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Houseplant cannabis products
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Houseplant fits the bill when it comes to accommodating cannabis users across the board. They reach out to novice users with their lower potency beverages and gel caps, while seasoned users are treated with high potency flower, pre-roll packs, and gel caps.

Unfortunately, they do not cater to those who consume CBD. Generally speaking, Houseplant sits on the middle to higher end of the cannabis quality shelf, while still keeping your wallet content. 

Houseplant also creates a safe and encouraging platform for advocacy. They aim themselves towards creating a more diverse and equitable cannabis industry by educating consumers on important topics such as the history of War on Drugs and racism within cannabis laws.

They also proudly support organizations such as Cannabis Amnesty, Cage-Free Cannabis, Black Lives Matter, and the Marijuana Policy Project. This type of activism and involvement is what separates Houseplant from the average brand. Declaring that cannabis is more than just purchasing it off the shelves, consumers are now supporting the industry on a deeper, more social level.

TL;DR – A forward thinking U.S./Canadian brand that shows heavy support for social advocacy. Good quality, affordable products with formats like flower, pre-rolls, soft gels, and beverages for various types of cannabis users.

Houseplant is viewed as more palatable when it comes to flower versus beverages. Their functionality and effectiveness are flawless across the board, but not so much for the sparkling water. In the flavor department, the only complaint would be the underwhelming and artificial ‘lemon’ taste. And because of their low potency, I wouldn’t recommend the beverages for pain, sleep, or anxiety. The sparkling water is recommended for novice users, while the pre-rolls are for intermediate and beyond. I also enjoyed Houseplant’s simple and creative packaging where the lines inside of the house logo on the sativa products are vertical for getting up and ready, and the indica products are horizontal for laying down or napping.
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What's Good
Overall Wellness
Easy to use
High Potency
Social Activism
What's Bad
No CBD products

Brand Details

Availability:CA, Canada (BC, ON, SK, NS, AB, NB, NL, YT, MB, N.W.T, P.E.I)
Where to Buy:Amuse
Strength:Mild – Strong
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Flower, Pre-Rolls, Beverages, Soft Gels
Cannabis Origin:Ontario, Canada

Editor’s Pick

  • The aromas and flavors of the Houseplant Indica 0.5g pre-rolls are present and on point, along with their intended effects. It will help those who are feeling a bit stressed or revved up from their day and need to be put in their place (a.k.a the couch).

Houseplant Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Water

This cannabis-infused lemon sparkling water is one out of two that Houseplant offers from its grapefruit counterpart. Be warned though – if you are an avid CBD consumer, their THC beverages probably won’t be up your alley.

With its mild THC dosage level, you can enjoy this beverage to help focus on your office tasks, or indulge in a few more with your friends around the campfire. Houseplant also gives leeway to users looking to save a couple of bucks, as these drinks can be purchased in packs of four at a lower cost. However, if you are a seasoned vet, you might wanna keep a few packs stocked in the fridge and $$ in the bank if you need more mg to catch that buzz!


Houseplant’s Lemon Sparkling water will work wonders if you are a novice cannabis user or the ultimate lightweight when it comes to milligram intake. Consuming an individual beverage will provide a mild sense of focus and uplift, but won’t provide full-fledged effects if you’re looking for an arse kick. As far as flavor goes, be prepared to taste an underwhelming hint of lemon with a light, acidic, carbonated finish. Its overall look and packaging is much different than the rest of the brand’s product types, which makes the color palette for this beverage look like the black sheep of the family.


  • Low Sugar/Calories
  • Easy to Use
  • No Distillate Flavor


  • Soy Allergens
  • Weak Overall Flavor
CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
CBD:<1 mg
Price: $5.95 CAD
Good for:Wellness, Stress, Socializing, Working, Outdoors
Effects:Calm, Happy, Focused
Taste:Lemon, Bitter

Houseplant Indica Pre-Rolls

Houseplant was true to their word when they said that their indica needed to look good, smell even better, and be strong enough to deliver after a hard day’s work. This 0.5 gram pre-roll tells its tale and is enjoyed best when you’re ready to hit the couch or looking to relax on the patio in the evening.

Its easy packaging and fair price is one you can’t ignore, but if you’re looking to use it on more than one occasion, opt in for the 5-pack or 3.5g/7g flower formats. You’ll be in your jammies and ready for bed in no time.


This classic indica pre-roll definitely takes the edge off after a hard day’s work. At first you may be thrown off by its short, stocky appearance – but don’t let that fool you! The potent half gram joint provided feelings of calm and relaxation and had me ready for lounge mode. My tastebuds were also delighted as it was packed with heavy floral notes and a nice citrus, peppery aftertaste. And to top it all off, a floaty body buzz was included! A perfect recipe for a good night’s rest if you ask me.


  • Flavor/Aromas
  • Quick Onset
  • Bed Time


  • Physical Size
  • Packed Too Tight
  • Price
CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
Price: $15.95 CAD
Good for:Sleep, Relaxation, Pain, Aches
Effects:Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy
Smell:Floral, Musky, Sweet
Taste:Lemon, Pepper

Houseplant Sativa Pre-Rolls

These pre-rolls who were birthed from the historical Chemdog strain have full intentions of perking you up and giving that much needed blast of energy you’ve been searching for today.

They would be paired well in the yoga studio or before hitting the dance floor on a Friday night. Its high potency and sativa-dominant properties will have your body energized and your mind buzzing and focused almost instantly. However, if you find yourself needing many pick-me-ups throughout the day, it might be wise to pick up the 5-pack instead.


At a solid 20% THC, these stubby, potent, and simple to spark joints pack a powerful cerebral punch that provide quick-to-act and long lasting effects. A must have if you are looking to feel motivated, focused, and ready to move, but should avoid if needing to mitigate stress or insomnia. And for taste, the combination notes of sugar and leaves will fill the back of your throat and will then leave a peppery flavor and tingling sensation in the nostrils thanks to our spicy friend caryophyllene.


  • Quick onset
  • Dancing/Yoga
  • Motivation


  • Aches
  • Price
CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
Price: $15.95 CAD
Good for:Motivation, Wellness, Movement, Errands
Effects:Energized, Creative, Focused, Inspired
Taste:Sweet, Leafy, Peppery