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Nugg Club cannabis unboxing
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Subscription boxes are available for practically anything you can think of nowadays. From clothes to cannabis accessories, and now, cannabis itself! 

Nugg Club, “the nation’s first and only cannabis subscription box,” is currently available to California customers located in Los Angeles County, Orange County, some areas in the Inland Empire, and now, some parts of Northern California, including Oakland and the Bay Area. They are rapidly expanding locations, so if you don’t see yours yet, just keep checking! Much like cannabis laws are changing, so are delivery areas.

Most other “cannabis” subscription boxes do not include any actual cannabis; instead, they offer various cannabis-related accessories. Nugg Club promises to deliver over $225 worth of product for the compact, monthly subscription rate of $99 (plus tax). In my box, I can verify that I received over half an ounce of cannabis products. The only non-cannabis items were a small pipe and some matches. 

I received both the Premium box ($99/mo) and a Select box ($49/mo) for review purposes. First, read on below to see how Nugg Club works and what it includes. Then, scroll to the bottom for our official verdict on the Nugg Club Weed Subscription box.

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Nugg Club is one of the few weed subscription boxes that actually offers cannabis in their boxes. The selection of products is excellent. The advertised values on their site are a little overinflated but you still get a great deal in the end.
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What's Good
Includes actual cannabis in boxes, not just accessories
A large variety of brands and products
Offers good value wholesale add-ons
What's Bad
Only available in CA
The delivery windows are way too far away
Estimated cost and value are a bit overinflated but still a value
Nugg Club

Technical Details

Product:Cannabis Subscription Box
Plans:Select Box, Premium Box
Price:$49 or $99 Monthly
What’s Included:Flower, Prerolls, Vapes, Edibles, Accessories
Promo (20% Off):ORACLE
Similar Brands:Daily High Club, Cannabox, Hippie Butler

How Nugg Club Works

You must be 21 years or older, and you must be available for the delivery itself. But aside from those two (completely legal) requirements, the process is simple. Sign up at Nugg Club, where you will have to upload your ID for age verification. Then pick two of the following: flower, prerolls, vapes, or edibles. You will also have to pick two types of cannabis you would like: indica, hybrid, or sativa. Lastly, you choose your delivery date and time. 

The Nugg Club box is then delivered by a courier at the scheduled date and time, which is why you need to be home to receive your package. You will need your ID handy for identification verification as well. The couriers are lovely and stay pretty on top of notifying you of your ETA, which is a highlight in a traffic-packed Los Angeles.

After your first box, new orders will be scheduled based on your delivery preferences and your delivery frequency. Then, every month you’ll receive a delivery, which you can schedule in your account. And yes, you can alternate your selections per month! 

Plus, there are ZERO cancellation fees. Just cancel before your next billing date, and all set! Or you can skip a box if you want to pause for a month, also without fees. Both are huge pluses in my book.

Items included in the Nugg Club box

Nugg Club Select cannabis box items
Nugg Club Select Box costs $99/month and includes 5-7 cannabis items. Photo: Yolanda Machado/Oracle

I selected Flower and Prerolls for my products and Hybrid and Sativa for my strains for my Nugg Club review box. By the way, yes, you can change what you want each month! You can easily switch around your product preferences from the Account section of your Membership page. Then, select any changes and add-ons by the date listed in your account to include them in your scheduled delivery. 

Below are the items I received in my Premium Nugg Club box. The estimated costs are based on how much the products retail for in my local area, up to 20 miles (most of Los Angeles).

Total estimated cost (pre-tax) for all items in my Nugg Club Premium box: $175

Nugg Club Packaging

Very stylish, cute branded boxes. They resemble gift boxes but are incredibly sturdy. I couldn’t smell any of the cannabis inside, a great perk. Also, they are very reusable. We are currently using ours as storage for office supplies! So, aside from the “Nugg Club” cover, it’s pretty discrete. 

Flower (Eighths)

Cannabis flowers inlcuded in Nugg Club box
Three flower jars included in the Nugg Club Select Box: Kings Garden, Aster Farms, Esensia

Kings Garden

Very potent and beautiful nugs. King’s Garden is one of my cannabis staples, so the inclusion of an eighth of one of my go-tos eased my apprehension about what types of flowers would be included. The nuggs were fresh, large, and made for a very evenly balanced smoking session.

Cannabis flower included in Nugg Club box
  • Strain: King’s Cake
  • Indica Dominant-Hybrid
  • THC: 29%
  • CBD: 0.07%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 35%
  • Estimated cost: $40

Aster Farms

Not my favorite, but I don’t usually purchase small nugs as they tend to dry out much faster. Decent potency and you can feel the Sativa in the hybrid, but the high wears off pretty quick. I ran through an eighth in just one evening. I would probably not have included this if I were curating the boxes.

Aster Farms marijuana flower
  • Strain: Mimosa
  • Sativa-Hybrid
  • THC: 24%
  • CBD: 0.1%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 25.4%
  • Estimated cost: $25


This brand was entirely new to me, so I was ambivalent based on the eighth from Aster Farms. However, these nugs? GORGEOUS. And the smell is fantastic. Not sure I would pay for an entire box just to find one new brand, but I enjoyed this one. Tasty and a long-lasting high that wasn’t too heavy on either the Indica or sativa side.

Esensia cannabis flower
  • Strain: Hibiscus
  • Hybrid
  • THC: 24.54%
  • CBD: 0.07%
  • CBG: 0.49%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 25.56%
  • Estimated cost: $40


Selfies (1.5g)

I was always a little curious about the Selfies brand, particularly their baseball-bat 1.5g preroll. The price point was always my deterrent. So I did very much appreciate the inclusion of this particular brand and strain. VERY potent, do not use it if you’re new to cannabis. My husband and I enjoyed this in 2 very high, very breezy smoking sessions. I doubt I would continue to buy $20 pre-rolls, though, but I feel more products like these should be included. 

Selfies cannabis pre-rolls 1.5 gram
  • Strain: Gelato Crunch
  • Hybrid
  • THC: 36%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Estimated cost: $20

Endos Pre-roll 5-Pack (1g per pre-roll)

Well, well, well. Welcome to the rotation, Endos! By far, this was the best product in the box. Five whole 1G pre-rolls in a convenient 5-pack! And so POTENT, I was buzzing all day long after one. And though I had seen Endos around LA dispensaries, I tend to stick to my usuals unless there’s a promo or inclusion in a gift bag, or…subscription box like this. Very nice inclusion!

Endos cannabis pre-rolls in Nugg Club box
  • Strain: Super Silver Haze
  • Sativa
  • THC: 30.1%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 36.9%
  • Estimated cost: $40


Nugg Club branded stick matches 

Estimated cost: $3

Small pipe

Estimated cost: $7

Additional Options:

Nugg Club Select Box

Nugg Club Mini Box
Nugg Club Select box costs $49 and includes 2-4 cannabis items.

The Nugg Club Select box is available only in the Los Angeles area at the moment. The “mini” costs $49 plus taxes and includes 2-4 cannabis items valued at around $80+. The items I received in the mini are just different strains of two brands I received in the Premium box. Also, though I did only receive two products (plus the same two accessories, matches, and a pipe), it was indeed valued at $90 or so. Unlike the Premium, which was roughly $50 under the suggested value.


Nugg Club has an “Add-on” store, which you will have access to after your monthly subscription is processed. The items are essentially discounted items from brands Nugg Club has previously included in boxes. They have various products like flowers, prerolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and tinctures. Prices are incredibly budget-friendly and are charged separately from your box. However, access is limited to a few days. Then you’ll have to wait for your next box. 

Nugg Club Review: The Verdict

Based on my Nugg Club subscription experience, I’d say I’m mixed but lean positive. First, I loved the ease of the signup process. It didn’t take longer than a minute and was a very straightforward, no-fuss process. Also, I did enjoy most of the products and brands. Some have made it onto my rotation, and some I was just happy to sample. And I like that accessories were not the bulk of the box and that cannabis is truly the focus.

However, there are a few areas that need work.

The delivery windows are way too far away

Delivery windows are almost a whole two weeks after you place your order. While my review boxes were sent pretty quickly (and I didn’t log the time), I registered and paid for a box just to see how long an actual delivery would take. Having just placed an order on August 7, my first delivery option available was August 18th. That’s 11 days away. It would have been longer if I went by my preferred day and time (about four days later). Not ideal for a daily cannabis user like myself. But, if you are the type to plan way ahead, this is perfect for you! 

Needs more transparency as to brands and product selection

As far as how the products you end up receiving are selected, well, that’s not exactly clear. According to Nugg Club’s FAQs, their team of “cannabis product experts has analyzed over 600k product reviews to identify the best brands and products. Then, we filter out the winners and put them through our rigorous review process to hand-select the best for your box!” 

Though I trust that they select only the best, I believe some more clarity is needed. How your team selects items is very important to consumers nowadays. Are they only looking at reviews and stats, or are they sampling the products and rating them too? How many sessions did the testers do? Is this a new brand/product? 

They do include small inserts with some brand advertorial on them, but I believe a one-sheet with how and why of the selection process would be an ideal add-on. Or some way to know a bit more about the process. Transparency is King these days!

Estimated cost and value are a bit overinflated but still a value

Since this was only one box, I can’t be sure if this is what it’s like for every package. But my Nugg Club box, after adding up the total costs based on dispensaries around me, definitely did not add up to $225. It was about $50, or one product short, which was a disappointment. But, on the other hand, I looked through the website, and $225 is everywhere, so I hope this was just an off month. 

However, considering the price is $99 (and tax), and the product total is $175, that’s still an excellent deal. I can’t wait to receive my next Nugg Club cannabis box, as I think this is a great weed subscription box and likely to grow to more brands and more options.