The Best Weed Subscription Boxes to Arrive At Your Door

We’ve found the top nine cannabis subscription boxes you’ll want showing up to your doorstep.

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Best weed subscription box with actual weed
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There’s only one thing that’s better than finding out your package arrived: the fact that your package is a cannabis subscription box. Weed subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular in legal states, as it gives consumers a great way to try new products without even leaving the house. But, without a doubt, some of the weed subscription boxes out there are better than others, and you don’t want to waste your money on a box that’s not worth it. So, before you pull out that debit card, let’s help you out a bit.

After reviewing over a dozen different cannabis subscription boxes, we’ve found the top nine that are worth subscribing to month after month. From the prices of these boxes to their actual value and even details like shipping and packaging, we made sure to fully evaluate the quality of these boxes. That being said, let’s find out which weed subscription boxes you should check out.

We compared over 15 weed subscription boxes for smokers to find the options that offer the best value, selection, and quality of products. (See how we test.)

9 Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Here are our top nine favorite cannabis subscription boxes available right now.

Best Overall:Nugg Club
Most Luxurious:Lucky Box Club
Best Perks:HighHello
Best for Accessories:Cannabox
Best Selection:Hemper
Best for Beginners:Daily High Club
Best for Ladies:Stoney Babe Box
Most Extensive Box Selection:The Weed Box
Best Curation:SensiBox

Best Overall: Nugg Club

Joints, vapes, gummies: you name it, you’re getting it in the incredible Nugg Club weed subscription box. Includes actual cannabis.

Weed subscription box with actual cannabis
Photo: Nugg Club

See Nugg Club Box Options

Availability: California

Box Options: One standard box

Subscription Price: $99 ($225 value)

Hands down, Nugg Club offers the highest-quality selection of products within their cannabis subscription boxes. You’re able to get your hands on some of the most popular California marijuana brands in the state, and to try products in so many different forms, flavors, and strengths. Plus, with Nugg Club, you can always add-on extra products from their store that you know you want to try.

These boxes show up beautifully packaged and always in perfect shape. Nugg Club always provides live updates so you know exactly when your box is set to arrive. At only $99 a month for an average of seven products, this box is more than worth it.

Read our full Nugg Club review

Most Luxurious: Lucky Box Club

Ordering from the Lucky Box Club will make you feel like some sort of celebrity with their top-shelf, luxury cannabis options. Includes actual cannabis.

Weed subscription boxes with actual weed
Photo: Lucky Box Club

See Lucky Box Club Box Options

Availability: California 

Box Options: Monthly subscription box

Subscription Price: $117

The Lucky Box Club offers both monthly subscription boxes and a-la-cart cannabis products for you to choose from. Inside their monthly box, you’ll find some of California’s most well-known, high-end brands to try. As you’re ordering, you can let them know what kind of products you enjoy the most, how you like to consume cannabis, and if there’s anything you don’t want to see in the box. Then, the Lucky Box Club will curate your top-shelf monthly box to ship right to your door.

This monthly box is the most expensive one offered on this list, but if you’re a CA resident who wants to try some boutique brands, The Lucky Box is the club to join.

Best Perks: HighHello 

With HighHello, you get more than just top-shelf bud. (Though, you get that, too.) This unique cannabis subscription box grants you access to products, virtual budtenders, and VIP events. Includes actual cannabis.

Unboxing HighHello weed subscription box
Photo: Potdots

See HighHello Box Options

Availability: Michigan 

Box Options: 6 box options: Mixed Box, Edibles Box, Flower Box, Newbie Box, Smoker’s Box, Dabber’s Box

Subscription Price: $75 – $105 per month

HighHello offers an incredibly great selection of cannabis subscription boxes for those in the Detroit metro area of Michigan. (But don’t worry: they plan on expanding to Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Lansing soon!) You can choose between boxes catered specifically for flower lovers, edible lovers, or dab lovers, or even buy one that has a little bit of everything. Or, if you’re brand-new to the world of weed, you can check out their Newbie Box for a top-shelf introduction. 

The box we tested had a whopping 18 different products to try, both edibles and flower, as well as accessories. However, our favorite part about HighHello is the option of having a virtual budtender to help you pick what’s best. Also, you’ll gain access to local events and meetups in your area when you have a HighHello subscription. Truly, what more can you ask for?

Best Cannabis Accessory Box: Cannabox

For an incredible selection of high-quality cannabis accessories, there’s no better place to turn than Cannabox. Does not include actual cannabis.

Cannabox weed box delivered at doorstep
Photo: Cannabox

See Cannabox Box Options

Availability: All 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland, and the UK

Box Options: One-time or monthly 

Subscription Price: $32.99

Cannabox is a great place to go when you’re hoping to try out the newest, most unique cannabis products. This marijuana subscription box only contains cannabis accessories — and not any actual marijuana — but the variety is unparalleled. You’ll find everything from apparel to rolling papers, storing jars, dab tools, and even small bongs, bubblers, and rigs. Plus, the quality of the products is nothing to ignore: these accessories are incredibly high-quality and work well. You don’t have to worry about your pieces breaking in transit, either.

Cannabox offers their weed boxes at different prices depending on how long you subscribe, but they’re all quite affordable for the 6-7 accessories you’ll get per box.

Best Selection: Hemper

Not only can you choose between several boxes, but Hemper’s cannabis subscription box also has an incredible selection of products, too. Does not include actual cannabis.

Hemper weed accessories subscription box
Photo: Hemper

See Hemper Box Options

Availability: All 50 states and worldwide (minus Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong)

Box Options: Five options: Hemper Tech Cleaning Box, The Hemper Box XL, The Hemper Box, The Hemper Core Box, and The Hemper Pack

Subscription Price: $9.99 – $150

Hemper offers customers one of the best, most comprehensive selections regarding both subscription boxes and their products themselves. You can choose between five different subscription boxes depending on what you need or want most. They even offer a cleaning subscription box, so you can stay on top of all the tools and accessories required to keep your pieces looking brand new.

Their XL box comes with a whopping 20 items, each one just as helpful and unique as the next. However, keep in mind that these products don’t change each time you get a box: they stay the same and act as a way to resupply your go-to smoking accessories.

Best for Beginners: Daily High Club

Daily High Club offers three different cannabis subscription boxes, all at affordable prices and stuffed with top-shelf products — perfect for those just starting their cannabis collection. Does not include actual cannabis.

Daily High Club cannabis subscription box
Photo: Daily High Club

See Daily High Club Box Options

Availability: All 50 states

Box Options: Connoisseur V2, El Primo, Rawsentials 

Subscription Price: $9.99 – $29.99

If you’re just starting your cannabis collection, subscribing to the Daily High Club’s cannabis subscription boxes is an excellent way to build your inventory quickly and without breaking the bank. These weed boxes contain 7-9 different cannabis accessories that are perfect for both beginner and experienced consumers; however, it’s best for those who are wanting to stock up on more products and expand their inventory.

Daily High Club’s prices are also some of the best on this list. Their Connoisseur V2 box starts at only $19.99 a month, and it’s packed with various accessories like rolling papers, bowl pieces, and even air fresheners. However, they don’t let you customize the box, which is a huge bummer in my opinion.

Best for the Ladies: Stoney Babe Box

The Stoney Babe Box is the perfect weed subscription box for anyone wanting cannabis products that are all things girly. Does not include actual cannabis.

Weed subscription box for women
Photo: Stoney Babe Box

See Stoney Babe Box Options

Availability: All 50 states 

Box Options: Stoney Babe Mystery Box, Everygal’s Essentials, The Baked Beauty Box, Designer Stoner, Babygirl Basics

Subscription Price: $10 – $39

The Stoney Babe Box is perfect for any person that enjoys a little extra sparkle with their cannabis. The cannabis subscription box contains a wide variety of girly-themed products ranging from hand-dusted clipper lighters to candles, jewelry, CBD skin care and so much more. Plus, all the products that come within the Stoney Babe Box come from women-owned businesses, just like Stoney Babe themselves. Unfortunately, the overall quality isn’t quite on par with the rest of the boxes on this list, and some boxes feel quite cheap. 

But, as a girl that loves to smoke, this weed subscription box felt like it was made for me — even though I couldn’t customize it.

Most Extensive Box Selection: The Weed Box

The Weed Box offers a cannabis subscription box of so many types, sizes, themes, and prices. Does not contain actual cannabis.

Marijuana accessories subscription
Photo: The Weed Box

See The Weed Box Options

Availability: All 50 states

Box Options: One-time and monthly

Subscription Price: $9.99 – $89.99

At first glance, it’s hard to believe how many box options The Weed Box has to offer. Their inventory has subscription boxes of varying types depending on what kind of products you want or how much you want to spend. They have boxes for under $10, under $20, under $35, and under $40, as well as bigger box options that go for higher prices. You can buy boxes that don’t have rotating products, or you can subscribe to their monthly boxes to get new inventory every time. Just try not to get too overwhelmed when looking through The Weed Box’s selection.

Best Curation: SensiBox

SensiBox is able to beautifully curate a smoker’s lifestyle box that’s perfect for most stoners. Does not include actual cannabis.

Weed accessories monthly subscription box
Photo: SensiBox

See SensiBox Options

Availability: All 50 states

Box Options: SensiLight, SensiBox Original

Subscription Price: $20 – $31

Subscription boxes can be tricky because you’re trusting strangers to put together something that appeals to you. Thankfully, SensiBox does this flawlessly. They’ll hand curate quality and unique essentials for every smoker and pack them in themed boxes each month. Each box comes with 5-7+ items, including gear, munchies, and smoking essentials. Out of all the cannabis subscription boxes, I thought that SensiBox did the best at curating a box with cool and handy items.

How We Picked the Weed Subscription Boxes

Picking what weed subscription boxes we enjoyed most wasn’t a quick process. Before we went ahead and actually subscribed to these services, our team first analyzed the company itself to ensure that it was up to our standards. The brand needed to be upfront and clear about whether or not they sold actual cannabis, as well as where they were allowed to ship to. They also needed to provide ample information about how the process worked, as we were looking at it from a beginner’s point of view. Without this information, the process would be much more difficult for consumers, after all.

The Criteria

After evaluating the above aspects, we went ahead and ordered boxes from about a dozen different brands. Some of the boxes arrived quicker than others, and some arrived in better shape, as well. Once we got the subscription box, we went ahead and judged it by the following criteria:

  • Selection: What was the quality and variety of products advertised on the site?
  • Content: What was the quality of products actually delivered in box compared to what they advertised?
  • Curation: Did they do a good job at curating a box based on the preferences I chose?
  • Value: What was the retail price of all products compared to the price of the box?
  • Shipping: What was the price of shipping, speed of delivery, and flexibility like? 

After we looked at all those aspects, it was clear that there was a cannabis subscription box that performed higher than the rest: Nugg Club.

What Are Weed Subscription Boxes? 

Essentially, a weed subscription box is a package you get in the mail, typically monthly or quarterly, that contains either cannabis or cannabis-related products. These boxes will switch up what they have inside each time you receive one, helping you try out new brands, strains, smoking devices, and more.

You never know what you’re going to get inside a weed subscription box, and that’s all part of the fun. Some boxes may have themes depending on the month, but they won’t tell you the exact details of what’s inside. This way, each box is a fun canna-surprise. 

What’s Inside 

What's inside a weed subscription box
Photo: Nugg Club

What’s inside a cannabis subscription simply depends on the type of box you buy. Some of the most popular subscription boxes will include products like small smoking pieces (such as pipes or one-hitters), rolling papers, lighters, rolling trays, or other accessories. You can buy different sized boxes depending on the brand and their options, and the larger boxes are going to contain more products, probably in bigger sizes, as well.

Again, you probably won’t know exactly what’s inside your weed subscription box until you get it in the mail. However, many brands give you the option to customize your box before you order. With this, you can let them know which products you’re interested in, which ones you don’t want to receive, what kind of smoker you are, and so forth. This way, even though the contents of the box may be a surprise, you’ll know that you’ll be receiving something that aligns with your wants/needs.  

Do You Get Actual Cannabis or Just Accessories? 

Whether you get actual cannabis or cannabis accessories in these weed subscription boxes completely depends on where you purchase them from. Some brands like Nugg Club — in legal states — offer subscription boxes to their residents that have unique strain options inside, as well as products like edibles, topicals, or tinctures. But, again, the boxes that have actual cannabis inside are only available in states that have legalized recreational cannabis, and you cannot buy it if you’re not a resident of that state.

Many subscription boxes do just sell cannabis accessories. This is because they may want to ship to more places throughout the country, or to appeal to more customers. Regardless, you do not have to get weed subscription boxes with actual cannabis products. Instead, you can find many that give you new glass bongs, carb caps, dab tools, and much more each month. 

Are Cannabis Subscription Boxes Worth It? Why Get One?

Woman smoking out of a cool bong
Photo: Hemper

If you’re someone who loves to add new pieces to your canna-collection, or if you like to switch things up occasionally, having a cannabis subscription box is the best way to do it. These boxes are absolutely worth it for those who are interested in constantly growing their stock, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it.

Cannabis subscription boxes with actual cannabis products are also a great way to introduce yourself to new cannabis brands or consumption methods that you may not have found in the past. These boxes allow you to expand your inventory and experience levels — while it all simply comes to you. 

If you get overwhelmed at the smoke shop or are tired of ordering brands that are only subpar, 420 smoking subscription boxes are the perfect option for you.


Weed subscription boxes are an interesting development that the cannabis industry has only recently started mastering. But, as the legalization spreads and the community continues to grow, we can almost guarantee that these unique marijuana boxes will become even more common. 

But, as you scroll through your cannabis subscription box options, always remember to take a look at the brand’s credibility and see what others have had to say about their service. This way, you’ll end up buying boxes from top-performing brands like Nugg Club and Lucky Box Club and avoiding anyone who doesn’t compare.

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