The Best THC-P Cartridges to Try This Year

Just when you thought you knew all the cannabinoids, we’re here to introduce you to some of the best THC-P vape cartridges to try this year.

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Comparison of best THC-P vape cartridges
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We all know about the effects of THC carts — both delta-8 and delta-9. But, what about THC-P cartridges? Short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol, this naturally occurring cannabinoid was only recently discovered back in 2019. Today, few brands have actually ventured out into infusing products with the compound, and not all of them use the quality ingredients that consumers deserve. Thankfully, after a lot of time, testing, and vaping, we found one major exception: Binoid

Binoid offers high-quality, potent, and safe THC-P products that are perfect for both new and experienced consumers. They’ve also got an incredible selection and are open and honest about their quality control measures, putting them at the top of our list. However, they’re not the only brand we fell in love with. After strenuous analysis, we narrowed down our list of best THC-P carts to try this year to just eight incredible options.

8 Best THCP Cartridges

After testing a number of products, here are our favorite picks for the best quality THCP vape cartridges and distillates you can legally get online. THCP is a relatively new cannabinoid in the market and as new products become available, we will continue to test them and update this list as needed.

Best Overall:Binoid$31.99
Strongest Effects:Delta Extrax$25.99
Best Flavor:TRĒ House$16.99
Best Strain Options:Mellow Fellow$29.99
Best Buzz:Elyxr$34.99
Best THCP/D8 Blend:Fresh$38.49
Best Quality:Koi$34.99
Best Distillate:Vivimu$24.99

Best Overall: Binoid

Binoid offers THC-P cartridges in various tasty, potent strains, giving consumers the perfect inside look into what this unique cannabinoid has to offer. 

THCP vape cartridge from Binoid

Available for $31.99 from Binoid

Indicas, sativas, hybrid THC-P cartridges: you name it, Binoid has it. Binoid’s selection of high-quality THC-P carts is impressive for various reasons, primarily because of the newness of the cannabinoid as a whole. However, this brand is doing it right: these carts taste delicious, provide incredibly potent effects, and Binoid only uses the best extraction processes and techniques possible. The bottom line here is if you’re looking to try THC-P for the first time, the best way to do it is from one of Binoid’s THC-P cartridges.

The flavors of each strain are pretty distinct, allowing for nice flavors with (almost) every hit. While some of the hits I took — especially as I got closer to the end of the cartridge — were a bit harsh, I was able to also enjoy some deep, smooth draws throughout my experience, as well.

In terms of effects, I found Binoid’s THC-P cartridges to be incredibly relaxing and ideal for end-of-day consumption. They were wonderful for reducing my sore muscle pain, as well as lowering my anxiety levels from the day. If consumed in the morning, some of these vape cartridges may make the average person tired, but this does depend slightly on the strain. Overall, Binoid’s THC-P cartridges are a great choice for those who have never tried THC-P before, as the effects aren’t overwhelming but they’re exactly what you need.

Pros & Cons


  • Various strain options
  • Delicious, distinct flavors 
  • Produces bright, powerful effects 
  • Includes high-quality THCP distillate with reliable COAs to back it up
  • The distillate is 85% Delta-9 THCP and 2% Delta-8 THCP
  • Third-party tested by a credible lab (KCA Labs)
  • Also offers THCP disposables, dabs, and tinctures


  • Tested for potency but not contaminants
  • Hits are slightly harsh
  • No entourage effect with distillate


  • Effects: Relaxed, comfortable, giggly, sleepy
  • Good For: Reducing pain, lowering anxiety, enhancing comfort, end-of-day use
  • Bad For: Morning consumption

Strongest Effects: Delta Extrax

If you’re looking to fully embrace the potency of THC-P, then Delta Extrax’s THC-P cartridges are the perfect place to start.

THCP cartridge made with a hybrid strain

Available for $25.99 from Delta Extrax

THC-P is said to be incredibly potent because of the way it works in the body — and Delta Extrax’s THC-P cartridges demonstrate that beautifully. These THC-P carts were the strongest I tried, producing incredibly heavy effects immediately. While this wouldn’t be ideal for new consumers, it makes for the perfect option for experienced consumers looking to try something better and stronger than what they’re used to.

Right after my first puff, I could feel my body relax and the euphoria slowly crept into my mind. Almost immediately, my mind was brighter and I was on the verge of giggles. For someone new to this kind of a high, this experience could be a bit overwhelming; however, for my high tolerance, I was incredibly excited.

Though I wished that Delta Extrax had other strain options for me to try, I couldn’t complain much about the flavor profile or the effects of the two strains they do offer. These cartridges produced smooth hits, and you can pair the cart with your typical 510-thread battery. I must say, if you’re prone to anxiety or paranoia, I would suggest staying away from these super invigorating strains, as they may result in adverse effects.

Pros & Cons


  • Great price point
  • Incredibly powerful effects 
  • Stimulating, invigorating results 
  • Tasty citrus flavors


  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)
  • Cartridges seem to be infused only with D8 and very little THCP, but the disposables carry more THCP (around 13mg)
  • Only two strain/flavor options
  • May be overwhelmingly strong to new consumers


  • Effects: Happy, giggly, reduced pain, heavy euphoria, increased heart rate
  • Good For: Stimulation, uplifting and boosting moods
  • Bad For: Before bed, those with anxiety disorders

Best Flavor: TRĒ House

These THCP vape carts from TRĒ House were made to give you a tasty and potent, designer high that’s hard to match.

THCP vape cartridge with delta-8 THC

Available for $16.99 from TRĒ House

Best for those looking for a dose of relaxation or comfort, TRĒ House delta-8 vape carts are wonderful for a euphoric mood boost but, don’t be surprised if you just want to relax for the rest of the evening. Whether you buy citrusy White Widow, ultra-sweet Ice Cream Cake or their fruity and bright Rainbow Sherbet, you’re bound to experience some pretty yummy tastes and scents that will make getting high that much sweeter.

Note: 1 gram live resin cart is a bit of a heavy hitter, so if you’re curious to try new cannabinoids but have a low tolerance, you may feel a bit stoney consuming these, so toke responsibly.

Pros & Cons


  • Dessert-like flavors
  • Exciting packaging
  • Highly-potent, milky hits
  • Many 5-star reviews from verified buyers
  • Ideal for those who want a designer-high
  • Inexpensive
  • Unique cannabinoid combinations
  • Zero Additives


  • May cause a full-on stone in THC newbies
  • More product information and FAQs section would be useful
  • Blended with other cannabinoids, not a pure THCP extract


  • Effects: Elevated mood, full-body buzz, heady, subtly trippy
  • Good For: Reducing stress and anxiety levels, energizing, promoting decompression
  • Bad For: Unexperienced consumers

Best Strain Options: Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow’s THCP combination vape cartridges come in various popular strains that taste just like the flower itself.

THCP vape cartridge blended with delta-8 THC

Available for $29.99 from Mellow Fellow

Made in South Florida, Mellow Fellow’s THC-P vape is a tasty, potent option you can trust. Strawberry Amnesia, Tahoe OG, Sundae Driver, Blue Dream — what more could you ask for? Mellow Fellow easily has the best selection of strains for their THC-P cartridges that I’ve seen yet.

With pungent flavors and aromas, you can choose between three different blends: introvert, dream or euphoria. The products themselves are made well too and produce smooth, milky hits every time. Just attach them to any standard 510-thread battery and get to puffing.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting highs that produce effects for several hours
  • Unique strain combinations
  • Good amount of product information
  • Includes CBD, CBN, THCP, CBG, HHC and many others
  • Zero chance of toxic leaching


  • Small amount of customer reviews on their website
  • Some vape carts have no ingredient information
  • Not ideal for the cannabis curious


  • Effects: Relaxed, blissful, comfortable, reduced pain
  • Good For: Dampening stress and worry, calming feelings, promoting serenity
  • Bad For: Seasoned cannabis consumers

Best Buzz: Elyxr

Elyxr’s THCP vape cartridges produce the best, most enjoyable high with their potent cannabinoid blend containing Delta-8 live resin, THC-O, and THC-P.

THCP vape cartridge product with potent effects

Available for $34.99 from Elyxr

From designs to flavor profile and potency, you’ll fall in love with the effects of Elyxr’s vape carts. These cartridges come in an eye-catching package with a label that tells you everything there is to know about this cart. But, it’s the high itself that’s worth noting: these cartridges are incredibly potent, providing full-bodied effects and waves of bliss.

Most consumers find themselves feeling giggly, weightless and ultimately like their best person. Each cart produces different effects depending on its sativa, indica, or hybrid nature.

Pros & Cons


  • Artistic packaging and designs
  • Powerful psychoactive high
  • Best for consuming in nature or when doing stimulating activities
  • Overall positive reviews from customers
  • Smooth hits for better lungs
  • Perfect for on-the-go microdosing


  • May appear as a toy to children if not stored safely
  • Lacks strain variety compared to other brands
  • Only lab-tested for potency, not purity


  • Effects: Relaxed, blissful, comfortable, reduced pain
  • Good For: Reducing stress levels, mood boosting, promoting bubbliness
  • Bad For: Very experienced consumers

Best THC-P & D8 Blend: Fresh

Fresh by Diamond CBD uses a potent blend of THC-P, HHC, and Delta-8 THC to create an impressive, effective cannabis experience from their THC-P carts.

THCP cartridge blended with delta-8 THC and HHC

Available for $38.49 from Diamond CBD

Fresh believes that when you combine THC-P with delta-8 THC, you get a completely unique smoking experience. And they’re right! Their THC-P vapes are incredibly potent and help consumers feel more uplifted and otherworldly than ever before. Together, the high is incredibly potent and more than enough to satisfy the needs of any stoner, providing a decent balance of mental relief and stimulation — they’re on sale now for a little under $40 bucks, so snag them while you can!

Pros & Cons


  • Potent blend of THC-P (9mg), Delta-8 THC (396mg), HHC (425mg), and Delta-9 THC (7mg)
  • Offers both classic and newly loved strains
  • Simple, modern packaging design
  • Produces very strong effects 


  • Not tested for contaminants (see COA)
  • Expensive at nearly $40 for one gram
  • May be overwhelmingly strong to new consumers


  • Effects: Increased heart rate, excited, blissful, stimulated
  • Good For: Boosting moods, enhancing creativity
  • Bad For: Beginners

Best Quality: Koi

Koi offers a premium THC-P cartridge that contains an unbeatable cannabinoid blend.

THCP vape cartridge product with THC-O

Available for $34.99 from Koi

Koi is well-known for their full-spectrum blends, and their premium blended THC-P cartridges are no exception. While the brand offers carts that contain HHC and THC-O, their strongest blend is the THC-P vape cartridge. This cart contains potent levels of THC-P, Delta-8 THC, and THC-O. Altogether, this creates an incredibly potent blend that even the most experienced cannabis consumers will find results from. Unfortunately, the packaging of the products looks cheap, and the flavors aren’t the best; but, you’ll definitely be happy with the all-encompassing results after a few puffs.

Pros & Cons


  • Contains a super potent blend of Delta-8 (606mg), THC-O (204mg), and THC-P (8mg)
  • Uses high-quality ceramic coil cartridges for better hits
  • Pure distillate and terpenes, no MCT, PG, VG, or additives
  • Effects last a long time
  • Reliable company


  • Tested for potency but not contaminants (see COA)
  • Only 8mg THCP per one-gram cartridge
  • Only three strains available


  • Effects: Relaxed, reduced pain, weightless
  • Good For: Lowering pain, reducing stress, helping with sleep
  • Bad For: Morning consumption

Best THC-P Distillate: Vivimu

This one may not be an actual THC-P cartridge, but Vivimu offers the perfect THC-P distillate to add into your own refillable cart or dab.

Delta-9 THCP vape distillate for DIY cartridges

Available for $24.99 from Vivimu

If you have that one refillable cartridge you absolutely love, we’ve found the perfect oil to add inside: Vivimu’s THC-P distillate. This distillate oil is 90% pure THC-P alongside delta-8 THC (they also offer a Delta-9 THCP distillate with 80% concentration). Together, the two cannabinoids create an incredibly potent oil that’s perfect for your favorite vape or dab. While I wish they would just add this distillate into their own vape line, I’m glad that they have this option for consumers with refillable vapes.

Pros & Cons


  • Fully tested for contaminants by a credible lab (see COA)
  • Super pure formula; higher quality than average carts and disposables
  • Potent blend, great for users with a high tolerance
  • One of the only Delta-9 based THCP extracts on the market
  • Easy to use within refillable vapes or dabs
  • More affordable than pre-filled carts in the long run
  • Can be blended with other cannabinoids for a unique formula


  • Not a pre-filled cartridge
  • Less convenient; need to make your own cart
  • No smell, flavor


  • Effects: Relaxed, happy, reduced muscle tension
  • Good For: After a workout, promoting relaxation
  • Bad For: Anyone without a refillable vape, those who enjoy the addition of terpenes

How We Tested the Best THC-P Cartridges

Testing various THC-P cartridges for quality assurance
We extensively tested popular THCP vape cartridges to find the cleanest carts that deliver a potent, therapeutic high. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

It wasn’t easy to narrow down our list of THC-P cartridges to just eight the way we did. However, after rigorous testing and strict criteria, these were the only brands that stood up to our high standards.

For every product we tried, I made sure to consume it at the same time every day. This gave me a better look into the exact kind of effects I felt from the THC-P cartridge. I vaped before eating dinner, too, so there wasn’t anything in my stomach to potentially influence results.

To give you insight into how we picked our products and came up with the rankings that we did, we’ve broken down the criteria we used below. 

Our Criteria 

For these products, we based our review on the following criteria: 

  • Quality – Did the brand offer COAs? Is the product tested for both potency and contaminants? Was the third-party testing conducted by a lab that can reliably and accurately detect THCP levels in a product? Were the products made well? Did they have pure, safe ingredients? 
  • Effectiveness – How high did they make me feel? Did the high fade quickly? What kind of effects did I experience, and were they mild or strong? 
  • Flavor – How did the vape taste? Did it have distinct flavors, or was it just generally herbal? Did the brand offer various flavor options?
  • Packaging – What did the branding look like? Are the labels easy to read and understand? 
  • Value – Is the vape worth the price? How potent is it? Size?

I looked at these criteria and placed them on a scale of 1-10 after personally trying the vapes our team picked out. Of course, the better they did, the higher I placed them on the scale. If the product wasn’t at least a 7 rating, then I didn’t even bother including it on the list. Thus, we were left with the eight best THC-P cartridge brands on the market.

Learn more about how we test products.

Guide to Buying THCP Vape Cartridges

Testing a THCP vape product
THCP products are relatively new to the market so we recommend caution when looking for a product that claims to be infused THCP. Photo: Binoid

To get you more familiar with THC-P, we’re answering some of your most frequently asked questions about the cannabinoid.

What Is THC-P? 

THC-P is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, most THC-P is created in a lab, because the cannabinoid isn’t present in very large amounts originally. Thus, the cannabinoid is typically hemp-derived and is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Learn more about THC-P

What Are the Effects of THC-P? 

The effects of THC-P vary from person to person. However, most consumers report feeling extremely euphoric with a strong cerebral high. It’s common to feel more uplifted and stimulated, while the body feels heavy and relaxed.

Keep in mind that THCP is intoxicating, so you cannot drive or operate machinery after consuming, as you will feel high. 

Is THCP Stronger Than Delta-9 and Delta-8? 

THC-P is significantly stronger than delta-8 THC — several times stronger, in fact. You will experience much more intense head and body highs with THC-P than you would with delta-8.

Compared to delta-9 THC, THC-P may be much stronger. THC-P appears to work better with the body’s CB1 receptors because of its length. Scientists believe that this could make THC-P up to 30 times more potent than THC in some situations. 

What Dosage Should You Start With? 

A good starting dose of THC-P is going to differ from person to person. However, because the cannabinoid is so strong, many consumers recommend starting with a dose as low as 1mg. Any higher than 5mg is said to be incredibly potent, with 8mg producing extra-strong highs that may be too strong for the average consumer.

With THCP, it’s best to start with the lowest dose possible to see how your body reacts. If this isn’t strong enough, you can always increase your dose by just one milligram at a time. 

Can You Make Your Own THC-P Cartridges?

Yes, you can make your own THC-P vape cartridges. You can use a distillate from reputable brands like Vivimu to fill a cart and make your own THC-P vape. However, make sure you’re using the correct kind of distillate oil and cartridge to make this work.  

Are There Any Carts with Pure THC-P? 

While it may be possible to find pure distillate THC-P carts, it appears as though most THC-P cartridges have a delta-8 THC base. This makes it not pure THC-P. The reason behind this may be because of extraction techniques, dilution, or anything in between; but, it does make it uncommon to find carts with pure THC-P. 

The best way to enjoy a pure THC-P cartridge is to make your own by obtaining a clean distillate oil and then filling your own refillable cartridge. 

What to Look for in COAs of THC-P Cartridges?

Because THC-P is new to the cannabis market, it’s crucial to take a look at the products’ COAs to ensure that they contain only the safest, purest ingredients. When finding COAs, it’s important to look for the third-party lab-test result of both the THC-P distillate and the finished product. 

According to Bay Smokes, one of the brands featured on this list, “The reason THCp does not show on the blend COA is that very few labs can test for THCp, as it requires more expensive equipment, more advanced testing staff, and references samples. Even if they could, as KCA Labs can, most labs will not pick up 10mg of anything accurately. So we send off the THCp distillate (raw ingredient), which has a high concentration of THCp, so it can clearly be seen what we have in our products.”

If the brand you’re looking into doesn’t go to these lengths to produce their COAs, you should not trust a THC-P cartridge from that company.

Final Thoughts

THC-P is one of the newest cannabinoids we have on the market today. With this freshness comes a lot of trial and error from brands; however, that doesn’t mean you have to be subjected to it. That’s why we’ve come up with eight of the best THC-P cartridge brands for you to try with ultimate reassurance.

As the cannabinoid continues to gain popularity and more brands start to perfect their THC-P blends, it’s likely that we’ll see these products pop up even more. But, until then, we can safely say that Binoid — and the rest of the brands on this list — has the THC-P cartridges you can rely on — and very much so enjoy.

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Editor’s notes:

October 10, 2022: We updated this list to include two new THC-P products.

October 3, 2023: We updated this list to remove two recommendations from Medusa and Delta Farms, and to add three new product reviews from Mellow Fellow, TRE House, and Elyxr.