The Best CBD Patches for Long-Lasting Relief

We’ve come up with a list of the top four best CBD patches to use when you need targeted, deep-seated pain relief.

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Using CBD patches for long term pain relief
Photo: Mary's Nutritionals
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When you’re in pain, the best thing you can get is nearly instant relief. Unfortunately, that isn’t always common, and it can be tough to find the right products that work for you. However, CBD pain patches have recently become a very popular option in the world of CBD, as these transdermal patches can help bring targeted relief in the areas where you need it most.

To save you time and money, we’ve closely analyzed several of the top CBD patches on the market, helping you figure out which products are worth it overall.

We analyzed 22 brands and tested six popular CBD patches, ranging from $7 to $60, to find the most effective options for targeted pain relief. (See how we test.)

4 Best CBD Patches

Below, you’ll find four of the best CBD patches in the industry, each one with unique strengths that any CBD lover will appreciate.

Best Overall: Mary’s Nutritionals

Mary’s Nutritionals transdermal patch is potent, affordable, and produces long-lasting effects that your body will love.

Transdermal CBD patches for pain relief
Photo: Mary’s Nutritionals

Available for $7 from Mary’s Nutritionals

If you want a high-quality transdermal patch that produces deep-seated effects, turn to Mary’s Nutritionals. Mary’s Nutritionals’ transdermal CBD patch contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD to produce powerful, well-rounded effects on the parts of your body that need it most.

These patches help create relief quickly and the effects can last anywhere from 8-12 hours. Consumers report experiencing reduced pain and lowered inflammation with the patch, helping to produce relaxation and comfort. Do keep in mind that this patch is best for veinous parts of the body. 

Pros & Cons


  • Potent; comes with 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD 
  • Affordably priced, starting at just $7 for one patch 
  • Smell great, producing calming plant-based scents
  • Long-lasting: effects can last up to 12 hours
  • Great for before bed
  • Great for reducing inflammation and muscle tension
  • Full-spectrum CBD formula
  • Lab tested for potency and contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metals (view COA)


  • Easy to build up a tolerance to this patch
  • Most effective on veinous parts of the body which may not apply to all users
  • Slightly expensive at $7 for only 20 mg CBD

Strongest Effects: PureKana

If you have deep-seated pain that needs relief quickly, then PureKana’s powerful CBD patches are a great option.

THC-free CBD patches for muscle pain
Photo: PureKana

Available for $48.99 (3 Patches) from PureKana

While PureKana’s CBD patches may not have the most milligrams in a patch in this list (they have the second most, actually), the effects of these patches are some of the strongest in the industry.

When you apply the PureKana patch, the 60 mg of broad-spectrum CBD gets to work quickly and powerfully, helping people with even the most chronic pains. You can place these patches anywhere on the body that’s hurting you, and you can leave a single patch on for up to four days if you’re still finding relief from the discreet cannabidiol patches.

Pros & Cons


  • Super potent patches; each with 60 mg of broad-spectrum CBD
  • Great for those with chronic, long-lasting pains
  • Can leave a single patch on for up to four days
  • Can be applied anywhere (external) that the body is feeling pain 
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lab tested for potency and impurities (view COA)


  • Slightly more expensive than the other patches on this list at $16 per patch (but you also get more CBD)
  • Some buyers may prefer a full-spectrum option
  • Lab results aren’t up to date

Best Long-Lasting Effects: Social CBD

Use one of Social CBD’s infused patches for potent, long-lasting relief literally all day long.

Popular CBD patch product for pain
Photo: Social CBD

Available for $9.99 from Social CBD

Social CBD’s patches are designed to be used all day — like, for 24 full hours. These long-lasting patches contain a whopping 100 mg of CBD, making them ideal for those who have chronic pain that bothers them all day or all night long.

These CBD pain patches don’t contain any artificial colors or fragrances, and the only ingredients they have are a polymer blend and hemp extract — it’s as simple as that. With just one patch, you will be shocked at how well this product works for the duration of 24 hours. Even once it’s time to take the patch off, many consumers find the transdermal still helping with the pain just as much as it did when they first put it on.

Pros & Cons


  • High potency at 100 mg
  • Long-lasting effects; designed to be used for 24 hours 
  • Great for day and night use
  • Helps reduce pain and discomfort
  • Significantly lowers inflammation levels
  • Relatively affordable at $9.99 per patch for 100 mg CBD


  • Still not the most powerful patch, despite the high milligrams
  • Best for those with more mild pains that last throughout the day
  • Doesn’t stay applied well all day; may start to peel at the end of 24 hours
  • No full-spectrum option
  • Lab results for this product are difficult to find

Best Value: Panacea

While most brands only offer one type of CBD patch, Panacea has a few options for different types of pain and discomfort.

CBD patch for transdermal application
Photo: Panacea

Available for $11.95 (4 Patches) from Panacea

Whether you need a heating patch, a cooling patch, or a bundle with both, Panacea Life Sciences has you covered. They have a nice selection of CBD patches that you can choose from depending on what your body needs most. You can buy cooling patches (20 mg) or heating patches (25 mg), or you can get a bundle with both and the brand’s CBD or CBG oil, as well.

These products may not be as powerful as some other patches, but Panacea does use high-quality ingredients and sells them for just $11.95 for four patches (100 mg total).

Pros & Cons


  • More diverse product selection than most brands
  • Heating and cooling patch options
  • Noticeable results for mild pains  
  • Great for those with deep-seated pain and high levels of inflammation 
  • High-quality, detailed packaging


  • Very few customer reviews on their website
  • Uses CBD isolate — no added terpenes or cannabinoids 
  • Not as long-lasting as other patches 
  • Lab results are out of date

How We Tested the CBD Patches

Comparison of popular CBD transdermal patch products
We tested the most popular CBD transdermal patches on the market to find the most effective options for long-lasting pain relief. Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

In order for us to come up with our list of the top four best CBD patches, we had to conduct serious research and strict analysis. To do this, our team of experts came up with a list of criteria that any reputable CBD brand should follow, and any product should uphold.

We then took the criteria and judged each brand in each category, scoring them from 1-10. If the brand didn’t average at least a 7.5 altogether, then we didn’t include them on the list. Once we found our top contenders, we analyzed each one for their strengths (and weaknesses) to curate our review.

Testing the effectiveness of various CBD patches
Photo: Mell Green / CBD Oracle

In case you’re curious, here are the criteria we used to come up with our list:

  • Effects: How well do these patches work? Can you actually feel relief and comfort? How long do the effects last, and how long did they take to kick in? 
  • Potency: How potent were the effects? Will buyers feel results for hours? Is the potency good for chronic or mild pain? 
  • Quality: Does the brand offer detailed COAs? Do they test for impurities? Are these patches made well and are they easy to apply? 
  • Ingredients: Do these patches contain natural ingredients? Do they have any artificial, unnatural additives that most consumers would want to avoid? 
  • Value: Are these patches worth the money? Are they too expensive for their results? Should they be priced higher?

Learn more about the CBD Oracle testing methodology.

Guide to Buying CBD Patches

Do you still have questions about CBD pain patches? We’ve got answers. 

What Is a CBD Patch?

A CBD patch is a transdermal patch that has been infused with CBD extract of some type. You simply apply this patch externally to some part of the body that is in pain, and the topical starts to release the extract into your skin’s pores, creating feelings of relief and relaxation. These patches tend to produce results for up to 24 hours. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD Patches? 

The actual benefits of CBD patches will depend on the person. However, many people find that CBD patches are great for reducing aches and pains in certain areas of the body. Patches like these are best for creating targeted relief in spots that general pain relievers cannot always concentrate on. Thus, many people experience pain relief, relaxation, and reduced muscle tension with the help of CBD patches. 

Do CBD Patches Work for Pain?

Yes, ideally, CBD patches should work for pain. The CBD cannabinoid is known for its pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties, which should help bring relief to the areas of the body where you apply the patch. 

Who Should Use a CBD Patch?

You should use a CBD patch if you have concentrated, deep-seated relief that’s tough to target with generalized pain reducers. If you’re somebody who has a bad lower back, knees, hands, wrists, ankles, hips, or anything of the such, you can easily apply a CBD patch for some nearly instant, concentrated relief. People of all ages can use these patches, too. 

Are CBD Patches Worth It? 

Yes, CBD patches are absolutely worth it for those who are experiencing pain in concentrated areas. They can be a great option for producing powerful results without having to take a pill or rub on a messy cream. Plus, many have effects that can last for hours, sometimes days, allowing you to feel comfortable for much longer than most products. 

How Long Does a CBD Patch Last?

How long a CBD patch lasts will depend wholly on the brand itself, as well as your body chemistry. Typically, most patches can produce effects for 6-8 hours, but many will last longer than that. We have CBD patches on this list that can last anywhere from 24-96 hours, making them some of the most long-lasting CBD products in the industry. 

How to Use CBD Patches

Using CBD patches is super easy! All you have to do is peel the patch from its protective coating and apply it to a clean area of the body that is causing you pain. Typically, it’s easiest to apply a patch to a “flat” part of the body, avoiding pointing bones or curves. 

That’s it! You simply let the patch release the cannabinoids as you keep the patch on continuously for hours. Once you’ve reached the end of the suggested time — or you no longer feel relief — you simply peel off the patch and throw it away. 

What’s the Best Place to Apply the CBD Patch? 

The best place to apply your CBD patch is going to be where you’re feeling the most pain. However, many CBD patches work best when applied directly to veinous areas, such as the wrists or the top of the feet. But, again, others find serious comfort when the patch is applied to the lower back or knees, as well. 

CBD vs. THC Patches: Which Should You Get? 

In general, THC patches are going to be a bit more effective for pain relief if you have access to them.

However, CBD patches are going to be much more accessible, as they’re federally legal and you can buy them online. They also still work incredibly well for pain relief, especially those that have higher potencies. You will have to ask for THC patches at your local cannabis dispensary. 

Keep in mind that THC patches are not going to get you high, as these products don’t release their cannabinoids all at once, and they’re released differently than when you smoke or consume them. So, don’t put on a THC patch and expect to feel all giggly. 

Is CBD Transdermal?

Yes, CBD can easily be absorbed transdermally. This means that the cannabinoid works its way through the skin and then eventually into your bloodstream, causing long-lasting, potent effects. 

Patching Up the Pain With CBD 

CBD transdermal patches may be one of the easiest, most convenient ways to manage your daily aches and pains. Whether you’re on the go, getting ready for a workout, or just starting your work day, you can seamlessly apply one of these transdermal CBD patches and let the cannabinoids get to work for hours. Of course, these patches aren’t going to rid you of your pain entirely, but they may give you the support you need to feel so much better.

The next time you’re in need of potent, rapid relief, try turning to a CBD transdermal patch from one of the brands on this list. Then, you can let us know just how well these unique topicals worked for your deep-seated aches and pains. 

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