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Mad Lilly cannabis infused drinks
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Mad Lilly keeps it simple and sweet with their two product line of cannabis-infused spritzers and a nighttime sleep tonic. Where the spritzers come in handy for an afternoon hangout, the tonic contains CBD, a natural sedative, best for getting horizontal on the couch.

The spritzer is $9 a bottle and the tonic shot is $7 each. Compared to other cannabis beverages on the market that come in a pack of 4 or 6 for around $20, Mad Lilly is definitely better for an a la carte situation if you are still experimenting with cannabis-infused beverages and want to give your taste buds a treat with their unique flavors.

I definitely see the tonic having a stronger physical effect than the spritzer, so the target audience for the tonic could be someone more experienced with higher doses and the spritzer is a safe bet for anyone new to the cannabis game.

Continuing their women owned initiative in a positive direction, Mad Lilly has created an online community called “Moms For Mary” that demystifies the relationship of cannabis consumption and motherhood.

You know the feeling as a kid when school gets out for summer? It’s that breath of relief and happy serenity that Mad Lilly’s cannabis-infused spritzers in colorful glass bottles offer to the table. Their tiny Lemon Dream tonic is potent and contains lavender, with a combined CBN/CBD/THC cocktail that is more ideal for a movie night rather than heading to bed. Mad Lilly’s two product line has a successful day and night narrative, so let’s hope they add more to the lineup.
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What's Good
Refreshing flavor and successful relaxing effect with CBD/THC combo
Great initiative with “Moms For Mary” on their site
Low sugar, low calorie
What's Bad
Tonic not good for sleeping; too much of a body high
Only two different types of products
Mad Lilly

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Eaze, Sava
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Infused Beverages
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:Cann, Quatreau

Mad Lilly Lemon Dream Sleep Tonic

Launched in June of 2020, Mad Lilly’s Lemon Dream cannabis infused tonic is a nighttime shot that is intended to be the ultimate lullaby after a long day of hustle. Where its essential purpose is to give you a head start on catching some z’s, I see this product more suited for watching a movie or even a lingering day at the spa or the beach.

The natural sedative, CBN, makes this tonic an opportunity for rest and recovery. Compared to other tonic shots that retail for closer to $20, Lemon Dream retails for $7 and truly packs a punch. Lemon Dream kicks in around 30 minutes with a relaxed, calm feeling and at the hour mark, a floaty body high that puts you in the clouds.


I had high (no pun intended) hopes for Lemon Dream being a perfect melatonin replacement with its combination of CBN, THC, and CBD, but the powerful body high was too distracting for me to get any proper shut eye until at least an hour or two after ingesting the tonic.

With lemon balm and lavender as their core ingredients to create the best REM cycle, it has a pleasant, herbal taste palette similar to kombucha flavoring. It is definitely an acquired taste, so mixed berry or a flavor more subtle could be more suitable for the masses. The brown glass bottle and purple labelling is discreet, ideal for parents wanting to hide it in the fridge.

Mad Lilly cannabis tonic drink
Price: $7
Good for:Watching Movies, Listening to Music, Beach
Not good for:Task Management, Social Activities
Effects:Intense Body High, Relaxed Feeling

Mad Lilly Spritzers – Raspberry Hibiscus

Mad Lilly’s line of fruit filled spritzers give a refreshing and uplifted boost to the day without too many calories or sugar. Made with all natural ingredients and a balanced combination of THC and CBD, you can feel its effects instantly. For $9 a pop, you can get in the zen zone as quick as it takes to open the bottle.

Mad Lilly cannabis infused drink


Having a low level infusion of CBD and THC, this fizzy top pick on the cannabis beverage market is meant for the relaxation station, subtle enough to get some shopping errands done or a slow morning in the park.

It only took a few minutes for me to realize just how much better my Wednesday afternoon got after I was trying the Raspberry Hibiscus flavor for my first round. Other delicious options are Passion Fruit Mango and Ginger Pear, accurate to its label and well rounded in its taste. Each glass bottle is painted its signature flavor’s color and honors its women owned distinction with a well crafted logo.

Mad Lilly cannabis spritzer
CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
Price: $9
Good for:Doing Household Work, Dinner Party with Friends
Not good for:Full Body High, Pain Relief
Effects:Relaxed, Uplifting, Focused

Mad Lilly Spritzers – Ginger Pear

With the same effects as the Raspberry Hibiscus spritzer, Mad Lilly has Ginger Pear in its lineup for a little bit more of a daring flavor. It is crisp, tart, and fruity with a hint of grape and lemon juice. Did I mention that each spritzer is a whopping 45 calories, making it an easy alternative to a sugary cocktail that predictably serves a hangover the next morning?

Most cannabis infused beverages I’ve sampled have the 5mg THC/5mg CBD balance, so you really can’t go wrong with this product and its intended effect to calm the mind, body, and soul. The green glass bottle is bold and would even look funky and fun on a bar cart!

CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
Price: $9
Good for:House Chores, Dinner Party, Friends
Not good for:Full Body High, Pain Relief
Effects:Relaxed, Uplifting, Focused