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Mirayo by Santana cannabis review
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It was only a matter of time before rock God Carlos Santana joined the cannabis game, and Mirayo by Santana is everything you would expect it would be.

Bold and vibrant designed packaging paired with a smooth, and potent sungrown flower, will make you want to groove and vibe with all kinds of music. Overall, the products were on par with what I would expect would be tied to Carlos Santana- fun, groovy, and potent.

Products are separated into 4 different “energy flows”: Radiance (Sativa), Symmetry (Hybrid), Centered (Indica), and Essence (CBD). Mirayo also offers what lots of brands have failed to include in a lot of their flower offerings: bulk pricing.

While Mirayo by Santana has many eighths available, there are also three strains available in quarters: Gushers (hybrid), Original Glue (hybrid), and Wedding Crashers (indica). The brand is completely sungrown, which allows for a less expensive herb with a quality smoke.

Mirayo has a wide selection of strains in either 3.5g, 7g, or pre roll packs. Sungrown flower hasn’t had the best reputation among cannabis users, however, brands have started to fully embrace sungrown weed, the way grocers started embracing organic produce.

Experts say you can’t really compare indoor grown vs sun grown, but with the world starting to think about water usage and climate change, sungrown options are starting to expand. You can find almost any potency to match your needs from the lower potency CBD to the fiery sativas, there is an option for all.

Mirayo’s packaging is unique, inspired by Mexican art, and the flower is sungrown. I used to stay away from sun-grown flower due to some inconsistency in the buds, but after tasting and smoking Mirayo for the past two weeks, I have to say I am impressed. Tasty, organic, and highs fit for a rock star. The prerolls burn well, not too fast or too slow. However, the buds definitely are a bit more inconsistent. For this review I purchased the Gushers quarter two different times. In one jar, there were some drier and smaller nugs than I would have liked. In the next jar, however, the buds were larger, fresh, and beautiful. Overall, I would say the herb is good, but consistency needs some work.
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Some Inconsistency in Flower (some buds were small and dry, others large and flourishing)
Mirayo by Santana

Technical Details

Where to Buy:Caliva, Bud
Product Types:Flower, Pre Rolls
Cannabis Origin:California
Grow Environment:Sungrown
Similar Brands:Henry’s Original, Dark Heart

Editor’s Pick

  • My go-to preroll pack has become the Mirayo by Santana “Purple Haze” radiance strain. Each preroll is no more than .5 grams, making for a quick and uplifting smoke. Great for a wake and bake before the busy day ahead.

Mirayo by Santana “Gushers” Strain

Gushers is a well-known hybrid strain that is a blend of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush. Depending on the potency and the brand, the Gushers high can come on fast and furious leading to a TKO rather quickly. Mirayo keeps true to its “symmetry” vibe in all their hybrids, which allows the user to get the fun benefits of a Sativa-like euphoria, creativity, and focus, while also enjoying the mellowing and relaxing benefits of an indica. Best for afternoon use.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Gushers strain is how it smells like candy with a dark green hue that lets you know this is ‘of the earth.’ Not only that, but that first inhale has a whiff of the candy it’s named for, making you just inhale some more. Sugary and sweet, the puff was smooth, which makes it easier to keep smoking one of the Sativas all day long. The high varied for me as it seemed to sway with my mood. If I was sitting on the couch, just relaxing watching TV, Gushers made me feel sleepy and ready for a nap. However, if I was up and about, the high was euphoric and chill. Probably not the best for a bong or pipe, as the buds can contain some light stems. I ground mine and used Raw Organic Hemp paper for the maximum, clean effect.

Total Cannabinoids:32.4%
Price: $50 for 7 grams ($7.15/g)
Good for:After Dinner, Chilling with Friends
Not good for:Wake-and-Bakes, Active Days
Effects:Happy, Chill, Mellow, Positive

Mirayo by Santana “Purple Haze” Pre-Roll

This preroll pack contains 5 half gram prerolls inside a metal, multi colored, reddish/orange tin. The pack easily fits in your pocket and it is beautiful to look at. Anytime you pull it out, someone is guaranteed to make a remark about the artwork. The organic cannabis brand burns well, and with a 24% THC Potency, the half gram is the perfect size to get a decent high.


I couldn’t really taste any specific flavor but the taste was mild and the smoke was smooth. The half grams pack a decent punch, uplifting and relaxing without an overreaching intensity. Great to start the day and for a midday pick me up. I have always favored preroll packs, and this one is no different. Budget friendly, organic, and fun, Mirayo has the essence of Santana in every puff. I also have been reusing the tin to hold some of my vape cartridges. The ability to recycle packaging is always a plus!

Strain:Purple Haze
Total Cannabinoids:24%
Net Wt.2.5 grams
Price: $26 for 5 prerolls ($10.4/g)
Good for:Day Smoking, Social Settings (makes you VERY chatty)
Not good for:Staying Still, Focus
Effects felt:Euphoric, Relaxed, Creative

Mirayo by Santana “Confetti Cake” Pre-Roll

Like the Purple Haze prerolls, this preroll pack contains 5 half gram prerolls inside a metal, multi-colored blue hued tin. The beautiful design is inspired by Mexican-American artwork and truly inhabits the rock star quality of the brand.

At just 18%, you wouldn’t think this little pack would hit any high tolerance cannabis user, but this is one of the few indicas that haven’t filled me with sleepiness, so I got to fully enjoy and feel its effects on pain, anxiety, and stress. I wouldn’t call this my go-to indica, but next time I have friends over for dinner, this will definitely be part of the dessert offerings.


While the THC levels are lower than its Sativa counterpart, the burn on these were decent and long lasting, and the taste is slightly reminiscent of cake. The high itself was mellow but definitely felt across my body. I’m not usually an indica fan because they tend to just put me to sleep, but this preroll let me enjoy the mellow waves that came on. I took this pack when I had to help my mom with all her foster pets, and let me tell you, babysitting 8 tiny, rambunctious kittens was less work and more play after inhaling one preroll. After tending to all the pets, I smoked one of these, and promptly sunk into my mom’s couch and binged a couple Masked Singers before drifting off to a restful sleep.

Strain:Confetti Cake
Net Wt.2.5 grams
Price: $26 for prerolls ($10.4/g)
Good for:Nighttime, Relaxing, Listening to music
Not good for:Working, Errands, Shopping
Effects felt:Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy