The Best THC-O Gummies for a Beneficial High

We’ve narrowed down an extensive list of THC-O gummies to discover the top three on the market.

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Mell Green

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Best THC-O gummies reviewed
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Editor’s note: The products we initially tested for this list have been discontinued due to legal and safety reasons. This list was updated on August 11, 2023 to include the few THC-O edibles that are still available on the market. Due to safety concerns around THC-O Acetate, we recommend our readers seek other cannabinoids instead.

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As more people discover the effects of THC-O, the popularity behind THC-O gummies and other edibles have skyrocketed. These products are ideal for helping to provide an uplifting, supportive high unlike you’ve tried yet. So, instead of having to weed out the subpar options from the best, we’ve done it for you.

Today, we’ve come up with a list of the top three best THC-O gummies for a remarkable, beneficial high. 

3 Best THC-O Gummies

After testing the most popular options, we’ve picked the best THC-O gummies you can legally get online for a potent dose of relief and euphoric effects. THC-O is highly potent and may cause psychotropic effects, proceed with caution.

Best Overall: Elyxr

Elyxr’s THC-O gummies are made well, taste great, and produce potent, long-lasting effects all day long.

THC-O gummies with blue raspberry flavor
Photo: Elyxr

Available for $34.99 from Elyxr

Plain and simple, Elyxr’s THC-O gummies are made well, work well, and provide hours of relaxing, soothing effects. While some THC-O gummies may prove too strong for some, these gummies are perfect for giving you a supportive introduction to the cannabinoid without feeling overwhelmed. These gummies will be ideal for anyone suffering from body aches and pains, as well as high levels of stress or anxiety. And, the effects are sure to last for hours. 

Pros & Cons


  • Large selection of flavors
  • Great texture 
  • 20 mg of delta-8 THC and 5 mg of THC-O per gummy 
  • Dozens of five-star reviews 
  • Great for calming the mind and body


  • Low-quality packaging
  • Flavors could be brighter 
  • COAs aren’t as easy to find as they should be

Best Selection: Serene Tree

No matter what kind of THC-O gummy you’re craving, Serene Tree has plenty of options and more.

THC-O Acetate gummies
Photo: Serene Tree

Available for $29.95 from Serene Tree

Serene Tree offers THC-O gummies in practically any form you can think of: watermelon rings, peach rings, rainbow rings, green apple gummies, and so much more. Plus, each one of these THC-O gummy options is packed with some of the highest levels of THC-O we’ve seen in a gummy yet: 25 mg of THC-O in each! These high cannabinoid levels make these tasty gummies only suitable for those who are highly experienced in the world of cannabis. 

Pros & Cons


  • Huge selection of THC-O gummy options
  • Gummies taste delicious; very reminiscent of actual candies
  • Affordably priced at under $30 for 300 mg
  • Extremely potent at 25 mg THC-O per gummy
  • Best for those with very high tolerances


  • Will likely be too strong for the average consumer
  • No customer reviews on website
  • Poor-quality packaging

Most Unique Cannabinoid Blends: Sweet Life

When you’re looking for a unique cannabinoid blend beyond just THC-O, the Sweet Life brand has your back.

THC-O taffy edible
Photo: Sweet Life

Available for $32 from Sweet Life

You can find THC-O taffy edible packed with delta-8, HHC, THCP, and more with Sweet Life’s sweet treats. Though these edibles may not have the best flavor profile, it makes sense considering their strong cannabinoid blends. Unfortunately, there is only one THC-O edible option available from this brand.

Pros & Cons


  • Potent blend of THC-O and delta-8, delta-9, and HHC
  • Decent value at 500 mg for $32
  • Unique taffy edible


  • Only one option available
  • Not the best flavor
  • Contains corn syrup
  • Cannabinoid blends aren’t super clear on the product’s label

How We Tested the THC-O Gummies

Testing variety of THC-O gummies to determine effectiveness
We reviewed and tested popular THC-O edibles to pick out the most effective options for pain relief, sleep, anxiety, and relaxation. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

With how many THC-O edible options have popped up on the market recently, it was crucial we truly took our time testing these infused candies. For each brand, before even trying the products, we measured their quality based on criteria like transparency (what kind of product information did they offer, were their COAs easily available, did they even offer COAs?), reputation (customer reviews), and product selection. If they passed these tests, then we went ahead to try the products themselves. 

CBD Oracle editor testing a variety of THC-O edibles to determine quality
We tested the effectiveness, as well as the onset and duration, of each THC-O edible product to find products that deliver a consistent and therapeutic experience every time. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

Because THC-O gummies can be quite psychoactive, we found it best to test these gummies at the end of a work day. Thus, the team consumed each option at 5 pm throughout the week and timed how long it took for the effects to kick in. From there, I evaluated the products even further using the following categories: 

  • Quality – How do these measure up to other products in terms of manufacturing integrity and the quality of the finished product? Do they follow the industry’s best practices to ensure safe and reliable products?
  • Flavor – Is it not only safe to consume, but also taste-worthy? 
  • Packaging – What are these presented in and is it eye-catching or interesting in any way? Does the packaging protect the edibles from melting? Is the container child-resistant?
  • Effects – Do these meet my recreational or medicinal needs? Are the effects potent, consistent, and reliable?
  • Value – Is the price and any overall experience worth the purchase?
  • Lab Testing – Is the product tested for contaminants like pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals? Is it tested by a credible laboratory that is certified by the ISO or the DEA?

Learn more about CBD Oracle’s testing methodology.

Guide to Buying the Best THC-O Gummies

Close up of THCO gummies product
THC-O products are highly potent and will get you high, proceed with caution. Photo: Binoid

What Is THC-O? 

THC-O (pronounced “THC oh”) is often referred to as THC-O Acetate. This compound is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that manufacturers curate using hemp-derived delta 8 THC. THC-O is quickly gaining popularity primarily because of its potency: this compound is said to be about three times stronger than traditional THC. Thus, for those with high tolerances looking for something new to try, THC-O makes an enticing option. 

What Are the Benefits of THC-O?

Right now, the benefits of THC-O are still primarily unknown. The compound hasn’t had any formal research conducted on it; thus, we cannot concretely state any benefits. However, many consumers report feeling effects similar to delta-9 THC, such as pain relief, stress relief, and euphoria. 

What Are the Effects of THC-O Gummies? 

The effects of THC-O will vary from person to person. But, most consumers report feelings of relaxation alongside bliss; it is also common to feel weightless. This compound does have the potential to be incredibly potent, offering borderline hallucinogenic components. So, some may find themselves experiencing visual or auditory effects, as well. 

For experienced consumers like myself, I found that THC-O was wonderful for reducing the racing thoughts in my brain and settling my body into a fit of relaxation. If you are new to THC, it’s important to note that the effects of THC-O are far more potent than those of delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC.

For a little perspective, the effects of delta-8 THC are about half as strong as delta-9 THC, however THC-O is something like 3 times stronger than delta-9 THC.

All that said, we advise that you approach THC-O products in any form, with caution to ensure an overall safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Do THC-O Edibles Get You High?

THC-O gummies that are psychoactive
THC-O will get you high and show up on a drug test. Photo: TerraVita

Yes, THC-O does get you high. THC-O is nearly three times stronger than delta 9 THC, and about five times stronger than delta 8 THC. Thus, it can create incredibly potent highs that are not recommended for anyone besides experienced cannabis consumers. 

What Is THC-O Good For? 

It depends! For most people, THC-O is great for providing doses of relaxation and comfort, while others feel quite stimulated and uplifted after consumption. Primarily, I’ve found this cannabinoid to be ideal for boosting mood and reducing stress. 

Are There Any Side Effects? 

If you consume too much THC-O, there can be uncomfortable side effects. Some people have reported experiencing paranoia, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, and more after consuming too much THC-O. Usually, overconsumption results in an unpleasant experience, so you want to be careful about how much THC-O you’re trying. 

If you’ve never tried the compound before, start with a low dose of around 5 mg of THC-O and see how your body reacts. 

How Long Do the Effects of THC-O Gummies Last? 

The effects of THC-O gummies can last for hours. Typically, many people find that THC-O gummies can keep them high for between 4-8 hours depending on the dosage. 

THC-O vs. Delta-9 THC: Which Is Stronger?

THC-O is significantly stronger than delta-9 THC. When compared, THC-O is about three times stronger than delta-9. Because of that, it is crucial to keep dosing in mind when consuming THC-O. Just because you’re used to taking high doses of delta-9 THC doesn’t mean your body can handle high doses of this unique compound. Instead, remember how potent THC-O can be and start with a small dose, slowly making your way up to the amount you enjoy.


We’ll admit it: some THC-O gummies are a bit sketchy and there are only a handful of brands that are worth considering.

Just please, always keep in mind the strength of a compound like THC-O. This semi-synthetic cannabinoid is still new to the market, so it’s best to go into consumption with caution and understanding that we’re still learning more about THC-O every day.

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