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Mello CBD review
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Mello Daily CBD products work as beautifully as they look. With a unique range of products, this is a CBD company that wants to help you chill. Each one contains mild doses of full-spectrum CBD, making Mello’s CBD menu a definite must to explore.

Though they have your typical tinctures and edibles, Mello has also branched out into the world of CBD vaporizers and suppositories, too. From end to end, there’s something for everyone.

Each one of their products only comes in one strength option, so you may find yourself doing a bit of dosing adjustment if necessary. But, let’s face it, we’ve all done this with our CBD products anyway. Priced reasonably and with products displaying significantly higher bioavailability levels than you’re probably used to seeing, it’s clear that Mello has got it figured out.

Coming in high-quality, classy packaging (with the exception of their Mello Mind tincture), this small collection of products will give you the dose of chill you’re looking for. Not only do these products look good, but they’re totally meant for the taste buds, too. By utilizing water-soluble cannabinoids for peak effectivity, mellowing out does not prove difficult for this CBD brand. Do keep in mind that their website offers various products that are not owned by Mello; they themselves only sell oils, edibles, and suppositories. Nonetheless, these products are perfect for microdosing your CBD, no matter where or when.
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What's Good
Promoting relaxation
Lifts mood
Subtle cannabis flavors
Easy dozing
What's Bad
Small product variety
Confusing website content
Mello Daily

Technical Details

CBD Strength:100-1200mg
THC Content:<0.3%
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method:CO2
Product Types:Oils, Edibles, Suppositories, Topicals
Hemp Origin:Colorado

Editor’s Picks

  • You’ll fall in love with Mello’s sea-salt CBD caramels just as quickly as we did the moment it touches your tongue. With delectable flavors and the perfect amount of full-spectrum CBD, there’s really no better way to get your daily dose. 
  • Mello’s water-soluble CBD oil is one of the best formulas crafted to give your body potent doses of cannabinoids every time you use it. With much higher bioavailability than your typical tincture, the benefits can speak for themselves.

Mello Mind Water-Soluble CBD

Mello Mind CBD Oil

Potency has arrived. Mello Mind Water-Soluble CBD tincture is jam-packed with powerful, water-soluble cannabinoids that absorb into your bloodstream almost effortlessly. This tincture is sourced from stony Colorado and contains a whopping 1200mg of CBD per bottle.

You have the choice of placing it right under your tongue, but this particular tincture also goes perfectly within dry and wet foods of your choice. Made with only two ingredients–full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil–naturality and potency are the names of the game with this one.

Mello Mind Tincture

Product Summary

If you’re looking for a CBD oil you can rely on every time for potent doses, this is the one. With its water-soluble CBD formula and impressive 1200mg dose of full-spectrum CBD, you’ll be feeling mellowed out in no time. However, if the 40mg dose isn’t effective enough for you, or if you’re not a fan of the all-natural flavor, you’re out of luck: there aren’t any other taste or strength options available.


  • Helps reduce anxiety
  • Relieve pain
  • Promote calmness
  • In food or drink
  • Water-soluble formula


  • No variety
CBD:1200mg (40mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $75 ($0.06/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Stress, #Relaxing, #Wellness
Effects Felt:Calm
Taste:Herby, peppery

Mello Sea-Salted CBD Caramels

Mello CBD Edible

These are not your grandma’s everyday caramels. In fact, they’re about a hundred times better. Each one of these sea-salt CBD caramels contains 15mg of full-spectrum CBD per individually wrapped candy, giving you an ideal dose to get you through the day (or night). It is literally the perfect sweet and salty way to enjoy your CBD and get your daily dose of Mello.

In the case that just one of the tasty treats isn’t enough, double-up on your dose and go from there. With only one strength available, you’ll have to do a bit of at-home adjusting if their current dose isn’t what’s best for you.

CBD Caramels

Product Summary

Mello’s sea-salt caramels may not be the best for your teeth, but your body is sure to love the effects they provide. One of these sweet ‘n salty snacks containenough full-spectrum CBD to help lift your mood, reduce pain, and promote all-over chill. Be patient with these little guys, as it’ll take at least an hour to experience their onset effects. Once you do, though, they’ll quickly become your fav candy-dish treat — but don’t leave them out for just anybody.


  • Promoting relaxation and calm
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Sweet and salty taste
  • Hidden cannabis flavors


  • One strength option
  • Tough to chew
CBD:300mg (15mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $50 ($0.17/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Stress, #Relaxing, #Wellness
Effects Felt:Relief, Calm
Smell:Sweet, salty
Taste:Caramel, sea salt

Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories

Mello CBD Suppositories

We know, we know, a CBD what? Trust us on this one: Mello’s CBD suppositories are some of the best ways to experience concentrated, extremely powerful pain relief and comfort in even the most sensitive areas. At first glance, applying CBD down there may sound a bit funny, but for intimacy (and other less sexy conditions), this product is sure to be transformative.

Each suppository is infused with 75mg of full-spectrum CBD that can be inserted either anally or vaginally depending on your intended use. Break out of your comfort zone just a bit, and experience relief in places you’d never expect. Literally.

Mello CBD Suppositories review

Product Summary

Ideal for combatting lower body discomfort in every which way, Mello’s CBD suppositories can provide total relaxation in a way that your typical tincture never could. When directly inserted into your most intimate areas, CBD has significantly greater bioavailability, making absorption rates better and potency even higher. Though slightly unconventional, with CBD being as soothing as it is, there’s absolutely no reason to be intimidated by these cannabinoid-rich cones.


  • Total relaxation
  • Intimacy
  • Lower body discomfort
  • Insulin function


  • Only 5 per pack
CBD:375mg (75mg/dose)
Extract Type:Full-Spectrum
Price: $60 ($0.16/mg)
Lab Report:COA
Good For:#Pain, #Relaxing
Effects Felt:Relaxed, Relief