The Best CBD Roll-Ons for Quick, Easy Pain Relief

If you’re interested in quick, potent ways to relieve your muscle aches and pains, we’ve got 8 of the best CBD roll-on products for you.

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Using CBD roll-on product for muscle pain relief
Photo: Green Roads
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CBD roll-ons are some of the easiest CBD topicals to use. They apply effortlessly, don’t leave any mess, and get to work right away.

For those with deep-seated, hard-to-manage pains, products like these can be life-changers. They’re also one of the easiest products to take with you whenever you need relief or relaxation. But, with so many CBD roll-ons to choose from, it can be a bit difficult to know which products are worth it — and which ones aren’t. 

We analyzed 68 brands and tested 9 popular CBD roll-on products, ranging from $10 to $80, to find the most effective options for pain relief. (See how we test.)

8 Best CBD Roll-Ons for Pain

To help you find your ideal CBD roll-on for pain, we’ve come up with a list of the top 8 best CBD roll-ons on the market today. Through rigorous analysis and a whole lot of testing, we’ve been able to determine which CBD roll-ons are ideal for reducing pain quickly and efficiently. Let’s dive right into our favorite: Green Roads.

Best Overall:Green Roads$39.99
Strongest Effects:cbdMD$79.99
Best Full-Spectrum:PlusCBD$54.99
Fastest Results:Tonic$30
Best for Sensitive Skin:Charlotte’s Web$14.99
Best Application:Game Up$64.99
Best Aromatherapy:Sagely Naturals$19.99
Best for On-the-Go:ShiKai$17.99

Best Overall: Green Roads

Green Roads offers various CBD roll-ons, each one made with high-quality ingredients that produce potent, pain-relieving effects.

CBD roll for muscle and joint pain relief
Photo: Green Roads

Available for $39.99 from Green Roads

Green Roads is one of those CBD brands that you can always rely on — and their CBD roll-on is no exception. They offer roll-ons in three different types: Cool Relief, Heat Relief, and Arthritis Pain Relief depending on what appeals most to you.

The Cool Relief roll-on is ideal for those who enjoy the cooling effects of menthol, while the Heat Relief helps provide a bit of heat to relax your muscles. And, of course, the Arthritis Pain Relief will be ideal for those who suffer from chronic arthritis pains that can be hard to manage. Green Roads’ topicals are affordable and produce distinct, long-lasting effects that are hard not to enjoy.

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Pros & Cons


  • Three different roll-on options to choose from
  • Medium (750 mg) to high-potency (1,500 mg) strength options
  • Countless great customer reviews
  • Ideal for reducing pain and discomfort 
  • Made with quality, natural ingredients 
  • Contains camphor and menthol for added pain relief
  • Produces distinct effects that are long-lasting
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)


  • Not as high of a dosage as others
  • May not be strong enough for chronic aches and pains 
  • Heat Relief doesn’t have a strong heating element 
  • Not good for sensitive skin; has caused rashes for some consumers
  • Not certified organic
  • No full-spectrum options

Strongest Effects: cbdMD

cbdMD offers one of the strongest cooling CBD roll-ons on the market — and it’s affordable, too.

Strong CBD roll-on for pain relief
Photo: cbdMD

Available for $79.99 from cbdMD

You can purchase cbdMD’s CBD Freeze Roll-On in three different strengths: 750 mg, 1,500 mg, and even a whopping 3,000 mg. The 3,000 mg option is going to be ideal for those who require potent, powerful pain relief in a quick fashion.

The Freeze Roll-On helps to reduce muscle tension and pain, relaxing achy joints and other parts of the body. This roll-on is ideal for headaches, backaches, sore muscles, and joint pain, and it doesn’t create any mess while you apply it. What more could you ask for? 

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Pros & Cons


  • Available in various strengths: 750 mg, 1,500 mg, and 3,000 mg
  • High amount of CBD extract: 3,000 mg 
  • Easy to apply
  • No mess application; no oily or greasy residue
  • Cooling element helps to bring relief right away 
  • Good value at $80 for 3,000 mg ($0.02/mg)
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants


  • You can’t view lab results without a batch number
  • No full-spectrum options
  • Very strong methol element 
  • Texture can be slightly watery for some users
  • Consumers often experience shipping issues with this product
  • Not certified organic

Best Full-Spectrum Blend: PlusCBD

PlusCBD offers two high-quality full-spectrum CBD roll-ons that your sore muscles are sure to fall in love with.

Full spectrum CBD roll-on for muscle aches
Photo: PlusCBD

Available for $54.99 from PlusCBD

At PlusCBD, you can choose between two different roll-ons: their 300 mg and their 500 mg strength options. The 500 mg option is going to be much better for those with chronic pains and discomforts, as the effects are much stronger and more prominent.

On the flip side, the 300 mg full-spectrum blend will be ideal for those with less intense pain, potentially people just dipping their toes in the world of CBD. Even though the milligrams aren’t as high as others on this list, the full-spectrum blend with cannabinoids and terpenes helps to create prominent, long-lasting effects that you can enjoy all throughout the day or night. 

Pros & Cons


  • Two strength options to choose from: 200 mg and 500 mg
  • Full-spectrum blend with CBD and small amounts of THC, CBDV, and CBC
  • Produces immediate pain-relieving effects
  • Options for both beginners and advanced users 
  • Good to apply before bed for all-night relief 
  • No messy application
  • Clean ingredients; no fragrances, dyes, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, or parabens
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)


  • Very expensive product at $0.10/mg 
  • Strong menthol effects
  • Strong menthol smell; may be unpleasant for some
  • Effects may not be strong enough for chronic pains
  • Not good for those who want to ditch the THC use

Fastest Results: Tonic

Tonic CBD offers potent pain-relieving effects in a quick, easy-to-use format.

CBD roll-on product for pain relief
Photo: Tonic

Available for $30 from Tonic

When it comes to fast-acting results and quick pain relief, Tonic CBD has you covered. Even though Tonic doesn’t have the strongest CBD roller in the bunch, it has a potent formula that works well for providing quick, effective results.

With this roll-on, you don’t have to wait too long to feel better; instead, the formula gets to work right away, relaxing the muscles and lowering overall discomfort levels within minutes. There is 300 mg of CBD in each roll-on, making it ideal for those who require slightly less intense relief than others.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy, no-mess application
  • Produces quick, fast-acting results
  • Pain relief is almost immediate and works well on stubborn points 
  • Comes in beautiful, high-quality packaging 
  • Has calming aromatherapy for added relief 
  • May help reduce pain enough for a good night of sleep
  • Made with seven beneficial essential oils: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, Chamomile, and Thyme
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)


  • Expensive product at $0.10/mg 
  • Only one strength option
  • No full-spectrum option
  • Leaves a slight oily residue on the skin
  • The full-panel lab report is outdated

Best for Sensitive Skin: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web CBD Roll-On is free of any synthetic ingredients, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

CBD roll-on with THC for pain relief
Photo: Charlotte’s Web

Available for $14.99 from Charlotte’s Web

If there’s one CBD brand you’ve heard of, it’s Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web is an incredibly popular CBD brand, and they’re well-known for their products’ distinct, supportive effects. Their CBD Roll-On is a wonderful option for pain relief and comfort, as it’s made to provide nearly immediate results once applied.

This hemp-infused roll-on contains lavender and other organic ingredients to help add a layer of relaxation and comfort during use. Free of eight major allergens and formulated without synthetic dyes, scents, or parabens, Charlotte’s Web hemp-infused CBD roll-on is the perfect, supportive option for those with sensitive skin looking for gentle relief.

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Pros & Cons


  • Free of major allergens and any synthetic dyes or colors 
  • Great for those with sensitive skin 
  • Mild, gentle effects that are good for those with more mild pains 
  • Comes from one of the most reputable CBD brands on the market 
  • Good for bringing relief to the forehead, wrists, and temples 
  • Travel-sized for on-the-go use
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)


  • Very small amount of CBD; only 100 mg per roll-on
  • May not be strong enough for those with chronic aches and pains 
  • Essential oil smell is quite strong 
  • Leaves an oily residue on the skin

Best Application: Game Up

If you want a CBD roll-on that applies beautifully and seamlessly blends into the skin, Game Up Nutrition has the roll-on for you.

Freeze gel CBD roll-on with cooling properties
Photo: Game Up

Available for $64.99 from Game Up

Game Up Nutrition’s CBD Freeze Gel has one of the best applications of any CBD roll-on. This Freeze Gel roll-on goes onto the skin perfectly, blending within seconds and not leaving behind any messy residue. You don’t have to worry about this topical staining or ruining your clothes, and you can re-apply it without any hassle whatsoever. Game Up sells their CBD roll-on in a 2,000 mg broad-spectrum option that produces cooling effects the moment you apply it.

Pros & Cons


  • Seamless application 
  • Absorbs quickly and efficiently into skin 
  • Nice cooling element that’s not too powerful 
  • Helpful for reducing muscle tension 
  • Good for improving mobility in stiff muscles or joints 
  • Fast-acting results 
  • Good for minor period pains


  • Not lab tested for impurities (view COA)
  • Strong smells, enough to water the eyes
  • Re-application is necessary; results fade quickly
  • Not good for chronic pain or arthritis pains 
  • No full-spectrum options

Best Aromatherapy: Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals crafts high-quality CBD roll-ons that have calming aromatherapy elements, making the entire experience all the more enjoyable.

CBD roll on for relief and recovery
Photo: Sagely Naturals

Available for $19.99 from CVS

Sagely Naturals uses broad-spectrum CBD extract to curate their calming, wonderful-smelling CBD rollers. These roll-ons include various essential oils that add to your healing experience, allowing you to feel extra relaxed — just like you’re at the spa. Sagely Naturals refers to their CBD roll-on as a “spa-like” experience because of the relaxing aromatherapy components combined with the nourishment that the CBD roll-on brings. If you want to feel like you’re being treated right from home, Sagely Naturals has a great product for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Helps reduce muscle pain and tension
  • Great for lowering stress and anxiety levels with added essentials
  • Provides cooling, soothing results on parts of the body that need it most 
  • No synthetic fragrances, colors, or dyes
  • No sulfates or parabens 
  • Nice light, non-overpowering scents


  • Only 150 mg of broad-spectrum CBD
  • No full-spectrum options 
  • May not be strong enough for those with chronic pains 
  • COAs only available upon request

Best for On-the-Go Use: ShiKai

ShiKai’s CBD Roll-On is the perfect topical for on-the-go use and instant relief.

CBD roll on with menthol for cooling sensations
Photo: ShiKai

Available for $17.99 from ShiKai

Whether you’re packing for a trip, going to the gym, or just headed out for the night, ShiKai’s CBD Roll-On is one of those products you should always have with you. This fast-acting, non-greasy CBD roll-on makes application super easy, and you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

You can take this small roll-on with you practically anywhere you go, that way, if you start to experience a bit of discomfort, you have almost immediate relief at your fingertips. Plus, the cooling addition of menthol makes the roll-on even more relaxing — certainly, this roll-on is small, but mighty.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for on-the-go use
  • Applies easily and absorbs quickly into the skin 
  • No-mess, non-greasy application 
  • Affordably priced at $0.05/mg
  • Made with natural ingredients like arnica and green tea
  • Has a calming aromatherapy aspect that helps with de-stressing
  • Comprehensive lab reports; tested for potency and contaminants (view COA)


  • Only one option
  • Low potency for some consumers 
  • CBD isolate; not full-spectrum or even broad-spectrum extract 
  • May not be strong enough to combat chronic pains

How We Tested the CBD Roll-Ons

Comparison of popular CBD roll-on topical products
We tested the most popular CBD roll-on products to find the most effective options for muscle and joint pain relief. Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

When it came down to coming up with this list of the best CBD roll-ons for pain, we couldn’t make this decision lightly. To do this properly, our team came up with a list of strict criteria that we felt a high-quality CBD roll-on should demonstrate.

Then, we took all of the top brands in the market and tested their CBD roll-ons against our criteria. We analyzed each product in every category on a scale of 1-10 and then averaged the scores. Whichever brands didn’t score at least a 7.5 were not included in our list. Thus, we were able to curate our top eight favorites. 

Testing the quality of CBD roll-on products
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

Wondering what the criteria were that we came up with? Here’s what it looked like:

  • Lab Results: Did the brand have easily accessible COAs? Are they full-panel or standard-panel? Are they updated and do they come from accredited labs? 
  • Formula: What is the CBD roll-on made out of? Are the ingredients organic? Do they use full-spectrum CBD?
  • Application: Is the CBD-roll on easy to apply? Does it leave any weird residue or have strange smells? Would it be good for sensitive skin? 
  • Potency: How potent is the CBD roll-on? Are the results strong or subtle? Would it be better for experienced consumers or beginners? 
  • Efficacy: Is the CBD roll-on effective for pain relief?

Learn more about the CBD Oracle testing methodology.

Guide to Buying CBD Roll-Ons

Below, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions about CBD roll-ons. 

What Is a CBD Roll-On? 

A CBD roll-on is a type of topical that you apply on areas of the skin that need added support. Typically, roll-ons have a massage ball or stick-like tip that makes application easy, and you do not even have to touch the product itself. You simply roll it on the skin and let it absorb. 

Does a CBD Roll-On Work for Pain Relief?

Yes, a CBD roll-on can be very helpful for pain relief. CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can do wonders for sore, aching muscles. Thus, many people find that pain relief is common when using a high-quality CBD roll-on, especially one with a full-spectrum extract. 

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How Long Does CBD Roll-On Take to Work?

One of the best things about CBD roll-ons is that they work almost immediately. You should be able to feel the effects of your CBD roll-on within a few minutes, typically no longer than 15 minutes. 

How to Use a CBD Roll-On

Using a CBD roll-on is super easy. All you do is remove the cap from your roll-on and apply the product directly to points of pain on your body, typically areas like the lower back, temples, or wrists. You should apply the CBD roll-on back and forth once, as a little goes a long way. However, you can re-apply the CBD as often as you feel necessary. 

CBD Roll-On vs. Cream: Which Is Better?

When it comes to CBD roll-ons and CBD creams, one is not necessarily better than the other. These two products are just different; though both can be very helpful for reducing muscle pain and discomfort. While CBD creams tend to be messier than CBD roll-ons, they also tend to have higher potencies. But, CBD roll-ons are ideal for on-the-go use and easy application. So, they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Rolling on CBD for Ultimate Pain Relief

The pain relief that CBD roll-ons can bring can be transformative for those with chronically achy, painful muscles and joints. These products are incredibly easy to use, super portable, and potent enough to tackle hard-to-manage pains. But, you do have to find the right one for you. 

Thankfully, you can rely on every brand on this list to provide you with a high-quality CBD roll-on that works well and puts your wellness first. While some of these brands may be more potent or more affordable than others, there’s something for absolutely everyone, every tolerance, and every budget on this list of the best CBD roll-ons for pain relief.

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