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Charlotte's Web CBD review
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Charlotte’s Web may be the world’s most trusted hemp extract we’ve seen yet. This company places huge importance on the quality of their products, ensuring strict labeling instructions and even stricter marketing techniques. The history behind Charlotte’s Web is incredible in and of itself, but the success they’ve had with their products is no surprise once you’ve tried their goodies.

Compared to the competition, Charlotte’s Web’s CBD oils, topicals, gummies, and even pet products are miles above the rest. The packaging, for one, simply feels more luxurious than most. On the tongue (or under), these CBD products don’t produce overwhelming flavors; rather, they’re natural, subtle, and extremely easy to consume.

These products are absolutely ideal for helping to manage everyday stressors, and they all helped to support a sense of calm and focus that I desperately needed.

I will say, most of their products have quite low CBD doses, making them ideal for beginner consumers. However, even just 17mg might not be enough for newbies. For you experienced consumers out there, I’d suggest doubling your dose for best results.

Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in the CBD game. Their products are beautifully packaged with clear, detailed information every consumer deserves to know. The company uses all-natural ingredients to bring out hemp flavors that I loved. Though, even the flavored products were subtle and delicious. Charlotte’s Web’s doses tend to be quite low, making the efficacy a bit mild--especially for the price. But, I can’t complain: their products still helped support a sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a while.
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What's Good
High-quality, safe product
Wide variety
Great for beginners
Beautiful packaging
What's Bad
Low CBD strength
Charlotte's Web

Technical Details

CBD Strength:210-1800mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Gummies, Capsules, Topicals, Pet CBD
Hemp Origin:Colorado
BBB Rating:F
Reviews From Other People:Trustpilot, Reddit, YouTube
FDA Warning Letter:October 2017
Certifications:USDA Organic
Similar Brands:Medterra, cbdMD, Green Roads, CBDistillery

Editor’s Picks

  • Great under your tongue or added in your coffee or tea (like I do), Charlotte Web’s Mint Chocolate Max Strength CBD oil is my new go-to tincture. As the most powerful product that Charlotte’s Web makes (with 60mg CBD per serving), this product is perfect for the most experienced CBD consumers looking to see what this brand can do for them. With great flavors and potent support, you cannot go wrong with this powerful, minty oil.

Charlotte’s Web Max Strength CBD Oil

Charlotte's Web CBD oil review

For those with high tolerances looking to experience the beauty of Charlotte’s Web, this product is for you. At 1800mg total (60mg/serving), their Max Strength CBD Oil is the strongest one that they sell.

Charlotte’s Web’s full-spectrum CBD extract made it feel like one of the most potent tinctures I’ve tried in a while. The packaging was beautiful and the taste was a bright and citrusy Lemon Twist flavor that perfectly hid the taste of hemp. I will admit, the $120 price tag is a bit intimidating at first but it only comes out to $0.07 per serving which is very reasonable.

Full-spectrum CBD oil dropper

Product Summary

From the second I held this product, I could tell that this oil was high-quality. (And at $119.99, this one of the more expensive oils I’ve tried.) As soon as I opened it, I noticed vibrant whiffs of lemon that had me enticed right off the bat. I placed a few drops under my tongue and in under 30 minutes, I could feel my everyday stressors become more manageable.


  • Delicious flavor
  • Potent extract
  • Manages daily stressors


  • Nothing bad here
CBD:1800mg (60mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $119.99 ($0.07/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:Relaxing, Balance
Effects Felt:Calm, Focused

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies for Sleep

Charlotte's Web Sleep CBD gummies

Charlotte’s Web has combined CBD with melatonin to create a product designed to support healthy sleep cycles. This combination has always been one of my favorites, as it gets you decompressed and ready for a cozy night ahead.

The raspberry flavors in these gummies were all-natural and delicious to eat; though, at only 10mg each, I found myself eating a few in order to experience results. If these gummies were a bit more potent, I’d easily turn to them before bed any night. However, they’re slightly expensive for the low milligrams, so I’m not sure they’re worth it.

CBD gummies for sleep

Product Summary

The 60-count Sleep Gummies pack boasts Charlotte’s Web’s signature designed and high-quality look. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, alongside full-spectrum CBD and melatonin. Together, I felt they helped support a more regular sleep cycle, though they weren’t nearly as potent as I needed–especially for the price. After having three, though, I was set for the night.


  • Delicious raspberry flavor 
  • Great all-natural ingredients
  • Promotes a healthy sleep cycle


  • Low dosage
  • Expensive
CBD:600mg (10mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $44.99 ($0.7/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:Sleep
Effects Felt:Calm, Sleepy
Smell:Fruity, sweet

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies for Calm

Charlotte's Web CBD Calm gummies

In our stress-induced world, Charlotte’s Web 30 ct. Calm CBD Gummies are a breath of fresh air. These high-quality, full-spectrum-extract-infused gummies are available in a bright lemon-lime flavor that tastes reminiscent of Sprite.

This tasty flavor made the gummies super easy to consume, especially because I needed a few to experience potent enough effects. For beginners, just one Calm gummy might work best, but at 10mg, anyone more experienced is going to need to chew on a few to experience that sense of calm you’re looking for.

CBD gummies for calming

Product Summary

These gummies look like most other CBD gummies on the market, only with Charlotte’s Web’s signature design. In the mouth, I loved the chewy texture and bright lemon-lime flavor: it wasn’t too overwhelming nor too subtle. Thank god I loved the flavor, as I had to eat a few of these mild gummies to feel any result. At 10mg, they’re just not potent enough for experienced consumers like me — just be sure to keep these sweet therapeutic treats in a nice, cool storage to avoid excessive stickiness.


  • Great lemon-lime flavor
  • Easy to consume 
  • Supports a sense of calm
  • Not covered in sugar like most CBD/hemp edibles


  • Low strength
  • Expensive
CBD:300mg (10mg/dose)
Lemon Balm:75mg/dose
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $29.99 ($0.10/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:Calm, Balance
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Focused
Smell:Fruity, citrusy

CBDMEDIC Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment

CBDmedic CBD pain ointment

Totally THC-free, Charlotte’s Web’s sister brand, CBDMedic, crafted a soothing Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment designed to provide temporary relief from painful arthritis symptoms.

You can rub this all-natural cream right onto your areas of discomfort for fast penetrating absorption and ultimate results. Any soothing topical like this one calls me to immediately, especially as someone working with my hands and wrists all day long. With just a small dollop of this topical on the base of my wrists, I felt great typing and writing for the rest of the day.

Pain relief CBD cream by Charlotte's Web brand

Product Summary

The Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment is packaged well and looks just like your everyday ointment. When applied, however, you’ll notice much more relief than through your typical topical. At 200mg per tube, every person can experience temporary relief in the most deep-seated areas. Almost immediately, the results were obvious and my hands and wrists felt much more at ease.


  • Easy to apply
  • THC-free
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Potent results


  • Pricey
Extract Type:Broad-Spectrum
Price: $29.99 ($0.15/mg)
Lab Report:
Good For:Joint Pain
Effects Felt:Muscle Relief, Joint Relief