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HOJ KLIP and KOL cannabis accessories
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HØJ, the Danish word for, “high,” is both the name and motto for this company, a company revolutionizing the way we grind and smoke our herb. The KLIP, HØJ’s grinder, is one of the two products this company sells, their pipe, the KØL, being the other.

If James Bond ever needed to grind and smoke his bud, something tells me his hands would land on the pieces HØJ is providing. And after hearing their grinder is actually a slicer with dual-blades and their pipe is two sleek pieces of aluminum that snap together with a magnetic bond, you start to better understand how this could be the preferred smoking equipment of secret agents, maybe a group called Double-O-Stoned.

HOJ KLIP grinder and KOL bowl
HØJ grinder and bowl. Photo: Dan LaMorte/Oracle

Grown from the curious mind of Simon Folmann, HØJ crafts a unique start-to-finish experience; innovative cork-based packaging gives way to uniquely designed modern pieces that function with precision and stand out in the way your flower is sliced, smoked and enjoyed. Being that this product boasts innovation in both design and consumption, expect prices to be at a premium.

HOJ KLIP grinder
HØJ KLIP weed grinder

For those looking to save a little money, mini-variations of both the KLIP and KØL are available on HØJ’s website. But in this review I’ll be letting you know my thoughts on both the full-size KLIP and KØL, two pieces that have already worked their way into my regular rotation.

HOJ KOL magnetic bowl
HØJ KØL cannabis pipe

I really do like Simon and what he’s doing with his company, HØJ. Before sending the products he wanted to hop on a video chat, we spoke at length and hit it off quickly. I have a fondness for people who put their everything into what they do. With Simon, that work ethic became apparent when he described to me their cork-packaging. After deciding cork was the best sustainable option to house his innovative work, Simon took a trip to a cork forest and stayed for a few days to learn how the farmers harvest cork and how his packaging was going to be made.

That attention to detail, even just for the packaging, shows the type of product you will be buying. Move over gas-station-grinders, your new Danish Daddy is home.

The eyes feast upon the materials and designs used to create these creative contraptions. Stainless steel, aluminum, magnets that snap together and apart to reveal hidden chambers and compartments, these are some of the things that make up the products HØJ supplies. Despite their intricate designs, HØJ’s products function smooth enough for even the most basic of cannabis users. The fashion in which the grinder slices the weed leaves the consumer using minimal effort in the process. The bowl has no carb, all you need to focus on is lighting the flower and inhaling. Its inner body has stainless steel indents that cool the smoke, this pipe is literally ribbed for your lungs' pleasure. Lastly, flower grinded up in the KLIP seems to hit a bit harder and burn a bit smoother, the slicing technology leaves a fluffier cut that preserves the crystals, your average grinder crushes the flower and leaves a less potent result. HØJ will have you looking good and feeling even better.
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What's Good
Innovation from product to packaging
True focus on sustainability
Innovative design meets effective functionality
You kinda just feel cool using them
What's Bad
Price is high-end

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Product Types:Cannabis Pipe, Grinder
Designed In:Denmark
Similar Brands:Bowlz, Santa Cruz Shredder

HØJ KLIP Grinder

Holding the HOJ KLIP herb grinder

Let’s start with the grinder, you can’t smoke if your weed isn’t ground up, but what if grinding your weed isn’t actually the best method? That’s where the KLIP comes into play, a grinder that utilizes a dual-blade system to slice your weed instead of grinding it, thus preserving the flower’s trichomes and giving you a stronger high.

The slicing chamber sits atop this stunning piece, a piece that looks like New York’s Guggenheim Museum was shrunk and turned into a grinder. Wanting to appeal to all people, including those with limited dexterity, each section of the grinder is held together with rare earth magnets, a simple 10-degree twist will open each chamber. Opposing magnets are also used to suspend the central pin in mid-air, this levitation reduces its contact with the sides and leads to an almost seamless grind. It’s like the opposite of trying to open a tight pickle jar. 

Grinding cannabis flower with KLIP

Premium products tend to offer premium selection, the KLIP is no different. Each grinder comes with three magnetic control discs that can be interchanged to sit under the slicing chamber giving you the option to cut your bud finely, coarsely or medium. Three magnetic collection rings also allow you to interchange pieces above the kief dish, they too range from fine, coarse and medium.

The KLIP also features a bonus funnel piece, magnets allow it to attach directly under the slicing chamber and can be used to funnel your weed directly into a bowl, blunt or whatever you’re planning on smoking.

Now, here’s where some of you start running; the KLIP comes in at $150 with the KLIP mini setting you back $120. As far as grinders go this is both in the upper echelon of price and quality. HØJ’s lifetime warranty and dedication to crafting a product that stands a cut (or slice) above the rest, leaves you with a grinder you’ll be able to pass down stoned-generation to stoned-generation.

KLIP grinder parts


I was excited to use this grinder, that’s not something you say often. The moment you take the packaging out of the box it’s shipped in, you realize you’re experiencing something completely new. Primarily made of cork, magnets and recycled plastic, this three tiered packaging system not only houses the grinder, each level has a purpose; the cork’s base holds the wide array of interchanging discs and screens, the second level is home to the funnel and the third level is where the grinder sits. When you spend this kind of money on a product you want to feel like you’re being treated to something special, HØJ nails that with the packaging alone. 

The magnetic makeup of the grinder leads to easy assembling, the vast amount of pieces can seem overwhelming at first but the simplicity in which they snap in makes this functional for even a novice smoker. The dual-blades and lack of teeth, slicing your flower into fluffy goodness, give the smoothest turn of a grinder-top I’ve ever experienced. You can almost push down with one finger and rotate the top, much like a DJ scratching a record.

Once grinded up, you can truly see the difference in this cut. The preserved trichomes leave your weed with more crystals than a Kardashian. The interchangeable control discs, I use fine for joints and coarse for pipes, give you a flower ready to burn more evenly than ever before. Your weed will be stronger, your weed will burn longer. The KLIP is now my go-to grinder.


  • Good For: Those looking to get the most out of their flower
  • Not Good For: Someone looking for a cheap grinder option
  • Load Capacity: 1.6g of material
  • Capacity: 3.2g
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: KLIP ($150), KLIP mini ($120)


HOJ KOL cannabis pipe

HØJ’s pipe, the KØL [kow-l], was inspired after Simon, the creator, watched a video of the Mako shark while stoned. The Mako is the fastest shark in the world, often deemed the cheetah of the ocean, and uses dents in their scales to propel them forward at a speed others can’t mimic.

Simon, being the stoned innovator he is, saw these dents and decided to transfer them over to a pipe. His thought was that with tiny indentations on the inside, smoke would be trapped and cooled before reaching the lungs. And he thought correctly, it’s like hitting a vaporizer; this bowl is cough proof. The shark-inspired indentations and titanium-coated stainless steel filters are two lines of defense your lungs will thank you for.

Magnetic cannabis bowl by HOJ

Simon nestled this innovation inside a beautifully crafted aluminum pipe, the pipe itself snaps into two pieces with the use of hidden magnets. The snapping technology revolutionizes the way stoners clean their bowls, the nooks and crannies are no longer hard to reach when the entire bowl has the ability to open.

The KØL will cost you $100, its mini-variation $80. Like their grinder, HØJ also offers a lifetime warranty on this pipe. They want to give you a product from the future, for your future. Precision design, advanced results and dedication to life-long service, this is what you’re paying for.

HOJ KOL bowl with cannabis flower


“It’s like smoking out of a fancy aluminum vagina,” my girlfriend says as she happily inhales a burn-free pull from the KØL. She’s not wrong either, the upper ridges and folds of the bowl’s design has one feeling like they’re taking pulls from the crotch of a goddess, the cooling ability of the pipe none other than her divine intervention at work.

I can’t remember the last time I smoked multiple bowls without coughing once, that is something the KØL is now giving me. Any device that can put less strain on your lungs is a device worth trying. 

Functionality aside, it works great, the design is really what makes the KØL stand out. It’s the type of piece that looks both modern and ancient, like something a pharaoh would have smoked. And to those who are tired of the tri-colored, often kitschy, bowls, KØL provides a piece you’ll be proud to show off. It’s inviting to those who don’t even smoke. Pulling the pieces in half and letting the magnets snap back together, the fun starts before you even inhale. The routine of smoking can become just that, a routine. HØJ is here to dismantle routines.

The magnetic bonds holding each piece together, the packaging that twists open to reveal hidden compartments and the products that deliver you cannabis like never before leave you feeling like a kid on christmas. This company helped me find the fun in my smoking routine that I didn’t even realize was missing.


  • Good For: New smokers, advanced smokers, those looking to add flare to their collection
  • Not Good For: Those purchasing a bowl on a budget
  • Capacity: 0.25g
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price: KØL ($100), KØL mini ($80)