Where Glasswork Meets Artwork: Here Are the Best Bong Brands

Whether you want something to show off or an everyday hitter, we’ve compiled the best bong brands on the market today to help you find your perfect piece.

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A bong can be anything from a borderline work of art to something you put together on-the-fly from a bottle and a down-stem. But of course, the best bong brands do a little better than our impromptu stoner engineering projects, not to mention adding little features and design details to make taking a hit as enjoyable as it can be. So if you’re looking for something new, which brands strike the right balance between style and functionality? Are the best bong brands all super-expensive, or are there high-quality affordable options out there too?

19 Best Bong Brands

Here’s our run-down of the best bong brands out there today.

BrandStarting Price
Grav Labs$49.99
Diamond Glass$54
Maverick Glass$49
Mothership Glass$4,000
Toro Glass$500
Empire Glassworks$95
My Bud Vase$75
Marley Natural$80
Higher Standards$120
Mobius Glass$380
Session Goods$120
Snoop Dogg Pounds$139.99

Grav Labs

Woman holding a large tall water pipe
Photo: Grav Labs

Available Starting at $44.99 from Grav

Grav is a Texas-based company that has been offering exceptional glassware commercially from 2004, and before that actually started out as a hobbyist project re-using things like wine bottles to produce unique bongs. But now they’re one of the most widely-recommended bong brands out there, known for their Gravitron all-glass gravity bong, as well as more ordinary offerings like the Empress water pipe. Everything is made in the US, and the prices – $99.99 for a large Gravitron, with some more expensive and the cheapest bong being $44.99 – are really good for a high-end bong brand.

Illadelph Glass

Glass bong with beautiful craftsmanship artwork
Photo: Illadelph Glass

Starting at $465 from Illadelph

Illadelph Glass was founded in Philadelphia in 2002, with a focus on offering high-quality glassware, especially bongs but with some cool pipes on offer too. They’ve brought tons of innovations with them – including coil condensers and pyramid percs – and have built a strong reputation as one of the best bong brands out there. They have tons of different pieces on offer, but the Signature Series has some awesome options, and their standard “Production Series” bongs are great too. They’re a little expensive – hundreds of dollars each, depending on specific model – but worth picking up at a local retailer.


Mike Tyson smoking a hit from the Stündenglass gravity bong
Photo: Stündenglass

Available Starting at $599.95 from Stündenglass

Stündenglass actually started out in 2012, when founder Tracey Huston revolutionized the design of gravity bongs as a passion project. Thanks to an early celebrity endorsement from Seth Rogan and an investment from Grenco Science in 2020, their flagship gravity infuser is increasingly considered one of the best bongs out there today. The core of the approach is making the infuser rotate, so you can control the water’s motion easily while still getting the gravity bong experience. They’re a little expensive, at $599.95, but if you love gravity bongs it’s more than worth it. 


Roor bong
Photo: RooR

Available Starting at $324 from RooR

RooR is a brand with a lot of history, having been founded in Germany in the 80s by glass blower Martin Birzle, and over time has gained a reputation for producing high-quality glass pieces. They’ve won the High Times cup four times, and continue to innovate even after all this time. The store has tons of options, but they’re basically split into straight and beaker-style bongs, with German Schott glass used in each. Each bong is carefully designed, from details like the downstem being tailored to the specific piece to little extras like ice pinches.

Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass bong
Photo: Diamond Glass

Available Starting at $54 from BadassGlass

Diamond Glass is a California-based glass company that’s generally considered one of the best bong brands out there today. The name comes from the diamond-like clarity of their glass, and in combination with their exceptional craftsmanship, you end up with some outstanding bongs. Even their Simple Beaker Bong is a fantastic option, with an eight-arm tree percolator to ensure consistent diffusion every time, and the care that went into building it is immediately obvious. They also have some cool recyclers, and the prices (e.g. the Simple Beaker for $118.55) are really hard to beat for this level of quality.

Maverick Glass

Maverick Glass bong
Photo: Maverick Glass

Available Starting at $49 from MAV Glass

Maverick Glass (or just Mav Glass) has around two decades of experience making bongs, pipes, dab rigs and more, and their reputation speaks for itself. Widely regarded as up there with the best bong brands in the industry, they offer an impressive range of recyclers, minis, dab rigs, straightforward beaker bongs and much more, with solid prices across the board and quality you’d be happy to pay twice as much for. The glass is very high quality, and little extras like the ice pinch give you tons of options for getting your ideal smoke. Basic bongs start from $49.

Mothership Glass

Mothership bong on display
Photo: Mothership Glass

Available Starting at $4,000 from Mothership Glass

Mothership Glass is a company based in the Pacific Northwest that has been producing unique and high-performance bongs since 2013. They describe themselves as an “artist collective,” and although it may sound a little overboard, they do make some genuinely beautiful pieces, with intricate designs and a wide range of shapes and styles available. They’re amazing from a purely aesthetic perspective, but they’ve also brought tons of innovation through things like spin caps and some interesting geometric percolator designs. They’re amazing quality but most cost over $4,000 to buy, so it’s a serious investment.

Toro Glass

Toro glass bong
Photo: Toro Glass

Available Starting at $500 from Toro Glass

Toro Glass has a long history of putting out top-quality bongs, to the point where everything tends to sell out pretty quickly when the store re-stocks. This makes the bongs and dab rigs they make especially highly-prized, with some really great designs in the line-up and a reputation for producing some of the best percolators out there. This is one of the major reasons they’re considered one of the best bong brands out there today. They have an excellent selection of hand-made accessories too, but the glass bongs and dab rigs are really hard to beat.

Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks glass bongs
Photo: Empire Glassworks

Available Starting at $95 from Empire Smokes

Empire Glassworks was founded in 2013 in California, and quickly earned a reputation for producing some of the most beautiful glasswork out there today. The designs are really colorful and many have natural themes, such as forests or underwater scenes, as well as ones themed on space, politics or even shows like Rick and Morty. The pieces are always made from high-quality borosilicate glass and with “lampworking,” which uses a torch flame in the process to produce more precise designs. This results in some of the most jaw-dropping designs and impressive bongs out there today.

My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase bong with flower
Photo: My Bud Vase

Available Starting at $75 from My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase is a creation of South Carolinian Doreen Sullivan, who set out to move bongs away from the “lazy stoner” stereotype and towards something artistic and beautiful. The result is an impressive collection of bongs that look like something you’d put on your mantelpiece, with the addition of a downspout. As the name suggests, there are vase-like options like Joy, but plenty of more general – but exquisite – ones like Stardust. They might be a little too fancy for an “everyday” type of bong, but they’re great conversation pieces and the prices aren’t too high either.


Eyce mini beaker
Photo: EYCE

Available Starting at $39.99 from EYCE

EYCE is the best bong brand if you’re looking for a silicone bong, and they’ve been perfecting the art since 2013. While it might not look as fancy as a glass bong, silicone offers incredible durability and allows for eye-catching designs while still keeping the price low. In this way, it’s a great choice for more casual use, but don’t let that put you off: the bongs from EYCE are really high quality and work just about as well as glass bongs in practice. The EYCE Beaker is a classic, well-designed but straight to the point and just $69.99.

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Marley Natural

Marley Natural bong
Photo: Marley Natural

Available Starting at $80 from Marley Natural

Marley Natural is one of the best bong brands if you like wooden accessories, pipes and bongs, and is “the official” Bob Marley cannabis brand. The big name association aside, the pipes and bongs from Marley Natural have a simple, authentic look and put quality above all else. The basic Water Pipe, for instance, uses sustainably sourced black walnut for the top and bottom, and hand-blown borosilicate glass for the rest. It also incorporates extras like a five-hole downstem and an ice pinch, producing a smooth, cool smoke. The prices are a little high but the bongs look exceptional.

Higher Standards

Higher Standards bong
Photo: Higher Standards

Available Starting at $120 from Higher Standards

Higher Standards really sets out to live up to their brand name, and they’ve had some success, quickly becoming recognized as one of the best bong brands out there today. Their glass pieces are made in the US from medical-grade borosilicate glass, with care and attention going into every detail. The Heavy Duty Beaker, for instance, incorporates a diffused downstem, ground glass connections and a 7 mm thickness that ensures durability, alongside the included collectors’ case. The prices are really good for higher-end bongs too, with the beaker costing just $160.

Mobius Glass

Mobius glass bong
Photo: Mobius

Available Starting at $380 from Mobius

Mobius Glass is a California-based glass company, founded by John M, who got into glass blowing back in 2000, bringing his decades of experience to the company and producing some of the most intricate, well-designed bongs out there. Although you have to check (or sign up) for Mobius’ “drops” to really pick something up, there are some beautiful options in the line-up, including the Strato Matrix V2, which has a matrix percolator with at least 140 diffusion holes, sandblasted logos, an ice pinch and a revolving splashguard. They’re expensive, but hard to beat if you’re looking for quality.


Heir glass bong
Photo: Heir

Available Starting at $220 from Heir

Heir was created by four friends just looking to make a better bong than they already had in their living room, but it’s grown into one of the best bong brands out there today. The big selling-point is design: their flagship bong, the Waterpipe, has a y-shaped design, with the bowl and mouthpiece both at the top. This increases the journey length for the smoke down to the 8-slotted percolator and back, improving cooling, and making it basically impossible for the bong to slip out of your hand in-use. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s awesome to use.

Session Goods

Woman using the Session Goods bong
Photo: Session Goods

Available Starting at $120 from Session Goods

Session was founded in 2017 when a group of friends started to wonder why the world of bongs was dominated by products of the countercultures of the past, and set out to make something more homey and acceptable than illicit “drug paraphernalia.” The simply-named “Bong” epitomizes this approach, with a modern-looking tapered body and angled mouthpiece, with a borosilicate glass body and a silicone footer at the bottom to protect the glass and show the water line. It also comes with extras like a spare downstem and a party-sized alternate bowl for group smoking.


Flux bong
Photo: Flux

Available Starting at $260 from Flux

Flux is a California-based company with some unique products on offer that have earned them enough of a reputation to be considered one of the best bong brands on the market. The Flux Water Pipe bills itself as the “world’s first plasma water pipe,” with a plasma light show decorating the body of the bong. The Flux features a hand-blown glass bowl and two mouthpieces (curved and straight), and a smart design that ensures you can still see the bowl while you smoke. It comes with a micro-USB to keep the plasma show ready-to-go, and costs $260.


Smoking Vitae bong
Photo: Vitae

Available Starting at $229 from Vitae

Vitae Glass started in 2017 in San Francisco, borne out of a desire for a bong that was easy to take apart and clean, while also maintaining the functionality of single-piece bongs. The result is a completely “modular” borosilicate bong, with the base, mouthpiece, downstem and percolator all removable and replaceable. You can pick up pre-made combinations like the Voyager, which uses the flagship base, UFO percolator and mouthpiece, along with a leaf bowl. But given the company’s approach, you can also build your own bong from whatever pieces you want.

Snoop Dogg Pounds

Snoop Dogg Pound bong
Photo: Snoop Dogg Pounds

Available Starting at $139.99 from DopeBoo

Pounds is a glass line from legendary rapper and weed enthusiast Snoop Dogg, all made in California using hand-blown borosilicate glass. The initial line all had spacecraft-inspired names, like Rocketship and Mothership, but the newer options are named after famous airports, including SFO, MIA and LAX. LAX has an inline ruffle percolator and a unique design, with the mouthpiece rising up at an angle to make the bong more comfortable in-use. As with many of the best bong brands, the main challenge is finding any in-stock, but if you do, prices are pretty good considering the quality.

Bong Brands to Consider

These bong brands didn’t make it to our top list but they’re worth considering if you’re looking for more options:

  • Bougie Glass
  • Zob
  • Fat Buddha Glass
  • Jet
  • HVY Glass
  • AFM Glass
  • Waxmaid
  • Unique
  • Bear Mountain Studios
  • The China Glass
  • Pulsar Glass
  • Phoenix Star Glass
  • Summerland
  • UPC
  • LA Pipes
  • AMG Glass
  • Leisure Glass
  • Envy Glass
  • Swerve Glass
  • Mathematix
  • Bento Bong
  • Chill Steel Pipes
  • Grace Glass
  • Cheech & Chong
  • EHLE
  • HighRise


With the explosion in cannabis products in recent years, it won’t have come as much of a surprise to you that there are tons of options for excellent bongs out there. The best advice to choose the right one for you is to think about what’s important to you: do you want something that will start a conversation or have a classy, mantelpiece-friendly look? Or do you just want a bong that gets the job done and doesn’t break on you? Is your budget enough for something fancy, or are you happy with a more affordable option provided it hits well. There’s a lot to consider, but if you use our recommendations as a guide, you’ll find something awesome.