Best THC-O Disposable Vape Pens for Full, Potent Hits

After serious consideration and rigorous analysis, we’ve come up with the eight best THC-O vape pens for full, potent hits.

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The best THC-O vape is going to be one that provides you with full, potent hits that have distinct, tasty flavor profiles. But, these high-quality vapes may be a bit harder to come by than you realize. As THC-O Acetate and THC-O products continue to gain popularity, more and more brands are trying their hands at THC-O disposable vapes. Unfortunately, some of them just aren’t worth your time, money, or lung power. That’s where we come in.

Our team has taken the time to analyze some of the top-rated THC-O disposable vape pens on the market to see which ones are worth trying and which ones you should avoid. After tons of analysis and a whole lot of research, we’ve come up with a list of eight brands that offer incredible THC-O vape pens — including our favorite, Binoid. Let’s start with them.

We analyzed 32 THC-O vape pen brands and tested the most popular options, ranging from $24 to $58, to find the cleanest and strongest options. (See how we test.)

8 Best THC-O Vape Pens

After rigorous testing, we’ve selected our top picks for the best THC-O disposable vape pens on the market right now:

Best Overall:Binoid$33.99
Strongest Effects:Galaxy Treats$35.99
Best 2-Gram Disposable:Urb$36
Best for Relaxation:3Chi$34.99
Most Energetic Effects:TRĒ House$39.99
Best Function:TerraVita$42.99
Best Value:Delta Extrax$29.99
Biggest Strain Collection:Alibi$55.99

Best Overall: Binoid

Whether it’s the ingredients, pure extraction processes, or potent results, Binoid is one of those cannabinoid brands you can always rely on.

High quality THC-O vape pen with strong effects for relaxing
Photo: Binoid

Available for $33.99 from Binoid

Binoid knows a thing or two about the world of cannabinoids — and it shows within their THC-O disposables. These disposables only come in two strains, but the strains themselves offer potent, distinct effects that can last for hours. You can choose between the classic GSC strain for stimulating, giggly effects, or Berry Gelato for something more relaxing and great for reducing stress. As a whole, the vape itself is made incredibly well, and you don’t have to worry about it clogging, overheating, or even breaking before you’ve finished it. If you want a disposable vape pen you can rely on from a brand you know you can trust, Binoid is that company.

Lab Reports

Binoid’s THC-O vapes are tested for potency and contaminants. You can read the potency results and safety tests on their website.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 920mg
  • Terpenes: 8%
  • Total: 920mg per pen

Strongest Effects: Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats’ disposable THC-O vapes have some of the highest potency formulas we’ve seen, making them best for those looking to take their THC experience to the next level.

Strongest THC-O vape pen product for a potent high
Photo: Galaxy Treats

Available for $35.99 from Galaxy Treats

You’ll quickly fall in love with the mouth-watering flavors and potent formula inside Galaxy Treats’ THC-O disposables. This brand offers some of the highest-quality THC-O vape pens on the market, and with the best flavors imaginable. Customers can choose between Gravity Melon, Orbital Peach, Pineapple Eclipse, and Solar Strawnana. Each one of these strains tastes just as its name suggests, offering incredibly juicy, fruity flavors in every hit you take. However, be aware: these pens are potent, so you don’t want to be puffing on them like you would your regular vape — no matter how delicious they may be.

Lab Reports

Galaxy Treats has a comprehensive lab report for each of their THC-O vapes that tests for impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. You can read them here.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 30mg
  • Δ9-THC-O: 400mg
  • Δ8-THC: 1,400mg
  • CBD: 20mg
  • Total: 1,850mg per pen

Best Two-Gram Disposable: Urb

Keep your disposable THC-O vape pen longer with Urb’s high-potency two-gram vape pen.

THCO vape pen infused with delta-8 THC live resin
Photo: Urb

Available for $36 from Lifted Made

There’s nothing more disappointing than realizing you’ve run out of your favorite disposable vape. Thankfully, with Urb’s two-gram disposables, you get to hold on to your vape for twice as long. This disposable pen comes with two grams of live resin extract, delta-8 THC, THCO, and terpenes. Together, you’ve got the recipe for a super-potent, ultra-tasty vape pen that you can puff on for quite some time. And, at only $36, it’s like you’re only paying for one gram, anyway.

Urb offers six different delicious strains for you to choose from, each one offering unique effects depending on their composition.

Lab Reports

Urb’s COAs are comprehensive and test for impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. You can read the potency results and the full-panel safety tests on their website.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 250mg
  • Δ8-THC: 1,400mg
  • CBD: 50mg
  • CBG: 10mg
  • Total: 1,710mg per pen

Best for Relaxation: 3Chi

Looking to chill out a bit? (Or maybe a lot?) Then 3Chi’s THC-O disposables are the perfect choice for you at the end of a long day.

Premium quality THC-O vape pen with delta-8 THC
Photo: 3Chi

Available for $34.99 from 3Chi

3Chi’s disposable THC-O vapes are ideal for relaxing those muscles, calming the brain, and helping you feel a whole lot more chill — no matter how crazy your day was. 3Chi only offers their strains in two options — Blue Dream or Melonatta — but they’re both high-potency and very tasty. At 95% THC-O oil and 5% terpenes, 3Chi offers some of the hardest-hitting THC-O formulas on this list. So, be prepared to sink into the couch and feel extra decompressed after a few puffs from these pens.

Read our full 3Chi review

Lab Reports

3Chi’s COAs are comprehensive and test for impurities such as heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents. You can read them here.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 775mg
  • Δ9-THC-O: 17mg
  • Δ8-THC: 106mg
  • CBT: 8mg
  • Terpenes: 5%
  • Total: 906mg per pen

Most Energetic Effects: TRĒ House

From the packaging to the potency, flavors, and effects, it’s hard to find a THC-O disposable vape that’s better than TRĒ House’s.

Disposable vape pen infused with THCO, Delta-8, and Delta-10 THC
Photo: TRĒ House

Available for $39.99 from TRĒ House

From the moment you lay your eyes on TRĒ House’s disposable THC-O vape pen, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. The packaging of these vapes is so eye-catching, and they accurately demonstrate the unique flavor and aroma profiles that the strains emit. TRĒ House’s vapes themselves are well-made and offer a whopping two grams of D8, D9, D10, and THCO extract. Altogether, you’ll be amazed by the potency of this vape: each vape pen produces high-potency effects that are ideal for the most experienced consumers. At $39.99, this is one THC-O vape that every cannabinoid lover has to try.

Lab Reports

TRĒ House’s THC-O vape pens are lab tested for potency but not contaminants such as pesticides and residual solvents. You can read the results here.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 60mg
  • Δ8-THC: 1,250mg
  • Δ9-THC: 5mg
  • Δ10-THC: 500mg
  • Total: 1,815mg per pen

Best Functionality: TerraVita

Whether it’s the first hit or the very last, TerraVita’s THC-O disposables will always work flawlessly, just as they’re designed.

Vape pen infused with Delta-8 THC-O Acetate extract
Photo: TerraVita

Available for $42.99 from TerraVita

Let’s be honest: some vape pens just aren’t made with the same care and quality as others. Even though these pens are disposable, TerraVita’s THC-O vapes are some of the highest-quality, best-functioning vapes on the market. With these disposables, there’s no worry of overheating or clogging, and the vapes feel hefty in the hand. You can get full, clear flavors hit after hit, even as the extract begins to run out. On top of that, these tasty disposables are pretty potent, offering super-relaxing yet giggly effects from every puff you take.

You can choose between the hybrid Pineapple Jack strain, the indica Blueberry Kush, or the sativa Strawberry Crack option depending on what your taste buds crave most.

Lab Reports

TerraVita has all of its lab-test results available on its website. However, these lab results don’t test for any impurities like heavy metals or residual solvents.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 416mg
  • Δ9-THC-O: 18mg
  • Δ8-THC: 445mg
  • Total: 879mg per pen

Best for the Budget: Delta Extrax

If you’re looking to save money but not sacrifice quality, then Delta Extrax’s THC-O disposables are the ones for you.

Delta-8 vape pen infused with THCO acetate
Photo: Delta Extrax

Available for $29.99 from Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax offers its top-shelf disposable THC-O vape pens at the super-affordable price of just $29.99. And, if you want even more of a discount, you can subscribe to their services and get your vape pen every two or four weeks for just $25.49, instead. But, don’t let the low prices fool you: Delta Extrax vapes still taste great and offer potent effects. However, the effects of these vapes are about the same no matter the strain — you’re going to feel relaxed from head to toe and oh-so-blissful.

Lab Reports

Delta Extrax has its lab test results available for viewing here. Unfortunately, they don’t have the test results for impurities.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 698mg
  • Δ8-THC: 648mg
  • Total: 1,346mg per pen

Biggest Strain Collection: Alibi

Alibi’s disposable THC-O vapes offer a bounty of strains with some of the strongest effects we’ve seen, making them ideal for experienced users. 

Disposable vape pen infused with THC-O acetate distillate and terpenes
Photo: Alibi

Available for $55.99 from Diamond CBD

While some THC-O brands add delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and maybe even delta-10 THC to their THC-O formula, Diamond CBD’s Alibi goes way beyond that. They not only have disposable cartridges with THC-O Acetate but you can also try their delta-8 and delta-10 blends, depending on your personal preferences. Regardless of the one you choose, from Strawberry Napalm and Gelato to Blue Dream and Grand Daddy Pluto, they taste delicious and provide hard-hitting, quick, and long-lasting effects. But, be prepared to spend a pretty penny on these vapes: they’re the most expensive ones on our list (but given the huge strain menu, rightfully so).

Lab Reports

Unfortunately, Diamond CBD’s lab reports are noncomprehensive, difficult to read, and outdated. You can read the results here.

Cannabinoid Profile

  • Δ8-THC-O: 1600mg
  • Total: 1600mg per pen

How We Tested the THC-O Vape Pens

Quality testing variety of THC-O vape pen products from popular brands
We extensively tested the most popular THC-O vape pens on the market to determine the safest and strongest options available for purchase online. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

Coming up with our list of just eight high-quality disposable THC-O vape pens wasn’t easy. After all, there are dozens upon dozens on the market for customers to choose from. But, in order for us to determine which vapes are worth spending your hard-earned money on, these brands had to exceed our strict criteria.

When picking the list of the top THC-O disposables, we asked ourselves the following questions: 

  • Functionality: On a scale of 1-10, how well do the vapes work? Do they clog or overheat easily? Can you recharge them? Do they feel hefty or do they feel cheap when using them?
  • Potency: On a scale of 1-10, how potent are these vape pens? Are the effects strong, or are they only mildly present? How long did the effects take to kick in, and how long did they last for? Were the effects as strong as advertised?
  • Flavor: On a scale of 1-10, how tasty are these disposable vapes? Do they have distinct flavor profiles? Or, do all the strains taste the same? Do customers enjoy puffing on them?
  • Quality: On a scale of 1-10, how trustworthy is the brand that created the vape pens? Did they provide copies of their third-party lab-test results on the website? Did they test for impurities such as heavy metals and residual solvents? Is their extraction information and ingredients easily available? What do the customer reviews have to say? 
Testing the quality of a THCO disposable vape pen product
During testing, we paid close attention to things like potency, effects, flavor, vape quality, hardware functionality, and credibility of third-party lab reports. Photo: Mell Green/CBD Oracle

From there, we made sure that every brand that didn’t have at least a 7 average is knocked out of the running. Then, we compared the finalists and broke them down further, taking a look at factors such as pricing, formula purity, cannabinoid blend, and more. After all this, it was clear that Binoid was the one to come out on top. Learn more about how we test products.

Final Thoughts

When searching for Delta-8 THC-O Acetate vape products, you never want to settle for anything that’s less than the best. Top-shelf THC-O disposable vape pens are going to provide you with the best THCO experience possible, and your lungs will thank you for considering the options without harmful additives or chemicals. 

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Remember, whenever you’re purchasing THC-O products, you want to make sure the brand you’re considering offers its third-party lab-test results to customers, and that these results are accurate. If you see anything sketchy, move on to one of the trustworthy brands on our list. After all, we’ve already taken the time to ensure they exceed our high standards.

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