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Marley Natural premium cannabis flower
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Marley Natural is an entity that not only respects cannabis for its wholesome and therapeutic effects, but really tunes into potential experiences that lie outside of consuming the plant itself too. They offer both cannabis products and premium, sustainably sourced smoking accessories to enhance the consumer’s smoking ritual.

The Marley Natural line of accessories feature walnut, glass, and smoked glass products like water pipes, tasters, and ashtrays. As for their cannabis products, they produce a small but welcoming line of whole dried flower, pre-rolls and vape cartridges that include both THC and CBD cannabinoids.

A big thing that sets Marley Natural apart from the rest of their competitors is their passion for environmental and social involvement within and outside the cannabis industry. Their affiliation with the RISE UP initiative reflects Bob Marley’s vision of creating social change, justice, and environmental sustainability with projects stemming from both the U.S. and Jamaica. Their website highlights all of these programs handsomely and lets users know how their involvement with Marley Natural impacts the future in many different ways.

Marley Natural cannabis flower

In this review, I am taking on the Marley Green (Blue Dream) and the Marley Gold (Island Sweet Skunk) 3.5g dried flowers. These products strike high in the THC potency department and are a great selection for those who are looking for middle-to-high shelf quality with a fair price point between $9-11 a gram.

Marley Natural offers strains that exude high THC potency levels, as well as a balanced strain with equal parts CBD:THC. Trying the THC only products, I recommend these products to users who are more advanced with THC consumption and who are capable of handling strong, long lasting, cerebral effects. Also be warned that if you are one who enjoys strong flavor and terpene profiles, these strains won’t really live up to your expectations. I did however really enjoy Marley Natural’s clean and concise black jars with the color coded logos determining the strain types. They also give tribute to the strain used for their product right on the jar, which is great for users who really appreciate and want to know what they’re consuming. However, a one up from that would be to be more transparent about terpene content and their percentage levels.
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What's Good
High THC potency
Social and environmental activism
What's Bad
No COA available
Limited CBD options
Marley Natural

Technical Details

Availability:CA, WA, Canada
Where to Buy:Leafly, Bud
Strength:Medium – Strong
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vape Carts
Cannabis Origin:Seattle, WA
Similar Brands:Monogram, Houseplant, Solei

Editor’s Pick

  • When it comes to smoking sativa strains, the main factor I pay attention to is the bodily experience I receive from it. I really enjoy strains that help me feel happy and uplifted, and I particularly like it when my head space doesn’t feel cloudy or hazy. The Marley Gold did exactly just that. I was also able to experience a nice boost of energy without it being too over the top or anxiety filled like some sativa strains tend to do. This strain makes it perfect for those who might need a pick me up during the day, or are simply looking to feel in better spirits.

Marley Natural Gold Sativa Flower

Marley Natural’s rendition of the Island Sweet Skunk cultivar is a great product to have on your shelf if you’re looking to keep your energy up after a day’s work and get the chores done around the house. These high potency buds set the pace for the evening and had no trouble providing me with a blast of energy in just a few short minutes after consumption. Marley Gold performs its best during day time hours, and is the perfect candidate for those who are looking to feel physically uplifted and mentally inspired.


Coming in at 23.7% THC, Marley Gold’s high potent buds come out the gate looking light green, fluffy, and airy. They consistently show off their orange pistils throughout the buds, which gives a nice contrast to the eye. The trichome density on these popcorn nugs are pretty frosty, but not densely packed. And with the addition of the two-way humidity pack and lift and peel seal included with the jar, the buds keep a decent hydration level and do not crumble or dust easily. The jar itself presents a clean, all black look, with a little oomph added by the yellow colored logo to identify the strain type. Opening the jar released a beautiful scent that was sweet and herbal. But after grinding it up, the aromas really intensified and you could really pick up the pinene smell. My favorite! The experience was even better – an intermediate cerebral high that was not too racy. I felt clear headed, happy, and was able to focus easily. A perfect recipe for if you are feeling a bit anxious or high strung!


  • Socializing
  • Humidity
  • Comes with Boveda Pack
  • Aroma


  • Flavor
  • Small + Airy Buds
Strain:Island Sweet Skunk
Price: $37.12 CAD ($10.60/gram)
Good for:Day Time, Early Evening, Outdoors, Errands, Anxiety, Intimacy
Not good for:Sleep, Reading
Effects:Happy, Energized, Social, Inspired, Focused

Marley Natural Green Hybrid Flower

This rendition of the epic and well-known strain Blue Dream will have you smiling and uplifted in a matter of no time. Marley Green exhibits a heavy sativa-like cerebral buzz and mental focus, while still giving you a slice of an indica inspired body relaxation. I would recommend that consuming these buds during the day or late afternoon would be the most optimal time, but not necessarily something to use as an aid before bed.


Upon opening the jar of Marley Green, I was a little let down to discover a handful of light green, marble sized nugs inside. Although small in stature, the buds appeared tight and dense, with some orange pistils consistently throughout. They also looked frosty, but not overwhelmingly sparkly. Overall the buds were well trimmed, with just a few having some sugar leaf still attached. The initial aromas of Marley Green presented notes that were sugary, sweet, and herbal, with robust lemon notes coming through post herb grind. These fragrances weren’t overly pungent, but sat nicely right at the bridge of my nose. I consumed Marley Green by rolling up a nice joint, but found the flavor to be underwhelming. The brand claims to have strong berry like flavors, but I could really only taste herbal notes on the palate. However, it did award me with a strong, euphoric, and energizing cerebral buzz!


  • Body Relaxation
  • Aromas
  • Comes with Boveda Pack


  • Flavor
  • Bud Size
  • Hard Buds
Strain:Blue Dream
Price: $34.80 CAD ($10/gram)
Good for:Day Time Use, Working, Intimacy, Cooking, Doing Chores
Not good for:Sleeping, Anxiety
Effects:Euphoric, Uplifted, Energetic, Focused, Contemplative, Slight Brain Fog