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Binoid CBD and THC vape products
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Binoid is a Los Angeles-based cannabinoid company that offers some of the most diverse cannabis products in the industry. Whether you’re looking for CBD, delta-8 THC, THC-O, HHC, THC-P, or even THC-B (heard of that one yet?), Binoid has products for you to try.

This brand sources its hemp from Oregon and has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that’s cGMP and ISO Certified. Binoid even tests its own products five times before sending them off to a third party. Truly, the importance Binoid places on testing, safety, and product selection is beyond impressive.

Testing the Binoid THC vape pen
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While some of Binoid’s products are a bit pricey, the brand tends to offer incredible sales that make the products much more affordable than usual. You’ll find a huge selection of strains per product, and each strain offers distinct flavor profiles. However, some of the gummy products that Binoid offers aren’t quite as tasty as some other gummies I’ve tried, so don’t be surprised if you come across some strong hemp flavors when enjoying the potent effects of Binoid’s products.

Binoid is a cannabinoid brand you can rely on day in and day out. You don’t have to worry about purity or potency when buying, and you know you’re purchasing from a reputable, trustworthy brand every time. Binoid has a huge selection of various cannabinoid products with potent effects ranging from mild to extra-strong. While some of their products are a bit pricey, it is more than worth spending a few extra dollars to experience the quality and power that Binoid’s products can bring. (Plus, you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for and so much more.)
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What's Good
Huge selection of products including rare cannabinoids
Offers various strain and flavor options for products
Great sales consistently
One of few cGMP and ISO Certified CBD facilities in the US
Products have strong potencies, perfect for consumers of all levels
Works with local farmers in Oregon
What's Bad
All CBD products are THC-free
Expensive products when not on sale
Some products have strong hemp or medicinal flavors or aftertastes
No information on the actual people behind Binoid

Product Specs

CBD Strength:Mild – Extremely Potent
Product Types:Oils, Topicals, Capsules, Gummies, Cartridges, Vapes, Concentrates, Pet CBD
Cannabinoid Types:CBD, CBG, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, HHC, HHC-P, HHC-O, THC-O, THC-P, THC-H, THC-B
Hemp Origin:Oregon
Certifications:Kosher, cGMP
Wholesale:Learn More
BBB Rating:F Rating
Trustpilot:4.9 (Excellent)
Return Policy:30 Days
Customer Support:[email protected]
Similar Brands:TRE House, Delta Extrax, Moonwlkr

Editor’s Picks

  1. The Delta-8 THC cartridges from Binoid are perfect for those consumers who want to enjoy D8 on the go. The flavors of these carts are incredibly pleasant, and each strain offers unique results. My go-to became the Gelato cartridge, as it produced tasty, fruity flavors with sweet undertones. I felt relaxed and oh-so-blissful, making it an ideal cart for after a long day at work. 
  2. I’ve fallen in love with the uplifting effects of HHC, and Binoid’s premium HHC tincture is no exception. This tincture contains 1,000 mg of HHC, making it great for those who are newer to the world of HHC and want a mild yet potent dose of bliss. The natural flavor is a bit tough to get through, but I couldn’t believe how stimulated and motivated I felt after about 15 minutes. If you’re struggling at your desk in the middle of the day, this HHC oil is the perfect pick-me-up. 
  3. Delta-10 is one of those cannabinoids that bands seem to struggle to get right — but not Binoid. Immediately, I loved the delta-10 and delta-8 vape cartridges that the brand offered, as they produce balanced effects that are similar to a strong hybrid strain. I felt uplifted and stimulated, yet I was calm and relaxed at the same time. The cartridges hit well and have unique flavors, too. Just make sure to catch them when they’re on sale.

Binoid Knockout Blend Disposable Vape

Binoid Knockout blend vape with THC-P and HHC-P

Binoid’s Knockout Blend disposable vape contains an incredible blend of live resin THC-P, THC-H, and HHC-P distillate. Together, these cannabinoids create potent but not overly powerful effects, helping you feel a strong cerebral buzz. The 2-gram disposable smokes well and produces large, milky hits. When not on sale, the disposable goes for $59.99, but it’s currently on sale for $43.99.


I didn’t quite know what to expect from the Knockout Blend disposable vape, but, boy was I happy with the results. This extra-potent disposable wasn’t incredibly overwhelming, but it helped bring me to levels of euphoria and comfort that I absolutely loved. With the addition of HHC-P, I didn’t feel too tired either; instead, I was comfortable yet blissed out, making it perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. The buzz from this pen is unlike anything I’ve tried yet.

Binoid Delta-8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 THC gummies for relaxing

Binoid offers a huge selection of delta-8 THC gummies that are a great way to get your daily dose of D8 in a pleasant way. You can choose from multiple flavors, including Green Apple Candy, Peach Dream, and Strawberry Bliss, and each gummy comes packed with a potent 25 mg. The potency of these gummies is high, making them ideal for those who are experienced in the world of delta-8 THC. At $34.99 right now, this 500 mg bottle of gummies is both affordable and powerful.


I’ll be the first to admit that some of the flavors of Binoid’s delta-8 THC gummies are better than others. But, still, I was happy with the overall texture and consistency of the infused gummy. The effects took about 90 minutes to kick in, but they were potent and lasted for hours. I found my pain levels to subside and my mood enhanced, helping me feel better quite literally from head to toe. I would recommend these gummies to anyone who wants a potent (but not overwhelming) dose of D8 that can keep them feeling better all day long.

Binoid Goodnight CBD Oil

Binoid CBD oil for sleeping

The Goodnight CBD Oil from Binoid contains 1,000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil, as well as other sleep-promoting ingredients such as CBN, valerian root, and lemon essential oil. When not on sale, you’ll find this product for $64.99, but it’s currently $34.99 which makes it much more affordable and appealing. At first glance, I absolutely loved the packaging of this CBD oil, as it’s clear right away that the oil is meant for bedtime and you won’t get confused.


The flavor of the Goodnight CBD Oil from Binoid isn’t the best flavor you’re going to experience; but, if you wash it down with some water, it becomes much more palatable. I found that the sleepy effects started kicking in about 20 minutes after consumption, as my mind immediately began to unwind. Then, I noticed my muscles and joints relax, helping me feel more comfortable once I laid down. The oil helped me sleep all throughout the night, and I didn’t wake up feeling too groggy. Overall, this product is perfect for anyone who needs a little added support before going to bed.

Binoid CBD Gummies (Mango)

Binoid CBD gummies for relaxing

Another great product for sleep and relaxation, Binoid’s mango-flavored CBD gummies are both tasty and effective. These gummies are very appealing in the mouth, reminding you of typical gummy candies. Each gummy contains 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, providing more gentle effects than super potent ones. Right now, these gummies are on sale for $27.99, making them a great choice for those who want a bit of relaxation without spending too much money.


Take one of these CBD mango gummies and you’ll think you’re snacking on candy. Binoid’s broad-spectrum-infused gummies are tasty and relaxing, though they aren’t the most effective CBD gummy I’ve tried. I think I would’ve preferred if these were full-spectrum, as I was hoping for more supportive effects. But, I was happy with the calm, balanced feeling I felt after consumption, though I did have to wait about an hour before it kicked in.

Binoid Delta-9 THC Gummies

CBD gummies with THC for potent effects

Binoid’s premium CBD + THC mixed gummies are the perfect choice for any person looking to experience some enhanced relaxation. These gummies contain 1,000 mg of CBD and 200 mg of delta-9 THC in total, with 50 mg of CBD and 10 mg of D9 in each gummy. The combination of CBD and THC makes for a potent result, great for helping with stress and pain, primarily. The $37.99 gummies are packaged well, though they are a bit sticky and tough to separate if you leave them sitting.


As soon as I opened these gummies, I was impressed by the tasty smells they give off. The flavor of these gummies is nice, though they still have a bit of a strong hemp taste. But, I absolutely loved the potency of these gummies: they’re stronger than you’d think! I found the effects of one full gummy to kick in after about an hour, and I was calm, comfortable, and happy. I didn’t feel stoned, but I was extremely relaxed and able to decompress better than ever. These delta-9 THC gummies are a great choice for enhanced relaxation and pain relief without the worry of getting too high.

Binoid HHC-P Vape Cartridge

HHC-P vape cartridge for strong effects

The HHC-P vape cartridge from Binoid is one of the few HHC-P vape cartridges available on the market today. It’s full of a gram of HHC-P distillate and the carts are available in four different strains: Ghost Rider, Hella Jelly, Malibu Gold, and Space Jam. When not on sale, these carts are $59.99; however, right now, you can buy them for a more reasonable $37.99. These pens also include delta-8 THC distillate for added relaxation and a subtle high.


The HHC-P vape from Binoid tasted great and smoked well, but I wasn’t sure I noticed a whole lot of a difference in terms of effects regarding this cart and a typical HHC one. This cartridge produced bright, uplifting effects and a stimulating high that I very much enjoyed — though it wasn’t anything too special. I was happy that the mental and physical buzz I felt kicked in nearly immediately, but the effects faded quickly. So, you may have to have a few puffs of this cartridge before you get the effects you’re looking for.

Binoid THC-P Tincture

Binoid THC-P tincture oil product

Never tried THC-P before? Then Binoid’s THC-P tincture is a great place to start. This powerful 1,000 mg tincture shows you firsthand the relaxing, soothing effects of the THC-P cannabinoid, giving you effects within minutes of consumption. The oil contains a perfect blend of 920 mg of THC-P and delta-8 THC, which is great for providing both mental and physical benefits. Initially, this tincture was a hefty $79.99, but it’s on sale for $35.99.


The THC-P tincture from Binoid is a wonderful option for full-body relaxation, a strong high, and head-to-toe bliss. While the tincture doesn’t taste great, the strong effects make it worth it. Right away, you’ll get to experience the benefits of THC-P firsthand (and, might we mention that Binoid claims this is the first real THC-P tincture available). You won’t have to wait long for the effects to kick in, and you’ll find yourself feeling decompressed after about 15 minutes. When it’s not on sale, I’d say this oil isn’t quite worth the high price point; but, at $35.99, it definitely is.

Binoid THC-B Vape Cartridge

Binoid THC-B vape cartridge product

Binoid’s THC-B vape cartridge is a brand-new type of vape cartridge that contains a high amount of THC-B distillate. The THC-B cannabinoid is still new to most consumers, and Binoid is one of few brands that have THC-B products available. This cartridge is a full gram and only comes in one flavor: Juicy Fruit. At $37.99 currently, this vape cartridge is a good option for someone who wants to try something new, tasty, and potent.


This was my first time trying THCB, and I was happy it came in such a tasty strain like Juicy Fruit. The cartridge hit well and provided a smooth puff. The effects of the cartridge slowly trickled in, and I found myself experiencing a strong cerebral and physical buzz. In general, this cart’s effects reminded me of strong delta-9 THC; so, if you have a high tolerance to cannabis and want to feel those giggly effects you used to, Binoid’s THC-B vape cartridge is the way to go. But, I would only purchase it when it’s on sale, as it’s a bit too pricey otherwise.

Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridge

Premium THC-O cartridge from Binoid

Binoid’s THC-O vape cartridge is the perfect option for all you cannabis connoisseurs out there. This ultra-potent vape cart contains one full gram of THC-O distillate and 8% terpenes, creating a powerful and delicious experience. These THCO vape cartridges are available in six different high-class strains including Do Si Dos and Maui Wowie. When puffing though, it’s important to keep the potency of these carts in mind: while they’re tasty, these carts are quite powerful, so it’s best to take your time with smaller, more infrequent hits just in case.


The THC-O cartridges that Binoid has to offer are great options for those with high tolerances looking to get stoned again. While the THC-O wasn’t as powerful as I was expecting (definitely no psychedelic effects), I was happy with the full-body buzz I got and how long it lasted. The weightless, uplifting properties of the cartridge made me think it would be ideal for a night out or some time with friends, or even going on a nice hike or stroll. If you want something a bit stronger than traditional D9 in a vape, then this THCO cartridge is a wonderful option.

Binoid Delta-8 THC Capsules

Binoid Delta-8 THC capsules

Sometimes, you just don’t want to taste the cannabinoids you’re consuming. And, with Binoid’s premium delta-8 capsules, you don’t have to. These capsules are filled with 25 mg of D8 in each one, with every bottle containing 750 mg total. You consume these capsules just as you would any other vitamin, and the effects kick in fairly quickly — around 45 min. These capsules are a bit expensive at $69.99 (currently on sale for $41.99), but they’re worth it for those who want an easy-to-consume dose of D8.


The delta-8 THC capsules from Binoid are scentless and tasteless, making it great for people like me who don’t necessarily enjoy the taste of hemp. Just one capsule was enough to give me the buzzing effects I was hoping for, and they got to work in under an hour after consuming. I found myself feeling much more uplifted and blissful, though still relaxed and balanced internally. I was surprised (and happy with) the lack of sleepy effects, as this tends to happen with D8. But, thankfully, these capsules are best for more motivating results, so I loved enjoying them throughout my day when I needed added support.