The Best Crystal Pipes for Smooth, Tasty Hits

After researching nearly 20 brands, we’ve discovered the best crystal smoking pipes for enjoying moments of tranquility, healing, and clarity.

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Mell Green

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These days, smoking has never been more elegant than with the emergence of crystal pipes. Crystal pipes, while eye-catching, can often lack functionality and portability, making them difficult for you to utilize like a regular pipe.

Crystal pipe made from quartz
Natural quartz crystal pipe for smoking weed. Photo: OHAI

Thankfully, a few brands on the market have figured out a way to make their crystal smoking pipes both beautiful and functional, helping you experience smooth, tasty hits every time. Through extensive testing, we found this brand to be Ethereal Haze. 

After vigorous testing (and a lot of smoking), it became obvious that Ethereal Haze’s product quality is miles beyond the rest. Unlike other brands on the market, they took the time to think about functionality over just aesthetics. Here, we’ve listed a few other brands that do the same.

NOTE: Gemstone inhalation can be potentially dangerous. Some crystal pipes have been found to cause smokers to inhale toxic chemicals, depending on the crystal and how it was made. Always do proper research surrounding a crystal pipe company before trying their products. (Learn more below.)

7 Best Crystal Pipes For Smoking

Here are the top seven best crystal pipes for infusing your herb with the natural healing properties of crystals.

Best Overall: Ethereal Haze

These ethically-sourced handcrafted crystal pipes have a beautiful, homemade feel to them that just can’t be beaten. 

Ethically sourced crystal pipe
All crystal pipes made by Ethereal Haze are high-grade and sourced ethically. Photo: Ethereal Haze

$34.97 to $119.97 from Ethereal Haze

The Good

  • Largest selection of stones with close to 90 options
  • Specifically designed to prevent health risks associated with smoking from crystal pipes
  • High-grade (A or above) crystals
  • Sourced ethically
  • Handcrafted designs
  • Unique charms and look
  • Smooth hits
  • Amazing customer service (they quickly responded to a concern we had about the safety of crystal pipes)
  • Over 400 positive reviews on their Etsy shop

The Bad

  • Not the most portable 
  • Not good for everyday smoking

Ethereal Haze is a brand that dedicates themselves wholly to crystals and the good that they can do. They handcraft each of their crystal pipes with care and dedication; thus, every one of them is unique.

Ethereal Haze adds adorable designs and charms to their pipes, giving them even more character than all other pipes I’ve seen. But, as cute as they were, I wouldn’t risk smoking from these pipes all the time — or even traveling with them. They’re too precious to damage!

Unique crystal pipe stones
Photo: Ethereal Haze

Ethereal Haze has some of the best looking crystal pipes around — and they’re all handcrafted from ethically sourced crystals. Each pipe you get will be unique, offering slight variations in appearance because of their homemade process.

Having one or two of these pipes is integral to anyone’s smoke collection. However, they’re not the most functional. While they smoke beautifully, I wasn’t comfortable using it frequently. I was afraid of breaking off the charms or damaging the fragile crystal. Plus, their designs make it tough to clean and bring with you on on-the-go smoke sessions.

Best Quality: OHAI

OHAI offers the highest-quality crystal pipes with elegant looks and packaging.

High quality crystal pipe for smoking weed
Photo: OHAI

$60 from OHAI

The Good

  • Beautiful designs and crystal options
  • Heavy, durable feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Protective packaging

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Customer service is unresponsive (at least in our experience)

As soon as I got my hands on OHAI’s beautiful crystal pipes, I knew they were a notch above the rest. These pipes come in top-shelf, classy packaging that keeps your pipes safe and sound until it’s time to smoke.

Then, once you pick it up, you’ll notice the weight that these crystal pipes have, giving you ultimate reassurance that these aren’t any fake materials.

Though a bit pricey, it was more than worth it knowing that I could take this pipe anywhere with ease — and still enjoy its beauty.

Quartz crystal pipe
Howlite natural crystal pipe by OHAI.

Finding a high-quality crystal pipe is harder than you may think. Most of these pipes don’t have carbs, making them much harsher to smoke on. Plus, the unique design isn’t super portable, and they’re really easy to break — unless you find the right brand, that is.

OHAI has seemingly fixed all of these complications with their gorgeous crystal smoking pipes. These pipes — while they don’t have a carb — smoke incredibly well. The mouthpiece is wide and allows ample airflow. The mesh bowl is easily removed for cleaning, ensuring you’re taking tasty hits each time.

I fell in love with OHAI’s unique designs and crystal options; their aesthetic easily stood out from all the rest. Add that with their functionality and portability (coming in those great packages), and OHAI reached the number two spot in our list of the best crystal pipes.

Most Affordable: Plain Jane Crystal Pipes

Looking for a cute crystal pipe that won’t break the bank? Plain Jane’s are the most affordable.

Healing quartz crystal pipes for smoking
Photo: Plain Jane

$19.99 from Plain Jane

The Good

  • Offers nine different options: Rose Quartz, Blue Howlite, Crystal Clear, Golden Sandstone, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Opal, Tianshan Blue Stone
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Various color options
  • Reputable brand

The Bad

  • Cheaper quality than high-end crystals
  • Small size
  • Doesn’t have a carb

While crystal pipes can be stunning, they aren’t always worth it to drop a ton of money on (especially if you’re prone to breaking them). Thus, Plain Jane’s quality pipes are the best choice.

These pipes are only $19.99, making them the most affordable option on this list. The brand offers them in a few different colors for you to choose from, as well. But, do keep in mind that you are sacrificing a bit of quality and size when you go for a pipe this cheap.

If you’re looking for a cute rose quartz pipe that stays within your budget, then Plain Jane’s crystal pipes are the best choice for you. When you smoke these pipes, you’ll be surprised by how smooth the hits are and how tasty your bud is.

Though the pipe may be a bit smaller in size and cheaper in quality than the rest of the options on this list, Plain Jane’s crystal pipe still provided me with a pleasant, and healing smoking experience. Plus, I wouldn’t mind taking this pipe with me on-the-go — after all, at under $20, I would just buy another if it broke.

Best Unique Designs: Wicked AF

Looking for some show-stopping crystal pipes? Wicked AF is the place to go. 

Labradorite crystal pipe for smoking herb
Photo: Wicked AF

$28.99 to $77.99 from Wicked AF

The Good

  • Huge selection including: Angel Aura Quartz, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Opalite, Pink Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Malachite
  • Beautiful, unique designs
  • Affordable prices
  • Smooth hits
  • Offers standard and mini sizes

The Bad

  • Unique shapes make for poor portability
  • Difficulty cleaning

You’ve never seen crystal pipes like these before. I was blown away by the gorgeous, unique designs that Wicked AF offered.

They have a wonderful selection of traditional crystal pipes, as well as other shapes like a fossil, stone, and round labradorite pipes, too. So, if you’re looking for a statement piece, Wicked AF is the best choice by far.

Wicked AF is one of those smoke brands that you turn to when you want a statement piece. Their high-quality pipes are truly well-made, but they look more interesting than anything. These crystal pipes come in various colors, materials, and even shapes depending on what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, as cool as these interesting designs are, it makes them really tough to take with you, to clean, and even to get hits from sometimes. 

While the traditional crystal pipes smoke well, the round stones and fossil shapes are just not as functional. Thankfully, these pieces are priced fairly, so you can try out a few before seeing which option is best for your smoking experience.

Best for Everyday Use: Rituals + Ceremony

If you want a crystal pipe to smoke on every day, Rituals + Ceremony offer the best.

Purple crystal pipe with smoking blend
Photo: Rituals + Ceremony

$42 from Rituals + Ceremony

The Good

  • Offers a decent selection of stones: Amethyst, Lapis Azuli, Howlite, Jade, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Astrophyllite, Labradorite
  • Removable stainless steel screen filter makes it easy to clean
  • Eye-catching crystals
  • Durable feel
  • Well-priced

The Bad

  • Smaller product selection that the companies above
  • Not a smoke/hemp brand

Rituals + Ceremony offers a great line of high-quality, affordable crystal smoking pipes that you can rely on everyday if you want to.

These pipes feel great in the hand; I could tell they were made well, but I wasn’t terrified of dropping it or damaging it. These products are clearly more durable than some of the others on this list. Plus, they are incredibly easy to clean, making them my top choice for an everyday use pipe.

The crystal pipes from Rituals + Ceremony gave me smooth, tasty hits, and it was a pipe that I would feel comfortable relying on for everyday use. While some crystal pipes are clearly meant as a statement piece — or for you to use it infrequently — this isn’t the case with Rituals + Ceremony.

These pipes are priced well: they aren’t too cheap but they aren’t overly expensive either. They felt heavy and durable in the hand, making me smoke with confidence. Even when I knocked the tip on my table by accident, the rose quartz pipe stayed strong and pointy.

Most Elegant: LEAFF Natural Gemstone Pipe

Looking for an elegant crystal smoking pipe to show off? LEAFF is the best brand to get one from.

Crystal pipe made with natural gemstone
Photo: LEAFF

$45 (CAD) from Leaff (currently out of stock)

The Good

  • Elegant crafting and designs 
  • High-quality crystals
  • Rose gold accents 
  • Well-priced

The Bad

  • Felt delicate
  • Currently out of stock

The LEAFF brand gives off an air of elegance on all their products, but especially their crystal pipes. These pipes are stunning and look pristine no matter which option you choose.

LEAFF uses genuine crystals based on their supposed benefits, helping to enhance your cannabis experience overall. These pipes smoked wonderfully and were pretty easy to clean; though I did feel a bit worried I was going to damage their elegant selves.

Different types of crystal pipes
Crystal pipes made by Leaff: Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Tourmaline Quartz, and Howlite.

Some crystal pipes look cute, but they aren’t as elegant and classy looking as the ones from LEAFF. Their line of crystal pipes promote high-quality options that are priced well and smoke even better.

These pipes are smooth and truly bring out the tastes of your bud. I based my selection on the benefits of the crystals they outline on their website, which I found extremely helpful as someone who isn’t familiar with the world of crystals. If you’re new to crystals and want to try out a quality pipe with all information provided, head to LEAFF.

Best Portability: Canna Style Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

You can take Canna Style’s crystal pipes with you everywhere you go.

Pink rose glass crystal pipe
Photo: Canna Style

$29 from Canna Style

The Good

  • Great portability, fits comfortably in hand
  • Quality design
  • Easy to clean
  • The Pink crystal option has a carb on the side
  • Decent price compared to others

The Bad

  • Harsh hits
  • Only offers Rose Quartz and Pink crystal pipes

Crystal pipes can be beautiful, but you don’t always want to risk taking them with you to on-the-go smoke sessions. However, with Canna Style’s crystal pipes, you can.

These pipes are high-quality and durable, great for taking with you without worry. Plus, they’re a bit smaller than your typical pipe, making them easy to pop in the pocket and get going.

Rose quartz crystal pipe product
Photo: Canna Style

Put it in your pocket, bag, or backpack and smoke this crystal pipe on the go. Canna Style’s crystal pipes are great choices for when you’re smoking while doing other tasks like hiking or going on a picnic.

They’re small and easy to carry; plus, they boast a durable design so you don’t have to worry too much about damaging them. Unfortunately, their small size and materials don’t produce the best hits, so be mindful of this before you take a huge toke.

Best Gemstone Pipe: Smoke Cartel Natural Gemstone Mineral Pipes

Smoke Cartel offers one of the largest selections of natural gemstone pipes.

Natural amethyst gemstone pipe
Photo: Smoke Cartel

$34.99 from Smoke Cartel

The Good

  • Large variety of options including Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, and more
  • Every pipe is handcrafted from high-quality gemstones
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Metal bowl insert included
  • 4″ size makes it easy to carry around
  • Smooth draw

The Bad

  • The tip is a bit sharp and needs polishing
  • Small bowl size

Smoke Cartel offers a large selection of natural gemstone pipes. These aren’t the highest quality crystal pipes out there, but for $34.99 they’re not bad. If you’re looking for something high-grade, you’re better off going with one of the options above.

These gemstone pipes are about 4″ and come with a metal bowl insert. They’re handcrafted from high-quality gemstones and made in the U.S.

The bowl is a bit small so it won’t hold too much herb, but the draw is smooth. Some users reported the tip is a little bit pointy, but every pipe is uniquely made so your experience may be different.

Smoke Cartel currently offers these gemstone pipes in a large variety of options including: Amethyst, Astrophyllite, Blue Goldstone, Blue Crystal, Epidote, Lapis, Opalite, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite, Tiger Eye, and White Turquoise.

How We Picked the Crystal Pipes

Taking a bath and smoking cannabis with crystal pipes
Photo: Ethereal Haze

Testing countless crystal pipes was not a process we took lightly. Before even checking out the brands, we chose to curate a list of criteria that a brand needed to meet before purchasing.

When it comes to crystal pipes, practically any brand can make them. Thus, we decided that qualifications like credibility and reputation were crucial. If this was a brand that didn’t know anything about cannabis — or crystals, for that matter — then we knew to stay away. 

Once we had our top ten list, we went through and tested and researched these products based on factors like quality, weight, size, smokability, portability, and maintenance. Maintenance included how easy it was to use, as well as how easy it was to clean. 

Out of all of those criteria, only seven brands made the list of the best crystal pipes around. And one, Ethereal Haze, easily stood out from the rest as the top contender.

Crystal Pipes We Considered, But Not Included

As we mentioned at the start, we tested nearly 20 brands, trying out their own variations of crystal smoking pipes. And, while we found seven that we fell in love with, there were still a few we considered but just didn’t make the cut. These brands still offer high-quality product options, they just didn’t meet our expectations the way the others did. 

Here are some of the brands we considered but didn’t include in our choice of best crystal pipes:

Are Crystal Pipes Safe to Use?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t seem as though crystal pipes are the smartest choice for smokers.

While we cannot definitively say they are dangerous, there is still a lot to question regarding their safety and toxicity. After looking further into user reviews, it appears as though many consumers are concerned about the safety behind these pipes:

Here’s a quote we found describing the safety issues behind smoking from quartz:

The danger from quartz would be if there is still dust left in the piece from the manufacturing process, just make sure to clean your piece before using it. Quartz CAN break, but that is generally from temperature shock, so don’t put it in the freezer and then heat it, and don’t heat it and then set it on a cold surface.

Thus, CBD Oracle reached out to two companies (OHAI, and LEAFF) asking them whether their crystal pipes are safe to use. OHAI immediately took down their product page without reply, and LEAFF got back to us and said “It’s not an issue we were aware of. We’ve taken down the crystal pipes in our store until we can research this further.” 

We also reached out to Ethereal Haze, and here’s the reassuring response they shared with us:

“In regards to the safety of our Ethereal Haze crystal pipes—our pipes are specifically designed to prevent health risks. When I first started using crystal pipes, I became aware of the same concerns typically brought up about crystal pipes; that is why I created Ethereal Haze/Enlightened Soul.

We studied the way crystal pipes have been made in the past, and have made our own unique process to prevent any health risks. I have consulted with a wide range of experts (geologists, crystal experts, chemistry PhDs, physicists, long term smokers, etc.), as well as had many sleepless nights of my own research. The main conclusions were that:

  1. The pipe wouldn’t get hot enough to cause a chemical/molecular reaction in any of the specific stone/crystals our shop offers.
  2. We have modified and created our own procedure to create our crystal pipes, as per our strict regulations, so health risks are mitigated.
  3. A good crystal pipe should not have particles, and we take the time to check the quality individually per pipe. This is why we do not recommend pipes off of sites that offer them for really cheap, because often cheap processes + material = cheap quality.
  4. Peers who have used their crystal pipes for years are perfectly healthy and well.

Through extensive research and testing, we are confident in the safety of our pipes. However, at the end of the day, there will be people out there with their own opinions on different subjects, and so we fully respect what each person believes.”

All this said, it’s pretty tough for us to recommend you try these crystal pipes without understanding the true risk involved. 

Further reading about the safety of crystal pipes:

How are Crystal Pipes Made?

To make a crystal pipe, the initial crystal has to first be cut down, drilled, and shaped into the appropriate composition. From here, some makers will apply certain polishes over their crystals to create the shiny appearance they’re known for. 

After this, a manufacturer will also drill into the middle of the pipe, creating the hole for airflow. This hole isn’t polished; instead, makers usually leave it open and porous.

As they drill to make holes for airflow as well as the bowl itself, it’s important to note that certain dust — like silica dust — be created.

This kind of dust is not safe to inhale. Thus, you can test whether or not your crystal pipe has excess dust by lighting up the bowl without any flower. If it’s empty and you still see smoke coming out, you know you’re burning something you shouldn’t.

Types of Crystal Smoking Pipes:

There are various types of crystal pipes on the market, some being better than others for smoking. It’s important to note that certain crystals are safer to smoke out of than others. So, let’s quickly break down the different types of crystal smoking pipes you may come across. 

Rose Quartz Pipe

A rose quartz pipe is going to exude a pretty pink color that is hard to resist. Rose quartz is known for its grounding, self-love properties, making it a fun choice for a pipe. However, the dust that can come from rose quartz — like most other crystals — can be toxic on the lungs. 

Amethyst Pipe

Amethyst crystals are well-known for their immune-enhancing properties that can benefit you from head to toe. Whether or not they are entirely safe to smoke out of, though, is still up for debate. 

Tiger Eye Pipe

While Tiger’s Eye makes for a beautiful crystal, many people warn that you should never smoke or inhale from it. This crystal has potentially toxic properties that aren’t worth risking for a pretty pipe. If you come across a Tiger’s Eye crystal pipe, do not smoke out of it. 

Labradorite Pipe

Labradorite is a beautiful, reflective crystal that can offer various healing benefits for the mind and body. The toxicity of this crystal depends; some may be toxin-free and safe to smoke out of, while others may not be. You have to purchase from a reputable company that knows what they’re talking about when regarding crystal smoking pipes. 

Opalite Pipe

As the name suggests, this opal-like crystal is quite gorgeous. However, it is silica-based, making it dangerous to smoke out of. While the crystal is wonderful for helping you feel more at-ease, it’s not something you want to inhale from.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, a high-quality, functional crystal pipe proved harder to find than I realized. 

Thankfully, there are still a handful of brands out there that curate their pipes beyond just looks, offering options that make your cannabis experience all the more enjoyable. But, when buying products like these, you always want to make sure the brand is fully aware of how to utilize crystals and safe smoking practices. 

Otherwise, you may find yourself taking a hit from a pipe that’s just not up to par.