The Top 15 Californian Dispensaries to Spend Your Green on Some Herb

Get the most out of your CA cannabis experience by shopping at these top 15 dispensaries in California.

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Popular cannabis dispensary store in California
Photo: MedMen
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California’s long been known for its cannabis industry, as it was the first state in the US to fully implement a medical marijuana program all the way back in 1996. Since then, the Golden State has become quite a mecca for those seeking an exciting cannabis experience.

Whether you’re just visiting or you’re planning on moving to California soon, it’s important to get the most out of your Cali-Canna life. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the top 15 best dispensaries in CA to shop at. From San Francisco to LA and everywhere in between, we’ve found a perfect California dispensary for you. 

15 Best Dispensaries in California

The Woods

The Woods dispensary in Los Angeles California
Photo: The Woods

The Woods is one of West Hollywood’s newest dispensaries, but it’s got a lot of buzz surrounding it. That’s because this dispensary has been backed by Woody Harrelson himself, with him opening the actual doors back in early 2022. Now, this dispensary has become a popular option for people wanting to have a celebrity experience — or even just puff on the same weed that Woody Harrelson is smoking. The Woods has a large selection of high-end brands that both novice and experienced cannabis consumers alike will love. 


MedMen dispensary in California
Denise Truscello/Getty Images for MedMen

MedMen is an extremely popular line of cannabis dispensaries that you can find all over the country; but, the one in DTLA is easily our favorite. The MedMen brand has always been about the destigmatization of the cannabis industry, so they focus on making their dispensaries as comforting and accessible as possible. The dispensary also partners with various organizations across the US, including the LA Expungement Clinic, Equality CA, Feeding America, and the Downtown Women’s Center. The MedMen dispensary is all about change in the industry, and when you shop with them, you know you’re helping the cannabis community as a whole, too. 

The Apothecarium Dispensary

Luxury cannabis dispensary in California
Photo: The Apothecarium Dispensary Castro

The Apothecarium Dispensary is a line of cannabis stores that exist not only in California but also in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well. The CA dispensaries are incredibly highly rated, and you have various to choose from all across the state, with locations including Berkeley, SoMa, and Capitola. Customers love the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, as well as the diverse clientele and huge product selection that these dispensaries have to offer — with some even calling it “better than Disneyland” on Weedmaps. Now that’s saying something.  

Dr. Greenthumb’s 

Dr. Greenthumb's dispensary in Los Angeles
Photo: Dr. Greenthumb’s LAX

If you want to visit any dispensary for the reputation and experience, it should be Dr. Greenthumb’s. These dispensaries are the brainchild of Cypress Hill’s B Real, one of the most prominent figures in the early cannabis movement. You can check out these dispensaries all across California, including LAX, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Cathedral City, and more. 

Josephine & Billie’s 

Josephine & Billie's dispensary in California
Photo: Josephine & Billie’s

Josephine & Billie’s is a one-of-a-kind speakeasy-themed dispensary that’s an entire experience in and of itself. The dispensary plays homage to the 20s and 30s, a time when “jazz musicians, writers, activists, and more gathered in secretive teapads to smoke reefer, drink, listen to jazz and share good ideas,” says the dispensary’s website. Josephine & Billie’s dispensary is also Black-woman-owned and operated, and the ladies behind the space wanted to create an environment where WOC felt comfortable exploring cannabis in a more authentic way. And they sure did a great job at that. 


Caliva dispensary store in California
Photo: Caliva

The Caliva dispensaries throughout California are likely to be some of the most aesthetically pleasing dispensaries you’ve ever visited. Caliva is known for its top-shelf products and top-shelf atmosphere, but the dispensary also has incredible values and missions. It strives for sustainability, owning the entire seed-to-sale supply chain process that they utilize. The brand also believes in diversity within the cannabis space, working to hire 75% of its workforce from the local municipalities the dispensary is in. Finally, Caliva actively supports the local community by donating to local causes and providing discounts to seniors and veterans. 


Cookies marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles
Photo: Cookies Melrose

Many people in LA will tell you that Cookies is the best dispensary around. This dispensary offers high-quality cannabis and premier cannabis brands but at really affordable prices, especially compared to some of the more boutique dispensaries around Melrose. The staff at the Cookies dispensary is also notoriously helpful, so if you have any questions about strains, products, or even flower, they’re there to help.  

Bloom Room

Bloom Room dispensary in San Francisco
Photo: Bloom Room SF

The Bloom Room is a dispensary that believes that “life is better with cannabis” — and we agree. This CA dispensary has a San Francisco and a Pacifica location depending on where you’re at in the Golden State, but both locations are just as quality, welcoming, and well-stocked as the other. Bloom Room is proud of the premium quality products they offer, as well as the outstanding service they provide; these attributes are what make the weed shop at the top of any best California dispensary list. 

Project Cannabis

Project Cannabis dispensary in San Francisco
Photo: Project Cannabis

With locations in San Francisco, Studio City, and North Hollywood, you can find a Project Cannabis dispensary in some of the most popular parts of California. Project Cannabis has a long history in CA, and the brand has won more than 50 High Times Gold Cups over the years. The dispensary offers great daily discounts, as well as 25% off during the first hour of the day and from 4:20-7:10 every day. Now those are some impressively great deals. 

The Pottery LA

The Pottery cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles
Photo: The Pottery

The Pottery LA believes in providing quality cannabis, a listening ear, and a sense of community. The California-based dispensary has a wonderful selection of premium products at affordable prices, and they make the entire buying process as straightforward as possible — even for first-timers. The Pottery actively works towards giving back to the community, as well as promoting sustainability by only supporting brands that, too, utilize ethical practices for the planet. Located right on Venice Blvd in LA, the Pottery LA is a must-visit when it comes to quality dispensaries. 

Cannabist San Diego

Cannabist dispensary in California
Photo: Cannabist

The Cannabist is one of the highest-rated dispensaries in all of San Diego — and for good reason. This dispensary offers great products at low prices, including offering Amazon deals like 30% off the entire purchase for first-time customers. Cannabist’s goal is to provide an uncomplicated cannabis experience, which is something that every dispensary should strive to achieve. With beliefs in having a higher standard, a higher knowledge, and a higher calling, the Cannabist in San Diego genuinely puts their customers first.  

Posh Green Cannabis Boutique 

Posh Green Cannabis Boutique in San Francisco
Photo: Posh Green Cannabis Boutique

Posh Green Cannabis Boutique was the first Equity Retail Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco. IWOC-owned and operated, this dispensary aims to make history — or “herstory” as Posh Green puts it. This landmark dispensary offers daily specials, top-shelf products, and all of the cannabis education or resources that you could need. Customers love the friendly, welcoming atmosphere, as it provides a less intimidating approach to the world of weed, especially for those who may be new.   

Captain Jack’s 

Captain Jacks marijuana dispensary in California
Photo: Captain Jack’s

If you’re in San Bernardino, you have to check out Captain Jack’s. This dispensary has the nickname the “San Bernardino mega marijuana store” because of its over 700 different product options to choose from. Captain Jack’s products are priced well and accessible, making it a number one choice for consumers in the area. No matter what you’re looking for or what you want to try out, this is a dispensary that’s likely to have anything you need and more. Plus, the dispensary staff is kind, compassionate, and attentive, making your experience from start to finish as smooth as possible. 

Grass Roots

Grass Roots dispensary in San Francisco
Photo: Grass Roots

From products to employees and mission statements, Grass Roots is a San Francisco dispensary that’s truly one of a kind. The dispensary has been around for nearly 20 years, and in that time, has developed strong ties with some of the most established cannabis brands in the industry. And, what’s even more special, is that Grass Roots works with cannabis companies that have been disproportionately affected by the War on Drugs. The dispensary strongly believes that the plant is a miracle herb and, thus, is there to answer any and all cannabis-related questions you may have.  

Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower dispensary California
Photo: Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower is an LA-based line of boutique dispensaries that offer top-shelf cannabis at reasonable prices. Each one of their six locations is as beautiful as the next, with products placed proudly on display in accessible fashions. Sweet Flower is also 80% diverse on a race and gender basis across the country, and 90% diverse at the management level; they also reserve more than half of their dispensary shelving space to LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Female, and legacy-founded cannabis brands. Truly, it doesn’t get better than that. 

Get the Best Out of Your Cali-Canna Experience With These Top-Rated Dispensaries 

Finding cannabis in California can feel daunting simply because you have so many choices. But, when it comes to dispensaries, some are simply better than others, either because of the shop’s atmosphere, product selection, values, or any combination. That’s why we’ve taken the time to figure out which dispensaries in California are worth your time and money. And, trust us, these shops don’t only have great weed: they offer great experiences, too.

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