Best Delta-8 THC Brands

After wading through the murky and unregulated waters of Delta-8, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Delta-8 THC brands currently available.

Products from best delta-8 THC brands

Over the last few months we’ve tested, ranked and reviewed a wide variety of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products through multiple means of consumption in the hopes of finding the best and worst companies available.

These tests have led to beautiful highs, disappointing lows, the occasional migraine and a plethora of concerns that shed light on the current lack of regulation surrounding this new craze. There are currently over 160 companies selling Delta-8, this list was created to showcase the absolute best Delta-8 brands on the market. And to keep you, the consumer, safe. 

Best delta-8 brands to consider

Below are the delta-8 companies that come highly recommended by our team at CBD Oracle as well as from countless reviews on communities like Reddit. While all of these brands offer high quality and safe hemp delta-8 products, some are better in specific categories than others, so we’ve broken down the list to help you find what you need:

  1. Best Overall Brand: Hometown Hero
  2. Best Value: Plain Jane
  3. Best Lab Reports: Koi
  4. Best Vapes:
  5. Strongest Edibles: MoonWlkr
  6. Best Full Spectrum: Five
  7. Smoothest Vapes: Secret Nature
  8. Best Distillate: Extract Labs
  9. Largest Selection: 3Chi
  10. Best Flower: Botany Farms
  11. Best Edibles: Chill Plus

Delta-8 currently feels like a high school without a principal; anything goes and nobody punishes. The lack of regulatory oversight means companies aren’t required to disclose full testing results. Reputable brands go ahead and do it anyway but those trying to turn a quick profit on a trendy product seem to either forgo lab results completely, leave out chunks of necessary information, or just flat out lie about the results they received.

Why is this important? Delta-8 is found in such small quantities in the cannabis plant that to make Delta-8 products distillates must be used, even the flower is created with sprayed on Delta-8 distillate. These distillates, when created poorly, can contain heavy metals, toxins and solvents. The only time I like mercury is when it’s following the name Freddie, I don’t need that junk in my lungs.

11 Best Delta-8 Brands

After months of testing the most popular hemp-derived Delta-8 products on the market, these are the companies we feel are doing things right, followed by those we believe you should avoid.

Best Delta-8 Brand Overall: Hometown Hero

Check out Hometown Hero delta-8 products

When mentioning the best Delta-8 brands any list would be doing a disservice to consumers without immediately listing Hometown Hero at the top. Started in Austin, Texas in 2015 by two friends, Hometown Hero has quickly grown into one of the biggest names in CBD, hemp and Delta-8.

There are companies that have good ethics, good flavors and good potency, but rarely do you get one that excels at all three. Hometown Hero is one of the rarities. 

The Good

  • Unrivaled flavor 
  • Powerful, long lasting potency 
  • Charitable donations with each sale 
  • Clean and detailed lab results
  • Biodegradable, child-safe packaging
  • High Times Hemp Cup awards

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Some products use plastic packaging
  • Ingredients not clearly listed for some products

Editor’s Picks

Hometown Hero Blueberry Delta-8 Gummies

$30 from Hometown Hero

2nd place winner at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup Awards, this is the best tasting edible I’ve ever had. It’s tasty enough to be sold on its own as candy, but strong enough to find itself on the shelves of a dispensary. They’re vegan and gluten free which means anyone can enjoy these potent little treats.

Hometown Hero delta-8 THC gummies

Hometown Hero Raygun Delta-8 Pre Rolls

$14 from Hometown Hero

These slow burning Delta-8 joints have an aroma that holds its own with the skunkiest smelling of weeds. Before the joint finishes, your body and mind will start to notice a deep high set in. This high will last for a while and keep you feeling energized and active until eventually fading away into deep relaxation.

Hometown Hero delta-8 THC preroll

Why We Picked Hometown Hero

So far I’ve had the pleasure of testing Hometown Hero’s Delta-8 blueberry gummies and a pack of their Raygun Delta-8 pre-rolled joints. Both were submitted for consideration when I was compiling lists for the best Delta-8 THC gummies and flower, each topped their respective list.

No other gummy was able to match the flavor Hometown Hero supplied, not to mention their potency was also in a class of its own. It tastes like candy and hits like cannabis, these gummies also supplied the longest lasting effects of any I’ve ever tested. That is a common quality amongst Hometown Hero products.

Their pre-rolled joints smelt great, tasted great and also supplied such strong effects that after smoking one at 7pm, no other smoke session was needed for the rest of the night. 

The only flaw worth mentioning for Hometown Hero is cost, they’re one of the most expensive Delta-8 brands on the market.

But for this expense you’re getting a product that’s quality and flavor are unmatched, lab results are clean and easy to find, and a portion of every product sold is donated to a charity for veterans. Sometimes paying a premium to experience a premium is the only way to go.

Best Value: Plain Jane

Check out Plain Jane delta-8 products

Pivoting away from the high end side of Delta-8 we stumble upon Plain Jane, arguably the best bang for your buck currently in the Delta-8 world. Based in Oregon, this company has a wide selection of hemp, cbd, and Delta-8 products.

Plain Jane came in second on our best Delta-8 THC flower list and was tied for first as the best Delta-8 THC vape cartridge currently available. Outside of Hometown Hero, Plain Jane has taken home the most hardware from the CBD Oracle awards closet. 

For those not looking to splurge on the expensive effects of Hometown Hero, Plain Jane is a no-brainer for the next best option.

The Good

  • Affordability 
  • Bulk options available
  • Unique products
  • Creative packaging 
  • Potent flower and vapes

The Bad

  • Subpar gummies 
  • Finding the COA’s takes some digging, but they’re there

Editor’s Picks

Plain Jane Delta-8 CBG Flower

$17.99 from Plain Jane

Plain Jane takes your average plastic zipper bag and transforms it into an experience with a zombie-looking hand holding a clear jar, behind the jar sits the nug of flower perfectly on display. This is the type of flower one can smoke all day long, at no point did I feel my energy crash, only sustained happiness and good vibes. It was also one of the few Delta-8 flowers that had test results for solvents.

Plain Jane delta-8 THC flower

Plain Jane Delta-8 Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge

$29.99 from Plain Jane

You’d have to search long and hard to find another Delta-8 vape cartridge that matches the potency of Plain Jane’s Pineapple Express. The sleek packaging was easily the most creative of the brands tested and its aftertaste was virtually nonexistent. Couple all this in with the fact that it’s substantially cheaper than rival cartridge brands and you have one of the few Delta-8 cartridges I would comfortably recommend to consumers.

Plain Jane delta-8 THC vape cartridges

Why We Picked Plain Jane

This is a company that’s constantly growing and improving. They offer products in the Delta-8 landscape that few others do such as Delta-8 peppermints, cannatarts and infused cigarettes.

The best part is they do this all while being one of the most affordable and reputable brands on the market. An eighth of their flower costs just $17.99 while Hometown Hero sells theirs for $50. And, in terms of lab results, they offer clean products with proper testing in place. 

I myself have tested three of their Delta-8 products; the grape gummies, pineapple express cartridge and their CBG Delta-8 infused flower. In all transparency I did not rank their gummies high on my list, they actually came in last place. But when their gummies lacked, the flower and vapes put the team on their back and carried them across the finish line.

The CBG flower had an aroma of coffee and citrus which translated into a smoke that tasted like breakfast. Their cartridge was the most potent vape tested and the only one of the bunch that I continued to use even after we published the list.

Best Lab Reports: Koi

Check out Koi delta-8 products

Koi is a popular CBD company founded in 2015 that’s recently entered the Delta-8 space with great success. Though their product line is still limited to just a handful of options, the quality and detailed lab results of Koi are enough to instantly jump them to the top of the list when considering the best Delta-8 THC brands.

Koi offers the basics; flower, gummies and tinctures, but recently upped their game by introducing a pop rocks Delta-8 candy edible. There’s nothing I love more than combining children’s candy with adult highs. 

Their prices are neither high nor low and hover right around the middle ground, but with their superb testing and tracing it’s well worth the investment.

The Good

  • Best lab testing available
  • Great tasting edibles 
  • Sleep enhancing flower

The Bad

  • Flower lacked flavor 
  • Flower was dry

Editor’s Picks

Koi Delta-8 Watermelon Gummies

$13.99 from Koi

Koi’s watermelon gummies are one of the tastiest Delta-8 edibles currently available. One of five flavors currently being sold by Koi, this gummy perfectly recreated one of my favorite Sour Patch candies while giving me a manageable high that was suitable for all-day use. A pack of six costs just $13.99 while the larger variation of 20 is $39.99.

Koi delta-8 THC gummies

High Hopes Cookies Flower

$24.99 from Koi

Koi sells their Delta-8 flower under the High Hopes banner. What this particular strain lacks in flavor it immediately makes up for with potent effects that persuade the mind to take some time off and fall asleep anxiety-free. It smells like cinnamon and knocks you out like one giant airport Cinnabon.

Koi delta-8 THC flower

Why We Picked Koi

As detailed in the opening of this list, transparency about the quality of products is the most common issue plaguing the Delta-8 world. Koi is the number one company at putting those concerns to bed.

Not only are lab results clearly listed on the top bar of their website’s landing page, but these results are the most in-depth and comprehensive currently available. Each certificate of analysis comes in around six pages in length and includes every test one could possibly want to see done for their products. Koi is genuinely setting the industry standard for how open and clear a company should be with their Delta-8 products

The Koi Delta-8 products I’ve tested are their High Hopes Cookies flower and watermelon flavored gummies. The edibles produced mild effects in comparison to the others I had tested but this isn’t necessarily a negative. Sometimes you may want a product that doesn’t knock you off your ass and throw off your entire day.

Koi offers a great selection of edibles for those looking to consume Delta-8 throughout the course of the day without adverse sleepy effects. Their watermelon gummies were exact replicas of Sour Patch Watermelons, they were some of the tastiest edibles sampled.

Though the flower didn’t have my favorite flavor, the effects were noticeably strong and led me into a great nighttime stretching session and eventual deep sleep.

Best Delta-8 Vapes:

Check out delta-8 products

Allow me to introduce the Delta-8 brand ‘Delta-8’. It’s the cannabis world’s version of the band ‘The Band’. Naming yourself after the product you sell is a bold move but as they say, “Fortune favors the bold.” It also makes for one hell of a Delta-8 cartridge apparently.

All of their products are accompanied with an extensive and respectable COA. Many of the cartridges and edibles we’ve tested from other brands severely lacked in this department. Most companies only have potency tests while fully omitting toxin reports, D8 includes it all. D8 fully deserves the name they’ve chosen, though it makes googling them a complete mess.

The Good

  • Best Delta-8 cartridge 
  • Wide selection of strains 
  • Fully credible lab reports

The Bad

  • Packaging is undesirable 
  • Product range is limited
  • Company lacks transparency

Editor’s Picks

D8 Gushers x Runtz Cartridge

$29.99 from

D8’s most positively reviewed strain is their Gushers x Runtz collaboration. Though the packaging gives off the vibe of a cheap company, the product is anything but subpar. Expect to feel calm, focused, and driven throughout the course of your entire day. The taste is as impressive as the effects and completely masks any chemical flavor that may be present.

Delta-8 THC vape cartridge

D8 Sour Lemonade Gummies

$39.99 from

The packaging of D8’s gummies are a drastic improvement upon the tattered cardboard boxes their cartridges call home. These tiny little cubes look straight out of a box of Jell-O and sit (more of a wiggle) in a nice little jar. The alluring color and mouth watering lemonade flavor perfectly recreate summer’s favorite beverage.

Delta-8 THC sour gummies

Why We Picked was our leading delta-8 cartridge tested, their Gushers x Runtz strain is their most popular and for obvious reasons. The flavor of Gushers comes through perfectly, it’s like the tiny juicy candy is exploding in your mouth with each pull. The immediate relaxation transforms into sustained focus and leaves one feeling ready to tackle the day while anxiety takes a back seat. No crashing or lethargy here. 

For a decent amount of time the only product D8 was offering were their cartridges and vapes, a move I kind of respect. So many of these new Delta-8 companies try to find a million different things to stick their Delta-8 distillate in. D8 figured let’s do one thing and do it right. Recently however, D8 started offering five different flavors of Delta-8 gummies. These gelatinous little cubes each pack a punch of 25mg of Delta-8 each.

Strongest Delta-8 Edibles: MoonWlkr

Check out MoonWlkr delta-8 products

MoonWlkr, a hemp company headquartered in Nevada, is the creator of edibles so strong that you’ll be sliding around the house like the King of Pop himself. Much like the previous brand,, MoonWlkr sells just delta-8 cartridges, vapes, and gummies (though recently they’ve added CBD products).

I have a complicated relationship with this company. Their edibles ranked second on my list for the best Delta-8 gummies and provided a high so strong I was shocked they were Delta-8 and not marijuana. I gave two to my mom and she spent the night crawling on the floor attempting to locate her phone so she could call the cops on herself. None of that is an exaggeration. That’s how strong MoonWlkr is. 

My only complaint is that some of their cartridges repeatedly caused migraines during testing, though this is likely just a case of one person reacting poorly to one product.

The Good

  • Best value for Delta-8 gummies 
  • One of the strongest Delta-8 edibles 
  • Great lab results

The Bad

  • Strong aftertaste in gummies 
  • Cartridge caused migraines
  • Edibles may be too strong for beginners

Editor’s Pick

MoonWlkr Watermelon Zkittlez Gummies

$39.99 from MoonWlkr

As I’ve already sung its praises, it should be no surprise that my pick is the Delta-8 watermelon gummies. Something tells me all six of their flavors will steer you in the right direction but this is the flavor I tested.

The texture was firm and consistent, something a lot of companies get wrong. The initial watermelon flavor is mouth-watering and the bitter aftertaste is quickly forgotten when the edible hits and you get sent to the moon. I don’t know how much walking one will be doing on a MoonWlkr edible, but bring a pillow and enjoy the views from above.

Watermelon delta-8 THC gummies by MoonWlkr

Why We Picked MoonWlkr

My issue with MoonWlkr came during the testing of their Grape Runtz cartridge. Though the lab results are trustworthy and extensive, for one reason or another, the MoonWlkr cartridge repeatedly induced migraines for me. I tested it multiple times on multiple days and each time I felt my head enter into a level of pain I wasn’t accustomed to. 

Migraine aside, I’m comfortable listing MoonWlkr on this list because their edibles are that good. Also, they’re the best value on the market. Most companies toss 10 edibles into their jars and call it a day, MoonWlkr gives you a whopping 50 gummies. Each bottle contains 625mg of Delta-8 for only $39.99. All their products have clean lab results.

Best Full Spectrum Products: Five

Check out Five delta-8 products

Five CBD is, hands down, one of the best and most respected CBD companies currently operating. Five specializes in full spectrum blends which means every cannabinoid present in the hemp plant is also present in their finished product.

Five currently offers a selection of hemp-derived delta-9 THC edibles and tinctures, with up to 5mg THC per serving (which felt like a 20mg dose of delta-8).

The Good

  • Vegan 
  • Emphasis on potency 
  • Fruity flavors 
  • Top notch lab results

The Bad

  • Plastic packaging
  • No longer offers delta-8 products – they’ve been replaced with hemp delta-9 instead
  • Max potency offered is 5mg THC per serving which may be too weak if you have a high tolerance

Editor’s Pick

Five Delta-9 THC Gummies

$29.99 from Five

Five a bottle of 30 multi flavored gummies with 25mg CBD plus 5mg THC per serving. This mix of flavors is perfect for those who worry they may not enjoy the taste of a single flavor. Most companies sell you one specific taste but Five gives you the option to explore a few.

Though this product is brand new, it already has the proper testing to make it a trustworthy and noteworthy option. If it’s anything like Five’s Daily Buzz gummies, get ready for one of the strongest legal highs one can possibly experience.

Hemp delta-8 THC gummies by Five CBD

Why We Picked Five

Potency is something Five exceeds at, they hit harder than any other CBD gummy I’ve tested. Until recently, the strongest product available from Five was their Daily Buzz CBD gummy. This gummy offered 50mg of full spectrum CBD with 5mg of THC, pushing the legal limits of what a CBD gummy can offer.

Recently, Five decided to take a crack at Delta-8 and the reviews show they may have just created their most potent product yet. Their hemp derived gummies come 30 per bottle and have 10mg of Delta-8 in each one. Each bottle is multi flavored and, like all their CBD products, has legitimate lab results to ease the mind of consumers.

My prior experiences with Five’s CBD gummies combined with their industry respect and clean products has me feeling quite content listing them among some of the best Delta-8 brands one can try.

Smoothest Vapes: Secret Nature

Check out Secret Nature delta-8 products

Secret Nature is a CBD company that’s been on the market for four years now though they say their team has been working in the cannabis industry for 20 years. They specialize in indoor grown organic CBD flower and recently have started adding Delta-8 products to their lineup.

The selection at Secret Nature is still limited and often sold out; right now they offer just one cartridge, a few pre rolls, and some flower under the “Elysian,” name. Price wise they’re somewhere between affordable and average, rarely crossing into the high end. And truthfully, that’s what you get quality wise; somewhere between cheap and average.

The Good

  • One of the best Delta-8 vapes 
  • Nicer packaging than most
  • Organically-grown flower

The Bad

  • Flower tested positive for heavy metals 
  • Small selection of delta-8 products, often sold out

Editor’s Pick

Secret Nature Delta-8 Vape Cartridge

$32 from Secret Nature

What was originally my third place vape on the best Delta-8 cartridge list due to a lack of COA now has paperwork to bump themselves up to the top contender. The fancy black packaging with gold trimmed lettering and incredibly smooth distillate is enough to set this product apart from its competitors.

The high you can expect to feel is one that will keep your anxiety and aches and pains at bay, while also providing you the required energy to conquer your day with ease.

Hemp delta-8 THC vape cartridge by Secret Nature

Why We Picked Secret Nature

Honesty is what I strive for in these reviews so for Secret Nature I’ll give my honest opinions. Their Delta-8 cartridge is the only product I’d recommend from their Delta-8 line. It was the smoothest to smoke and the most energetic cartridge on the entire list. The taste was equally immaculate and provided no remnants of an aftertaste.

As a daily runner I was experiencing a few aches and pains but after pulling this tasty tube of goodness, they all seemed to melt away. I had it ranked third on my best Delta-8 cartridges list because it lacked a COA, Secret Nature now has full paperwork on their carts and it passes all the necessary requirements. I can’t say the same for their flower. 

Between their pre-rolls and actual nugs of flower I found nothing noteworthy enough to recommend to consumers. Their Elysian Delta-8 CBG flower gave me pretty intense lethargy and had some of the nastiest looking buds of any of the brands I’ve sampled. After taking a look at the paperwork on this flower it clearly tested positive for both arsenic and lead.

I also sampled their pre-rolls and their Delta-8 blunt, none produced any stand out effects. They were some of the weakest products tested. I give credit where credit is due and because of their stellar cartridge, Secret Nature secures a spot on this list. But please be wary of consuming their flower, there’s no need to ingest heavy metals. Unless it’s the music. Even then…not for me.

Best Distillate: Extract Labs

Check out Extract Labs delta-8 products

Extract Labs is a Colorado based company founded by combat veteran Craig Henderson. Putting a face to a company name is something rare in the Delta-8 landscape, most tend to hide between vails of anonymity. Having someone so clearly show themselves as the force behind a brand gives you a sense of safety in knowing this is a product where the owner is proud enough to claim it as his.

Extract Labs is currently offering a range of delta-8 products including gummies, chocolate bar, vape cartridges, and extract sauce.

The Good

  • In-house extraction 
  • Up-to-date, thorough lab results 
  • Affordable
  • Bulk options available

The Bad

  • Highest potency offered is 25mg per serving
  • Their gummies are not vegan
Extract Labs delta-8 THC edibles

Why We Picked Extract Labs

Numerous times they’ve won awards for best isolates and best extractor at the Indo Expo. And that’s no surprise after seeing how extensive their product range is. Their CBD products come in bath bombs, coffees, concentrates, chocolates, and so much more. 

But focusing on Delta-8, Extract Labs currently offers cartridges, a bulk jar of distillate, an extract sauce, and the first Delta-8 chocolate bar I’ve ever seen.

Their products are all competitively priced and even better, they’re all extracted in-house, meaning no outsourcing is going on here. All of their lab results are clean, safe and up-to-date. Many brands list one lab result and call it a day, Extract Labs continues to update the COA’s with each new batch created. No fillers are used in any of their extracts and often contain blends that have not just Delta-8, but CBD and CBG as well. 

Though I’ve yet to test Extract Labs, research alone shows they stand in the upper echelon of clean Delta-8 products. This, combined with their competitive pricing, is enough for me to recommend these guys. I am genuinely excited to review them down the line.

Largest Delta-8 Selection: 3Chi

Check out 3Chi delta-8 products

The last member on this list is Indiana-based 3Chi, a company that primarily focuses on Delta-8. They offer one of the largest selection of highly potent delta-8 products including edibles, vapes, tinctures, and concentrates. Through reputable reviews and notable lab results, they’ve earned the right to hold a place on this list.

Lab results are something that stood out to me with 3Chi, not only do they list the proper testing, but they also go as far as to have multiple different labs test their products. This is the first company I’ve seen on this list to do that. 

The Good

  • Potent effects
  • Vast catalogue of products 
  • Won’t break the bank 
  • Lab results from multiple labs
  • Offers bulk options

The Bad

  • Reviews seem to show cartridges may be harsh
  • Packaging looks a bit cheap
3Chi delta-8 THC vape cartridge

Why We Picked 3Chi

Another fun attribute of 3Chi is having Delta-8 products I’ve yet to see elsewhere; brownies, cookies, cereal bars and water soluble powder…you know just in case you want your boss to think you’re being smart and hydrating when in reality you’re blasting off to a cloud of stoned goodness. 3Chi also provides the basics in forms of cartridges, gummies, tinctures and sauces.

All of their products are priced competitively and give newcomers to Delta-8 an incredibly affordable option to jump in on. The amount of options they offer on strains as well, far too many to list, gives even the pickiest of consumers something to enjoy. From my count, their cartridges are available in a whopping 50 strains. You are bound to find something you will like and can afford with 3Chi.

Other delta-8 brands to consider

Below are some additional delta-8 companies to consider. These are not as highly recommended as the brands above but still, they offer a wide range of highly potent delta-8 products worth checking out.

Botany Farms

Botany Farms delta-8 THC flower product

Check out Botany Farms delta-8 products

It was hard for me to not include Botany Farms on the top half of this list but in trying to supply the reader with products that have full lab results, Botany doesn’t qualify.

This doesn’t mean their products are low quality. On the contrary, Botany Farms is one of the highest quality Delta-8 brands I’ve ever tested. Nobody does flower like them, their buds are perfectly curated and trimmed. It is some of the hardest hitting and absolute prettiest nugs you will ever experience.

In terms of aesthetics, this company does everything right. Their edibles are no different; a tropical blend of Delta-8 goodness easily makes Botany a top contender for tastiness as well. Their glass jars and artwork also set them apart in the packaging department. 

So what’s wrong with Botany?

Simple, their lab results just aren’t there. Botany only tests for potency, omitting heavy metal and pesticide testing. Numerous times I’ve emailed back and forth with Botany, any time I’m able to get them to send paperwork they still leave out toxin testing. This could be a case of them not wanting to pay to have it done or it could be a case of bad results they don’t want to share, either way it leaves me hesitant to advise others to consume.

It’s a shame because with the proper paperwork Botany is one of the best Delta-8 companies you can find. 

Delta Extrax

Check out Delta Extrax products

Delta Extrax, from what I can tell, is the rebranding of the former company Delta Effex. It worries me a little that a company that was already having success in a growing market would pivot and change names, that seems like more a necessity than a choice at that point.

I’d reviewed multiple Delta Effex products, their flower and vapes to be exact, and neither stood out as anything special. Their vapes, though low in quantity, all tested positive for at least one heavy metal. If you’re on a budget, this may be a choice for you, but even then there are plenty of more affordable options that come with better results and products. 

Chill Plus

Chill Plus delta-8 gummies

Check out Chill Plus delta-8 products

Chill Plus is Diamond CBD’s Delta-8 subsidiary brand. Offering gummies, vapes, capsules, tinctures, chocolates, lollipops, and much more.

I’ve tested only their Delta-8 tinctures so far and thoroughly enjoyed the product. It was one of the better tasting tinctures I’ve sampled thus far and provided a full body high that had my legs feeling like they were floating on clouds while in bed.

Unfortunately for Chill Plus they only test for potency and therefore don’t deserve a spot on the best Delta-8 brands list. It’s a shame because their selection is extensive and creative, but lack of testing is a genuine flaw in the current wild west of Delta-8. Not to mention their website is messy and has enough pop-ups to make you think one wrong click is going to lead you right from CBD to an adult video website.


Check out Urb delta-8 products

Urb is the Delta-8 subsidiary brand of Lifted, a Wisconsin based hemp company. Their Delta-8 menu includes flower, vapes, edibles, dabs, and gummies. Urb utilizes low prices and alluring packaging to grab consumers and reel them in.

However, they fall flat where so many other Delta-8 gummies also falter, each product of theirs is only tested for potency and avoids the full panel which lets consumers know exactly what they’re ingesting. Urb is worth keeping an eye on to see if, as they grow, they become a bit more transparent.

Mystic Labs

Check out Mystic Labs delta-8 products

Mystic Labs is another affordable Delta-8 option. They have one of the largest flavor selections of gummies, over 10 flavors, while also selling vape cartridges and a tincture.

Unfortunately, despite positive reviews, all of their products are only tested for potency. It’s hard to tell what’s in these products, good or bad, thus it’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend to people. Buy from Mystic Labs with caution or consider sending them an email about further testing if you think this is a company you’d like to try. 

Bearly Legal

Check out Bearly Legal delta-8 products

Bearly Legal was a New York based company until Delta-8 restrictions got tighter in the state, now they operate out of California.

Currently, they sell Delta-8 products such as cigarettes, dabs, flower, pre-rolls, vapes, gummies, tinctures, and softgels. Their newly crafted Delta-8 cigarettes seem to be the companies most popular sell. All of their products are moderately priced which seems fair seeing as Bearly Legal offers full lab results and testing for each.

This is a safe company one can use without worrying about pesticides or toxins.

Delta-8 brands to avoid

These are the top Delta-8 brands we’d steer you away from:

  1. Elyxr 
  2. Hempire Direct
  3. The Hemp Doctor 
  4. Boston Hempire 
  5. EightySix
  6. Terra 8
  7. Delta Bar

Improper testing has landed some on this list, others flat out lied about their testing results. We know this because we sent their products to be tested on our own, their results did not match our results.

Of the five on this list, I myself have tested Elyxr and EightySix. I wasn’t shy in being cruel to Elyxr in my reviews, they reek of cheapness and a lack of effort. They send products that look like they were thrown together by a middle school student who forgot his project was due tomorrow. Also, almost every single one of their cartridges tested positive for at least one heavy metal. Some tested positive for as many as four.

EightySix is the other brand I tested and by far the worst Delta-8 edible I’ve ever had. All of the flavors should have just been called “Chemical,” their best option was described in my article as tasting like Chlorine. They also tested positive for heavy metals in every product that was sent.

What to look for when buying delta-8 products?

When buying Delta-8 THC products, one of the most positive traits one can look for in deciphering a credible brand is a reputable certificate of analysis (COA).

Credible brands will also tend to have been around since before the Delta-8 rush. If a company is new and only sells Delta-8, chances are they are trying to turn a profit. This doesn’t automatically equate to a bad brand, but a company with longevity in the hemp and CBD field is preferred.

Also, some of the best Delta-8 brands have certifications from larger cannabis organizations. The US Hemp Authority is one of the leaders in these certifications. The USDA also gives out certified organic certifications as well as the NSF.

How to avoid unethical delta-8 brands?

The easiest way to avoid scam Delta-8 brands is to do your own research and look at their lab results. If a company only lists tests for a product’s potency, this isn’t enough. A product, at the very least, should be tested for potency, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins. If you see a company list all of these results, it’s a good indication that you can trust them.

But if you sample the product and something feels off, trust your gut. People lie and so do brands, a great place for honest reviews outside of CBD Oracle is Reddit.

There you can find consumers giving first hand accounts of their experiences with Delta-8. Reviews listed on a brand’s website can be purchased or posted by the brand, finding reviews on third-party websites is a strong option for deciding what company is safe. 

Where is delta-8 legal to buy?

See an updated list of all states where Delta-8 THC is currently legal to buy and sell.

Buying delta-8 online vs. local stores

I tend to recommend folks purchase their Delta-8 online. It’s much easier to do your research on products from the comfort of your home. If you walk into a smoke shop and see some Delta-8, now you need to stand there and pick up your phone while you search if that particular company has good reviews and lab results.

You may feel pressure from the employee trying to make a quick sale and rush your judgement. The internet is an ever-expanding pool of knowledge, anything you need to know about Delta-8 THC is readily available online. Not every store employee has that same information. Also, lab results aren’t always listed on the packaging of products. Those are all found on the website of each company.

Finding the best delta-8 brands; Final thoughts

To conclude, not all of the Delta-8 THC marketplace is unethical. This list should act as a great jumping-off point to locate and identify the best Delta-8 THC brands. And if you want to break from this mold and experiment elsewhere, do a minimal amount of digging on each site, read some lab results and third-party reviews.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a trustworthy company worth testing out. The positive experiences I’ve had with this new cannabis industry darling far outweigh the few negative ones. I hope you too can start to experience the many highs of Delta-8.

Disclaimer: While CBD Oracle may receive an affiliate commission for sales made through some of the delta-8 companies listed above, the recommendations remain entirely unbiased and based on independent testing done by CBD Oracle editors.