Best Cannabis Blogs to Fill Your High Brain

Whether you’re looking to learn more about weed or get all the updates in the canna-sphere, here are the best cannabis blogs to start reading.

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Mell Green

Mell is a cannabis connoisseur who has been published in nearly 50 online publications surrounding cannabis, including Cannabis Industry Association, Analytical Cannabis, Terpenes and Testing Magazine, Plant People, Byrdie, and...

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Most popular cannabis blogs for news and reviews
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With how popular cannabis is these days, it’s no surprise that there is an influx of cannabis-related blogs filling the internet. While this is fantastic for the cannabis industry as a whole, it can make it difficult to find the blogs that you’re most interested in. Some blogs may focus on medical cannabis and medical cards, while other blogs may focus wholly on cannabis culture. But, that’s why we’re here to give you some options.

After scouring the internet, our team has composed a list of the top 55 best cannabis blogs to fill your high brain. These blogs offer a widespread mix of different topics, layouts, and even resources depending on what you’re looking for. To help you find your next go-to read, start with the incredible canna-blogs on our list below. 

55 Best Cannabis Blogs


Leafly website

Undoubtedly, Leafly is one of the most popular cannabis websites in the country. Not only are there various helpful (and entertaining) blogs for you to choose from, but you can also get detailed information on specific strains, dispensaries, brands, and more. Leafly’s blog has everything you need to know about cannabis — from culture to legalization and absolutely everything in between. 

Marijuana Moment 

Marijuana Moment website

Marijuana Moment is the cannabis blog to turn to for daily cannabis updates and news. Marijuana Moment puts out comprehensive newsletters every day to update its readers on anything that happened in the world of cannabis that day. With this kind of information, you’ll always be up-to-date on what the weed community is up to. 

High Times

High Times website

If you’ve read about cannabis news in the last decade, chances are, you read a story from the High Times. The High Times is a cannabis news source that has been around for quite some time now, reporting on all things cannabis news, culture, events, products, and more. You can even order your cannabis products through High Times if your state allows it! (Oh, and we cannot forget that it was supposedly a reporter at the High Times that published the first public reference to 4/20.) 


Weedmaps cannabis blog

Weedmaps is yet another digital powerhouse in the cannabis industry. On this site, you have access to blogs of all different types, and you can even get your cannabis delivered if you live in a state where that’s legal. Like Leafly, you can learn about different brands and even shop online through this site. But, at the end of the day, Weedmap’s cannabis blog is where it’s at if you’re hoping to up your marijuana knowledge. 


NORML website

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has been fighting for decades for cannabis rights and equity. Their site is more geared towards legal updates and understanding, but they are a wonderful resource to turn to when you need to know laws, regulations, and statistics. 

Marijuana Business Daily

MJBizDaily website

MJBizDaily has been reporting on cannabis news since 2011. This brand has been knee-deep in the weed community for years, allowing them to have a solid foundation and a plethora of resources. It doesn’t matter what you want to learn — cannabis manufacturing, legal, finance, or something else — MJBizDaily has what you need.    

Merry Jane 

Merry Jane website

Merry Jane is a cannabis website owned by the one and only Snoop Dogg. This media resource has hilariously entertaining pieces that also give you all of the correct cannabis information you need. The website itself operates a bit slowly because of how much it has going on, but it’s a wonderful blog to read when you want to learn about cannabis without getting bored.

Cannabis Now 

Cannabis Now website

Cannabis Now is the nation’s number one cannabis magazine — and for good reason! This magazine is well put together, offers comprehensive resources, and is fun yet easy to read. These stories will not only give you the cannabis news you need, but you’ll actually enjoy reading them as you go — and that’s not something you can say about every magazine. 

Herb website

Herb’s website is easy to navigate, appealing to the eye, and focuses entirely on cannabis and cannabis culture. This is one of the best cannabis sites in terms of design, as it isn’t overwhelming, and you can navigate it with ease. Herb is updated daily so you’re always in the loop of what’s happening in the cannabis world, and you can even get a med card through their site, too. 

The Growthop

The GrowthOp website

The Growthop is a supreme outlet for getting the latest industry happenings. On their website, you can find anything from legal updates and scientific breakthroughs to in-depth reviews and trippy research pieces, all of which are sure to keep you engaged and informed. If you like what you see, you can subscribe to their mailing list so you never miss a thing.


Benzinga cannabis website

Benzinga isn’t a cannabis-specific blog or site, but they do focus on interesting cannabis stories when the topics arise. This website is incredibly popular because it appeals to people of all backgrounds and interest levels. If you’re someone who wants to stay up to date in the cannabis world while also reading about the latest news, Benzinga is a great website to turn to. 


Wikileaf cannabis website

Wikileaf is the Wikipedia for all things cannabis. On Wikileaf, you can learn about strains, dispensaries, cannabis shows, and, of course, news. They stay updated in their news section to ensure readers always know exactly what’s going on in the world of cannabis, both medical and recreational. And, if you have any questions about a specific strain you’re smoking on, you can get all your answers right on their site. 

Cannabis Business Times  

Cannabis Business Times website

Cannabis Business Times is both an online and physical news source that covers marijuana-related topics of all types. You can learn about canna-news, local events, or even check out the average prices of weed in your area. Their site is a great resource for those who are more business-centric. 

New Cannabis Ventures 

New Cannabis Ventures website

Another business-focused website, New Cannabis Ventures gives readers an in-depth insight into the cannabis industry and what it means to be a part of a canna-company. Their resources stretch beyond the USA, giving readers a wider look at the industry as a whole. Whether it’s stocks, investments, or blogs you’re interested in, New Cannabis Ventures has what you need.

Analytical Cannabis 

Analytical Cannabis website

Analytical Cannabis is all about extraction, science, testing, and education. You can learn about some of the more technical, analytical sides of the cannabis world from this blog, helping you understand the plant from a different view. You’ll be more comfortable and knowledgeable about things like extraction and processing, which play a vital role in picking your ideal canna-products.


Ganjapreneur website

Ganjapreneur is an eye-catching website that makes learning about cannabis fun and entertaining. The site covers topics of all types, and they use interesting designs and content that make reading fun. You can check out product reviews, cannabis podcasts, and of course, high-quality blogs that any canna-consumer will love.   

Extraction Magazine

Extraction Magazine website

Born out of a powerhouse of other cannabis magazines, renowned Extraction Magazine just had to make our list. The industry is ever-changing and this extraction-focused website makes sure you never miss a beat, providing the latest on industry trends, technology and cutting-edge innovations, current laws, and more. What’s even cooler? You can listen to the EM podcast directly on the website, hosted by the major publisher herself, Celeste Miranda who is accompanied by other industry experts.

High There 

High There cannabis social networking website

High There is a creative cannabis community that provides its readers with ample marijuana information of all kinds. This brand’s stories are easy and fun to read, making you look forward to learning about the latest updates in the world of weed. High There also has plenty of product reviews in case you want to learn more about a specific cannabis product you’ve had your eyes on.


GreenState cannabis publication

GreenState is a San Francisco-based cannabis publication that covers lifestyle, culture, and occasionally news. This publication is easy to navigate and stays constantly updated, so you, too, will always be up to date. GreenState reports on cannabis culture all throughout the country, so you don’t just have to be in LA to enjoy this blog. 


CannabisTech website

Interested in learning about the innovative technology behind the cannabis industry? Well, CannabisTech is the blog for you. CannabisTech strives to bring industry stakeholders the information they need to thrive in their businesses, providing the technical information they need most. 

Green Market Report

Green Market Report website

If you’re at all interested in the financial aspects of the cannabis world, then Green Market Report is the place to go to learn. Green Market Report specializes in reporting on the world of cannabis sales and analytics. This way, you can get the technical information you need all in one place. 

The Cannabist

The Cannabist website

The Cannabist reports on marijuana news and updates that the industry needs to know. They have their major stories highlighted every day, so you can log on daily and discover the latest in the world of cannabis. They even offer various cannabis recipes and resources on making your own canna-oil and cannabutter! 

Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur website

Green Entrepreneur impressively puts out several new blogs a day, so you have seemingly unlimited access to cannabis resources. These blogs are well-written and provide all the information you need to learn confidently about both medical and recreational cannabis.  

The Weed Blog 

The Weed Blog website

The name says it all. The Weed Blog is a blog that is all about cannabis, from cooking recipes to industry updates and everything in between. Whether you’re wondering if a specific cannabinoid shows up on a drug test or what cannabis regulations look like in a certain state, The Weed Blog has the resources for you. 


Way of Leaf website

WayofLeaf is a great website to turn to if you’re interested in both learning about cannabis and getting your MMJ card. Their telehealth services allow you to get your medical card right from home if you live in a legal state. Plus, you have access to all the canna-information you need to help you feel comfortable getting your card and enjoying cannabis. 

Medical Jane 

Medical Jane website

The Medical Jane website focuses solely on the science behind medical marijuana. If you’re someone who is interested in the complexities and nitty-gritty details that MMJ holds, Medical Jane is the perfect place to give you the answers to all your most specific questions. From consumption methods to terpenes and cannabinoids, Medical Jane will have you feeling like an MMJ expert in no time. 

Canna Law Blog

Harris Bricken Canna Law Blog

The Canna Law Blog comes from Harris Bricken, an international legal firm that focuses on various topics — including cannabis crimes. The Canna Law Blog reports on marijuana laws and regulations across the country, letting readers know exactly what you can and cannot do in the marijuana industry. 


WeedWeek cannabis blog

WeedWeek provides “news that matters to your cannabis business.” They have been providing blogs and educational resources to readers since 2015, and they have no plans on slowing down. From cannabis careers to newsletters and even maps of cannabis taxes and licenses, you can find it all on WeedWeek’s site. 

The Bluntness 

The Bluntness website

The Bluntness is a fun and funky cannabis website to turn to for canna-news, health and wellness, and more. This cannabis blog covers topics of all types, and they make their content easy to read and quite entertaining. Don’t be surprised if you end up giggling while reading some of their blogs. 

Mugglehead Magazine 

Mugglehead Magazine website screenshot

Mugglehead Magazine comes right out of Vancouver, BC, and they report on cannabis news both in and out of Canada. This magazine is beautifully curated and has entertaining, insightful pieces that both new and experienced cannabis consumers can learn from. 


AllBud website

AllBud’s website is popular, jam-packed with resources, and great for learning about cannabis strains, news, and culture. While their site isn’t the best designed, it has all the information you could need. Their blog focuses on widespread topics, too, so you can learn about cannabis from all angles. 

Cannabis Business Executive  

Cannabis Business Executive website

Cannabis Business Executive has the 411 on all things canna-business. You can read about news and insights, policy and legal news, state news, and so much more. The site is set up well and you can navigate it easily, making it a great go-to site for everyday cannabis business news. 


A Proper High cannabis review blog

Proper allows you to — as they say — “geek out” on all things cannabis. While publishing reviews on cannabis, this website also provides retailers and readers alike with entertaining reads including insights on up-and-coming movers and shakers in the industry as well as research-backed articles for the real canna-nerds out there.

I Love Growing Marijuana 

I Love Growing Marijuana website

Just as the site’s name suggests, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a wonderful cannabis blog resource for those interested in cultivating cannabis. But, ILGM is more than just cultivation blogs: you’ll find access to places to buy cannabis seeds, troubleshooting resources for new growers, public forums, and so much more. 


PotGuide website

PotGuide is another one of those cannabis sites that has just about everything. You can read all the cannabis news and culture updates that you’d like, but you can also check out local cannabis deals, delivery options, and strain information. PotGuide strives to be your one-stop shop for canna-resources. 

Greenway Magazine 

Greenway Magazine

Greenway Magazine is a Missouri-based cannabis magazine that’s entirely dedicated to our favorite green plant. Greenway offers resources of various types, including a unique cannabis calendar that’s perfect for Missouri patients: this calendar updates MO residents on all local events so you don’t miss a thing. 

The Fresh Toast 

The Fresh Toast website

The Fresh Toast is a trusted name in cannabis news. This site focuses entirely on cannabis and cannabis news, so you can learn everything there is to know about the plant. The Fresh Toast’s site is quite straightforward and easy to navigate, so you can stay reading for hours if you so choose. 


Leafwire cannabis social networking website

Leafwire strives to erase the stigma behind cannabis by providing accurate, unbiased information surrounding the plant. Similar to a social networking website, you can post about your brand, connect with people in the industry, and even discover open cannabis job opportunities. And, of course, there are plenty of cannabis blogs to fill your brain with. 

Cannabis Wire 

Cannabis Wire website

Cannabis Wire takes a global look at the cannabis industry, giving you news and updates from all corners. You can take a deep dive into cannabis research or regulation, or even subscribe to their newsletter to get weekly updates on everything you need to know about both medical and recreational marijuana. 

MJ Brand Insights  

MJ Brand Insights website

MJ Brand Insights is the perfect place for brands and investors to go to learn more about the marijuana industry and where it stands. You can learn about brand insights, market intel, news, or retail insights depending on what most appeals to you and your business. website is a detailed cannabis website that offers services of many types including blogs, public forums, and job opportunities. They are a great site to log onto when wanting to read straightforward blog posts on cannabis products, cannabinoids, terpenes, and everything in between. 

Cannabis Wealth

Cannabis Wealth blog

Cannabis Wealth is a UK canna-site that gives readers marijuana resources of all types. Even though they’re based in the UK, Cannabis Wealth reports on cannabis news from all over the world, so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the weed world even on the other side of the globe. 

Cannabiz (AU) 

Cannabiz website

Cannabiz is a great Australian cannabis website that gives you all the AU news you could possibly need. Whether you live in Australia, are planning on visiting, or even want to move there, Cannabiz is a wonderful resource to provide you with the information you need regarding cannabis consumption. 

Project CBD

Project CBD website

Project CBD is a cannabis blog that offers widespread resources and topics regarding the health and wellness industry. You can learn about specific medical conditions that CBD may help, as well as safety information and resources like books, events, educational brochures, and more. 

Hemp Industry Daily

Hemp Industry Daily website screen shot

Just as the name suggests, Hemp Industry Daily reports on daily updates within the cannabis industry. The site is easy to navigate and always stays up-to-date on marijuana information across the country — and even across the world. 


Leafreport website

The Leafreport is all about bringing transparency to the CBD industry. This blog wants to normalize cannabinoid consumption by providing accurate, detailed resources about CBD and other compounds. You can translate the site into various languages, too, making it quite accessible for cannabis consumers of all backgrounds. 

CBD Retail Trends website

Just as their name suggests, CBD Retail Trends follows the sales trends of CBD and other cannabinoid companies. Readers can keep a close eye on how well certain brands and products are doing, influencing buying and investing decisions. 

Kight on Cannabis

Rod Kight cannabis law blog

The Kight on Cannabis blog comes from Rod Kight, an award-winning lawyer who focuses his efforts on cannabis and cannabis justice. The blog has widespread topics, including regulations and state laws. And, if you’re a cannabis business looking for legal representation, the Kight Law Group is there to help. 

Daily CBD

Daily CBD blog

Whether you want to learn more about CBD, delta-8 THC, HHC, or another cannabinoid, Daily CBD is the place to go. This global online resource is wonderful for providing accurate, detailed, and easy-to-read information regarding CBD, hemp, and more. They serve several languages too, so non-native English speakers can absorb their information with ease. 

Hemp Today 

Hemp Today website

Hemp Today is the voice of global hemp industries, and they can provide you with all the information you need about hemp, hemp products, cannabinoids, and so much more. They report on the news all throughout the world, and even offer resources for readers like local events, newsletters, and business directories. 

Cannabis & Tech Today

Cannabis and Tech Today  publication

Just as the blog’s name implies, Cannabis & Tech Today focuses on all things cannabis, including the technology behind it. But, even though the blog is tech-based, the reads are still accessible and easy to understand, even from a layman’s perspective. From culture updates to finances and legalities, the Cannabis & Tech Today publication covers everything you need to know about what the industry is up to these days. 

New Frontier Data

New Frontier Data blog screenshot

New Frontier Data has a goal of educating and informing the public about cannabis policy and commercial activity to help make the industry more accessible. This blog definitely has a more technical spin on it, making it ideal for those more logical readers looking to learn about the intricacies behind the industry. Whether you want to learn about legislation, data analysis, or even current trends, New Frontier Data has the blogs for you. 

Marijuana Policy Project

Marijuana Policy Project blog

The Marijuana Policy Project is a well-known organization that dedicates its time to cannabis legalization and reform. The MPP works to lobby for better cannabis reform policies, alternatives to cannabis prohibition, and supports those wrongfully incarcerated for cannabis crimes. The MPP’s blog is a great way to keep up with the cannabis industry from a cultural perspective, widening the lens to address diversity and inclusion — or lack thereof.  

The Cannigma 

The Cannigma cannabis publication

Whether you want to learn more about a specific strain or are interested in a mouth-watering THC-infused recipe, the Cannigma has resources for you. This publication offers posts covering cannabis products, strains, medical conditions, recipes, cannabinoid research, and so much more. Truly, Cannigma can be your one-stop shop (or shall we say blog?) for cannabis resources. 

Cannabis Health News

Cannabis Health News publication

Cannabis Health News won the award for best CBD magazine at the World CBD Awards 2022, and it continues to be the UK’s number one CBD guide. This CBD magazine covers more than just cannabidiol, too: you can learn all about marijuana-related news, cannabis opinion pieces, the best marijuana brands, and so much more. You definitely don’t have to be a UK reader to enjoy the comprehensive information that this cannabis blog has to offer.

Happy Weeding — uh, we mean Reading!

No matter which one of these cannabis blogs piques your interest the most, we guarantee you’ll learn something new every day when you take the time to read these worthwhile pieces. Whether you want to learn more about cannabis law, marijuana regulations, or weed culture, there’s a blog out there for you — you just have to find it! Thankfully, we’ve curated 55 incredible options for you to choose from.

If you have a favorite blog you’d like to nominate, please email us at [email protected].