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Horn Creek Hemp CBD oil and flower
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Some families are meant to work together, others crash and burn. Horn Creek Hemp falls into the first category and uses their family run business to create a wide range of trustworthy CBD products that deliver quality flavors and potent effects.

This diverse product line comes straight from their own farm, meaning prices are incredibly affordable, ingredients come from a source that you know, and the quality has that personal, homemade touch to it. 

Horn Creek Hemp employees at the farm in Oregon
Horn Creek Hemp is a family-owned and operated hemp farm based in Oregon, offering high quality CBD and THC products at farm-direct prices. Photo: Horn Creek

Horn Creek Hemp’s core values place the customer first, with an emphasis on delivering award-winning products without breaking the bank. Their hemp flower, which has too many accolades to list, can be had for merely $15 an eighth. This type of affordability and premium quality spans throughout their entire product line. From the flower to the sea-salt CBD caramels, which put every edible of my past to shame, Horn Creek Hemp is a serious competitor in the CBD hemp marketplace.

Unboxing CBD products from Horn Creek Hemp
Unboxing CBD and THC products from Horn Creek Hemp. Photo: Dan LaMorte/CBD Oracle
Potency isn’t sacrificed, even with Horn Creek Hemp’s affordability. Each of the products tested delivered uniquely positive effects; their salves heal, their flower is euphoric, and their edibles supply relaxing vibes through unrivaled taste. The flavor of each strain of flower is nothing to turn your head at either. Their packaging is professional, everything comes easy-to-use, and best of all, it’s incredibly affordable.
What's Good
Award-winning flavors
Farm direct pricing for low costs
Wide variety of products
Noticeable effects with each item
Packaging and artwork both stand out
What's Bad
Pesticide and toxin testing can be hard to find for individual products
Some of the flower was pretty dry upon arrival
Lackluster nugs in one jar also struggled burning evenly
Horn Creek Hemp

Technical Details

Cannabinoids:CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDa, CBDv
THC Content:<0.3%
Product Types:Tincture, Flower, Edibles, Topicals, Concentrates, Pet CBD
Hemp Origin:Oregon
Grow Environment:Outdoor
BBB Rating:N/A
Awards:Hemp Cup 2021, Golden Grow, Oregon Growers Cup
Similar Brands:Botany Farms, Secret Nature, Green Unicorn Farms

Editor’s Pick

  • CBD Sea Salt Caramels: These luscious chocolate square caramels mask 20 mg of full spectrum CBD in the tastiest edible I’ve ever eaten. Each chocolate is free from nuts and gluten, and will help you find that much needed extra relaxation to fall asleep at night. 
  • Ruby’s Max Strength CBD & CBG Salve: This is Horn Creek’s most potent salve, it packs a whopping 5,000 mg of CBD per ounce. The aroma of this blend is truly sweet, but the way it attacks pain and rids it from the body is even sweeter. This is truly a high quality product.

Horn Creek Hemp CBD Flower: Sour Hawaiian Haze

Sour Hawaiian Haze is one of Horn Creek’s 13 strains of CBD flower. These well-trimmed, large buds produce tropical aromas and flavors before giving way to a potent diesel taste that powers it home. This smooth-smoking Oregon sun-grown hemp burns nice and evenly, while helping produce a euphoric mood-shift that starts in the head and creeps down into the limbs. It’s the perfect all-day CBD, leaving you feeling less-anxious and ready for conversation. Before the joint ended, happiness had set in. And for just $15 an eighth, it’s hard to find a company that beats this price and quality.

Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD flower from Horn Creek Farms


Pretty on the eyes, these nugs are manicured with pristine quality and coated in potent orange pistils. Housed in a pretty glass jar, the effects are so strong I’m surprised they’re not cracking out of the case. Euphoria, relaxation, and a decrease in anxiety are effects one can surely expect. The flavor, reminiscent of the tropics with a potent touch of gas, is equally as impressive.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Euphoria, relaxation, anxiety relief
  • Good For: Social interaction, all day use, happiness
  • Not Good For: Helping with sleep, night-time use

Horn Creek Hemp Ruby’s Max Strength CBD & CBG Relief Salve

This is one of the most unique, well-made CBD products on the market. A potent blend of CBD, CBG, natural-oils & additives, and beeswax combine to bring one of the most serious pain relief salves available. As a runner, this has been heaven on my knees. I gave some to my mother who struggles with neck pain and headaches, she also felt immediate relief. This is a magical blend well worth the $38 price tag.

Max strength CBD salve with CBG


Simply take some of the cream from the jar, apply it to the affected area, and smell the natural goodness that seemingly melts the pain away. The salve does all the work. Tightness will become looseness, pain will become a thought of the past, and those nagging headaches can finally subside. It’s hard to find fault in this product, it’s one of those ones that can provide genuine relief.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Deep pain relief, enhances sleep through body comfort
  • Good For: Night time use, injury rehab, pain management
  • Not Good For: Those with sensitivity to potent smells

Horn Creek Hemp CBD Sea Salt Caramels

I never knew I needed CBD mixed in a Sea Salt Caramel until these showed up at my door. This is one of those rare edibles that has no hint of hemp and tastes fully like a decadent treat. I would’ve happily eaten 30. Each chew contains 20 mg of CBD and is the perfect nightcap to add a little extra comfort to your sleep. Mellow vibes are the best way to describe the effects. A 2-piece box costs $12 while a 5-piece costs $25. These award winning edibles are worth every penny.

Tasty CBD infused chocolate


Two square pockets of chocolate goodness sit inside a Reese’s-esque wrapper. Each bite gets better, the chocolate melts into the caramel and the sea-salt crunches atop. This is easily the best tasting edible. It’s pretty on the eyes and easy on the stomach. Wait 30-minutes and you’ll quickly realize its chill effects are no joke either.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Mellow, calm, better sleep
  • Good For: Night time use, watching a movie
  • Not Good For: Heat, melts quickly

Horn Creek Hemp CBG Flower: Sour G

Horn Creek’s Sour G CBG strain was my least favorite of the flower tested. The effects were solid, but the buds were dry which led to an uneven smoke that often went out. In terms of how it’ll make you feel, this is a great all-day hemp. You can expect mental clarity, enhanced focus and a general calming. One joint will do the trick, if it wasn’t for the unpleasant buds I’d highly recommend this flower. You can’t go wrong at $15 for 3.5 grams.

CBG flower by Horn Creek Hemp brand


The Sour G CBG flower would be the one product from Horn Creek Hemp that didn’t function how I’d like. Ideally you’d like the buds to be a bit fresher, which’ll lead to a smoother smoke. This CBG flower constantly had the joint going out. The taste was like a spicy diesel with hints of fruit, and the effects had me feeling invigorated for the day. I smoked before the gym and felt focused.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Energetic, focused, happy
  • Good For: All day use, working out, feeling better
  • Not Good For: An even smoke, flower was dry

Horn Creek Hemp Redemption Body Recovery Oil

CBD and CBG combine again to bring you this topical oil used for aches, pains, soreness, and skin moisturizing. Horn Creek Hemp nails it with their redemption body recovery oil. Perfect for post run, post workout, and post hike – if you’re sore this can help. I found a few applications to be most helpful in sustained results as a skin moisturizer, but for a pain relief topical just once was good enough for my knee pain. Each 1 oz bottle contains 3000 mg of CBD & CBG and costs $39. If you’re looking to switch to an all natural pain killer, this is an incredible option.

CBD body oil topical for pain relief


Horn Creek Hemp ships a spray nozzle with this bottle for easy application. Give it a few pumps onto your hand, rub them together, and apply it to the areas you want. It fits easily into a medicine cabinet and looks like a high-end tincture. It feels like a smooth layer of moisture on the skin and after a week of using it, you can start to notice a healthier looking face. For post-workout pain, I found just a few pumps does the job.

Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Skin moisturizer, injury prevention and relief
  • Good For: Daily use, multi functional for sports and looking good
  • Not Good For: I don’t see any negative effects

Horn Creek Hemp Dreamland Sleep Tincture

Horn Creek Hemp uses their own sungrown flower to create this CBD, CBG, and CBN mixture. They then combine MCT oil, sunflower oil, and natural blackberry flavoring. The end result is a sleep tincture that actually works. For those needing help getting to bed, staying asleep, and feeling a bit more fresh in the morning, this is a great natural alternative. Though the product works, finding the dose that is right for you is key. Experiment, see what works for you, and then enjoy the deep relaxation this product has to offer. A 0.5 fl oz tincture costs $39, but not having to wake up in the middle of the night is priceless.

CBD oil for sleep with CBN and CBG


This bedtime tincture recommends using three drops under the tongue and waiting 30-60 minutes for results. I found it best to use a bit more, then that second time goes down. When you find the right dosage, this sleepy elixir does the job. You’ll find yourself falling asleep and staying asleep. The taste isn’t bad for a tincture, but don’t expect it to taste as good as an edible. At best the flavor is like a slightly chewed piece of trident gum.

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Effects Felt During Testing

  • Effects Felt: Enhanced sleep, ability to stay asleep, deep relaxation
  • Good For: Going to bed, staying in bed, feeling refreshed in the morning
  • Not Good For: Higher tolerance users (may need more than recommended dosage)