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Monogram cannabis flower
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When Grammy-award winning rapper Jay-Z announced he would be partnering with cannabis brand Caliva to create his own line called “Monogram,” fans of the music icon wondered just how his celebrity cannabis brand would stack up, myself included.

Monogram is impeccably designed with sleek, black label packaging that makes you feel like you’re part of Jay’s entourage when you hold it. But it is a little curious that there is almost no information about the cannabis anywhere on the packaging, not even strain info, or if the item is an indica, hybrid, or sativa. It’s confusing if you’re a beginner but forgivable if you know your herb.

Monogram weed brand by Jay-Z
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The cannabis cultivated by the brand is of stellar quality that can both be seen in the lush flower nugs and the even burn on the loosies and prerolls.

Monogram is a luxury weed brand, and while the items we reviewed were fantastic, I might hesitate purchasing again because even as a luxury brand, the price makes this more of a “special occasion” purchase, rather than regular use.

If you’re seeking something potent, smooth, and classy, Monogram is the brand for you. Even in the lower THC percentage items, the potency was high and provided lengthy highs that were felt almost immediately and lasted anywhere from 2-3 hours. Tasty, and without that burn that comes with most high THC smokes, Monogram is best to be shared with friends while celebrating that new job, new relationship, or just a new day.
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What's Good
High quality flower
Professional sleek look
Very potent
What's Bad
Information is lacking
No strains identified

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Caliva
Strength:Strong – Heavy
Extraction Method:Whole Flower
Product Types:Flower, Prerolls
Cannabis Origin:California
Similar Brands:Mirayo by Santana, GKUA

Editor’s Pick

  • Monogram No1 4G Flower: not only is the flower gorgeous and very potent, but it has the best value out of all Monogram products ($17.50/g, compare to loosies which is $20/g and handrolls $33.34/g).

Monogram No. 01 Flower

Perhaps the most similar to a Sativa, Monogram No1 is not for the beginner cannabis user. It is great if you need to focus for a few hours and get your creativity churning. Depending on your tolerance, I would recommend starting with a small hit off a bong because each puff packs a punch. I wouldn’t recommend adding Monogram to your regular purchases unless you have some money to spend. This 4G Flower jar retails for $70, gives you just a slight bulk discount (the 2G jar is $40), but it’s still pretty pricey.


I am a daily cannabis smoker, and this strain had me practically writing an entire novel in one sitting. The inhale is sweet and smooth, and it’s easy to forget just how much you’ve smoked because the sensation, while intense, is not overwhelming. I rolled this into a joint in one session and used a bong in another, and both were pleasant experiences with no coughing!

THC:34% Medium
Net Weight:4 Grams
Price: $70 ($17.50/gram)
Good for:Outdoors, creativity, mood boost
Not good for:Insomnia, pain, anxiety
Effects:Energized, inspired, social

Monogram No. 88 Loosies Prerolls

You know how in movies, fancy people have apéritifs while the hors d’oeuvres are being passed around, amid a sea of suits and cocktail dresses? Well, Monogram No.88 Loosies are the new apéritif- classy, discreet, and strong, at only 0.4g each, it’s just the right size to give you a quick hit of mellow sweetness to help you charm even the most finicky of people.


They say the best things come in small packages, and Monogram’s No.88 loosies takes that saying to heart. Each “loosie” is 0.4g, or about 6 good hits. The burn is even, which is key because it is such a small preroll (and they each cost about $10), any overburn would be a waste. The effect is immediate. Two hits in, I felt my shoulders loosen, and by the time I finished it, I was dancing to the music in my head. I would not use this to try to do anything productive, but definitely grab a tube or two for some concert going and music listening.

THC:30.9% Medium
Net Weight:1.6 Grams
Price: $40 ($25/gram)
Good for:Pain, anxiety, sleep
Not good for:Working, working out, focusing
Effects:Cerebral, body high, floating, relaxed

Monogram No. 01 Handroll

Monogram takes luxury cannabis one step further with their premium “handrolls.” Using a process that was specially architected by MONOGRAM’s Culture & Cultivation Ambassador, DeAndre Watson, not only do the highly trained rollers break down the flower by hand, but they roll it as well. The handroll burns well and evenly. It burns slowly, and is good for multiple sessions. For $50 for only 1.5g though, it’s more of a glass of champagne- best for special occasions only.


The No1 handroll reminds me of a cigar, not exactly something I want to grab all the time, but exactly what I want when I want to celebrate something with friends. The flower is tasty, smooth and sweet, and the expertise in the roll is definitely noted. I consider myself a pretty expert level stoner, so I don’t know how I feel about the upcharge for the roll itself. However, I recently got some good news on the career front, and I instantly reached for this handroll to celebrate and dance.

THC:27.5% Heavy
Net Weight:1.5 Gram
Price: $50 ($33/gram)
Good for:Concerts, date nights, celebrating
Not good for:Insomnia, anxiety
Effects:Focused, bliss, inspired

Monogram No. 70 Handroll

The Monogram No70 Handroll is just as luxurious as the No1 preroll, but with different effects. The precision of the hand break down of the flower is seen in the slow burn of the preroll, and the design, which is like a mini baseball bat, allows for a cigar like enjoyment as well. The product itself is fantastic but the cost is definitely more of a “reserve this for enjoying getting home from a long work trip.”


Reminiscent of a cigar, the No70 handroll is more mellow, with a chill vibe and an intensity that will have you glued to your chair. The price tag isn’t exactly attractive for this particular strain as it’s meant to be enjoyed more at home, relaxing, or having an intense conversation with your SO. Still, the quality is enough to nudge you to try this occasionally to get away from the world for a little bit.

THC:23.5% Heavy
Net Weight:1.5 Gram
Price: $50 ($33/gram)
Good for:After dinner, unwinding, listening to music
Not good for:Working out, outdoors, errands
Effects:Intense body high, relaxed, happy