The Best Cannabis Products for Sleep

After testing nearly 50 cannabis products for sleep, we’ve narrowed down our list to the top 24 best edibles, tinctures, and flower for helping you get some shut-eye.

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Mell Green

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Best cannabis edibles, flower, and tincture for sleep
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With how many products there are for you to choose from, finding the best cannabis for sleep isn’t always easy. But, that’s why we’re here. After testing upwards of 50 different cannabis for sleep products, we’ve narrowed down our list to our top 24. 

We’ve also broken down our picks into three categories, this way, no matter what product you’re looking for, we have a high-quality option for you:

Best Cannabis Gummies for Sleep

Here are our favorite picks for the best cannabis-infused edibles for deep relaxation, falling and staying asleep.

Best Overall Edibles for Sleep: Papa & Barkley CBN Sleep Gummies

Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Gummies offer the perfect blend of potency, purity, and deliciousness, making them our number one choice for the best edibles for sleep.

Cannabis gummies with CBN and THC for sleep
Photo: Papa & Barkley

Available at Papa & Barkley

Out of all the sleep gummies I tried, it was clear that Papa & Barkley’s made the best. These gummies not only tasted great, but they got to work quickly. The blend of CBN, CBD, and THC is my new favorite — my body was decompressed while my mind was in a calm, happy place. Together, I had no problem drifting off to sleep about 60 minutes after consumption. Plus, when I woke up, I felt refreshed and ready to go.


  • High-quality, easily readable packaging — includes all information you could need about the product
  • Potent blend of CBN, THC, and CBD to create ultimate relaxation and support
  • Delicious fruity flavors that beautifully hide the taste of cannabis
  • Vegan, natural flavors and ingredients
  • Promoted sleepiness and relaxation without causing drowsiness the next day
  • Uses solventless, whole-plant, hash rosin for ultimate potency and purity


  • Not all product COAs are available on the website 
  • Customers must contact customer support for COAs on THC products
  • Only available in CA

Best Flavor: Wyld Elderberry Gummies

If there’s one thing Wyld is known for, it’s their delicious flavors — their gummies for sleep are no exception, either.

Cannabis gummies for relaxing and sleep
Photo: Wyld

Available at Wyld

If you want to try a mouth-watering, juicy edible to help you relax, Wyld is a great option. I’ve found their gummies — and most of their products — to not be as strong as others, and this may be due to lower amounts of THC. Regardless, the flavors of their edibles are unbeatable, leaving you wanting more simply for the juiciness. However, I didn’t feel particularly sleepy after these gummies — just a bit more relaxed.


  • Mouth-watering Elderberry flavor
  • Satisfying texture and mouthfeel
  • Potent blend of 5 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of CBN
  • Uses real fruit for flavoring
  • Don’t promote drowsiness
  • Reduced anxiety, stress, and pain about 60 minutes after consumption
  • Well-priced


  • Not as potent as other edibles — effects were mild
  • Didn’t make me sleepy, just relaxed 
  • Can only obtain COA through batch numbers

Best Fast-Acting Formula: PLUS Dual Action Sleep

PLUS uses an impressive nano-emulsified blend to create the best fast-acting gummies for sleep that we’ve ever tried.

Fast acting sleep gummies with THC, CBD, and CBN
Photo: PLUS

Available at PLUS

For those of you in CA, PLUS’ Dual Action Sleep Gummies are a great product to try. These cannabis gummies come in unique, tasty flavors and have a nice blend of THC, CBD, and CBN. However, they only contain a total of 7 mg, so experienced consumers may have to double their dose. With their nano-emulsifying formula, I found the subtle yet relaxing effects to kick in only 30 minutes after consumption — and I felt decompressed all night.


  • Appealing, high-quality packaging
  • Deliciously unique flavors and satisfying textures
  • Uses nanoemulsifying formulas for fast-acting effects
  • Results are long-lasting, keeping you asleep all night long
  • Each gummy contains CBD, CBN, and THC
  • Affordable price


  • Only available in CA
  • Only 7 mg of cannabinoids per gummy
  • May not be potent enough for experienced consumers
  • COAs not available

Best for End-of-Day Relaxation: Select Snooze Bites

For those who need help unwinding after the end of their day, Select’s Snooze Bites are some of the best edibles for relaxation.

Cannabis gummies for relaxing and sleep with CBN and THC
Photo: Select

Available at Select

Select’s Snooze Bites may not taste like the best gummy I’ve had, but I did enjoy the fast-acting results they brought. These gummies had me feeling comfortable and relaxed after about half an hour — but I wasn’t sleepy. Instead, I was content just sinking into my couch for a few hours. Maybe two doses would be best for experienced consumers like myself.


  • Select is a reputable, quality cannabis company you can trust
  • Use nano-technology for quicker onset times and better absorption
  • Contains a nice blend of THC and CBN — 5 mg each
  • Clear, easy to read packaging 
  • Available in multiple states 
  • Great for helping the mind and body relax


  • Slightly odd texture in the mouth
  • Not the best tasting gummies
  • Didn’t make me sleepy, just decompressed 
  • Prices vary depending on where you buy them

Best High Experience: Stiiizy Indica Gummies

Stiiizy’s indica gummies are jam-packed with THC, giving me the best high out of all the gummies on this list — plus, they helped me fall asleep afterward.

Indica cannabis gummies for insomnia
Photo: Stiiizy

Available at Stiiizy

Stiiizy is a cannabis brand that most people have heard of — but not everyone has tried their incredible gummies. Even though their gummies aren’t made specifically to help you sleep, I found that their indica edibles were perfect for getting me relaxed, sleepy, and ready for bed. Only about 30 minutes after I had one edible I found myself getting extra tired, and my pillow never felt so great. On top of it all, I had a wonderful, calming high going on that left me in the best mood.


  • Highly potent – 30 mg of THC in each gummy
  • Various delicious flavor options to choose from
  • Made with high-quality live resin
  • Uses fast-acting nanotechnology
  • Promoted relaxation and sleepiness alongside a great, supportive high
  • Comes in fun, enticing packaging


  • Only available in CA
  • Gummies aren’t made specifically for sleep
  • Only three gummies (nine servings) in each pack
  • Too potent for beginners

Best Packaging and Design: Kiva Camino Sleep Gummies

It’s hard to deny the Kiva Camino Sleep Gummies simply because of their incredible packaging and design efforts — plus, their gummies work pretty well, too.

Sleep cannabis gummies with CBN and THC
Photo: Kiva

Available at Kiva

Kiva Camino makes some of the best looking cannabis edibles for sleep that I’ve come across. The packaging of these products is undeniable and entices you to try them out. Unfortunately, these sleep gummies weren’t as potent as I needed them to be, and I wasn’t super sleepy after consumption. However, I did feel relaxed and less stressed.


  • Incredible packaging and designs
  • Yummy flavors with hints of chamomile and lavender
  • Includes sleep-promoting terpenes for added relaxation
  • Clever blend of THC and CBN in each gummy
  • Appealing textures  
  • Available in multiple states


  • Each gummy only contains 6 mg of cannabinoids 
  • Not super potent — didn’t make me sleepy
  • Not fast-acting like other gummies; effects took about 90 minutes to kick in

Best Grape-Flavored Gummy: Kanha Nano Galactic Grape

Who doesn’t love a great grape-flavored gummy? We think that Kanha’s Nano Galactic Grape is the best one on this list.

Indica cannabis gummies with potent effects for sleep and relaxing
Photo: Kanha

Available at Jane

Kanha’s Nano Galactic Grape gummies are a great option for consumers who thoroughly enjoy the natural taste of grapes. These gummies have a nice texture and a juicy, fruity flavor that is quite appealing in the mouth. Keep in mind that these gummies are pure THC, though — because of this, I was relaxed and blissed out, but not quite sleepy.


  • Tasty grape flavor that will remind you of real grape juice
  • Uses nano-technology for fast absorption and potent effects
  • 10 mg of THC in each
  • Fasting-acting effects hit within about 15 minutes
  • Great for inducing calm, stress-free emotions


  • No CBD or CBN to help with sleep support
  • Only creates feelings of relaxation, not sleepiness 
  • Very little product information available
  • Available in CA only

Strongest Potency: Heavy Hitters CBN Gummies

Just as their name suggests, Heavy Hitter’s CBN Gummies hit hard — these are some of the strongest gummies for sleep that we’ve tried.

Indica cannabis edibles product for helping sleep
Photo: Heavy Hitters

Available at Heavy Hitters

If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting edible for sleep, then these Lights Out gummies are the best choice for you. Heavy Hitters include 20 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD in each gummy, making them some of the most potent gummies I’ve tried. Within 45 minutes, I could barely keep my eyes open. My mind and body were in comfortable, happy places — and I was quite high. But, boy, did I sleep well!


  • Includes a balanced blend of CBN and THC
  • Super potent: each gummy contains 40 mg of cannabinoids
  • Delicious Midnight Cherry flavor
  • Packed with high-quality, sleep-inducing terpenes
  • Great for inducing sleepiness and reducing stress
  • Helped with sleep without creating drowsiness the next day


  • Only available in a few states
  • Slightly pricey
  • Only one flavor option
  • May be too potent for beginners

Most Unique “Edible” for Sleep: Kin Slips Shut Eye

Kin Slips specializes in crafting sublingual strips that dissolve under the tongue to deliver quick, concentrated results.

Cannabis infused sublingual strip for sleep
Photo: Kin Slips

Available at Kin Slips

Kin Slips’ Shut Eye product isn’t an edible at all — it’s a sublingual strip you put under your tongue and let dissolve. With this method of consumption, I experienced effects fast: they kicked in after about 15 minutes. I was sleepy, relaxed, and comfortable. And, the next day, I didn’t feel drowsy. But, I will say, these just aren’t as pleasant as consuming a sweet gummy before bed.


  • Extremely fast-acting: effects kick in within 10 – 20 minutes
  • Effortless consumption
  • Potent, effective results 
  • Created strong feelings of sleepiness and contentment 
  • No next-day drowsiness
  • Nice blend of CBD and CBN


  • Only available in CA, though the hemp-derived version is available nationwide (visit store)
  • Not a traditional gummy edible — no sweet flavor
  • Slightly unpleasant texture as the slip dissolves 
  • 10 mg per strip may not be effective enough for experienced consumers

Best Tablet for Sleep: LEVEL Lights Out

LEVEL creates unique tablets for sleep that contain various cannabinoids to help you get some long-lasting shuteye.

Cannabis infused tablets for maximum relaxation with CBN, delta-8 THC, THCA, CBG, and THC
Photo: LEVEL

Available at LEVEL

For those of you who aren’t a fan of sweet treats, LEVEL’s Lights Out sleep tablets are a great option. These tablets contain over 30 mg of cannabinoids in each, and the brand uses an impressive blend of compounds including Delta-8, Delta-9, CBN and more. However, with this strong potency came a bit of drowsiness the next day. I slept beautifully, but I didn’t want to get up the next morning.


  • Flavorless
  • Easily split in half for dosing
  • Contains an impressive blend of THC, CBN, Delta 8 THC, THCa, and CBG
  • Potent formula: 34 mg in each tablet
  • Creates intense sleepiness and comfort 
  • Easy to consume; discreet


  • Only available in CA
  • Felt slightly drowsy the next day
  • Not good for beginners

Best for Getting Cozy: Beboe Sweet Dreams Pastilles

Beboe’s Sweet Dreams Pastilles are the best edibles to take before getting cozied up with a good book, movie, or even just your partner.

Cannabis infused gummies for sleep
Photo: Beboe

Available at Jane

I loved Beboe’s Sweet Dream pastilles; not for sleeping, though. They didn’t make me super tired, but they did make me feel more relaxed, cozy, and decompressed than I have in a while. Effective and sweet to the taste, the only downside is that the effects of these did take a while to kick in, so you have to be patient with these treats.


  • Delicious black cherry, rose flavor
  • Chewy, enticing texture in the mouth
  • Nice blend of both THC and CBN
  • Beautiful packaging and design
  • Ideal for promoting relaxation and comfort 
  • Great for taking to decompress after a long day
  • Perfect for on-the-go and microdosing


  • Didn’t make me necessarily sleepy
  • Low dose — only 6 mg of cannabinoids per edible
  • Slow onset of effects — took about two hours

Best Reputable Brand: Incredibles Snoozzzeberry CBN Gummies

Incredibles is a cannabis company that knows a thing or two about top-shelf edibles — and their CBN gummies are no exception.

THC gummies for sleep
Photo: Incredibles

Available at Incredibles

Incredibles’ Snoozzzeberry CBN gummies work well and will help you sleep all night long — plus, you won’t wake up feeling drowsy. But, you do have to be prepared to wait: the effects took nearly two hours to kick in, so don’t wait until right before bed to eat one. The effects themselves were full-bodied and relaxing, helping me drift off to sleep in total comfort — despite it taking a while.


  • Fun, enticing packaging
  • Reputable, trustworthy brand with years of product experience 
  • Nice blend of THC and CBN in each gummy
  • Good for inducing sleepiness without next-day drowsiness 
  • Well-priced 
  • Long-lasting effects — stayed asleep all night long


  • Neutral blueberry flavor
  • Texture isn’t anything to write home about
  • Effects took nearly two hours to fully kick in
  • Only one flavor option

Best THC-Free Gummies: Wink Wellness Sleep Support CBD Gummies

Wink Wellness offers some of the highest-quality THC-free sleep gummies on the market, making them an ideal option for anyone just wanting to reap the rewards of CBD and CBN.

THC-free CBD gummies for sleep
Photo: Wink Wellness

Available for $60 at Wink

If you want to enjoy some effortless sleep but without any intoxication, Wink Wellness offers THC-free gummies that you’ll love. These fruit-punched flavored gummies contain a potent 25 mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBN each to help you relax in the mind and body and then drift off to sleep. Unfortunately, without the THC, these gummies just weren’t as strong as the others I’ve tried, but I still enjoyed the relaxation and sleepiness they provided.


  • Available nationwide 
  • Delicious fruit punch flavor and appealing texture
  • Potent blend of 35 mg per gummy: 25 of CBD and 10 mg of CBN
  • Promotes rest and relaxation without making you feel groggy
  • Great for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Women-owned brand


  • Low-quality packaging
  • Expensive price
  • Lack of THC reduces potency
  • COAs not easily accessible
  • Derived from hemp plants, not cannabis

Best Cannabis Flower and Pre-Rolls for Sleep

Here are some of the most effective cannabis flower and prerolls we recommend for deep relaxation and sleep.

Best Overall: Caliva Banana Cream Jealousy

Caliva’s Banana Cream Jealousy strain is limited edition for a reason; this high-quality strain came out as our favorite of the bunch when it comes to cannabis flower for sleep.

Banana Cream Jealousy indica cannabis flower for sleep
Photo: Caliva

Available at Caliva

Caliva’s Banana Cream Jealousy is one of the strongest indica strains I’ve ever tried. At nearly 40%, I was blown away by how relaxed I was from head to toe. After just two hits, sleep was inevitable. I drifted off to sleep as waves of calm and bliss washed over me. At just $40 an eighth, this weed for sleep is something every consumer should try. It is easily the best cannabis flower for sleep I have ever had — plus, it’s oh-so-tasty.


  • Extremely potent — 38% THC
  • Super heavy-hitting indica, perfect for bedtime
  • Delicious flavor and scent profiles
  • High-quality buds coated with crystals
  • Incredibly well-priced
  • Top-shelf packaging and design


  • Limited edition
  • Only available in a few areas
  • Way too potent for anyone not well-versed in the world of cannabis

Best Strain for OG Smokers: Henry’s Afghan Kush

Henry’s Original Afghan Kush has flavors and scents that will take you back to the first time you ever smoked weed — and you’re going to love it right before bed.

Afghan Kush indica cannabis flower for sleeping
Photo: Henry’s Original

Available at Caliva

If you enjoy classic cannabis strains, Henry’s Afghan Kush is a great choice. This flower or pre-roll option offers OG flavor profiles, bringing experienced smokers back to the good ol’ days. The Afghan Kush strain is incredibly relaxing and did wonders for my anxiety; however, it didn’t unwind me enough to actually sleep. Instead, I found it ideal for helping me come down from my stressful work day — and I can’t complain about that!


  • Classic skunky, diesel flavors and scents
  • Dense, resinous buds
  • Affordable price
  • THC strength ideal for consumers of all levels
  • Available in multiple places throughout the US
  • Good for lifting the mood and calming anxiety


  • Buds not incredibly frosty
  • Slightly dry flower
  • Not ideal for sleep

Best Celebrity Cannabis Brand: Mirayo Dosido 22

Carlos Santana’s Mirayo flower in strain Dosido 22 is sure to get you feeling sleepy, supported, and ready for bed. Thanks, rockstar.

Mirayo Dosido 22 cannabis flower for sleeping
Photo: Mirayo

Available at Caliva

Mirayo’s Dosido 22 strain may be a bit difficult to get your hands on, but it works incredibly well for getting you ready for bed. The strain itself might not make you feel as sleepy as you want, but it is wonderful for getting your mind off things, making your body relaxed, and helping your overall demeanor become more calm. I loved this strain for about an hour before bedtime — it is easily some of the best marijuana for sleep out there.


  • Beautiful, frosty buds with pungent scents
  • Delicious flavor profiles of sweet and skunkiness
  • Mild THC percentage that’s effective for myriad consumer types
  • Relaxing, calming properties that are perfect before bed
  • Comes from Carlos Santana’s brand, Mirayo!
  • Extremely affordable


  • Slightly dry buds
  • Product difficult to find
  • Not as sedative as other strains

Prettiest Strain: Pure Beauty Sea Star

Pure Beauty’s Sea Star strain is, well, pure beauty coated in kief and hues of purple.

Sea Star indica cannabis strain for sleep and relaxing
Photo: Pure Beauty

Available at Emjay

Pure Beauty’s Sea Star strain is one of the most gorgeous strains you’ll smoke before bed. This indica-dominant strain is ideal for relaxing the mind and body, helping you drift off to sleep in total comfort. After just one hit of this crystal-coated flower, I could feel my muscles relaxing. I had no trouble falling asleep with this strain — I just wish it was a bit more affordable so I could consume it all the time.


  • Beautiful crystal-coated flower with insane kief production
  • Dark purple hues throughout
  • Extremely potent at over 35%
  • Super sedative, great for before bed
  • Delicious floral, sweet flavors
  • Ideal for reducing pain and lowering stress levels


  • Slightly expensive
  • May be too potent for non-experienced consumers
  • Only available in select areas

Best Packaging and Quality: Fume Double Chem OG

Fume’s Double Chem OG flower comes in top-shelf, high-quality packaging that perfectly reflects their top-tier flower for sleep.

Double Chem OG indica cannabis pre-rolls for sleep
Photo: fumé

Available at Eaze

Fume’s Double Chem OG comes in some of the best, most advanced packaging I’ve seen yet. Their high-quality jars are air-tight to preserve freshness, all while being scent-proof and containing ultraviolet filtering technology. (No, you read that right.) Thus, when your flower shows up, it’s always going to be of the best quality thanks to Fume’s packaging. Just keep in mind that OG Chem strains can sometimes cause anxiety in excess.


  • Top-shelf, elegant packaging
  • High-quality, dense buds
  • Aromatic, flavorful flower
  • Around 27% THC — perfect for a strong dose before bed
  • Ideal for inducing sedative effects 
  • Uses air-tight, scent-proof, & ultraviolet filter jars


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to find
  • Strain can cause anxiety if too much is consumed

Best Flavor Profile: Flow Kana Ice Cream Cake

Flow Kana’s Ice Cream Cake flower for sleep has a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile that you won’t mind falling asleep tasting.

Ice Cream Cake indica flower for night time use
Photo: Flow Kana

Available at Vana

Flow Kana’s Ice Cream Cake Strain is the tastiest flower option on this list. This dessert-like strain is wonderful for helping you feel more relaxed and at ease, boosting your mood at the end of a long day. But, keep in mind that too much of this uplifting strain may have your mind too stimulated; thus, only a few hits should do the trick before bed.


  • Delicious dessert-like flavor profile
  • Mild THC percentage; ideal for consumers of all experience levels
  • Affordable 
  • Sticky, frosty buds
  • Sustainably grown in California
  • Great for reducing stress and anxiety


  • Not easily available 
  • Pure THC — no CBD
  • Can be too uplifting before bed

Best Value: Pacific Stone Wedding Cake

Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake flower for sleep is great for getting you relaxed and blissed out, all at an affordable price, too.

Wedding Cake indica cannabis strain for sleep support
Photo: Pacific Stone

Available at Weedmaps

Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake strain is the mos affordable eighth on this list at a perfect $20. At this price, practically any consumer can try out this tasty strain for sleep. I found that Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake was wonderful for making me feel sleepy and relaxed, but I did have pretty strong munchies, too.


  • Extremely affordable at $20 a pouch
  • Sweet flavors and vibrant, pungent scents
  • Comes from a renowned cannabis company with years of experience 
  • Great for inducing sleepiness and relaxation
  • Significantly reduced pain from head to toe


  • Only available in select locations
  • Low-quality packaging
  • Inconsistent THC percentages 
  • Stimulated appetite quite a lot

Best Cannabis Tinctures for Sleep

Here are our picks for the most effective cannabis-infused THC tinctures and oils for a good night’s rest.

Best Overall: Papa & Barkley CBN Sleep Oil

Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Oil has a comprehensive blend of various cannabinoids to help you fall asleep and stay asleep with ease.

Cannabis tincture with CBN and THC for sleep
Photo: Papa & Barkley

Available at Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley’s CBN Sleep Relief oil is easy to consume, doesn’t have any strange plant flavors, and gets to work quickly. I found myself feeling more relaxed after just 10 minutes, and my mind and body were both ready for bed after just 30. And, in the morning, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world. The biggest downside of this high-quality formula is that it is only available in CA.


  • Uses an effective blend of CBD, THC, and CBN
  • Flavorless formula makes for easy consumption
  • Pure, high-quality ingredients and sustainable techniques
  • Ideal for relaxing the muscles and reducing pain
  • Great for alleviating anxiety and lowering stress levels
  • Mildly psychoactive as to not cause disruption before bed


  • Only available in CA
  • Only 7 mg of cannabinoids in each dose
  • No flavored options

Best Full-Spectrum Blend: Mary’s Medicinals Sublingual Sleep Oil

Mary’s Medicinals Sublingual Sleep Oil contains an impressive blend of cannabinoids that is wonderful for drifting your mind off to bed.

Cannabis oil formula for sleep
Photo: Mary’s Medicinals

Available at Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals Sublingual Oil for sleep is an incredible full-spectrum option for those looking to experience a strong dose of relaxation before bed. This formula contains four different cannabinoids and six terpenes, making it incredibly potent — even for experienced consumers. The results were fast-acting, leaving me wanting to lay down after about 20 minutes. However, its strength did leave me with a bit of drowsiness the next day.


  • Impressive blend of cannabinoids; contains CBG, CBD, CBN, and THC
  • Uses six different terpenes
  • Rapid onset of effects — typically felt within 15 minutes
  • All natural, sleep-promoting ingredients 
  • Great value
  • Induces sleepiness while reducing pain throughout the body


  • Strong cannabis flavor
  • Might feel slightly drowsy in the morning 
  • Primarily available only in IL

Best Long-Lasting Tincture: Dreamt Sleep Tincture

Dreamt’s Sleep Tincture has an extremely long-lasting formula that’s perfect for those who struggle to stay asleep at night.

Cannabis infused THC tincture for sleep
Photo: Dreamt

Available at Dreamt

Dreamt’s Sleep Tincture is a great choice for those who can fall asleep, but struggle to stay asleep. With this tincture, I was able to stay asleep all night long, no longer tossing and turning to wake myself up. The flavor of the tincture was slightly sweet and very palatable, too. Unfortunately, the gentle formula may be too mild for those who need extra support.


  • Long-lasting formula lasting up to 8 hours
  • Nice blend of CBD and THC
  • High-quality packaging 
  • Slightly sweet, appealing flavor
  • No next-day drowsiness


  • Slightly mild formula; may be too mild for experienced consumers 
  • Only available in California 
  • Long onset time of effects; took nearly 45 minutes
  • No CBN

Best for Microdosing: AbsoluteXtracts Sleepy Time

AbsoluteXtracts offers their Sleepy Time tincture in 450 mg, with 0.63 mg per dose; this makes it the best choice for microdosing and getting good sleep consistently.

Cannabis sublingual oil for sleep
Photo: AbsoluteXtracts

Available at AbsoluteXtracts

Microdosing THC is a great way to give your body a consistent dose of support without feeling overwhelmed, and AbsoluteXtracts’ Sleepy Time Drops are the perfect choice. These drops only contain 0.63 mg per dose, so keep this in mind when dosing. I felt the results quickly, and found my body feeling heavy and my mind feeling quite calm before bed. However, it was hard to get over the strong plant-like flavor of the tincture.


  • Easy to use dropper
  • Great for microdosing
  • Fast-acting effects; felt results within 10 minutes
  • Pure, simple ingredients 
  • Uses sleep-supporting terpenes
  • Great for inducing relaxation


  • Small doses
  • Only available in CA
  • Pure THC — no CBD or CBN
  • Very strong plant-like flavor

How We Tested the Best Cannabis Products for Sleep

Testing and reviewing the best cannabis edibles for sleep
We tested nearly fifty cannabis-infused products to determine the most effective options for helping you sleep better. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

Now that you’ve seen the best cannabis products for sleep, you’re probably wondering how we came up with this list. Trust us, it was not an easy process. To determine which cannabis products for sleep were worthwhile, we based the products on the following criteria: 

  • Company transparency — If COAs, extraction information, and processing details were available, reliable, and up to date. 
  • Product quality — How was the flower grown and extracted? Was the product made using Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)? Did the packaging feel high-end? Did the products work well functionally?  
  • Customer experience — Were other customers satisfied with the products? What about their customer service? 
  • Product efficacy — How sleepy did the product make me feel? How quickly did I fall asleep after, and did I stay asleep? Or, was I merely relaxed?

After analyzing these criteria, and taking the products at the same time each day, it became clear which were the front runners. Learn more about CBD Oracle’s product review process.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, there are some high-quality cannabis products for sleep out there. Whether you’re searching for top-shelf edibles for sleep, tinctures for sleep, even flower for sleep, CBD Oracle is here to help you distinguish the good from the best of the best. Because, trust us, you only want the high-quality possible when it comes to a good night’s rest.

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