Symphonies in Weed Minor: Songs About Cannabis to Get High to in 2023

This weed song list looks at old and new artists across various genres, including punk, metal, hip-hop, and electronic. And, no, we don’t list Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, or Black Sabbath.

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Searching for weed songs to add to your cannabis-inspired playlist for the ultimate smoke session? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the greatest weed-related hip-hop, rap, metal, rock, and electronic songs. And as we’ve just mentioned, it doesn’t include Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, or Black Sabbath. We hope you discover something new and exciting!

23 Popular Songs About Weed

(Hip-Hop and Rap)

Chester Watson — Purple Leaves 

Chester Watson is underground hip-hop’s best-kept secret. Hailing from Miami, Florida, the East Coast rapper and weed lover infuses cannabis-related themes into his brooding, oftentimes darker-themed lyrics, all wrapped up in laid-back, Japanese-inspired beats. Purple Leaves is a shining example of Watson’s love for cannabis and his weed legalization advocacy, beginning the song with “marijuana legalization” and later following it with, “I got a zoot, and now I’m sailing in the highest boat”. Great imagery. Great vibes. Great song to begin a smoke session. 

FFO: Earl Sweatshirt, Bishop Nehru 

Madvillain — America’s Most Blunted

Madvillain almost needs no introduction. A collaborative hip hop project between the late MF DOOM and Madlib that released arguably one of the greatest rap albums ever made, 2004’s Madvillainy. America’s Most Blunted is a highlight of this album. It celebrates and champions marijuana and its ability to ignite creative fires, obviously used throughout the creation of Madvillainy. No surprise there. Weed does create the best music. Once you’ve enjoyed America’s Most Blunted over and over, we suggest you listen to the entire album front to back. You won’t regret it. Make sure you bring your buddies around for a smoke session too. It’ll make listening to the album more special. 

FFO: Quasimoto, J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest 

Freddie Gibbs — Personal OG

Freddie Gibbs’ Personal OG is an often overlooked weed-inspired tune with a racy 2000s beat matching his spitfire flow. Lyrically, the song is an ode to cannabis, making strong references to OG and Purple Kush, two of the best cannabis strains ever. Make sure you place this at the beginning of your weed song playlist. It’s certainly one to get your mind in the zone. 

FFO: Curren$y, Pusha T

Blueprint — No Half Smokin’

Blueprint, one half of Soul Position and founder of Weightless Recordings, is no stranger to funky 90s-inspired hip hop, bouncy beats, and cannabis-centered lyrical themes. No Half Smokin’ is a perfect example and essential addition to your smoke session playlist. Just wait for the chorus. It’s uplifting, fun, and simple; exactly what you need when the THC hit begins. If No Half Smokin’ is your flavor, listen to the entire Iron & Niacin album front to back. It’s superb and highly underrated. 

FFO: A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def 

Abstract Rude — Smokin n Hurr 

Abstract Rude is a relatively unknown but wildly popular underground rapper from California, a US state unofficially known as the heart and soul of recreational cannabis. His love for all things green and high-inducing really shines on the track Smokin n Hurr, featuring Moka Only and Prevail Wonder. The track delivers a stunning array of lyrical beauties for you to take in when the THC high hits and your mind internally grooves to the beat. Our favorite is, “We’re smoking in here with both engineers in a studio rear/Just open your ear, we’re working in here/The type that Moka says he’s growing his hair/Well give him a year, It will damn near look just like us”. 

FFO: The Pharcyde, Atmosphere

Aceyalone — High Lights

Aceyalone’s High Lights is the best weed song you’ve never heard before. It’s slick, synthy, and laid-back, complete with an easy-to-digest flow and soothing female vocals for the ultimate cannabis session. Lyrically, it’s what you expect, championing cannabis legalization for everyone worldwide. What’s not to love about that? Better still, the tune features one of the nicest piano licks we’ve ever heard. Say yes to Aceyalone. Say yes to High Lights. 

Mac Miller — Hand Me Downs

The late Mac Miller will always be known as the guy who created some of the chillest hip-hop music ever, rivaling his mainstream contemporaries Jay-Z and Andre 3000. What set Mac apart from the rest was his songwriting abilities, unique vocal style, and use of real instruments, especially in the latter stage of his career. From his posthumous Circles album released in 2020, Hand Me Downs isn’t about cannabis at all, but the song’s entire vibe screams, “Let’s have a smoke session right now!”. The bass is mesmerizing. The beat is hypnotic. And his vocal lines are as easy as the last bowl you just hit. Enjoy!

FFO: Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino 

Mac Lethal — Weed & Coffee 

Another Mac is on the list, but this time it’s the one and only Mac Lethal, known for his unique, uplifting, and sometimes party-style brand of hip-hop. Don’t let that description put you off, though. Weed & Coffee is a fantastic addition to your weed song playlist. The vibe is a nice balance of fast-paced and calming. Lethal’s flow is tight. The beat is easy. The bass and subtle vocal samples intertwine. A really nice mix of sonic conflictions. Listen out for this lyric we should all live and die by: “All I wanna do is wake up early in the morning/Smoke a little weed and drink some fucking coffee”. 

(Rock, Punk, and Metal)

Weedeater — Weed Monkey 

In a 2015 High Times interview, Weedeater frontman “Dixie” Dave Collins openly said marijuana saves lives and has saved his several times. It’s, therefore, no real surprise that Weedeater’s output centers around weed and its glorious benefits. The guitars are droney, buzzy, and filled with earth-shattering low-end frequencies. The bass rattles beneath the behemoth drum patterns, and the lyrics—as shown in the track Weed Monkey—refer to cannabis and its euphoric effects. A true stoner metal band. A fantastic addition to your weed song playlist. 

FFO: Black Sabbath, High on Fire, Electric Wizard

Reefer Sutherland — Bongripper

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Reefer Sutherland is the greatest band name ever. Period. To be honest, the name alone means you must add it to your weed song playlist. The track Bongripper, taken from the band’s 2007 album Hippie Killer, is a stoner metal sludge-fest, clocking in at over 16 minutes long. The guitar and rhythm section takes center stage, immediately pummeling you with layers of untamed distortion and high-hat crashes, later hitting you with unexpected melodic passages. There are no lyrics, but why should there be? It’s an instrumental illustration of a journey weed takes you on, so strap in, take a hit, and enjoy the ride. 

FFO: Sludgy, over-the-top stoner metal 

Acid Witch — Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown

Combining hints of stoner, death, and doom metal into their abrasive sound, Acid Witch is the ultimate band to add to your weed song playlist. The guitars are ferocious, the basslines are simple but powerfully captivating, and the lyrics border on comedic insanity, with passages that include “So fucking high, just let the stereo play/But only if it’s Lizzy Borden or Fastway” and “I’m rocks chosen warrior/ I’ve evoked the demon Sammi Curr”. Wild, unrelenting, and loads of fun to listen to when you’re high. When this song is over, give the entire Stoned album a listen during your smoke session. You won’t regret it. 

FFO: Reefer Sutherland, any stoner metal you can think of

Murphy’s Law — Quest for Herb

Seminal New York punk band Murphy’s Law is no stranger to weed, booze, and party anthems. They quickly became every cannabis and punk lover’s favorite band since 1986. Quest for Herb, taken from the band’s 1989 sophomore album Back with a Bong!, is a weed-inspired punk and thrash crossover monster made explicitly for every weed song playlist. Don’t believe us? Smoke a blunt and give it a try. Make sure you listen for the subtle inhale sound somewhere in the middle of the song. 

FFO: Anthrax, Cro-Mags

Six Feet Under — 4:20

Six Feet Under is for all the weed-loving death metal fans out there, and 4:20 is an essential celebratory anthem for our Holy 420 Weed Day. The song is lo-fi, unvarnished, and rough around the edges. While not the same caliber as Barney from Napalm Death or Karl Sanders from Nile, the vocals are hauntingly authentic and hypnotic, adding to the song’s overall charm. However, what makes the song stand out are the lyrics. They truly champion cannabis and its effects in the most poetic way possible, contrasting the abrasive, often uncomfortable instrumentals in the background. So, in the wise words of Six Feet Under singer Chris Barns, “sit back and hold your breath and just let nature take effect”. 

FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Nile

Gang Green — We’ll Give It to You

Gang Green’s We’ll Give It to You is a foot-stomping, face-smashing punk banger about weed, booze, partying, and adolescent angst, all delivered with snarling vocals, crushing riffs, and pounding drum beats. Lyrically, it’s simple and requires no brain power, which is exactly what your weed session needs. Don’t overlook this punk gem. Add it to your weed song playlist immediately. 

FFO: Sex Pistols, Wasted Youth, D.I. 

Nirvana — Moist Vagina

We all know Nirvana and Smells Like Teen Spirit, but did you know the band released other songs too? Jokes aside, Moist Vagina from their 1993 In Utero album is an underrated gem about weed that doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s simple, rough, and angsty, with late frontman Kurt Cobain repeatedly yelling “marijuana!” like a man who just lost his bag of weed in a crowd. Add it to your weed song playlist right now. While you’re at it, add the whole album. It’s superb and arguably their greatest release. 

FFO: Pixies, Alice in Chains, Hole

(Electronic and EDM)

Blunts & Blondes — Story of a Stoner

Blunts & Blondes—whose real name is Mike Guard—revolves his entire musical output around cannabis, blending mainstream electronic music with hip-hop, dub, pop, and R&B. His track Story of a Stoner, taken from his most recent 2022 album of the same name, dives deep into the dubstep side of his musical repertoire, featuring rumbling bass synths, simple piano licks, and R&B-style vocals. A great addition to your cannabis song playlist. Best placed somewhere in the middle when the THC really starts to hit. 

FFO: Nero, Skrillex

DJ Deekline — I Don’t Smoke 

DJ Deekline’s I Don’t Smoke is an underground UK garage classic that defined the 90s rave scene and got every London dancefloor commander grooving to its dirty rhythm. Undeniably funky, upbeat, and cannabis-inspired, you must add I Don’t Smoke to your weed playlist. If this tune doesn’t scratch the itch, check out King of the Bong O ft. Ed Solo, Light It Up ft. Aries & Zen Lewis, or Haze Impact. All three are certified weed playlist essentials.  

FFO: Benny Page, Stanton Warriors

Electric Medicine — Legalise It (Huckleberry & Mr Ellis Remix)

Huckleberry & Mr Ellis’ remix of Electric Medicine’s Legalise It is another iconic UK underground breakbeat/garage banger released in 2000, taking inspiration from draconian British weed laws and championing cannabis legalization across the country. What’s special about Legalise It is the blend of bright, soulful vocal melodies with bouncy bass synths, creating a warm, fuzzy sonic atmosphere. Spark a joint or take 10 mg of delta-8 and give it a spin. Thank us later. 

FFO: 90s breakbeat/garage

Adrian Sherwood & Pinch — Bring More Weed

Your weed playlist isn’t complete without Adrian Sherwood & Pinch’s smasher Bring More Weed released in 2012 on Boomkat Records. The tune is heavily dub-influenced, incorporating sporadic wobbly bass patterns, reggae-flavored key licks, and passionate but soothing rasta vocals exclaiming, “I like THC moving inside of me”. You can really dive into your thoughts and explore with the rhythm. Another Adrian Sherwood & Pinch recommendation is Wild Birds Sing, which takes you on a deeper, more introspective journey. A personal favorite of ours, especially after a long smoke session. 

FFO: Benga, Skream

Horsepower Productions — Reefer Max

Horsepower Production’s Reefer Max, released in 2018 through Ishio Dai’s Japanese label Effective96, follows the same dub vibes as Adrian Sherwood & Pinch’s Bring More Weed, but with more hypnotic, hallucinogenic elements. The rolling snare sounds are massive and perforate through the subtle but still noticeable vocals samples. These elements create a unique listening experience, especially when you’ve been smoking and the THC kicks in. We really recommend you add this song to your weed playlist. It’s a fantastic tune.

FFO: Digital Mystikz, Kode9

Flying Lotus — Electric Candyman ft. Thom Yorke

While not strictly about cannabis, Flying Lotus’ Electric Candyman ft. Thom Yorke is no doubt weed-inspired, as is his entire discography. Abstract. Hypnotic. Surreal. Mesmerizing. These four adjectives sum up Electric Candyman, with its complex synth patterns, disjointed beats, and calming vocals courtesy of Yorke himself. We won’t say any more about it. Just add it to your weed playlist and prepare for a journey. Once the song’s over, check out the entire Until The Quiet Comes album. It’s one of our personal favorites. 

FFO: Brainfeeder Records, TOKiMONSTA

Burial — Kindred

Burial’s Kindred is another song not strictly about or inspired by cannabis. Not that it really matters. It’s one of the best future garage/electronic songs ever created, one that mesmerizes and captivates from beginning to end, which isn’t a surprise. It has Burial’s signature atmospheric soundscapes all over it, mixing evocative and powerful vocal samples with deep bass and off-kilter drum patterns, creating an utterly unique experience every time. 

FFO: Four Tet, Kode 9

II Exodus II — Searching for Greens

Did you really think we’d exclude II Exodus II’s Searching for Greens from this list? Of course not! It’s a 90s jungle classic and forever will be. It has everything you need. Bludgeoning snare patterns, bouncing synths, reggae-esque keys, and haunting rasta vocals. No more needs to be said. Just put it in your weed playlist. Now. 

FFO: Goldie, DJ Fresh

So, now you have all the weed songs you need, why not fire them up with a fiery blunt with your friends? We recommend starting with hip-hop or electronic. The beats are perfect for a pre-smoke. Then, when you’re warmed up, give some of the rock and metal bangers a go!