The 21 Best Delta-8 THC Brands of All-Time

After wading through the murky and unregulated waters of delta-8, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best delta-8 THC brands currently available.

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Over the last few months, we’ve tested, ranked, and reviewed a wide variety of hemp-derived delta-8 THC products through multiple means of consumption in the hopes of finding the best and worst companies available.

These tests have led to beautiful highs, disappointing lows, the occasional migraine, and a plethora of concerns that shed light on the current lack of regulation surrounding this new craze. There are currently over 160 companies selling delta-8 and this list was created to showcase the absolute best delta-8 brands on the market, and to keep you, the consumer, safe. 

We’ve analyzed over 160 delta-8 companies and conducted first-hand testing for a large number of products to determine the most credible and transparent brands currently available. (See how we test.)

21 Best Delta-8 Brands

After months of testing the most popular delta-8 products, these are the companies we feel are doing things right, followed by those we believe you should avoid.

Best Overall:Hometown Hero
Best Effects:Binoid
Highest Quality:Delta Munchies
Best Lab Reports:Koi
Strongest Edibles:Moonwlkr
Tastiest Gummies:Summit
Most Affordable:Delta Extrax
Highest Potency:Hi On Nature
Smoothest Vapes:Secret Nature
Most Stimulating Products:Just Delta
Best Gummies:Galaxy Treats
Best Full-Spectrum Blends:TRE House
Best Product Options:Urb
Best Value:Plain Jane
Best Strain Options:Kalibloom
Best Disposable Vapes:Canna River
Best Distillate:Vivimu
Best Softgels:Cannabis Life
Biggest Strain Selection:Fern Valley Farms
Best for All Your D8 Needs:Harbor City Hemp
Largest Selection:3Chi

Best Overall: Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero takes our top spot for the best overall delta-8 brand because of the company’s product purity, selection, prices, and potency. 

Hometown Hero delta 8 gummies with strong effects
Photo: Hometown Hero

Check out Hometown Hero delta-8 products

When it comes to delta-8 THC, Hometown Hero knows a thing or two about mastering the cannabinoid. This brand has a huge selection of high-quality delta-8 products that actually work, providing customers with the quality and purity they deserve when it comes to D8 products. Hometown Hero’s lab-test results are incredibly comprehensive and up to date, and this will give any potential buyer a sigh of relief. Whether you’re looking for tasty delta-8 tinctures, potent delta-8 flower, or long-lasting delta-8 edibles, Hometown Hero is the brand to trust.

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Best Effects: Binoid

Binoid offers more bang for your buck — consumers will experience a delta-8 high that’s memorable for a low cost that’s affordable.

Man consuming delta-8 gummies made by Binoid
Photo: Binoid

Check out Binoid delta-8 products

Binoid’s delta-8 THC products go on sale often, and when they do, they put them at some of the lowest prices on the market. In general, Binoid is highly regarded as one of the best delta-8 THC brands because of its product quality, product selection, company transparency, and reputation. Binoid is one of those brands that you can always trust, especially since they keep their COAs updated and available 24/7. If you catch their delta-8 THC products on sale, you’re sure to be shocked at how little you spend for such a top-shelf product.

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Highest-Quality Products: Delta Munchies

Delta Munchies’ delta-8 THC products are incredibly high-quality from their build to their potency and even purity.

High quality delta 8 vape product
Photo: Delta Munchies

Check out Delta Munchies delta-8 products

Delta Munchies’ delta-8 THC products boast some of the highest quality possible. Their vape cartridges are sturdy and don’t clog, their disposable vapes are durable and have long-lasting battery lives, and their packaging keeps their products safe and secure, no matter what they are. Along with this, Delta Munchies uses top-shelf ingredients and no additives or cutting agents, making them some of the best of the best regarding quality. And, of course, you can always view their COAs to double-check the purity of specific products.

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Best Lab Reports: Koi

Purity and safety should be every delta-8 brand’s top priorities — and they sure are when it comes to Koi CBD and their comprehensive lab reports.

Koi delta-8 THC gummies
Photo: Koi

Check out Koi delta-8 products

Koi CBD has gone through so many hoops to ensure that they’re providing you with the best, purest, and safest ingredients possible within their products — delta-8 THC and otherwise. Koi’s earned our spot for best lab reports due to their thorough, extensive COAs and always up-to-date analyses. You can find the COA for any product that Koi offers and even type in your own batch number to see the results for the exact product you have on hand. This kind of quality and transparency is what you want to see from every cannabinoid brand out there.

Strongest Delta-8 Edibles: Moonwlkr

Looking for a potent edible you can rely on? Moonwlkr has the best selection for you. 

Strongest delta-8 THC gummies by Moonwlkr brand
Photo: Moonwlkr

Check out Moonwlkr delta-8 products

Moonwlkr is a brand that focuses on rare cannabinoids — and boy, do they do it well. This vendor has a huge selection of various cannabinoid products, including affordable delta-8 THC options that will have your mouth watering. Out of all these brands, Moonwlkr offers some of the most potent D8 edibles you’ll try. They’re perfect for promoting strong feelings of euphoria and relaxation, all while enhancing your mindset and making you feel more comfortable than ever. Plus, these delta-8 edibles have long-lasting effects, so you don’t have to worry about the results wearing off any time soon after consumption.

Tastiest Gummy Options: Summit THC

Summit THC may be a newer brand to the D8 world, but the company is quickly making its way as one of the best delta-8 THC brands thanks to their mouth-watering gummies.

Delta-8 gummies with great flavors
Photo: Summit

Check out Summit delta-8 products

When you take a look at Summit THC’s product options, you may be a little taken aback at first: they only have two gummies to choose from! However, these gummies are some of the best-tasting, most appealing edibles on the market. Summit offers both delta-8 and delta-9 THC gummies, both of which offer a soft, fluffy texture that is much more appealing than your traditional THC gummy. The flavors are bright and refreshing, reminding you exactly of the fruit flavors they’re based on. If you’re newer to the world of D8 and D9, starting with one of Summit’s delicious gummies is a great option.

Most Affordable: Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax prices their delta-8 THC products at very low prices, making them one of the most affordable delta-8 companies out there.

Woman holding a delta-8 vape pen in public
Photo: Delta Extrax

Check out Delta Extrax products

Delta Extrax makes products for the everyday consumer. You don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars to experience top-shelf products at Delta Extrax; instead, these products are always reasonably priced and even often on sale. This brand offers subscriptions on products that place an additional discount on top of the already low prices, too; there are just so many ways to save money with Delta Extrax that it’s hard not to consider them one of the best delta-8 brands out there.

Highest Potency: Hi On Nature

The Hi On Nature brand offers some of the most powerful delta-8 products on the market. 

Highly potent delta 8 gummies product
Photo: Hi On Nature

Check out Hi On Nature delta-8 products

Calling all you cannabis connoisseurs out there! Hi On Nature is the ideal brand for any consumer with a high cannabis tolerance or chronic conditions looking to feel relief. While some products are just too mild for some consumers, Hi On Nature offers high-potency products that can help anybody feel their best. But beginners beware: these products are extra-strong, so it’s best to start with a very low dose if you’re brave enough to try Hi On Nature. But, don’t worry! All of Hi On Nature’s potency and purity are backed up by their comprehensive lab test results.

Smoothest Vapes: Secret Nature

Secret Nature is one of the best delta-8 brands out there for smooth, milky vape hits and an overall blissful experience. 

Hemp delta-8 THC vape pen by Secret Nature
Photo: Secret Nature

Check out Secret Nature delta-8 products

The Secret Nature brand has a lot to brag about; however, their delta-8 vape quality is truly what makes them stand out from the rest. Secret Nature’s delta-8 vapes smoke incredibly smoothly, providing pure, milky hits that taste just like terpenes are meant to. The brand doesn’t use any cutting agents or unnatural additives, so you get to enjoy the purity of their delta-8 THC extract uninterrupted. If you’re looking for a company with a great product selection, pure ingredients, and extra-smooth vapes, then try turning to Secret Nature.

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Most Stimulating Products: Just Delta

Just Delta is a great delta-8 brand to turn to when you’re looking for high-quality products that will leave you uplifted and stimulated.

Premium quality delta-8 vape pen by Just Delta brand
Photo: Just Delta

Check out Just Delta products

Just Delta offers a wide range of delta-8 THC products in eye-catching packaging that will have your interest piqued right from the start. Their line of delta 8 products is much more stimulating than your average D8 products, making them a nice surprise to those who are used to the couch-locked effects of usual delta 8 products. But, Just Delta’s products are great for enhancing stimulation and helping you feel more energized and motivated — no matter what product you choose.

Best Delta-8 Gummies: Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats’ delta-8 gummies truly are treats from out of this world, making them one of our favorite delta-8 gummy brands.

Delta-8 gummies with award-winning flavor
Photo: Galaxy Treats

Check out Galaxy Treats delta-8 products

Galaxy Treat’s delta-8 gummies look and taste just like a high-quality gummy. There is no hemp aftertaste, nor do you have to worry about any strange textures or consistencies. The gummies are available in mouth-watering flavor options like Bluerazz Rocket, Starberry, and Mars Mango. Galaxy Treats uses natural ingredients to create juicy flavor profiles alongside strong delta 8 extract — the perfect recipe for an incredible delta-8 gummy experience.

Best Full-Spectrum Blends: TRE House

TRE House offers delta-8 products with comprehensive full-spectrum blends that embrace more cannabinoids than you ever thought possible.

High quality hemp Delta-8 THC vape pen
Photo: TRE House

Check out TRE House delta-8 products

There are a lot of things to love about the TRE House brand, whether it’s their packaging, branding, flavors, or strain options. But, one of the biggest pluses that this delta-8 brand brings is its potent full-spectrum formulas. They use comprehensive blends that include D8, D9, D10, and THCO to create high-potency, full-body effects that even the most experienced cannabis consumer will be impressed by. Even their delta-8 gummies contain HHC and THCO, creating an enhanced high you won’t forget. If you want to try something new and more potent than you’re used to, TRE House is the best delta-8 brand for you.

Best Delta-8 Product Options: Urb

Whether you’re hoping to find live resin carts, delta-8 chocolate, or even D8 dabs, Urb by Lifted Made has you covered.

Woman holding Delta-8 products made by Urb
Photo: Urb

Check out Urb delta-8 products

Lifted Made’s Urb brand has a beautifully unique selection of top-shelf delta-8 products that any consumer will love. These products aren’t your typical D8 products, either. Urb offers delta-8 THC caviar flower, D8 live resin cartridges, and so much more. It’s like they’ve taken your typical delta 8 product selection and turned it up a notch. This is easily one of the best delta-8 brand options for those canna-connoisseurs looking to try something new — and potent.

Best Value: Plain Jane

Plain Jane is the best delta-8 brand to turn to when you’re looking to save some money.

Plain Jane cheap delta-8 THC flower product
Photo: Plain Jane

Check out Plain Jane delta-8 products

Sometimes, you just don’t want to wipe out your bank account to try some high-quality delta-8 THC products. Thankfully, that’s why brands like Plain Jane exist. Plain Jane offers a great selection of five-star delta-8 products at extremely affordable prices. But, they don’t sacrifice quality for lower prices, as the products are still potent and worth spending (just a little bit of) money on. The brand’s customer service team is responsive and all about your wellness; so, if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Best Strain Options: Kalibloom

Kalibloom offers their delta-8 THC products in classic, famous strain options that will have your mouth watering.

Variety of delta-8 vape products by Kalibloom
Photo: Kalibloom

Check out Kalibloom delta-8 products

Pineapple Express, Watermelon Kush, Runtz, and even Fire OG — Kalibloom offers them all within their delta 8 THC products. Kalibloom is a great brand to turn to when you’re looking for your favorite classic cannabis strains and want to try them in D8 form. This brand not only uses myriad great strains, but they have a wide selection of products with third-party lab-test results to back them up every time.

Best Disposable Vapes: Canna River

Canna River’s line of delta-8 disposable vapes are some of the best disposables on the market.

Popular delta-8 vape pen product
Photo: Canna River

Check out Canna River delta-8 products

Canna River has high-quality delta-8 products of all kinds; however, their delta-8 disposables rise way above the others on the market. Their Highlighter Disposables are well-made, smoke smoothly, produce huge hits, and have amazing flavor profiles. They’re also incredibly potent and made with both delta-8 and delta-10. This makes them perfect for a powerful, all-encompassing cannabinoid experience that any consumer will adore. Plus, you have six different incredible strains to choose from.

Best Delta 8 Distillate: Vivimu

If you’re looking for a potent, highly concentrated delta-8 THC distillate but don’t know where to turn, Vivimu has the products for you.

Quality delta-8 distillate product
Photo: Vivimu

Check out Vivimu delta-8 products

Vivimu has a huge selection of delta-8 THC products; but, what makes them one of the best delta-8 brands on the market is their delta-8 distillate. This distillate is affordable, concentrated, and highly potent, making it perfect for anyone interested in dabbing or refilling their vape pen. The texture of the distillate is easy to use, too, so even first-timers can enjoy dipping their toes into the world of dabbing delta-8 distillate.

Best Delta 8 Softgels: Cannabis Life

Sometimes, nothing beats the ease of a potent softgel; thankfully, Cannabis Life is the best delta-8 brand to buy them from.

Man eating softgels infused with delta-8 THC
Photo: Cannabis Life

Check out Cannabis Life delta-8 products

If you’re tired of searching for a high-quality delta-8 softgel, you can look no further than Cannabis Life. Cannabis Life has high-potency, affordable delta-8 THC softgels that are fast-acting and provide full-body results. They don’t have any residual flavor and they’re easy to swallow as the capsules aren’t too big. Cannabis Life also offers other top-shelf delta-8 THC products, but their softgels are truly hard to beat.

Biggest Strain Selection: Fern Valley Farms

No matter what strain you want your delta-8 THC flower in, Farm Valley Farms has what you need and more with their extensive selection.

Man holding delta-8 flower bud at a hemp farm
Photo: Fern Valley Farms

Check out Fern Valley Farms delta-8 products

Fern Valley Farms is one of those delta-8 THC brands you turn to when you have a specific strain in mind that you want to be puffing on. And, if they don’t have that specific strain, they’ll have one close enough to it that you won’t even mind. Fern Valley Farms’ bud is high-quality and tastes great, and they have more than just delta 8 flower for those who are interested.

Best for All Your D8 Needs: Harbor City Hemp

Whether you’re in need of some high-quality carts or a delta-8 THC tincture, Harbor City Hemp is here to help with its extensive product selection.

Premium quality delta-8 THC product
Photo: Harbor City Hemp

Check out Harbor City Hemp delta-8 products

At Harbor City Hemp, you’ll find delta-8 THC products that you haven’t come across anywhere else. They have a huge selection of products, including both cannabis-derived terpene blends and botanical terpene blends depending on your preference and how much you want to spend. With their carts, you have the option of buying a 5-pack and customizing it to your liking, allowing you to try out a bunch of strains to see what you enjoy most.

Largest Delta 8 Selection: 3Chi

Don’t want to settle on just a few delta-8 products? Then 3Chi and their huge product selection may be the ideal delta-8 brand for you.

3Chi delta-8 THC vape cartridge

Check out 3Chi delta-8 products

3Chi has an impressive selection of high-quality delta-8 products for you to choose from (as well as other cannabinoid products if you’re interested). Whether you’re looking for high-potency vape pens, infused edibles like cereal treats or cookies, or even liquid delta-8 shots for on-the-go consumption, 3Chi has the most comprehensive product selection to choose from. It’s also worth noting that 3Chi’s third-party lab-test results are also very extensive and are updated frequently, giving consumers just like you the added reassurance you need before making a purchase.

Read our full 3Chi review

Delta-8 Brands to Consider

Below are some additional delta-8 companies to consider. These are not as highly recommended as the brands above but still, they offer a wide range of highly potent delta-8 products worth checking out.

Botany Farms

Botany Farms delta-8 THC flower product

Check out Botany Farms delta-8 products

It was hard for us to not include Botany Farms on the top half of this list but in trying to supply you with products that have full lab results, Botany doesn’t qualify. This doesn’t mean their products are low quality. On the contrary, Botany Farms is one of the highest quality delta-8 brands we’ve ever tested. Nobody does flower like them, their buds are perfectly curated and trimmed. It is some of the hardest hitting and absolute prettiest nugs you will ever experience.

In terms of aesthetics, this company does everything right. Their edibles are no different; a tropical blend of delta-8 goodness easily makes Botany a top contender for tastiness as well. Their glass jars and artwork also set them apart in the packaging department. 

So what’s wrong with Botany? Simple, their lab results just aren’t there. Botany only tests for potency, omitting heavy metal, pesticide, and residual solvent testing for many of their products. It’s a shame because with the proper paperwork Botany Farms is one of the best delta-8 companies you can find. 

Chill Plus

Chill Plus delta-8 gummies

Check out Chill Plus delta-8 products

Chill Plus is Diamond CBD’s delta-8 subsidiary brand. They offer D8 gummies, vapes, capsules, tinctures, chocolates, lollipops, and much more. We’ve tested their delta-8 tinctures and vapes so far and thoroughly enjoyed the products. It was one of the better-tasting tinctures and vapes we’ve sampled and provided a full body high that’ll make your legs feel like they are floating on clouds while in bed.

Unfortunately for Chill Plus they only test for potency and therefore don’t deserve a spot on the best delta-8 brands list. It’s a shame because their selection is extensive and creative, but lack of testing is a genuine flaw in the current wild west of delta-8. Not to mention their website is messy and has enough pop-ups to make you want to leave out of frustration.

Mystic Labs

Potent delta-8 gummies by Mystic Labs brand
Photo: Mystic Labs

Check out Mystic Labs delta-8 products

Mystic Labs is another affordable delta-8 option. They have one of the largest flavor selections of gummies, over 10 flavors, while also selling vape cartridges and a tincture. Unfortunately, despite positive reviews, all of their products are only tested for potency. It’s hard to tell what’s in these products, good or bad, thus it’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend them. Buy from Mystic Labs with caution or consider sending them an email about further testing if you think this is a company you’d like to try. 

Bearly Legal

Bearly Legal delta 8 hemp cigarettes product
Photo: Bearly Legal

Check out Bearly Legal delta-8 products

Bearly Legal was a New York-based company until delta-8 restrictions got tighter in the state, now they operate out of California. Currently, they sell delta-8 products such as cigarettes, dabs, flower, pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, tinctures, and softgels. Their newly crafted delta-8 cigarettes seem to be the companies most popular sell. All of their products are moderately priced which seems fair seeing as Bearly Legal offers full lab results and testing for each. This is a safe company one can use without worrying about pesticides or toxins.

Delta-8 Brands to Avoid

These are the delta-8 brands you should consider moving away from. Improper lab testing has landed some on this list, others flat out lied about their testing results. We know this because we sent their products to be tested on our own, and their results did not match our results.

  1. Area 52
  2. Hempire Direct
  3. Boston Hempire 
  4. Terra 8
  5. Delta Bar
  6. Cake
  7. Elyxr

We have tested some, but not all, of these brands. We weren’t shy in being justly cruel to Elyxr in our previous reviews, they reek of cheapness and a lack of effort. They send products that look like they were thrown together by a middle school student who forgot his project was due tomorrow. Also, almost every single one of their cartridges tested positive for at least one heavy metal. Some tested positive for as many as four metals.

Editor’s note: We updated the list above on October 6, 2022 to remove EightySix. Our initial experience with this brand was underwhelming mainly due to issues with their flavors and lack of safety testing, but upon retesting the brand’s new formulation we feel they have made significant improvement in the overall quality of their products.

How We Picked the Best Delta-8 Brands

Quality testing a large number of delta-8 products
We carefully tested over 70 of the most popular delta-8 products to find companies that are transparent, reliable, and able to produce high-quality products. Photo: CBD Oracle

When determining the best delta-8 companies, we relied heavily on feedback from the CBD Oracle product review team as well as customer reviews from sites like Reddit, Better Business Bureau, and Trustpilot. With over 160 companies operating in the delta-8 space, we had to use strict criteria to narrow down the 21 best options. While all of the brands listed above offer high-quality and safe hemp delta-8 products, some are better in specific categories than others, so we’ve broken down the list to help you find what you need.

We analyzed and ranked each delta-8 company according to the criteria below:

  • Reputation: Does the company have a positive reputation on sites like Reddit and Better Business Bureau? Has the FDA issued a warning letter to this company? Is the company transparent about its people and manufacturing processes? Is the company affiliated with or certified by organizations such as the US Hemp Authority, National Hemp Association, or the USDA? Does the company have an active and engaged social media presence?
  • Third-Party Testing: Does the company offer a full panel lab report for every SKU? Are the lab reports recently updated? Is the COA produced by an ISO-certified lab? Is there a QR code on every COA for authentication? Does the company’s name appear on the COA?
  • Product Selection: Does the company offer a wide range of delta-8 products including edibles, vapes, and flower? Does the potency range appeal to both beginners and advanced users?
  • Quality: Are the products manufactured using safe practices by technical experts? Do the products deliver an enjoyable experience? Are they packaged in protective containers to preserve freshness? Are they labeled accurately and according to best practices? Do they follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? Are they certified by any third-party organizations?
  • Effects: Are the effects potent? Are the effects consistent with what’s advertised? Are the products effective for the intended purpose?

Delta-8 currently feels like a high school without a principal; anything goes and nobody punishes. The lack of regulatory oversight means companies aren’t required to disclose full lab testing results. Reputable brands do it but those trying to turn a quick profit on a trendy product seem to either forgo lab results completely, leave out chunks of necessary information, or just flat out lie about the results they received.

Independent lab testing conducted by CBD Oracle to determine quality of delta 8 products
We conducted independent lab testing on over 50 delta-8 products to find out which brands produce products that are safe to consume and are accurately labeled. Photo: CBD Oracle

Why is this important? Delta-8 is found in such small quantities in the cannabis plant that to make delta-8 products, distillates must be used, even D8 flower is made using a delta-8 distillate. These distillates, when created poorly, can contain heavy metals, toxins, and residual solvents. Learn more about CBD Oracle’s review process.

Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 Products

Man vaping a delta-8 disposable pen to relax
Photo: Delta Munchies

When buying hemp-derived delta-8 THC products, one of the most positive traits you can look for in deciphering a credible brand is a reputable certificate of analysis (COA).

Another trait to look for is the number of years the company has been in business. Credible brands tend to have been around before the delta-8 rush began around 2020. If a company is new and only sells delta-8, chances are they are trying to turn a quick profit. This doesn’t automatically disqualify a brand, but a company with established roots in the hemp and CBD field gives you a little more assurance because the company has more to lose if something goes wrong.

Also, some of the best delta-8 brands are certified by regulatory cannabis organizations such as the US Hemp Authority. Other certifications to look for are the USDA, GMP, and NSF.

How to Avoid Unethical Delta-8 Brands?

The easiest way to avoid scam delta-8 brands is to do your own research and look at their lab results. If a company only provides lab tests for a product’s potency, this isn’t enough. A product should have a comprehensive lab report that tests for potency, residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins. If you see a company that provides all of these results, it’s a good indication that you can trust them.

But if you sample the product and something feels off, trust your gut. People lie and so do brands, a great place for honest reviews outside of CBD Oracle is Reddit. There you can find consumers giving first-hand accounts of their experiences with delta-8 products. Reviews listed on a brand’s website can be purchased or posted by the brand, finding reviews on third-party websites is a strong option for deciding what company is safe. 

Where is Delta-8 Legal to Buy?

See an updated list of all states where Delta-8 THC is currently legal to buy and sell.

Buying Delta-8 Online vs Retail Stores

We tend to recommend folks to purchase from only the best delta-8 online stores. It’s much easier to do your research on products from the comfort of your home. If you walk into a smoke shop and see some delta-8, now you need to stand there and pick up your phone while you search if that particular company has good reviews and lab results.

You may feel pressure from the employee trying to make a quick sale and rush your judgment. The internet is an ever-expanding pool of knowledge, anything you need to know about delta-8 THC is readily available online. Not every store employee has that same information. Also, lab results aren’t always listed on the packaging of products. Those are all found on the website of each company.

Finding the Safest Delta-8 Companies

See — finding a high-quality delta-8 brand doesn’t have to be impossible. This list should act as a great jumping-off point to locate and identify the best delta-8 THC brands. And if you want to break from this mold and experiment elsewhere, do a minimal amount of digging on each site — read the lab results and third-party reviews — to make sure the company is transparent and reliable.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a trustworthy company worth testing out. The positive experiences we’ve had with this new cannabinoid far outweigh the few negative ones. You just have to find the right, top-shelf brands. (And, luckily, you have 21 to choose from right here.)

Delta-8 FAQs

Which delta-8 brand is the strongest?

There are a few companies that produce exceptionally potent delta-8 THC products, these include Hometown Hero, Binoid, Delta Munchies, and Hi On Nature. Edibles from these brands contain anywhere from 50mg to 500mg delta-8 THC per serving and will produce a very strong high that’s effective for advanced users with a high tolerance – proceed with caution!

What are the safest delta-8 brands?

All the brands mentioned in this list have been extensively tested by our team and are safe to buy. However, a few reputable companies go above and beyond to produce the cleanest and safest delta-8 products, these include Koi, Hometown Hero, Binoid, Kalibloom, and Cannabis Life.

These companies have comprehensive lab reports for all of their products and test for things like residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins to make sure the product you consume is safe and clean.

Which delta-8 brands should you avoid?

You should avoid any delta-8 company that doesn’t provide comprehensive and credible lab reports for all of its products. Without proper testing, you can’t be sure the product you’re consuming is safe and clean.

There are a few companies that don’t follow the best manufacturing and testing standards, these include Area 52, Hempire Direct, Boston Hempire, Terra 8, Cake, and Delta Bar.

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