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Sisters of the Valley CBD oil and topicals
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Sisters of the Valley is easily one of the most unique CBD brands I’ve ever come across — and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Just as their name suggests, this CBD company is run by a Sisterhood of nuns who have dedicated their lives to understanding cannabis science. Each one of the Sisters behind Sisters of the Valley has their own incredible experiences with hemp or marijuana, making them a trustworthy source to craft products of their own. 

Speaking of products, while their packaging might look a little rudimentary, the CBD blend itself is potent, efficacious, and actually kind of pleasant to consume.

They offer oils, salves, tinctures, teas, and CBD bundles, depending on what kind of product you need most. Sisters of the Valley has different strength options per product, but their prices fall slightly above the market average.

Unfortunately, neither their products nor website states what kind of extract they use, but it’s clear they utilize full-spectrum when looking at their third-party lab-test results. This, paired with the non-industrial hemp that they use, creates a super potent product. All in all, I found it worth it to support this women-owned, women-ran business.

Hailing from Central Valley, California, the Sisters of the Valley CBD brand is made with care, quality, and a whole lot of love. The Sisterhood could improve their packaging (or, at the very least, updated), but the products inside worked well — and fast, too. The oils had a strong hemp flavor, but their blood-orange essential oils balanced out the tastes beautifully. I experienced full-body effects rapidly, likely due to their full-spectrum blend and celebration of the entourage effect.
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What's Good
Great product variety
Uses both industrial and non-industrial hemp
Full-spectrum blends
Pleasant natural flavors
What's Bad
Slightly pricey products
Outdated packaging
Sisters of the Valley

Technical Details

CBD Strength:60-500mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Topicals, Capsules, Tea
Hemp Origin:California
Similar Brands:Mary’s Nutritionals, Joy Organics, Kush Queen

Editor’s Pick

  • If you offer me a CBD tea, you bet I’m going to try it. Sisters of the Valley’s CBD tea blend was easily one of the rawest, natural CBD teas I’ve had yet. The flavors were incredibly herbaceous, making me genuinely appreciate the plant substance inside. Interestingly enough, this tea comes just as the blend itself, and it’s up to you to add it to a tea bag, into the tea, or even within foods if you want. While this tea only contained about 5mg of CBD, its full-spectrum blend still had me feeling happy and pumped for the rest of my day.

Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil

Sisters of the Valley CBD infused oil

This small, compact CBD oil packs a bigger punch than you’d think. Sisters of the Valley crafts their 0.5 oz CBD Infused Oil with 130mg of full-spectrum CBD to provide potent, quick results. The Sisters make this oil using a nice blend of coconut oil, CBD, and blood orange extract to create pleasant herbal, floral flavors in the mouth.

However, if you’re not a fan of hemp, you may find these flavors a bit too overwhelming. Within about 15 minutes, I could feel this gentle dose start to work on my sore muscles; though, I did take an extra dose to get the relief I needed. (It’s a small dosage for those with high tolerances — and it’s pretty pricey, too.)

CBD oil extract


Great for those who are on the go or who are just getting started in the world of CBD, the Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil at 130mg is ideal. This oil is only 0.5 oz. and its packaging isn’t quite up to par with other brands. However, the actual CBD formula is potent, fast-acting, and targets the full-body — so, really, what more could you want? (Besides maybe a lower price point.)


  • Effects felt: Calm, comfortable, pain relief
  • Good for: Reducing muscle pain, alleviating anxiety


  • CBD: 130mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $26.90 ($0.20/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

Sisters of the Valley CBD Salve

Sisters of the Valley CBD salve product

The Sisters of the Valley CBD Topical Salve in the original lavender scent feels quite rustic. But maybe that’s also why it works so well? The ingredients in this salve are straightforward yet clever, creating an easily blendable formula that absorbs nicely into the skin.

I turned to this topical, and its 50mg of CBD for some help with sore muscles, but the website states you can use it for much more. (I wonder what that entails?) I noticed the cannabinoids get to work almost immediately, but the blend was milder than my body required. For those newer to the CBD world, this product could be perfect for aching muscles and joints.

CBD topical salve


Easily blendable with no residual residue, the Sisters’ CBD Topical Salve smells pleasant, applies nicely, and works quickly. At only 50mg total, this may not be enough for deep-seated pains or more experienced consumers, but the full-spectrum still provided me with gentle support. I enjoyed the floral aroma that the salve produced, as it wasn’t too overwhelming nor too subtle. If the balm was more potent overall, I wouldn’t mind using it on my sore muscles daily.


  • Effects felt: Reduced muscle pain and soreness
  • Good for: Reducing pain


  • CBD: 50mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $10.75 ($0.21/mg)
  • Lab report: COA

Sisters of the Valley CBD Stick Tincture

Sisters of the Valley CBD Stick tincture

Right off the bat, Sisters of the Valley warns you that this CBD Stick Tincture is bitter. And they couldn’t be more correct. They explain that they utilize an alcohol base for this tincture, which creates a more bitter taste but also helps it act a bit faster when on the tongue. So, if you can manage a bit of bitterness, then this CBD tincture is 100% worth it.

This tincture contains over 150mg of CBD, making it ideal for those newer to the world of CBD. However, even with my super-high tolerance, I found a good deal of relief from this tincture — both in my mind and body. After doubling the dosage, I was all set for the rest of the day. (Unfortunately, the bitter taste seemed to linger throughout my day, too.)

CBD tincture extract


The CBD Stick Tincture is packaged somewhat dull, but the product inside is quite effective. Upon opening, you’ll pick up on the bitter alcohol-like smell mixed with a bit of hemp — not the most appealing, I will say. Although once I mustered through a double dosage, my muscles relaxed, my mind was clear, and I felt myself totally decompressing within about 20 minutes.


  • Effects felt: Reduced stress, reduced pain, comfortable
  • Good for: Mind and body relaxation, pain relief, anxiety relief


  • CBD: 150mg
  • THC: <0.3%
  • Extract type: Full-Spectrum
  • Price: $23.65 ($0.16/mg)
  • Lab report: COA