Top Women-Owned Cannabis Brands Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

The cannabis industry isn’t just for the stoner bros anymore. Check out these amazing 30 women-owned cannabis brands you can support.

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Popular female-owned cannabis brands
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It’s no secret that the cannabis industry simply isn’t as diverse as it should be. Statistically, around 90% of all cannabis businesses in the US are owned by white Americans, most of them men. So, where are the BIPOC, women, or LGBTQIA+ representation? We were wondering that, too.

That’s why, today, we’ve curated a list of the top women-owned cannabis brands you can support. Not only are these brands run by lovely ladies, but many of them embrace inclusion and diversity as also minority and BIPOC-ran companies. If you’re looking to diversify your cannabis experience and support those who are still fighting for a seat at the table, check out these amazing women-owned cannabis brands.

30 Best Women-Owned Cannabis Brands


Cannabis-infused edibles made by a woman-owned brand
Photo: LEUNE

LEUNE tops the list of our favorite women-owned cannabis brands for so many reasons. Not only does this company offer high-quality products with high-quality results, but they use their presence to help further the cannabis industry. LEUNE has partnered with amazing organizations such as The Last Prisoner Project, Broccoli Mag’s Floret anti-racism coalition, Eaze Momentum, and more. Their mission has and always will be dedicated to diversifying the cannabis industry one purchase at a time. 


Cannabis products from a female-owned brand

BIKO is another women-owned cannabis brand that deserves all the attention and support. Founder Timeka Drew was one of the 200 recipients of LA’s social equity storefront licenses in the state, and this has allowed her to open her cannabis business and dedicate her days to fighting cannabis injustices. Drew’s overall vision is to “use cannabis as a tool to drive social change,” and she does that through her luxury products and never-ending activism.  

Miss Grass 

Cannabis flower and pre-roll products by Miss Grass
Photo: Miss Grass

Miss Grass has a mission to help every person get the weed they need — no matter what background. This brand offers both amazing THC and CBD products of varying types, and they’re affiliated with some of the best cannabis organizations around, like LPP, Women’s Prison Association, and Trans Lifeline. 1% of every purchase made goes to communities in need that Miss Grass has selected; this means you can be extra-fulfilled in making a purchase. If you want some top-shelf pre-rolls and to know your money is going to good places, Miss Grass is the perfect cannabis brand to turn to.  

Kush Queen

Cannabis infused love potion from Kush Queen
Photo: Kush Queen

If you’ve been in the cannabis industry for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Kush Queen. Kush Queen became famous for their unique, infused bath bombs back in 2016, and they’ve been exploding in the world of CBD and THC ever since. Today, the brand does more than just infused beauty products (though those are still the best of the best) and they’ve added products like flower and pre-rolls to their extensive collection. Founder Olivia Alexander has strived to create products that are accessible to everyone, and she’s proven herself through the success of Kush Queen.  

Mello Daily

CBD infused suppositories for women
Photo: Mello Daily

Mello Daily is a women-owned cannabis brand created out of necessity for female health. Founder Boronia Fallshaw suffered from vulvodynia; not only did it make sex feel painful, but she was also left embarrassed. Thus, Fallshaw ended up creating both Mello Daily (her brand) and Mello Bottoms, a line of CBD suppositories designed to help women feel relief from the same female complications she did. Mello Daily offers an incredible selection of high-end CBD products both for the mind and body, and the detailed website tells you everything you need to know about the brand’s story, these unique products, and more.    

Mary’s Medicinals

Cannabis infused tincture created by female-owned business
Photo: Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is a women-owned cannabis brand that you can rely on every day for high-quality products and long-term results. This brand has been an industry leader for years because of its clean extraction methods, expert scientists, and incredible product selection. You can choose between transdermal, topical, consumable, or vapeable products depending on what most appeals to you, and each product is just as potent as the next. 


Women-founded cannabis brand Kikoko
Photo: Kikoko

Kikoko is one of those cannabis brands that make you feel right at home as soon as you log onto its website. Kikoko offers cute, detailed information about their “femme founders” and backgrounds, as well as offers resources regarding women and cannabis, cannabis sustainability, and more. The brand also sells incredibly unique products that you’ll fall in love with, such as honey shots, mints, and even herbal teas. Yum.  

Pure Beauty

Cannabis infused flower created by female-owned brand
Photo: Pure Beauty

The Pure Beauty website may be a bit difficult to navigate at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find that the Pure Beauty branding is eye-catching, sustainable, and equitable. Pure Beauty ensures that they don’t use any harmful additives or pesticides in their products, and even their packaging is as waste-free as possible. The company also actively addresses the social injustices within the cannabis sphere by donating portions of its proceeds to previously and currently incarcerated populations.   


Female-owned cannabis brand with organic flower
Photo: Juniper

Juniper is a women-owned cannabis company that places extreme emphasis on growing and sustainability. The brand is proud of the terroir in which they grow their plants in, working with family farmers to build an incredible community of growers in Southern Humboldt. Juniper offers small-batch, artisanal sun-grown cannabis flower in some of the most delicious strains you’ll come by. Without any trim and only using AAA flower, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste and potency of Juniper’s flower. 

THC Design 

Premium cannabis flower from a female-founded brand
Photo: THC Design

THC Design is an amazing women-owned cannabis brand that’s dedicated to becoming the first carbon-negative, indoor cannabis company. By relying on things like electric vehicles, renewable energy, and carbon offsets, THC Design works tirelessly to be leaders in sustainability within the cannabis community. And this positively reflects in their products, too: THC Design’s flower is top-shelf, pungent, and incredibly potent. Plus, you have dozens of strains to choose from. 

Kiva Confections

Live resin cannabis infused edible products
Photo: Kiva

Kiva Confections was created by a young couple who were actively looking for a better, more pleasant edible experience. Thanks to their incredible recipes, expert curators, and strict quality-control measures, Kiva Confections has now become the number one retailer of cannabis edibles. So, if you’re looking for a tasty treat that will also get you high, Kiva Confections is a brand you can support, no questions asked.  

Mad Lilly

Woman holding a cannabis infused beverage while reading a book
Photo: Mad Lilly

Cannabis-infused beverages? Yes, please. Mad Lilly is a canna-brand that sells infused tonics and spritzers that are both delicious and potent. The founder, Judy Yee, created Mad Lilly as a sort of play on the dichotomy of female representation and their complex natures. Mad Lilly embraces diversity and inclusion within their brand, supporting women and minorities both “in life and in cannabis.” 


Photo: Weekenders

The Weekenders cannabis brand is made up of sustainable practices and diverse leadership, making them one of our favorite female-owned cannabis brands. This brand’s team is made up of BIPOC and women, and they continuously place diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their brand. Not only that, but Weekender’s cannabis is some of the best grown in California state, as they “craft their own fertilizers from local sources, capture rainwater for irrigation, and always grow with the sun.” If you want to support a women-owned, nearly carbon-neutral cannabis brand, Weekenders is the one to shop from.  


Woman eating cannabis infused gummies for sleep
Photo: Dreamt

Ready to get a good night’s sleep? Dreamt cannabis is a California cannabis brand that focuses entirely on cannabinoid-based sleep products. This women-owned brand offers vape pens, tinctures, gummies, and even liquid shots depending on your personal preferences and how you want to fall asleep at night. Founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a cannabis scientist who suffered from chronic sleep complications, Dreamt is here to help you get the rest you need. 

Garden Society

Garden Society cannabis edibles
Photo: Garden Society

Just as classy as the name sounds, The Garden Society offers craft cannabis products that give off an air of luxury that you’ll love. This women-owned brand is all about providing responsible farming and sustainable practices to the cannabis industry, giving a “fresh perspective” on the plant. The Garden Society’s products are widespread and versatile with incredible flavors; you can choose between Wine Country gummies, cannabis-infused chocolates, or even rosette-infused pre-rolls.   

Proof Cannabis

Cannabis infused tincture made by Proof brand
Photo: Proof

Proof is a fully women-owned and operated cannabis brand with a mission towards spreading canna-wellness. In fact, Proof remains one of the few sole women-operated cannabis businesses in the California market, but they stay standing tall against the big boys. This cannabis brand offers high, low, and balanced-potency products depending on what you need most, creating a personalized cannabis experience unlike anything you’ve tried yet. 


Cannabis infused olive oil for cooking
Photo: Potli

Founded by a third-generation sauce and spice maker, Potli has quickly become one of the best women-owned cannabis brands on the market because of the product’s novelty, taste, and efficacy. You can purchase unique cannabis-infused jars of honey, as well as pantry goods like green tea pearls and hemp-infused olive oil. With Potli, you can take cooking to the next level, all while supporting an amazing women-owned business. 

Humboldt Apothecary

Women-founded cannabis product
Photo: Humboldt Apothecary

Humboldt Apothecary is a wonderful women-owned cannabis business that puts social equity and sustainability at the forefront of its values. This company actively donates to groups like the LPP, Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Humboldt Baykeeper, and more. With over 35 years of experience between the ladies behind this awesome canna-company, you can find everything you need and more from their online store. 

Cosmic View

Cosmic View cannabis infused topicals
Photo: Cosmic View

Cosmic View’s website is a little confusing at the start, but its ethos are clear: this women-owned cannabis brand is all about sustainability and ethical farming practices. Cosmic View embraces something called “regenerative farming,” which essentially means that all components used to farm their cannabis comes from the earth itself, “giving more than what is taken away,” as their website states. You can buy tinctures, edibles, menstrual balms, and more.  

Dr. Norm’s Wellness

Woman eating cannabis infused crispy rice bar
Photo: Dr. Norm’s

Dr. Norm’s Wellness was born from a brother-sister duo who wanted to honor their parent’s legacy. Their father was a Los Angeles M.D., while their mother was a prolific baker. Together, they combined their parents’ strengths and created a brand that combined pain relief and relaxation with mouth-watering baked goods. Dr. Norm’s Wellness offers award-winning edibles such as cookies, brownies, and crispy rice bars depending on what you’re craving.  

Muri Lelu

Cannabis infused face oil for women
Photo: Muri Lelu

Muri Lelu is a cannabis brand made for women, by women. This luxury company aims to create a higher standard for skincare by infusing its products with high-quality cannabis extracts and other organic ingredients. The women behind Muri Lelu are all first-generation Americans, coming from Belize, Egypt, and France. Together, this group of hardworking ladies has curated some of the most luxurious, high-end cannabis skin care products on the market today.   


Woman relaxing after smoking cannabis flower
Photo: Paradiso

Right off the bat, Paradiso’s website will make you feel like you’re in cannabis paradise. This partially-women-owned marijuana brand offers hand-trimmed, skillfully cured cannabis that tastes, smells, and smokes beautifully. On their website, you can read all about the farm that they get their flower from, giving you an inside look into their operations, quality, and purity standards.   

Punch Edibles

Woman eating cannabis chocolate edible
Photo: Punch Edibles

While they don’t talk much about their female founders on their website, Punch Edible’s products speak for themselves. This cannabis brand is all about providing high-quality infused treats that are sure to pack a punch. You can find unique products like infused malt balls, fruit snacks, gummies, chocolates, and more, as well as non-edible products like vapes and extracts. 

Sisters of the Valley

Sisters of the Valley CBD product
Photo: Sisters of the Valley

Sisters of the Valley provides one of the most unique takes on cannabis health and wellness that we’ve seen yet. This company is run by nuns; not Catholic nuns, but cannabis nuns. These women have dedicated their lives to understanding the medicinal potential behind the cannabis plant, and they’ve crafted organic products to reflect just that. Sisters of the Valley is composed entirely of women from all over the world, helping to spread diversity and break the stigma around cannabis in so many different ways. 

Bird Valley Organics

Organic cannabis tincture from a woman-owned business
Photo: Bird Valley Organics

Bird Valley Organics is another partly-woman-owned cannabis brand that practices regenerative farming. This brand uses an ancient German farming technique called Hügelkultur to farm their plants; this technique refers to regenerative farming practices that allow the earth to benefit from the cultivation process itself.  

Yummi Karma

Delicious cannabis tincture drops
Photo: Yummi Karma

Just as their name states, Yummi Karma’s cannabis products are, well, very yummy. This women-owned brand focuses on selling YK Drops, or tinctures that come in some of the most unique, mouth-watering flavors you’ve ever tasted. Whether you’re interested in trying Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Rasberry, Root Beer, or Cotton Candy, Yummi Karma has the perfectly tasty cannabis tincture for you.   


Cannabis infused flower and pre-rolls
Photo: Perfect

The Perfect cannabis brand doesn’t give much insight into their founders, other than a statement from their male co-founder. However, the brand itself is high-quality and offers a great line of cannabis products that you can trust. Whether you’re looking for flower or pre-rolls, they have pungent choices for you to choose from; and, if you’re in the right area, you can have the products delivered. 

Her Highness

Premium cannabis products for women
Photo: Her Highness

Already gaining a strong reputation for their extra cheeky accessories, Her Highness does not disappoint with their alluring, luxe cannabis options. They offer anything from prerolls and vapes to facial masks and “high heel” foot pads, allowing for consumers to experience cannabis both for body and mind. Their mission? To provide the best quality herb with women in mind — because we so deserve it. We say, bravo Allison and Laura.

Hello Again

Cannabis infused suppositories product for women
Photo: Hello Again

The future of women’s wellness has arrived. Hello Again is a cannabis company that hits all the spots when it comes to providing “down there care”. Coming from very humble beginnings, the founding duo Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas used their own physical challenges as inspiration to offer natural solutions so others can be (and feel like) their best woman. This brand is totally what the industry has been missing.

Green Bee Botanicals

Cannabis infused topical products made by women
Photo: @sonomahillsfarm

Green Bee Botanicals is a THC skincare company run by women that are taking the world of cannabis topicals by storm. Owned and operated by childhood friends Bridget May and Kim Howard, Green Bee Botanicals is a skincare company that focuses on utilizing THC (and other cannabinoids) to create the best, healthiest results. The brand has won two Emerald Cups as well as four international clean beauty awards, making Green Bee Botanicals an inspiration for most up-and-coming cannabis topical brands. Coming in high-quality packaging with luxurious ingredients, this accessible and affordable brand is a wonderful one to shop from when you want to give your skin some THC — I mean, TLC.

Supporting Women-Owned Cannabis Brands

Olivia Alexander smoking Kush Queen cannabis product
Photo: Kush Queen

When it comes to buying cannabis, we all know you have a lot of options to choose from. But, why not take the time to support the brands that have had to fight harder than others to get to where they’re at? The brands on this list not only offer amazing (and amazingly potent) products, but they come from ladies with desires to make the cannabis community a better, more diverse place. You, too, can be a part of that change by supporting any one of these badass, women-owned canna-brands. 

Are you a women-owned cannabis brand that didn’t make this list? Feel free to reach out to us here at CBD Oracle and we’ll be happy to consider including your canna-company.

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Editor’s note: This list was originally published on September 27, 2022 and it was last updated on December 16, 2022 to include three additional brands.