits because I was asleep for about 7 hours.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:300mg (30mg/dose)
Dietary Labels:Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free
Price: $25 ($2.50/dose)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Extreme Pain Relief, Insomnia
Not good for:Focus, Creativity, Buzz
Effects:Sleepy, Calm

Kikoko HoneyShot Buzz

Kikoko’s Honeyshots are a unique edible made from Manuka, an antibacterial and 100% pure honey from New Zealand. Aside from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka is also considered one of the most potent medicinal honeys in the world. Eat it straight from the package or add it to your favorite tea, smoothie, or… you can even make a face mask out of it.


Available in four different “benefits,” Kikoko Honeyshots have organic ingredients that make it not only safe to eat straight from the packaging, but the packaging is so pretty, it practically invites you to devour it. I used one Honeyshot Buzz, right from the packaging, on a movie night date with my husband. The taste was sweet with a slight tang, with only a mild cannabis flavor (which is a plus for me). I felt a mild high, but stayed alert and felt happy for the time I felt the benefits, which lasted about 2 hours (just the right length for a movie date!).

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
Price: $6/dose
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Afternoon destressing without falling asleep
Effects:Buzzy, Breezy, Chill

Kikoko Day Tincture

Kikoko Day Cannabis tincture is portable, mess proof, and easy to use. Just load the 1mL dropper, and put it under your tongue, and voila, you’re set for a couple of hours. The Day tincture contains organic turmeric, L-Theanine, GABA, tulsi and cacao, but tastes like cloves, and the aftertaste is pleasant. Plus, it makes for pleasant breath, not a whiff of any cannabis to be found.


As a professional, working mom with an active home life and an overactive work life, I can’t always take the time to smoke a joint, or puff on my pen. While the benefits weren’t intensely felt, using the day tincture allowed me to stay calm while handling whatever the day threw at me (with a teenager and a home full of pets, that’s a lot of whatevers!) However, I am not sure I will be adding the Day tincture to my daily use because of the cost. At nearly $70, the cost just can’t be justified when the benefits are shortlived.

CBD:THC Ratio:25:1
CBD:750mg (25mg/dose)
THC:30mg (1mg/dose)
Price: $68 ($2.30/dose)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Keeping your cool with your kids or very “extra” friends
Effects:Calm, Unfazed

Kikoko Night Tincture

Kikoko’s Night Cannabis tincture is packaged similarly to the Day tincture, both are portable, mess proof, and easy to use. The Night tincture promises to bring on a restful snooze with CBN, THC, rose oil and chamomile extract. It’s easy to use, simply load the dropper, and apply under the tongue and hold for a couple of seconds for fast onset.


I was a little wary of these products, as I am a high tolerance cannabis user, so I didn’t think these higher dose CBD/CBN items would affect me at all. The night tincture didn’t put me to sleep, but it did provide a sense of unwinding and slowed my writer’s brain enough to make me want to lay down. For a lesser cost, I would consider adding the Night tincture to my daily use, however, Kikoko’s Indica X-tabs blow this out of the water when it comes to both cost (under $30) and benefits.

CBN:THC Ratio:5:2
CBN:150mg (5mg/dose)
THC:60mg (2mg/dose)
Price: $68 ($2.30/dose)
Lab Report:COA
Good for:Sleep, Nighttime
Effects:Relaxed, Chill