The Best Cannabis-Related Father’s Day Gifts to Give This Year

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Mell Green

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Cannabis gift for Father's Day
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Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year, let’s skip the last-minute gift cards and Amazon orders and instead buy your father something more meaningful — and whole lot more fun. If your dad is a fan of cannabis, hemp, or CBD, you’re in luck.

Below, we’ve come up with 17 of the best cannabis-related gifts to give your dad this Father’s Day. Whether he’s in need of some smoking accessories, some CBD pre-rolls to chill him out, or a place to hold his top-shelf flower, we have some of the coolest gift ideas for your cannabis-loving dad.

17 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Stoner Dads

Our picks of cannabis-related gifts contain a mix of THC and CBD products, as well as smoking accessories and even flower. There’s something for every dad in this canna-list.

Summerland Pleasure Point Ceramic Bong

Ceramic bong for Father's Day gift
Photo: Summerland

Available for $185 from Summerland

Are you tired of seeing your dad smoke out of an out-dated, low-quality bong? Then get him an upgrade this Father’s Day with Summerland’s Pleasure Point Ceramic Bong. This is one of the highest-quality bongs on the market, and they’re easy to use and very minimalistic. Your dad won’t be overwhelmed or intimidated by its shape or size, but it’ll last long and give him the best hits of your life. (It even comes in five different colors, too.)

Houseplant Ashtray Set

Ashtray set gift idea for dads
Photo: Houseplant

Available for $95 from Houseplant

Houseplant’s new Ashtray Set is the perfect Father’s Day gift for those neat and tidy dads out there. Rather than relying on cheap ashtrays or makeshift containers to clean out your bowls, turn to Houseplant’s Ashtray Set, instead. Oh, and did we mention that Seth Rogen designed these ashtrays himself?

SilverStick Leather Dugouts

Leather dugout for storage
Photo: SilverStick

Starting at $49 from SilverStick

SilverStick’s Leather Dugouts offer the perfect place to carry your lighter, pre-rolls, ID, and even some cash. For those on-the-go dads, these dugouts are ideal for providing a convenient place to store all your favorite pocket-sized cannabis items. Plus, it fits wonderfully in any sized pocket, so your dad can take it with him practically anywhere he goes.  

Stash Box

420 gift idea for stoner dads
Photo: Blue Bus

Available for $79.99 from Blue Bus

There’s no better place to store your cannabis flower (and other canna-products) than in a large stash box. You can find stash boxes in various sizes, colors, and materials depending on your dad’s personal preferences. Websites like StashGrass and DiscreetSmoker also have decent options to choose from. 

HØJ KØL Smoking Pipe

Cool smoking pipe for stoner dads
Photo: HØJ

Available for $80 from HØJ

Your dad deserves the best pieces to smoke out of, and the HØJ KØL pipe is one of those pieces. This pipe is of the highest-quality and is full of technological advancements and innovations that provide even the most experienced consumer a brand-new look at cannabis. The hits are smooth, the pipe is easy to clean, and comes with unique filters to create the best smoking experience you’ve had yet. 

Pre-Rolled Smoking Cones

Organic pre-rolled smoking cones for dads
Photo: Herbal Goods Co.

Available for $21 from Herbal Goods Co.

You can’t be a smoker without having some pre-rolled smoking cones on deck. Pre-rolled smoking cones are affordable, so you can purchase several types for your father to see which he likes best. Or, you can invest in more boujee options, and turn to brands like King Palm and their gold-wrapped leaf cones.  

Marley Natural Taster

Premium Weed taster for smoking cannabis
Photo: Marley Natural

Available for $30 from Marley Natural

The Small Taster from Marley Natural is a great way to get a few super-potent hits in a clean, milky fashion. These tasters are designed for just a few hits, but each hit allows for pure, unadulterated smells, tastes, and cannabinoids. Thus, you’re going to feel great after just one or two puffs. This is a great Father’s Day gift for everyday consumers and on-the-go use.  

Ouid Rolling Tray

Cannabis rolling tray gift idea for Father's Day
Photo: Ouid

Available for $45 from Ouid

No smoker’s collection is complete without a rolling tray. A rolling tray is an excellent Father’s Day gift option as they’re affordable and come in so many shapes, styles, and sizes to accompany your unique dad. You can find rolling trays at your local dispensary or smoke shop, or you can buy some online from places like Etsy

Personalized Video from Tommy Chong

Personalized video for stoner dads from Tommy Chong
Photo: Cameo

$150 from Cameo

What would be a better gift than Tommy Chong himself wishing your dad a happy Father’s Day? On Cameo, you can pay $150 for Tommy Chong to send a personalized video to your dad. He can say whatever you’d like him to say, just make sure to mention it’s for Father’s Day — and that your dad likes to light up, too. 

Hitoki Trident Vaporizer

Hitoki laser vaporizer for cannabis flower
Photo: Hitoki

Available for $499.99 from Hitoki

The Trident from Hitoki is one of the most advanced vaporizers on the market today. This piece uses a brand-new clean laser combustion system to heat your flower in a whole new way. This laser technology allows for better, cleaner hits and super milky vapor within the chamber. You’ll find that your hits taste better, your lungs feel nicer, and you’re way higher than usual with the Trident.  

Stori Stash Jar

Stash jar for storing cannabis products
Photo: Stori

Available for $40 from Stori

Stori is all about the best ways to store your cannabis. If your dad doesn’t have a proper way to keep his flower fresh, the Stori Stash Jar is the perfect option. These jars come with color-coated caps, child and pet-resistant technology, and air-tight lids that hold humidity packs to keep your flower fresh. Seriously, what more could you ask for from a stash jar? 

Monogram Luxury Cannabis Flower

Luxury cannabis flower for stoner dads
Photo: Monogram

Starting at $40 from Monogram

Monogram Cannabis is one of the highest-quality, most sought-after cannabis brands in the world. This brand, owned by Jay-Z himself, offers top-shelf cannabis flower and other products that you’ve never experienced. Even if your father is a seasoned smoker, he’s never tried cannabis like this before. If you’re looking to splurge this Father’s Day, turn to some Monogram Cannabis.   

Koko Nuggz

Cannabis imitation chocolate
Photo: Koko Nuggz

Starting at $3 from Koko Nuggz

Does your dad have a bit of a sweet tooth? Then Koko Nuggz’ gourmet chocolates and candies are the ideal Father’s Day canna-gift for him. Koko Nuggz has a huge selection of candies, chocolates, marshmallows, and other sweet treats that are completely non-medicated — but they sure look a lot like weed. 

Dad Grass CBD Joints

CBD joints gift for Father's Day
Photo: Dad Grass

Available for $35 from Dad Grass

Dad Grass CBD joints are a wonderful gift idea for those dads who enjoy hemp, but maybe not marijuana. These CBD joints won’t get anyone high, but they’ll likely chill your dad out quite a bit. This is a great gift to give and share with your father, providing you two some quality time while bonding over CBD. 

Simply Herb Shake

Affordable cannabis flower for stoner dads
Photo: Simply Herb

Available at Simply Herb

Is your dad a fan of rolling joints and packing bowls with ease? Then Simply Herb’s high-quality cannabis shake is a wonderful gift for Dad’s Day. However, keep in mind that you have to live on the East Coast to get access to this easy packin’ cannabis. 

Hervé Le Mirage Edibles

Premium cannabis edible gummies
Photo: Hervé

Available at $20 from Hervé

You can think of Herve’s Le Mirage cannabis dispenser as an adult Pez dispenser. This unique container holds 20 portions of THC-packed edibles, each one the size of a Pez candy. The dispenser itself is about the size and weight of chapstick, making it super easy to bring with you anywhere you go. The Le Mirage dispenser is a good gift for those cannabis dads who think they’ve seen and tried everything. 

Time Machine Pre-Rolls

Cool cannabis pre-rolls for stoner dads
Photo: Time Machine

Available from Time Machine

Finally, the potent pre-rolls from Time Machine make a wonderful gift this Father’s Day. These pre-rolls are high-quality, smoke well, and are quite affordable and accessible in the land of cannabis – none other than California. These pre-rolls do contain THC, so you’ll have to either have a medical card or live in a legal state to buy them — but your dad is sure to love them.

Finding the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Your Canna-Loving Dad 

When your dad’s been smoking pre-legalization, it can feel impossible to try to get him a cannabis gift that’s cool or even potent enough. Thankfully, the cannabis industry evolves a little more every day, offering products that are appealing even for the most experienced smokers on the planet. This Father’s Day, surprise your dad with your canna-expertise and find him the perfect gift from one of our trusted brands on this list. We promise — he’ll be more than stoked.