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Dr. Norms cannabis edibles
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Dr. Norms was created by a brother and sister team in 2012, if you’ve seen a picture of a kind concerned looking doctor on the front of the edible package – that’s their dad, ‘Dr. Norm’. Both of their parents were health care professionals which inspired the business and their well-known cookies are a family recipe.

They have many hemp-derived CBD products (available at drnormscbd.com) great for people who are wary of THC or feeling high but would benefit from CBD, as well as products high in THC for cannabis users with a higher tolerance.

Dr. Norms cannabis cookies and brownies with THC
Dr. Norms fruity crispy rice bar, chocolate chip cookies, and fudge brownie. Each package has 100mg THC with ten servings and costs $14 before tax. Photo: Nicole Coulon/Oracle

All of Dr. Norms products are reasonably priced and offer variety for all types of consumers – vegans, sativa lovers, indica users, just CBD, just THC, and blended with both.

I love that Dr. Norms didn’t hop on the gummy bandwagon and stuck to what they know and do best. Their new products are still exciting, like a red velvet cookie and a fruity rice crispy treat, plus the execution is very well done. There’s never an unpleasant after-taste or even a hint of the plant. Most Dr. Norms products had the same onset and duration, very consistent and delectable edibles.
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What's Good
Taste, texture
Long lasting effects
Affordable variety
What's Bad
Not quick acting
Lack luster packaging
Dr. Norms

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Eaze, Emjay
Strength:Medium – Strong
CBD:THC Ratios:0:1, 1:1, 4:2
Extraction Method:Distillate
Product Types:Cannabis Edibles, CBD Products
Cannabis Origin:USA
Similar Brands:TKO Edibles, Dr. Raw Organics

Editor’s Pick

  • The Dr. Norms Fruity Crispy Rice Bar surprised me most with how delicious each bite was. The high was very similar to the chocolate fudge brownie which after ten seconds in the microwave is so warm and rich (no taste complaints here). The calm, clear mind I got from the 1:1 cookie was most helpful throughout the day while I enjoyed the higher potency treats for relaxation in the evening.

Dr. Norms Chocolate Fudge Brownie

A brownie seems like a staple when thinking back on medicated edibles but in the dispensaries nowadays there are not many competitors when it comes to this classic indulgence. Dr. Norms’ version is dense, chocolatey and chewy with a grainy fudge texture not to mention it’s vegan and low sugar. 

This brownie has a very homemade look and feel, and includes a guided portion card in the package to help perfect your serving size. This would be a great edible to use before a creative project or activity and at $14 for 100mg this brownie is a bargain. The effects took about an hour to kick in and lasted for two.


This chocolate fudge brownie is best when warmed up and can be paired with ice cream if you’re looking to make a full dessert out of it. Although the brown packaging is not terribly exciting on the outside, the flavor on the inside makes up for that. With zero weed taste, I thoroughly enjoyed this rich crumbly fudge brownie, and the high was just as agreeable. After slicing and consuming a 20mg piece the high lasted well over 2 hours, ranging from body feels and relaxation to a positive creative mindset. It had a euphoric effect, kept me in good spirits, with long-lasting relaxation.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Price: $14 ($1.40/dose)
Good for:Creative activity, relaxation, mood booster
Not good for:Low tolerance users, precise dosing
Effects:Euphoric, dry mouth
Taste:Rich chocolate, grainy chewy fudge

Dr. Norms Original Chocolate Chip Cookies (1:1)

Dr. Norms 1:1 cookie is the best of both worlds, you get the classic cookie recipe, plus medicinal and recreational benefits, it’s everything Dr. Norms does well wrapped up in one product. An uplifting calm mind can be expected an hour after consumption.

This is a great edible to devour alongside a cup of coffee during a productive day, with effects lasting 90 minutes. It’s not too overwhelming or long-lasting making it easier to regulate. Other 1:1 products on the market like tinctures or beverages would give you these full-spectrum benefits around 30 minutes quicker but you don’t get the delicious chocolate aftertaste.


Almost an hour after eating this crumbly yet chewy cookie a wave of calm came over my mind, I started to feel uplifted with a clear and focused awareness. These cookies have the perfect amount of chocolate chips, lasting flavor, and no taste of cannabis. The clear, calm, elevated feeling began in one hour and lasted around 90 minutes. For daily use, eating multiple cookies every day may feel like a bit much, but they’re great to add into the mix at a reasonable price.

CBD:THC Ratio:1:1
CBD:100mg (10mg/dose)
THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Price: $14 ($1.40/dose)
Good for:Calm, clear mind, focus
Not good for:Strict diet
Effects:Uplifted, relief from body aches
Taste:Chocolate, chewy with a slight crunch

Dr. Norms Fruity Crispy Rice Bar

Very fresh-looking packaging from Dr. Norms with their Fruity Crispy Rice Bar. So colorful inside and out making it as fun to eat as it is scrumptious. Like all of their products, this has no taste of cannabis plus a great consistency – this is a top-notch rice crispy treat.

This was a gradual Indica dominant feeling that started building after an hour and lasted twice as long. TKO also makes rice crispy treats almost as flavorsome for a similar price but Dr. Norms version is better for higher tolerance users plus has a fresher taste.


There’s an ideal amount of marshmallow holding this multi-colored chewy goodness in place, it’s fruity from the cereal and fresh tasting. It took over an hour to feel body relaxation and a bit sedated with dry eyes. After 2 hours it felt like I had just smoked an Indica joint, it was uplifting and long lasting. I would recommend for consumers with a higher tolerance, a bit tricky to dose out perfectly.

CBD:THC Ratio:0:1
THC:100mg (10mg/dose)
Price: $14 ($1.40/dose)
Good for:Rest, pain relief, appetite
Not good for:Starting a busy day, beginners
Effects:Uplifting mood, sedative body feels
Taste:Great fruity sweet flavor and gooey texture