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Premium Jane CBD review
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Premium Jane is a CBD company who hasn’t been around for too long but has quickly established quite a reputation within the health and wellness sphere. This CBD brand has been featured everywhere, from Forbes to LA Weekly and Weedmaps. In general, Premium Jane is definitely a solid CBD brand: they have a wide variety of products, their products taste good, and most of them are quite effective.

However, a lot of this company’s issues lie within their shipping and delivery processes. Apparently, I was one of the lucky few who didn’t receive their tincture half-empty, spilled, or even at all.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and tastiness of Premium Jane’s products, but I couldn’t ignore the blatant issues that so many other customers have. As a new company like theirs, it seems as though they’re still working out the kinks.

Across the board, these products are effective. They come in strong potencies that have quick onset times and pleasant effects like muscle relaxation and mental calmness. Some of the products are made better than others, with many finding issues with the caps and droppers of their CBD oils. Although the flavors and presentation are some of the best, this brand could definitely improve a bit in terms of functionality.
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What's Good
Strong potency options
Delicious flavors
Effective therapeutic results
Reduced muscle tension
Reduced stress
What's Bad
Poor packaging for tinctures
Myriad shipping/delivery issues reported
Premium Jane

Technical Details

CBD Strength:300-5000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum, Broad, Isolate
Cannabis Type:Hemp
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Gummies, Topicals, Capsules, Pet CBD
Hemp Origin:Kentucky
Similar Brands:Plain Jane, Green Roads, Joy Organics, Lord Jones

Editor’s Picks

  • I can never resist a citrus-flavored gummy, and Premium Jane’s Lime gummies did not disappoint. Each gummy had a perfect 25mg, and 1500mg of CBD total, making them ideal for experienced consumers. But, if you want a lower dose, you can always eat half a gummy instead. These are great for those who don’t like the taste of hemp and are looking for a strong dose of motivation, stimulation, and stress-free thinking. Plus, they’re vegan!

Premium Jane CBD Oil

Premium Jane CBD oil review

For many Premium Jane customers, their tinctures cause the most upset, according to online reviews. Again, I didn’t have any problems with the shipping or handling of my 1000mg tincture, but numerous other customers have. Often, the tops of these tinctures will not arrive screwed on properly or are just broken completely, resulting in a spilled or empty product.

However, I was happy with my tincture: it had the usual oily texture, and the natural flavor wasn’t unappealing. I felt somewhat potent effects in about an hour, all of which surrounded mental clarity, happiness, and relaxation.

Premium Jane CBD oil color

Product Summary

The packaging for Premium Jane’s tinctures are not well-made, often resulting in spilled or empty products. However, the natural flavors do blend well into drinks, and the effects kicked in after about 60 minutes. My mind felt clearer and more focused while my body was relaxed for several hours throughout the day.


  • Nice natural flavor
  • Potent effects
  • Focused, clearer mind
  • Relaxed muscles


  • Poor packaging
  • Expensive
CBD:1000mg (25mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $124 ($0.12/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Focus, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Focused, Reduced muscle tension
Smell:Hemp, herbal

Premium Jane CBD Capsules

Premium Jane CBD capsules review

Out of all of their products, Premium Jane’s soft gel capsules have the best reviews and the best reputation, and it’s easy to see why. Compared to their other products, the 1200mg capsules work much quicker and more efficiently.

Whether this is due to the consumption method, the full-spectrum extract, or the fact that each soft gel contains 40mg is beyond me, but it’s clear that these products are the ones to take for the strongest, most beneficial outcomes. After just one, I was relaxed from head to toe, pain-free, and ready to tackle my work.

Premium Jane CBD softgel

Product Summary

These softgels are packed in simple yet easy to use packaging that makes it clear what the products are. Premium Jane’s capsules don’t have any residual taste and they go down just as easily as your everyday vitamin. In about 30 minutes, I started to feel the tension in my muscles fade and my mood lightened. Out of all of their products, these softgels are easily the most effective.


  • Provides stress relief
  • No residual taste
  • Quick, potent effective
  • Promoted a full-body relaxation
  • Mood enhancement


  • No complaints here
CBD:1200mg (40mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $75 ($0.06/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Balance, #Relaxing, #Mood
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Bliss, Reduced Pain

Premium Jane CBD Gummies

Premium Jane CBD gummies review

Premium Jane’s 750mg Gummy Bear edibles are a tasty, chewy way to get your daily dose of CBD. I was happy with the bright, fruity flavors that these edibles produced, and I couldn’t taste the hemp inside whatsoever.

Each gummy contains 25mg, but instead of using the full-spectrum extract they normally do, Premium Jane decided to use CBD isolate for these gummies. I’m a big supporter of the entourage effect, and I think it was clear that these gummies didn’t have the support of other cannabinoids. Though a tasty option for the sweet tooth fanatics out there, effects were much milder than other 25mg gummies I’ve tried.

Premium Jane CBD gummy

Product Summary

These gummies taste great and come in cute packaging that’s clearly well-made. Premium Jane’s gummy bears aren’t too chewy nor too sweet, and they don’t remind you of hemp. They’re completely THC-free with their CBD isolate, but this may be why they don’t appear to be as effective as their other products. With one gummy, I experienced mild calmness and reduced stress throughout the day, but that was the extent.


  • Delicious flavors
  • THC-free
  • Vegan


  • Mild effects, especially for avid CBD consumers
  • Not great for body relaxation
CBD:750mg (25mg/dose)
Extract Type:Isolate
Price: $55 ($0.07/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Stress, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Calm, Relaxed
Taste:Fruity, sweet

Premium Jane CBD Topical Salve

Premium Jane CBD topical review

Premium Jane has recently come out with a 750mg Eucalyptus CBD Topical Salve that’s meant to help support your tired, aching muscles. Premium Jane uses only all-natural ingredients combined with real eucalyptus extract to create an organic, non-GMO topical.

I found that this salve rubbed into my skin nicely, not leaving behind any strange residues or textures. Within about five minutes, I could tell that the full-spectrum CBD was getting to work, as my problem areas all felt a lot more manageable. While it didn’t result in relief like stronger topicals I’ve tried, I was still pleased with the relaxation it did bring.

Premium Jane CBD salve

Product Summary

Premium Jane’s salve is not only packaged well, but it’s made well, too; the texture is pleasant on the skin and absorbs flawlessly. The smells are fresh and natural, with nothing too overwhelming. For those with deep-seated muscle pains, re-application will likely be needed, as this salve is only mildly potent. However, it’s wonderful for gentle muscle tension relief.


  • Easy to apply
  • No strange residue
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Relieves muscle tension


  • Only mildly potent
  • Requires re-application
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $75 ($0.10/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Muscle Aches, #Pain
Effects Felt:Reduced muscle tension