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Dope As Yola smoking weed
Photo: Dope As Yola
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You can learn about anything on YouTube these days, and cannabis is no exception. In the past, weed-related YouTube channels were few and far between because of strict guideline rules; but, today, you can find cannabis YouTubers on all corners of the internet.

Whether they’re reviewing strains, making edibles, or just showing off fun pieces of glass, watching cannabis YouTube channels can be a wonderful way to learn more about the plant and its culture. (Plus, it’s a great way to kill time.)

Top 21 Cannabis YouTubers

Below, we’ve come up with a list of the top 21 weed YouTubers for you to dive into when you want to light up and decompress. Here are our favorites. 

Dope As Yola 

Yola smoking a 100-gram joint for celebrating 250k subscribers on YouTube
Dola smoking a 100-gram joint (watch video). Photo: Dope As Yola

Subscribers: 1.5M

Dope as Yola is arguably the most popular cannabis YouTuber on the platform with nearly 1.5 million subscribers. Yola’s been making cannabis content since 2013, and even went on to create his own cannabinoid brand, The Dopest. On his channel, he reviews products, teaches you how to roll the perfect joint, and even films some of the most impressive smoke seshes you’ll ever see. If you want to get knee-deep into cannabis culture, the best place to start is through Dope as Yola’s YouTube channel. 

Watch Dope As Yola on YouTube

Erick Khan 

Erick Khan vaping weed on his YouTube channel
Photo: Erick Khan

Subscribers: 1.04M

Erick Khan is one of the biggest cannabis channels on YouTube with over one million subscribers. The YouTuber makes high-quality, artistic videos of smoke sessions, rating products, and even growing cannabis himself. Khan is great at making you laugh while also making you definitely want to smoke right alongside him. The stoner uploads videos several times a week, so you’re sure to never get bored when hopping on his channel. 

Watch Erick Khan on YouTube

That High Couple

Alice and Clark from That High Couple YouTube channel
Photo: That High Couple

Subscribers: 152K

That High Couple is a wonderful cannabis YouTube channel to check out when you want to laugh, smile, and learn about Hollywood weed culture. Alice and Clark’s videos cover everything from the best waxes to checking out Woody Harrelson’s dispensary and even trying Seth Rogen’s Houseplant products. As a stoner couple that has been making cannabis videos since 2016, these two know how to do it right. 

Watch That High Couple on YouTube

Munchies by Vice News

Subscribers: 5M

With over 5 million subscribers, Munchies by Vice News is easily the most popular channel on this list. But, we can’t put it higher on our list because it’s not explicitly a cannabis YouTube channel. Instead, the channel highlights foods of various cultures — some of which have been infused with cannabis, and some not. So, you may get to enjoy weed-related content on the Munchies channel, but you can’t expect it from every video. Still, it’s a wonderful channel if you don’t mind making your mouth water while learning about some of the yummiest food across the world. 

Watch Munchies on YouTube

Mr. Canucks Grow

Producer of Mr. Canucks Grow channel
Photo: Mr. Canucks Grow

Subscribers: 961K

Mr. Canucks Grow Guide is one of the most popular cannabis grow channels on YouTube, nearing almost one million subscribers. Matt, the man behind the channel, teaches views about indoor growing and gardening, particularly in Canada where he’s at. His content covers topics like new growing techniques and equipment, as well as the basics of growing plants in different mediums. Mr. Canucks Grow is a wonderful YouTube channel to rely on when you want entertaining, passionate content about canna-cultivation. 

Watch Mr. Canucks Grow on YouTube


Subscribers: 235K

Want to learn more about growing cannabis? CannaCribs is the channel for you. Not only does this channel help you better understand cannabis cultivation, but they also take deep dives into cannabinoids, cannabis companies, and even the largest greenhouses in the USA. The channel is largely educational, but the videos are well-made and produce information you may not have learned otherwise. 

Watch CannaCribs on YouTube

RuffHouse Studios 

Instructional video for making cannabis brownies
A how-to guide for making cannabutter and pot brownies (watch video). Photo: RuffHouse Studios

Subscribers: 707K

RuffHouse Studios is the ultimate cannabis culture YouTube channel. They have various how-to videos that will teach you everything you need to know about things like making canna-butter or rolling joints. The channel also offers product spotlights that can help you get to know an up-and-coming product even better than before. RuffHouse’s videos are super high-quality and filmed with precision and utmost creativity, making them nearly visually addicting. 

Watch RuffHouse Studios on YouTube

Strain Hunters

Subscribers: 210K

Strain Hunters is an iconic cannabis YouTube channel that’s been on the platform since 2010. The channel initially started as a series of documentaries talking about cannabis preservation and highlighting cannabis landraces in “some of the poorest areas of the planet.” After a tragic death in the group, the YouTube channel took a few years off, but Strain Hunters has recently returned to their cannabis expeditions, starting in South Africa. 

Watch Strain Hunters on YouTube

Merry Jane

Subscribers: 352K

The Merry Jane YouTube channel belongs to the Merry Jane cannabis publication, often known for their culture-related pieces. The brand’s YouTube channel covers topicals of all degrees, including news, culture, opinion, and information on products, dispensaries, and more. You can watch people get high and eat a bunch of food, learn about cannabis-related songs and culture, or take a deep dive into brand-new (or old, classic) strains. The Merry Jane channel has everything you need and more, acting as your go-to source for all things cannabis. 

Watch Merry Jane on YouTube


Cannabis YouTuber smoking weed
Photo: StrainCentral

Subscribers: 440K

Want to learn more about a specific strain before trying it for yourself? Then StrainCentral is the YouTube channel for you. Josh, the man behind the channel, reviews products, strains, and different cannabinoids so you don’t have to. He makes the reviews extremely entertaining with his warm, upbeat personality, and his videos are easy to understand and relate to. 

Watch StrainCentral on YouTube

Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes behind cannabis plants
Photo: Jorge Cervantes

Subscribers: 236K

Jorge Cervantes is a long-time horticulturalist that specializes in the cultivation of cannabis. While you can read his book to learn about his expertise, you can also choose to turn to his YouTube channel. Cervantes’ channel covers the topics that he talks about in his books, as well as his live streams from his website. He will often even upload his livestream conversations with other cannabis specialists to help you learn more about what this expert has to offer. 

Watch Jorge Cervantes on YouTube


Sasha Lee smoking weed in a cannabis farm
Photo: Sasha Lee

Subscribers: 530K

The SilencedHippie YouTube channel is perfect for those looking for chill — slightly girly — stoner vibes. Sasha films videos with varying content, like visiting dispensaries, trying out new products, or just having cozy, relaxing smoke sesh out in the rain. No matter what it is, Sasha makes each video feel like home, making her YouTube channel a great one to put on and smoke to. 

Watch SilencedHippie on YouTube

Terpy Highs

YouTube channel cover for Terpy Highs
Photo: Terpy Highs

Subscribers: 109K

If you’re all about the growing, processing, and equipment behind cannabis, the Terpy Highs YouTube channel is the channel for you. Terpy Highs covers myriad cultivation content, including indoor and outdoor grow setups, growing advice, and unique techniques. The channel consistently uploads, so it’s one of those YouTube accounts you can rely on again and again for helpful cannabis-related videos. 

Watch Terpy Highs on YouTube

Growing Exposed

Producers of the Growing Exposed show
Photo: Growing Exposed

Subscribers: 113K 

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Growing Exposed is another channel all about growing your favorite green plant. This YouTube channel covers the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation, from lighting to installing a grow room and even visiting other weed growers — like nuns! The channel’s videos are super educational yet fun to follow along with, making them a wonderful resource for beginner growers or anyone looking to learn more about cultivation. 

Watch Growing Exposed on YouTube


Leafly Youtube channel banner
Photo: Leafly

Subscribers: 296K

Everybody knows Leafly as one of the biggest cannabis resources on the internet. But, did you know the company’s YouTube channel also has a ton of fun, entertaining information? On the Leafly YouTube channel, you can learn about strains, cultivation, consumption, and even watch big-name celebrities smoke or try new products. The brand puts serious effort into the videos, making them incredibly visually appealing and easy to follow. In general, this channel has some of the highest-quality weed videos on the internet, making them a wonderful place to turn when you want to learn about cannabis — or when you want to teach someone else.  

Watch Leafly on YouTube


YouTube channel cover for Herb
Photo: Herb

Subscribers: 117K

If you want honest, beautifully curated reviews on certain cannabis products or strains, or if you want to learn how to decarb weed or make cannabutter, Herb’s YouTube channel is where to turn. This high-quality channel covers various cannabis-related topics, filmed in entertaining, engaging ways that other channels don’t always capture. Herb’s YouTube contains fun, unique, and original videos that are easy to learn from while also easy to keep your attention. 

Watch Herb on YouTube


Weedmaps 4/20 celebration recap
Weedmaps 4/20 celebrations (watch video). Photo: Weedmaps

Subscribers: 206K

Weedmaps is another well-known cannabis resource that has an educational YouTube channel for you to subscribe to. They don’t post as often as some other channels, but the videos they do post are highly informative and fun to watch. Weedmaps’ videos are super brief, making them great for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time (or a long attention span).  

Watch Weedmaps on YouTube


Producer of Delightfully Dazed YouTube channel
Photo: Dazed

Subscribers: 68K

Delightfully Dazed, aka Dazed, is a somewhat small YouTube channel that’s all about getting baked and enjoying products. He posts various videos attempting to finish cartridges in under two hours, hiking on acid, and even trying gas station cannabis products. He’s based in Arizona, so Arizona viewers can get a great idea as to the different kinds of products and brands that are available in the area. Dazed posts regularly, so he’s a great channel to keep up with weekly. 

Watch Dazed on YouTube

Bubbleman’s World

Creator of the Bubble Man show on YouTube
Photo: Bubble Man

Subscribers: 145K

Bubbleman’s World is an all-encompassing cannabis YouTube channel. The creators post all sorts of different content on this channel, from long-form videos touring cannabis businesses to episodes of their podcast where they talk to big names in the industry, and even unboxing products (because who doesn’t love to see a good unboxing video?). Bubbleman’s World still regularly uploads videos, so you can subscribe and stay updated each time they post. 

Watch Bubbleman’s World on YouTube


Subscribers: 51K

SMPLSCK is a YouTube channel that reviews cannabis products, films vlogs, and talks about canna-culture. His videos are filmed artistically and creatively, making them fun to watch every time. SMPLSCK uploads regularly, so there’s always cannabis-related content to look forward to. Whether you’re interested in learning about some delta-8 or delta-10 disposable, or even the plague of fake cartridges, this channel has you covered. 

Watch SMPLSCK on YouTube

Let’s Be Blunt with Montel 

Let's Be Blunt with Montel YouTube channel cover
Photo: Let’s Be Blunt with Montel

Subscribers: 8.2K

You may know Montel Williams as a TV host; however, he’s more than that: he’s also a huge advocate for the medical cannabis community. As a cannabis consumer himself, Williams talks about his success with MJ for MS, as well as other benefits of the plant for those who may need it. On his channel, Williams discusses cannabis in various aspects: activism, health and wellness, culture, and more. 

Watch Let’s Be Blunt with Montel on YouTube

Smoking With Your Favorite Weed YouTubers 

No matter what you’re looking for — whether it be a how-to video, a review on a company, or a heart-warming story about the benefits of CBD — there’s a YouTuber out there making content just for you. While YouTube does have some guidelines surrounding what you can and cannot post, cannabis-related content has become more popular — and more mainstream — now than ever, and there’s absolutely no shortage of canna-content on there now. 

The next time you want to light up but don’t want to feel like you’re alone, why not try checking out one of these stoner YouTubers? You never know what you may learn about the culture, industry, or even your favorite brand, all thanks to these cannabis content creators.