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Greater Goods CBD products
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Greater Goods, the CBD arm of Portland-based cannabis confectioners Leif Goods, has been recomposing Leif’s best-selling, award-winning formulations with full spectrum hemp oil rather than THC since 2019. And the results are top shelf, therapeutic, luxury chocolates for an almost universal audience.

In addition to their already prodigious lineup of artisan chocolate bars, Greater Goods has introduced two CBN sleep supporting products that not only reportedly relieve insomnia, but also potentially reactivate REM dream states lost to heavy THC use. And when accompanied by their Strawberry Chocolate Bar (strawberries are a natural source of melatonin), users can enjoy an entire suite of sleep supporting cannabinoid goodness.

Greater Goods chocolates are crafted using organic Ranger brand chocolate, full spectrum hemp oil, and a variety of crafty culinary additions like almond biscotti, hibiscus powder, and candied ginger. Each of Greater Goods’ full sized chocolate bars is 1.8 oz (about the size and weight of a half-full checkbook) with total cannabinoids ranging from 90 – 100mg per bar.

The cannabinoid numbers are similar for their craft tinctures; 900 – 1000mg per 1 oz bottle or 112 – 125mg per miniature dram. CBD is the primary cannabinoid featured in Greater Goods’ products, buffering even the CBN of their newly introduced evening products.

Greater Goods produces many luxury chocolates and even a handful of tinctures, but only their evening line-up can smother insomnia and revive the healthy REM cycles typically suppressed by heavy THC use. These sleep supporting products are just as suited for the end cap of a high end grocery store aisle as they are for the display case of a boutique dispensary, but users take note, sometimes regaining a healthy REM cycle includes having a nightmare or two.

Greater Goods chocolate is undeniably delicious, with a soft, bittersweet acidity and notes of currant and coffee that add up to a robust, complex finish. Their evening tincture is flavored with a measured hand; a sheer, lemon infused wash of MCT oil that quickly evaporates under the tongue. The across the board potency makes for easy dosing, and the inclusion of full-spectrum hemp oil in the chocolate makes for balanced entourage effects - however the CBN isolate used for the evening products has some decidedly fortuitous effects heretofore unseen in other full-spectrum CBN products. Namely, weird freaking dreams. The chocolate is firm, without being waxy, and holds well at room temperature. Across the board, Greater Goods branding is super functional (easy to open and stores well), ultra modern (gorgeous color gradients and bold legible fonts), and discernible from across the room (there's no mistaking these chocolates for drugstore-counter impulse buys).
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What's Good
Organic artisan chocolate
Full-spectrum hemp extract
Easy to dose
Insomnia relief
Superficial relief from aches and pains
Anxiety relief
Restored REM cycles
What's Bad
Potential nightmares
No strain specificity on package
Luxury price point
Greater Goods

Technical Details

CBD Strength:100-1000mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Cannabis Source:Hemp
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Chocolates
Hemp Origin:Oregon

Editor’s Pick

  • As a dedicated chocolate aficionado, Greater Goods entire line of chocolate bars lives rent free in my heart, but their evening suite – the evening chocolate bar and tincture accompanied by their dark chocolate strawberry bar, strawberry being a natural source of melatonin – has become my household go-to bundle of sleep aids.

Greater Goods CBN Evening Chocolate

CBN CBD chocolate bar

Good luck limiting your consumption to one or two “pips” of this opulent chocolate, the silky mouthfeel, richly nuanced flavor profile, and eye-rollingly exquisite aftertaste all make the bar worth the price of admission before its therapeutic efficacy is even considered.

After three pips, a cup of herbal Tension Tamer tea and about 45 minutes of wait time, the chocolate’s activation swept me away to a restful sleep marked by the kind of technicolor dreamscapes often sacrificed by heavy THC users.

Not only was the sleep tranquil and refreshing, bi-weekly use of the products supported a healthier sleep regimen even on days when the dose was skipped. It’s almost as if using these products helped my body develop a structure for maximum rest with or without herbal reinforcement.

Greater Goods CBN chocolate bar

Product Summary

Each Greater Goods Evening Chocolate Bar contains 60mg hemp derived, full spectrum CBD, 30mg hemp derived CBN, and <0.3% THC for $15. In addition to being some of the most complex, delicious chocolate on the market, it is also a remarkably efficient sleep aid, anxiety reliever, and ameliorator of minor aches and pains. The price point is on the higher end, but the product meets/exceeds expectations, which is arguably priceless.

CBD:CBN Ratio:2:1
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $15 ($0.17/mg)
Lab Report:COA

Greater Goods CBN Evening Tincture

Greater Goods CBN oil review

A single serving not only put me to sleep, it did so with a manageable potency on a feasible timeline. It by no means knocked me out, as an OTC sleep aid might, but instead activated an internal countdown to bedtime that enabled me to get my affairs in order before falling easily to sleep without even once considering my usual bedtime phone scrolling rituals.

There was no sluggish slog off to bed or feeling of tranquilization, but rather a tick tock that marched in sync with my circadian rhythm, steadily relaxing me and buffing away the aches and pains of the day until I fell into my pillow. 

The sleep-aid aspect alone is worth attention, but what rocked my world was how vivid and detailed my dreams were after a single dose of this tincture, as well as how I was able to remember them upon waking. Heavy THC use affects REM sleep, thus affecting the dreamstates of many daily smokers.

This tincture re-activated, in some fractional way, my ability to revel in my dreams, and for me, a dream-deprived stoner without any diagnosed sleep disorders, therein lies the true value of this product.

Side note – On night three of testing, with no notable variables thrown into the mix, I experienced a vivid and disturbing nightmare, yet still woke up refreshed and totally rested. I’ve not had another nightmare since, and continue to use the product once or twice a week to maintain my newly established sleep schedule.

CBN oil for sleep

Product Summary

Greater Goods Evening tincture is a lemon scented, MCT oil extract with a cannabinoid balance of 2:1 CBD:CBN. While the CBD extract is full spectrum, the CBN is sourced from isolate, and might be responsible for its unexpected effects on the REM cycle. The oil has an ultra-sheer mouthfeel, dispersing and absorbing immediately without leaving an oily film behind.

The activation was gradual and manageable, putting me to sleep approximately 45 minutes after ingestion and keeping my sleep tranquil through the night. I woke up refreshed and revitalized. Considering the long term effects this tincture could potentially have for chronic, pharma-adverse insomniacs, Greater Good’s Evening Tincture’s $70 per ounce price point is negligible.

CBD:CBN Ratio:2:1
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $70 ($0.08/mg)
Lab Report:COA

Greater Goods Strawberry 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

CBD infused chocolate bar

Greater Goods Strawberry Chocolate Bar is, inarguably, one of the most sublimely flavored medicated chocolates I’ve ever tasted. The chocolate has the cashmere mouthfeel and complex bittersweetness of the highest quality cacao, and a summer-sweet strawberry essence that perfumes every bite with a tart succulence typically reserved for farm-fresh berry baskets.

While the entire Greater Goods chocolate cannon deftly balances indulgence with medication, the strawberry variety is my favorite testament to that sensibility. 

It takes restraint, to say the least, to not devour an entire bar in a sitting, but even three pips are enough to ease superficial aches and pains, provide mild relaxation, and, if taken around bedtime, support an easy transition to sleep.

Greater Goods CBD chocolate bar

Product Summary

Each Greater Goods Strawberry Chocolate Bar contains 100mg of hemp derived, full spectrum CBD, and <0.3% THC for $15. There are no additional terpenes or alternative cannabinoids in this particular chocolate bar. In addition to being an efficient anxiety reliever, ameliorator of minor aches and pains, and mild sleep supporter, this chocolate is super-duper-delicious. The price point is on the higher end, commensurate with other luxury medicated chocolates.

Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $15 ($0.15/mg)
Lab Report:COA